Doctor's Timeline

Doctors in the 1800's did not have the same rigorous training today's physicians do. Many of them combined doctoring with other professions. This list of doctors in Clarke County has been compiled from a variety of sources: Clarke County History, Historic Hopeville and Vicinity, 1882-1883 R.L. Polk "Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory", "Celebrating our 100th Year Murray, Iowa 1868-1968", census records, and vital records. This list is not complete and is as accurate as we could make it.

* indicates a biographical sketch in the "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886


Jerome Bartlett - settled in Green Bay township, was here til his death in 1864; or came after Dr. Sherrick in 1854 and left after 6-8 yrs and died in Winterset, Iowa.


L. M. D.Sherrick - c. 1854 from Ohio

Abraham Carter - from Indianapolis, practiced 7-8 yrs then retired

J. C. Miller - from Ohio, here just a few years then to Kansas City

*E. M. Lawes - born Barnesville, Ohio, 21 February 1831; ran drugstore, lost the election in 1858 for coroner to Alexander Stewart


Thomas. S. Harding - at Ottawa, was also a preacher and farmer until death in 1882


Curran - here 3 or 4 yrs then to Kansas City, was also a Methodist preacher


H. Love - about ten years until death

Wm. B. Nugent - from Washington, Iowa, here 10 yrs then to Oskaloosa (born in Ohio and age 38 according to 1870 census)

*Calvin Blythe - born Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 25 August 1832; at Ottawa during war then to Woodburn


William Wiard - from New Haven, Ct, practiced in Murray

Benjamin M. Robins - practiced medicine and was a veterinarian until after 1900, also raised cattle


Samuel Polly - age 48, lived Osceola township, born Ohio

Thomas Craig - age 67, Osceola township, born Tennessee


*Robert C. Grigg- born Cumberland County, Kentucky, 14 May 1838; practiced in Murray ,had drugstore

H.W. Ross - from Indiana, practiced in Murray

*Samuel L. Landis - born Augusta County, West Virginia December 1837; practiced first in Hopeville then in Murray

*Jesse Emery - born Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 18 August 1811; practiced in Hopeville


I. S. Baker - from Keosauqua, partner with Nugent, in 1880 went to California [Osceola Sentinel article from April 14, 1904 says Dr. Baker was an old time physician and lumps him with Drs. Laws, Nugent, Banker and Roberts]

Jason Roberts - also ran drugstore

William Chaney - here about 20 yrs

I. W. Holland

B. F. Raiff - was here in 1882-3

E. H. Wilson

F. M. Brady - here 20+ yrs

D. K. Douthett - 6+yrs, elected coroner in November 1880


*Marion T. Martin - born Hancock County, Illinois, 10 July 1840; practiced in Woodburn


*Edward Lawrence - a leading surgeon, born in Alton, Illinois 3 March 1836


Sawyer - at Woodburn, left 1880


James Proudfoot - in Woodburn til 1882 then to Indianola, Iowa


J. C. Beard - eclectic physician

H. C. Long - magnetic physician

Jason Roberts


F. Wesley Sells, practiced in Murray, proprietor of the Murray Sanitarium - In 1901 he had the only x-ray apparatus between Creston and Ottumwa.

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