Osceola Coal Company


The great coal-measures, two to six feet in thickness, must underlie the entire county, and as one of the best coal regions in the State is in Lucas County,just east, it is not surpising that the people of Clarke County have an abiding faith that coal will yet be mined within its limits. One attempt only has been made to develop this wealth. The Osceola Coal Company was organized in 1876, with J.B. Dague as President; J.O. McAuley, Secretary; and George Grassel, Treasurer. The capital stock was in shares of $1,000. A ten percent. assessment was made and a shaft sunk, 4 x 6 feet to the depth of 220 feet, at Woodburn. At this pont they came to a lake of water. Water rose to within fifty feet of the top. They pumped a week, but without lowering it any, and then abandoned it.

Source: reprint of "Clarke County History," Lewis Pub., Chicago, 1886. p. 265

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