November 11, 1923- April 1, 1973
Written by Mrs. Evelyn Bristow


Dr. "Ben" was born in Princeton, Missouri, where his grandfather, Dr. George M. Bristow and his father; Dr. Arthur Shaw Bristow, both practiced medicine. Dr. A. S. Bristow served as president to the Missouri Medical Society in 1944 to 1946.

After Ben finished elementary and high school in Princeton, he graduated from Missouri University and selected the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Louisville, Kentucky, where his grandfather attended, to receive his degree in medicine. A year of internship and two years of surgical residency at Kansas City General Hospital, where the doctors rode the ambulance.

Dr. Ben served two years for Uncle Sam for his V-12 program at Camp Beale Air Force Base in California during the Korean War. The base hospital was for injured soldiers that needed extra surgical repair before going on their way to their home town.

Dr. Bristow returned to his home and met with the Iowa Medical Society for reciprocity to practice in Iowa. He accepted Dr. Stroy's offer to practice in Osceola. Dr. Stroy was a member of the "College of Surgical Fellowship," which Dr. Ben wanted to achieve.

Dr. G.B. Bristow was a caring person who enjoyed his work and the people of Clarke County who respected him and his services. Later Dr. Bristow, Dr. Armitage and Dr. Lauvstad started their own clinic.

In 1973, Dr. Bristow attended a workshop directed by the Iowa Medical Society at Paradise Island in the Bahamas where a taxicab struck him and his wife while they were walking down the road. Dr. Bristow was killed instantly.


After I graduated as a surgical nurse from Kentucky Baptist Hospital, the Red Cross of Louisville kept calling me to join the services. I couldn't take my State Board Exam until I was 21 years old which made me wait a couple of months. I passed and joined the Arrn.y Nurse Corps N767872 in June 1945.

I became engaged to be married while I was stationed at Nichols General Hospital starting a team of surgical unit that would be going west. The European War was over. Nurse Colonel discharged me because that year the U.S. did not allow married women in service. I was surprised that my classmate who joined with me was also discharged as we had asked to be together. We were separated at Fort Seridan, Illinois. I have to admit, my engagement picture with my fiancé in his Navy uniform and I in my Army uniform made a provocative couple walking down the street together. But the Colonel won and I was quickly discharged after almost a year. I received my honorable discharge in April 1946. I married Dr. George B. Bristow.



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