Clifford was born June 26, 1936, the only child of Nelson and Mabel Ransom. His education was in the rural Center School. He married Kathryn Stills who died in 1977.

Clifford enlisted in the Army October 6, 1958, and served in Germany. His classification was policeman, and he attained the rank of SP4 (E4) (T). He received an honorable discharge in February 1961.

CLIFFORD COMPILED A LIST OF LIBERTY TOWNSHIP PEOPLE who he knew were in the military. He noted that it is incomplete. It is gratefully received:


Jack Ransom  Alvin C.Miller John Beasley
Roy Ransom  Dewey Goodrich  Ron Hill Sr.
George Keller   Joe Ramsey  Art Johnson
Charles Keller  Richard Marker  Finley Atherton
Howard Keller  Dick Garner  Keith Weaklend
Ed Weakland  Harold Jones  Ollie Weaver
Glen Pippin  Don Parker  Kenny Weaver
Kent White  Ronald Ruble  Denny Kent
Lowell Carson  Gene Powell  William S. Hammons
Larry Carson  Keith Davis  Galen Benbow
Keith Carson  Verner Davis D Trudy Lee Curtis(Wanda
Bob Carson  ick Ruble  Coffman's granddaughter)
Dave Carson  Kenny Blair  Clyde Sargent
Gene Carson  Julie McKnight  Warren Wesley Smith.
Walter Frame  David McKnight  Leland Harrison
Marion Baker Raymond  Weaklend Max Willardson
Dewey Goodrich  W.E.(Pete) Ahrens  Jiggs Davison
Billy Blair Kenny McKnight  Brent Reynolds
Stanley Gray  James McKnight  Raymond Sargent
Franklin Policz  Wayne McKnight  Ronald Sargent
Ernie McKinney  Richard McKnight  Keith Sargent
Vern Proudfoot  Glen Ballard  Jim Romine
James W.Beals  Roger A.Lientz  Jerry Sword
James E.Beals  Ivyl Bish Gary Kimes
Jasper Beals  Richard Wyatt  Jack Beaman
Merril McCarty  George Ashby Jr.  Clifford Ransom
Kenny McKinney  Bill Weaver  Tom Trumbo
Donald McKinney  Dwayne Townsend  Earl McKnight
Audrey Weaklend  Gerold Townsend  Brian Brown
Art Weaklend Dennis Curtis Junior Allen
Dale McKnight  WW 1
Billy Depperman
Ivyl Miller Harry Funston 
Norbert Hoffman  Tom Dystart 
David Cowdan  Pete A. Chumbley 
Neal Stump  Guy Wade
Raymond McKnight  Sam Baum 
Randy Brown  Charlie Doherty 
Ronald Watson  Benny Lynn 
Charles McKnight  Toot Weaver 
Glenn McKnight Marion Harrison 
Richard McKnight George Beals 
Sean McKnight  Jesse Davison
Brian McKnight 
Kenny Fetters 
Emil Policzight 
Vernon McKnight 
Steve McKnight 
Shorty Clark
John Sweigert 
Everett Whitehead 
Dean Whitehead 
Leroy Whitehead 
Dwayne Whitehead 
Larry Coffman 
Orville Coffman 
Vernon Carns 
Charles Frame 
Clarence Wilkins 
Dwight Wilkins 
Dean Thornburg 
Don Miller
Loyal Thomas 
Keith Osgood 
Bob White
Bill Sargent Jr. 
Virgil Mason 
Anna May Mason



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