I was drafted April Fool's Day, 1969 (some joke!).

My Basic Training was at Fort Polk, AU (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Knox, Armored Recon

I was sent to Vietnam, assigned to 4/12 Cav. Armored Unit.

The first site was LZ Nancy on the DMZ (demilitarized zone) I spent about two months on day patrols and guarding the landing zone. This site was bunkers and tents, landing pad for choppers.

Next was Charlie 4. We were told to take clothing to last one week. This site was closer to the DMZ — we could see the North Vietnam flag from here. We were there three months in the same clothes.

While we were at Charlie 4, they abandoned LZ Nancy and moved everything to the base camp at Quangtri. This was our base camp resting time. We came in from the field two days a month. Our duties were day patrols and night ambush. Six guys would sit up all night over the trail. We also set booby traps.

I spent 14 months in Vietnam so I could get out of the Army early.

The only good thing that happened over there was that to this day I have a friend like no other. We formed a bond that cannot be described.






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