March 4, 1971 — Enlisted in the Air Force; Basic Training Lackland Air Force Base (AFB) Texas Advanced training in Security Police and Security Services.

July 1971 through April 1973:. To Eieleson, Alaska, 27 miles from Fairbanks

April 1973 until November 1973: Retrained at Sheppard AFB, Texas. (Brother) Richard and his family there at the same time.

November 1973: to Hill AFB at Ogden, Utah

May 1974: discharged


To Sheppard AFB, Texas, until 1977. Taught electronics, telephone, missile communication

Reassigned to Spangdahlen AFB, Germany, at the time Richard and family were at Hahn, Germany

1976: Married in Iowa. Wife also in the military.

1980: Reassigned to Castle, California

1985: Divorced

1988: Deployed to Incurlick, in the southern part of Turkey

1990: Reassigned to Vanderburg, California: missiles

1991: Retired

In the 20 year period, TDY (Temporary Duty) Assignments in Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and around the world.




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