History of the Osceola

Christian Church

The church was organized in June, 1855, when a group of Clarke County people met in the home of James Polly and organized the first Christian church in this county. Among these original members were Allen H. Burrows, Barton Burrows, John Neff, David Bonar, John Harlan, S.P. Glenn, D. Glunt, Casper Carter, W.T. Carnahan, and James Polly.

A frame church was erected in 1866 on the west side of the square on a lot across the alley north from the present Lyric theatre location. It was built at a cost of $1,400 and the membership was about 100 at that time.

The site of the present church was purchased and a building committee of seven in addition to Rev. E.B. Cross was named; Capt. Carter; R.M. Lewis; Monroe Campbell; Charles Johnson, Sr; John Diehl; William Coon; and John Lewis, Sr.

On the morning of Sunday, January 28, 1894, the largest crowd ever to attend a religious serice to that time was on hand for the dedicaiton service in charge of Rev. F.M. Rains of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some of the early pastors were: N.E. Corey, D. C. Morris, William Branch, and D.K. Cornell. James Jackson was a superintendent of the Sunday School.

News item Osceola Sentinel April 18, 1895

Program of the entertainment to be given by the choir, at the Christian church, Wednesday evening, April 24th at 8 o'clock.

1. Overture to Zamba--Mandolin orchestra

2. Solo- selected, Mrs. Edith Landis

3. Recitation- "St. Peter at the Gate" - Mrs. Emma Payton

4. Double Quartette- "Come Where the Wild Flowers Bloom"

5. Cornet Solo--"Nearer My God to Thee" and variations--S. H. Adams

6. Recitation- "McClaine's Child." Prof. I. N. Beard

7. Duet- "Oh Tell us Merry Birds" Misses Emma and Bertha Adkins

8. Novelty Solo- S. H. Adams

9. Recitation- "A Model Choir." Mollie Forney

10. Solo- "The Old Sexton." M. Campbell

11. Waltz- "Harmonia." Mandolin Orchestra.

12. Ladies Quartette - "Hickoy Dickory Dock."

Admisison Adults 20 cents, Children 10 cents


Sources: Centennial Edition, Osceola Sentinel, July 30, 1959; History of Clarke County

Graphics courtesy of: Christian Media

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