History of the Osceola

Baptist Church

The Baptist Church was constituted December 21, 1862, by a ministerial council composed of D.T. McNeil, of the Mt Olive Church; Stephen Messenger, of West Union' A{ Mintonye, of Hopeville; W.G. Otis of Vernal, and Rev. J. M. Smith of Bedford. This council chose Mr. Smith as moderator, and Mr. McNeil as clerk.

The constituent members of the church were --Thomas Miller; Joseph Cline; J.M. Duncan; Mary J. Duncan; H.E. Mintonye; Albert A. Mintonye; Asenath Mintonye; Clara Lyons and Mary; S.J. ,Margaret, and Ella Miller.

Some of the pastors of the church have been Revs. Thomas Miller, Albert A. Mintoyne, Bulloch, Pool, James Messenger, A. Robbins, J.M. Smith, A. Pratt, B.F. Mace, R.H. Shaftoe, and A.A. Watson.

The church, which was on Jefferson street, near the southeast corner of the square, was built in 1869, and, with lot, cost about $6,000. A parsonage was built at the same time. Dr. E.H. Wilson was in charge of the Sunday School.


Source: History of Clarke County

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