Morrow Implement

Source:Osceola Centennial Issue...1851 to 1951, Osceola Sentinel, August 2, 1951, Section 3, p.2.

This picture of the west side of the square centers on the present location of the Lyric Theatre. It was taken about 75 years ago [1875]. The two story building in the center was occupied then by T. A. Morrow. At the right is the Christian church and at the left, the John Chaney law office.

T.A. Morrow, Knox Pioneer, Operated in Ground Floor Of building; His Family Occupied Upstairs

It was about 75 years ago that T. A. Morrow, pioneer Knox township farmer, left the farm and came to Osceola to operate an implement business on the west side of the square. It is not definitely known if he built the building shown above, but it is known that his business was located there and his family lived on the second floor.

Thirty years ago this bulding still stood, much as it appears in the picture. It was subsequently remodeled into a garage by F. O. Griffin and finally torn down and the Lyric theatre erected in its place.

T. A. Morrow was the father of the late Will Morrow, for many years Clerk of the Court in Clarke county and deputy in several other county offices. He was the grandfather of W. A. Roberts, Knox township farmer.

Fom Mrs. W. A. Roberts comes a little story of romance in the pioneer days. At that time the country surrounding the few farms that were broken out, was mostly open prairie and the cattle roamed the country side for many miles.

It was then that Sarah Morrow, daughter of T. A., while riding her horse, (side saddle of course) to bring in the cattle, became acquainted with, and later married. V. P. Roberts, who with his twin brother, Abner lived on the farm now owned by his won, W. A. Roberts.

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