A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas


Besides having maps the Andreas atlas listed businesses and local "patrons" of the atlas. The places and names are written as they appear in the atlas.
Oceola Township

John Chaney, Attorney at Law

H. C. Ayres, Attorney at Law

Wilson & Stephens, Attorneys at Law and Land Agents

Karr & Stivees, Attorneys at Law

G.H. Cowles, Banker

G. W. Clapp, Blacksmith

A.R. Mart, Blacksmith

Garretson & Grant, Druggists; Proprs. "Indian Panacea."

John Vanderley, Druggist

S. M. Leach, Editor Sentinel

G. F. Kohler, Hotel

John M. Ball, Hotel: "Osceola House"

C.T. Haines, Hotel: "Williams House"

Ab. Waggoner, Livery Stable

J. J. Steadman, Publisher Clarke County Sentinel

Ayres & Miller, Publishers Beacon

Holt & Cramer, Produce Dealers

B. Sparks, Saloon and Restaurant

H. F. Gross, Woolen Mill, Woolen Goods Manf'r


Peter Hoffman, Butcher and Stock Dealer

O. Johnson, Blacksmith

J. H. Martindale, Clothing

J. G. Henderson, Carpenter

O.H.P. Andrews, Carpenter and Joiner

W. W. Wick, Druggist

T. S. Cochrun, Drugs and Groceries

John Shreves, General Merchandise

J. A. Stone & Co., Gerneral Merchandise

D. Barrett, General Merchandise

G. W. Sefrit, Grain Dealer

J. E. Wick, Hardware and Lumber

Hiram Lamb, Merchant

H. B. Hermance, Machine and Repair Shop; Propr. "Summit Iron Works"

Simpson, Wood & Co. , Millers; Proprs. "Murray Steam Mills"

C. A. Anderson, Painter

T. T. Hoffman, Stoves and Tinware

Green Bay

Arnold & Johnson, General Merchandise

Charles Fell, Merchant

La Celle

J. E. Ruhl, Physician


T. D. Swan, Blacksmith

J. J. Newton & Co., General Merchandise

T. J. Prentice, General Merchandise

C. R. Hall, General Merchandise

R. Bates, Groceries

A. Ketchum, Hardware

W. C. Wilson, Hotel: "United States"

W. L. Fouts, Merchant

Jesse Emery, Physician

A. H. Wetherell, Wheelwright and Painter

Fremont Township

G. W. Clay, Merchandise (Sec. 33)