Murray Businesses


Source: The Murray News, Friday November 11, 1932 (Reprint of 1872 Murray Record and 1877 Murray News)

Our Merchants

Of all the institutions of which we Murrayites are justly proud it is the good financial standing, energy and integrity of our merchants. While there are many other towns doing a far greater business than Murray, there are none who are doing a safer business, and are more surely on the way to fortune than our Murray merchants. We think it proper here to make mention of some of the most prominent ones. Commencing at the corner of maple Avenue and First street we find

Dufer & Day dealers in dry goods, groceries, and general merchandise. Mr. DUFUR is an old resident here, knows everyone in the county, is a first class business man, and fair in all his dealings. Mr. DAY is spoken of very highly by all who know him.

D. I. Young is the proprietor of two first class grocery stores. He is a gentleman of fine business capacity and considerable property. John SEFRETT, is manager of the first street store, while Mr. YOUNG himself deals out goods to his numerous customers on Maple Avenue.

J. H. Martindale our popular and good looking postmaster is one of the most accommodating of Uncle Sam's servants. The hotter the day, and more numerous the quesions, just so much more pleasant and affable is Mr. MARTINDALE. He is also justice of the Peace, and all his decisions are highly praised.

W. G. Martindale Deputy P. M. is the right man in the right place, and gives universal satisfaction. He also has a news and confectionary stand, where you can get all the latest daily papers and the choicest confectionary.

A. Hallam our live stock dealer, is a careful observer of the markets, ships a large amount of cattle and hogs and is a gentleman of sterling integrity.

E. N. Hall is a coal and grain delaer. Can supply you with coal when the cold winter blasts come on. He is a gentleman spoken of well by all who know him.

John Shreves & Co. John SHREVES has many interests in Murray. A lumber yard, hardware store, and furniture store, besides being the senior member of the firm of SHREEVES & FUNK. Mr. Shreeves is a gentleman of fine business ability, high financial standing, and the strictest integrity. He was at one time treasurer of Adair county, which position he filled with honor. Sylvester SHREEVES, the Co. of this firm, is a most excellent gentleman, has splendid business qualification, and has a fine reputation as to honesty.

A. S. Bowers boarding. His is in every sense of the word a good boarding house. His house is neat and clean, with a good table at all times.

J. E. Wick is one of our most energetic business men. He is a lumber and hardware dealer and has a fine farm near town. He is one of the busiest men in the county. He has a host of friends, all of whom tell of his fair dealings, genial disposition and matchless energy. He is a member of the Board of Supervisors, which position he fills to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. He always makes things cost as little as possible. Mr. WICK is the kind of man that builds cities.

H. B. Hermance