Clarke County,Iowa,1850 Census

The first settler arrived in Clarke County in 1846, so there were not many people in the county when the 1850 census was taken. This is the complete 1850 census for the county. It includes name, age, sex, occupation, real estate value, and place of birth. We have omitted color since all were white.

1/1- WILLIAMS, Alonzo, 26, m, farmer, VA
WILLIAMS, Rachel, 22, f, IN
WILLIAMS, Harriet, 2, f, IA

2/2-RUNNELS, Jacob, 41,m,carpenter,$600,PA
RUNNELS, Catherine, 41, f,PA
RUNNELS, Mary, 18, f, OH
RUNNELS, Elizabeth, 16, f, OH
RUNNELS, Margaret, 14, f, OH
RUNNELS, William, 12, m, OH
RUNNELS, Joseph, 9, m, OH
RUNNELS, Arminda, 7, f, OH
RUNNELS, Sarah, 3, f, IA
WILLIAMS, Uriah, 23, m, laborer, VA

3/3-JEMISON, Robert, 35, m, farmer, KY
JEMISON, Christina, 29, f, IN
JEMISON, John, 4, m, IN
JEMISON, Lewis, 2, m, IN
JEMISON, Fran, 9/12, f, IA
KIGHT, John, 24, m, laborer, $200, IN

4/4-WILLIAMS, George, 22, m, farmer, IN
WILLIAMS, Orrin, 60, m, laborer, NY
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 18, f, IL

5/5-CLARK, Robert, 28, m, farmer, IN
CLARK, Sarah, 25, f, IN
CLARK, Joseph, 4, m, IN
CLARK, Mary, 3, f, IN

6/6-ARNOLD, Bernard, 56, m, farmer, $800, KY
ARNOLD, Nancy, 50, f, KY
ARNOLD, Eliza, 22, f, IN
ARNOLD, Nancy, 17, f, IN
ARNOLD, Benjamin, 15, m, IN
ARNOLD, Mary, 10, f, IN
BUSKIRK, Isaac B., 1,m,IN

7/7-ELLIS, Iverson, 36, m, farmer, $200, KY
ELLIS, Agnes, 33, f, KY
ELLIS, Nancy, 10, f, IN
ELLIS, James, 8, m, IN
ELLIS, Elizabeth, 6, f, IN
ELLIS, Noel, 4, m, IN
ELLIS, Sarah, 1, f, IN

8/8-ARNOLD, John, 26, m, blacksmith, IN

9/9-ARNOLD, James J., 28, m, farmer, KY
ARNOLD, Ellen, 20, f, KY
ARNOLD, Mellissa, 1, m, IL

10/10-CONYERS, Washington,40, m, farmer, TN
CONYERS, Sarah, 32, f, IL
CONYERS, Mary, 18, f, IL
CONYERS, Rebecca, 14, f, IA
CONYERS, Mathew, 12, m, IA
CONYERS, George, 10, m, IA
CONYERS, Harriet, 8, f, IA
CONYERS, Comodore, 6, m, IA
CONYERS, Sarah, 4, f, IA
CONYERS, John, 2, m, IA

11/11-CONYERS, John, 32, m, farmer, TN
CONYERS, Priscilla, 25, f, IL
CONYERS, John, 5, m, IA
CONYERS, William, 3, m, IA
CONYERS, Casan, 1, m, IA

12/12-COLLIER, Alexander, 25, m, farmer, $200,IN
HART, Jacob, 55, m, farmer, KY
HART, Ann, 55, f, KY

13/13-SHEAR, John, 45, m, farmer, PA
SHEAR, Sarah, 44, f, OH
SHEAR, Daniel, 21, m, OH
SHEAR, Rachel, 18, f, OH
SHEAR, Martha, 16, f, OH,
SHEAR, Francis, 13, m, OH
SHEAR, Permelia, 10, f, OH
SHEAR, David, 8, m, OH
SHEAR, John, 2, m, OH
SHEAR, Eliza, 1, f, IA

14/14- RICHARDS, George, 40, m, farmer, France
RICHARDS, Mary, 32, f, France
RICHARDS, Dushane, 16, m, France
RICHARDS, Mary, 14, f, France
RICHARDS, John, 12, m, IA
RICHARDS, Sarah, 7, f, IA
RICHARDS, James, 5, m, IA