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47th Iowa Infantry

100 Days

Red, White, and Blue

Roster and Record of IOWA SOLDIERS in the War of the Rebellion
together with historical sketches of Volunteer Organizations 1861-1866.  VOL. V

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Red, White, and Blue

Abbott, Thomas
Abraham, William W
Acheson, Robert R
Adams, Addison I
Adams, Augustus
Adams, James A
Adams, Jeremiah
Adams, Sidney C
Adleta, Augustus
Albright, William
Aldrich, John
Alkire, Joseph
Allan, John B
Allen, Andrew
Allen, Harrison P
Allman, Ebenezer
Allman, Levi
Allred, John T
Amy, Eugene M
Amy, John B
Anderson, George W
Anderson, Joseph T
Andrews, George
Ardery, Lorimer W
Armstrong, Andrew J
Armstrong, David L
Armstrong, Matthew
Atkins, Henry CA
Atkinson, Jewett
Averil, Irwin

Babcock, Francis
Bailey, Anderson J
Bailey, Charles L
Bailey, Philip E
Baldwin, John H
Bales, Charles
Ball, Thomas
Ballard, Isaac N
Banker, Horace B
Barber, Zina L
Bard, John S
Bard, William
Barger, James L
Barker, David P
Barker, George W
Barker, James W
Barlow, James M
Barnes, Hiram
Barnum, Hiram
Barr, Daniel J
Barr, Smith M
Bass, Charles T P
Batterton, Henry
Baylies, Ripley N
Beach, Addison C
Beach, Morgan H
Beall, Edward
Bear, Simeon I M
Beard, William
Beckmann, Diederich
Belding, Charles
Benedict, George W
Benedict, William T
Beneish, John
Bennett, Charles H
Bennett, Chester S
Benton, George P
Benton, William E
Bergren, William
Berry, John H
Biddson, John
Biggs, Henry
Bills, Neal S
Bisbey, Horace J
Bisphop, Milton S
Bixby, Benjamin F
Black, George A
Blair, Jacob
Blair, John G
Blakely, Thomas I
Blakesley, Francis M
Blodgett, Charles W
Boles, Irvin S
Bolles, Reuben P
Bolton, Homer
Bolton, Leander
Bolton, Lewis E
Bonebrake, Wilson S
Bones, William H
Borrough, William
Bouck, George B
Bouck, Lyman F
Boyd, William D
Bovdston, L G
Boyer, Richard M
Boyle, Patrick
Boyles, Orville D
Boyls, Lewis W
Brackney, Elias
Brennan, Lawrence H
Brian, James
Bricker, Francis M
Bridges, James J
Briggs, Ralph R
Brockway, Jed
Brody, Jackson
Brokaw, Ezra P
Brooks, Benjamin A
Brooks, Lewis S
Brous, Charles
Brown, Albert R
Brown, George T
Brown, John M
Brown, Leonard
Brown, Theodore
Broyles, Sanford P
Bryan, Samuel H
Buckmaster, Robert M
Bullock, Manville L
Bump, Martin V
Bunce, Hiram A
Burch, Albert O
Burman, Louis
Burnet, Isaac J
Bush, Francis M
Butterfield, Charles
Byers, Addison R

Cain, Gustav
Calvin, James A
Camery, Denton
Campbell, Robert E
Carlile, Eli I
Carpenter, George B
Carr, Abram
Carson, John A
Case, William W
Casebeer, George
Cears, Frederick H
Chadsey, Levi P A
Chamberlin, Lewis E
Champion, Jonathon R
Chapman, James D
Cheetham, Thomas
Chenowith, Simon M
Cherry, Samuel B
Chesley, Norman
Chessman, Charles A
Chick, William A
Childers, Francis M
Chrisman, Leonard
Chrisman, William H
Christey, George W
Cisney, Stephen
Clark, Andrew
Clark, James A
Clark, John
Clark, Lysander Wilkil
Clark, Robert W
Clark, Thomas J
Clarke, John F
Cline, Frederick
Cline, Washington
Cobb, John F
Cobb, Oliver H
Coe, Hiram W
Coffin, Reuben M
Coffman, Dempson H
Coffman, Joseph H
Coffman, Van M
Coles, Thomas E
Collier, Elisha
Collins, Chester L
Collins, Thomas L
Compton, George
Condra, Isaac N
Conger, Charles A
Conger, Enos
Conger, John
Cooley, Lewis F
Cooper, John
Cooper, Milton D
Cooper, Warren D
Coover, Edward
Coovet, Albert N
Corns, Alonzo
Cotton, John L
Couch, Josephus
Counsil, John J
Cowan, William
Cowman, William
Cox, Acton
Crable, John J
Craig, Howard M
Craig, John M
Cramer, Andrew J
Cramer, Samuel E
Crane, Sylvanus B
Crawford, James J
Crispin, John F
Crocker, Thomas H
Crow, Edward
Crow, William M
Crozier, Thomas
Cummins, George V
Cunningham, Joseph A
Curtis, Calvin

Daggett, George M
Daggett, William L
Dailey, James I
Daily, Dennis
Daivey, William

Red, White, and Blue

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