The following information was extracted from the book,


"History of the 33d Iowa Infantry Volunteer Regiment,



Des Moines: Mills & Co., 1866. 



Submitted by Heather Jenkins




(page 197)




SAMUEL A. RICE, Colonel. Promoted to Brigadier-General, August 4th, 1863.

CYRUS H. MACKEY, Lieut.-Colonel. Promoted to Colonel, April 22d, 1864.

HIRAM D. GIBSON, Major. Resigned, April 22d, 1864.

F. F. BURLOCK, Adjutant. Discharged by promotion to another regiment.

HENRY B. MYERS, Quartermaster. Resigned, March 16th, 1864.

ARAD PARKS, Surgeon. Resigned, January 11th, 1864.

JOHN Y. HOPKINS, Assistant Surgeon. Promoted to Surgeon, July 29th, 1864.

WM. N. SCOTT, Assistant Surgeon. Resigned, December 24th, 1864.

ROBERT A. MCAYEALLY (sp?), Chaplain. Resigned, July 24th, 1863.

BARTHOLOMEW FRANKEN, Hospital Steward. Discharged by promotion April 28th, 1864.

EUGENE W. RICE, Quartermaster-Sergeant. Promoted to Quartermaster, April 10th, 1864.

SAMUEL B. EVANS, Commissary-Sergeant. Discharged by promotion, Dec 30th, 1865.

JOHN F. LACEY, Sergeant-Major. Promoted to Lieutenant, April 16th, 1863.




CYRUS H. MACKEY, Colonel. Wounded at Jenkins' Ferry, April 30th, 1864.

JOHN LOFLAND, Lieutenant-Colonel.


CHARLES H. SHARMAN, Adjutant. Wounded at helena, July 4th, 1863.

EUGENE W. RICE, Quartermaster.



JOHN R. CRAWFORD, Sergeant-Major. Wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry, April 30th, 1864.

REUBEN WHITAKER, Hospital Steward.

CHARLES G. BENNETT, Quartermaster-Sergeant.

ALBERT G. BERKEY, Commissary-Sergeant.

A. F. SPERRY, Principal Musician.



(pages 198-202)



Josiah F. Curtis, wounded at Helena.

Nathaniel H. Richarson, taken prisoner at Mark's Mills.

James A. Beaver, killed at Helena.

James T. Duncan, wounded and probably killed at Jenkins' Ferry.

David Forst, taken prisoner at Helena.

Alfred Hager, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Hiram P. Henry, taken prisoner at Helena, and wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

John S. Johnston, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Wm. F. McKern, killed at Helena.

Milton Miner, taken prisoner at Helena.

Peter McKenney, killed at Helena.

John B. Nichols, taken prisoner at Helena.

Henry H. Reaves, wounded at Helena.

Jesse T. Sherwood, killed at Helena.

Jonathan S. Tindall, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

James H. Wycoff, killed at Helena.



John R. Alsup, taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Jas. H. Davis,                       on Yazoo Pass.

Dennis Decker,                                 

                       wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Francis M. Dyer,                                                           

William Harris, wounded at Spanish Fort.

James B. Herrell, taken prisoner on Yazoo Pass.

John Lee,                                                 

John Manefee, wounded at Helena.

Jacob Newkirk, killed at Helena.

George Payton, jr., taken prisoner on Yazoo Pass.

Hannibal Rogers, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Jefferson Utterback, taken prisoner on Yazoo Pass.

Francis M. Wertz, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

George W. Long, wounded at Spanish Fort.

John E. Nichols, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.



Joshua B. Wells, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

John F. Gaunt,                                    

George G. Curry, taken prisoner at Helena.

Reuben Coomes, wounded at Helena and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Frederick Butler, taken prisoner at Helena.

James Adair, wounded                      

Henry Coomes,                              

James E. Chick, taken prisoner       

William Campbell, wounded at Spanish Fort.

Edwar Currier, killed at Helena.                    

Robert W. B. Currey, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry

John Dove,                                               

Joab Fox, killed at Helena.

James H. D. Goodman, taken prisoner at Helena.

Sanford Graham, wounded at Helena.

Thomas G. Gooden, wounded at Spanish Fort.

Edward Graham, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.

William H. Harris, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.

Oliver Johnston, killed at Helena.

George W. Lundy, taken prisoner at Helena.

Henry C. Ludington, Killed at Helena.

William Osborn, wounded at Helena, and wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

John R. Pilgrim, taken prisoner at Helena.

Samuel Ream, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

James B. Spain, wounded at Helena.

Robert Talbot,                        

William Victor, taken prisoner at Helena.

William B. Walker, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

John B. Williams, killed at Helena.

Owen Bartlett, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Mortimer Jackson,                          



Jacob Houser, killed at Helena.

William Hilliard, taken prisoner at Helena.

John W. Jones, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Moses F. Atwood, wounded at Helena.

Edwin B. Batterson, killed at Helena.

Levi E. Brundage,                 

William E. Boyer, taken prisoner at Helena.

Samuel H. Doughman, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Samuel L. Deweese,                                   

Abraham C. Hopkins, taken prisoner at Helena.

Morris A. Quaintance, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

John H. Ramey, wounded at Helena.

David Adams, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

William Trobridge, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

George R. Mitchell, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

William Thorp,                                        



John M. Finney, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Marion Dunbar, taken prisoner at Mark's Mills.

Lewis H. Cochran, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Amos Cornes, killed at                            

Benjamin Cruzen, killed at                       

Adam  Eichelberger, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

John B. Harris, wounded at                                                     

Anthony Hawk wounded and taken prisoner at                        

Thomas H. Hinkle, killed at                                                     

Philander McMullen, wounded and taken prisoner at               

Samuel S. Robertson, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Levi Shaw, wounded at                               

John S. Wharton, wounded at Spanish Fort.

David G. Wilson, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Willis S. Bird,                                    

John H. Miller,                                    

Wheeler Chadwick, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Joseph Redpath, wounded at                                                    

William J. Bowers,                                                                 

James W. Grover,                                                                                   

Daniel Bacon,                                                                         



Ashley A. Buckner, killed at Helena.

Abraham Day, wounded at Spanish Fort.

Francis M. Gibson, taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Walker B. Gibson, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Samuel B. Montgomery, wounded at                                  

John N. Miner, wounded at Helena.

Daniel McCreary, killed         

Joseph T. Miller,                   

Thomas Hillwell,                  

Jasper Skinner, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.



Isaac N. Ritner, wounded at Jenkin's Ferry.

Nicholas Schippers, wounded by bushwhackers on Arkansas River, January 28th, 1864.

Lucien Reynolds, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Klyn de Bruyn, taken prisoner at                                         

Tunis Blockland, killed at Helena.

William H. H. Downing, taken prisoner at Helena.

Joseph W. Dungan, wounded at Spanish Fort.

William O. Downes, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Jacob Miller, killed at Helena.

John Metz, wounded at Spanish Fort.

John Niermeyer, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William P. Smiley, killed at Helena.

George W. Towne, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Jacob Taylor, wounded at                                                    

Enos M. Woods, wounded near Camden, Ark., April 15th, 1864, and left prisoner at Camden.

Thomas D. Wallace, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Daniel Wiser taken prisoner at Mark's Mills.

Martin Walraven, wounded at Spanish Fort.

John Henry, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.



John Wightman, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.

Thomas J. Lawler, wounded at      

James Garrett,                             

Clark Bevin, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William T. Dison, wounded at                                       

Dorman Hiner, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

William Goldthwait, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

David Holloway, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William R. Hoyt, wounded at                                              

Thomas Landry, wounded and taken prisoner at                 

Allen A. McNeil, wounded at                                            

Marvin A. Peck, wounded and taken prisoner at                 

William J. Parks,                                                          

Joseph M. Roland, killed at                                                  

William M. Rodman, wounded and taken prisoner at          

Philip Suitor, wounded and taken prisoner at          

Oliver Seaton, left as nurse at Camden.

George W. Shanafelt, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.

John Shoff, wounded at                         

James D. Compton, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Owen P. McNeal, wounded at                                                  



Hans Fergerson, taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Oscar L. Jones, wounded at                        

Joseph Brobst, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Peter A. Bonebrake, wounded at                                     

John Bruett, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William P. Funk, killed at Prarie de Anne, April 10th, 1864.

William Goff, wounded at Helena.

Eri Goodenough, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

John M. Henderson, killed at                  

John M. McCleland, wounded at           

William H. Parker,      wounded at Jenkins'  Ferry.

Thomas Smith, taken prisoner at Helena.

George W. Stanfield, killed at Helena.

James W. Strong, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

John S. Snyder,                                                          

James I. Welch, killed at                                                      

David T. Welch, taken prisoner at                                        

John Spohn, killed at Helena.

Smith Dunlap, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William G. Reed, wounded    at                                          



Matthew D. Gilchrist, killed at Helena.

William R. Cowan, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

David T. Evans                                        

Henry C. Haskell, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Francis M. Playle,                                                       

John C. Roberts, wounded at                                              

George B. Stratton, wounded and taken prisoner at             

Alexander Jones,                                                         

John W. Martin, wounded at                                               

James Windell, killed at                                                       

William H. Withrow, wounded at Poison Springs, April 15th, 1864.

William H. Anderson, wounded at Poison Springs.

Enoch F. Henderson, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Samuel H. Smith, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

William H. Coleburn,                                                  

John Burgess, wounded on Walnut Ridge, April 15th, 1864.

Ephriam Smith, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.



Colonel Cyrus H. Mackey, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Captain Andrew J. Comstock, Co. C, wounded and taken prisoner at Jenkins' Ferry.

Captain L. W. Whipple, Co. G, wounded at Helena.

Captain Paris T. Totten, Co. I, died of wounds received at Jenkins' Ferry.

Second Lieutenant Oliver J. Kindig, Co. C, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

Second Lieutenant Charles H. Sharman, Co. G, wounded at Helena.

Second Lieutenant Wilson De Garmo, Co. H, wounded at Jenkins' Ferry.

First Lieutenant Thomas R. Connor, Co. K, killed at Jenkins' Ferry.



(pages 205-215)






S. S. PIERCE, First Lieutenant.

E. R. WOODRUFF, Second Lieutenant.


Adams, Edwin M.

Harned, Michael R.

Rowland, David W.

Antrim, William

Hammond, Henry J.

Reaves, Henry H.

Auten, John B.

Hammond, Greenville C.

Reaves, Clark

Auten, Thomas

Hager, Alfred

Richards, Lorenzo D.

Bishop, Abijah W.

Hunter, Joseph F.

Roan, Nat. C.

Barnhill, Benjamin

Heaton, Samuel

Richards, John

Barnhill, James

Hiatt, Lewis

Schee, Oliver

Brown, George

Hodges, Milton J.

Sherwood, Jesse F.

Brown, Wilson L.

Hodges, William W.

Smith, Hamilton E.

Breese, Isaac

Henry, Hiram P.

Smith, George W.

Brewster, Henry D.

Hicks, Robert

Snyder, John

Bellamy, Samuel W.

Hicks, James

Shawver, Jacob

Busenburgh, Daniel

Harding, Wm. H.

Sampson, Levi J.

Beaver, James A.

Inman, John

Stone, Freeman M.

Burdick, George L.

Ivey, George R.

Shilling, John

Brooks, Peter

Johnston, John S.

Sturdefant, Thaddeus

Baker, Justus C.

Jolliffe, Albert

Todd, Jacob P.

Brown, Francis H.

Jeffers, John

Tindall, Jonathan S.

Brown, William D.

Kendrick, Americus

Vandyke, Thomas J.

Cooper, James M.

Kendrick, John C.

Vandyke, John H.

Curtis, Joseph F.

Kennedy, John

Vernon, Elijah

Collins, Lodrick C.

Levan, Jacob

Vernon, John T.

Cooper, Ephraim

Leach, Vincent

Vernon, Wm.

Chrisman, William T.

McKinney, John

Wallace, Thomas J.

Chrisman, James H.

McGuire, William

Welch, John M.

Chambers, Zephaniah

McKein, Wm. F.

Wilkenson, James

Chambers, William

May, Alexander P.

Wycoff, John W.

Chambers, William R.

Miner, Milton

Wycoff, James H.

Craig, John

Morrow, William J.

Walker Simon

Cradick, William W.

Moltern, Wm. J.

Willis, James

Curtis, Francis

McPheters, Jacob

Walters, Peter

Duncan, James F.

McElroy, John J.

Walters, Wm. J.

Day, Hiram C.

McKinney, Peter

Smith, James

Downing, George S.

Miner, Josiah

Metcalf, James

Fort, Daniel

North, Layton H.

Strait, Wm. B.

Feagins, Leonard B.

Nichols, Ozias D.

Wilson, Thomas M.

Forst, David

Nichols, John B.

Millen, Robert A.

Foster, Joseph B.

Nichols, Joseph W.

Jones, Thomas

Grant, John

Neal, Charles D. O.

Browning, Maxwell II.

Gregory, Enoch G.

Patterson, Hugh W.

Minor, Wm.

Gregory, John W.

Persons, George E.

Ralston, David C.

Gibson, Wm.

Richardson, Nathaniel H.

Spurgeon, James H.

Gose, Stephen A.

Roan, Thomas T.

Booth, Jesse L.

Harding, John W.

Roan, James M.





JOHN P. YERGER, Captain.

WM. S. PARMELEY, First Lieutenant.

JOSEPH H. SHAWHAN, Second Lieutenant.


Alsup, John R.

Fowler, David D.

Malone, James H.

Adams, David H.

Farmer, John L.

Newkirk, Jacob H.

Allen, John

Ford, Jacob

Nichols, John E.

Bratten, Andrew

Franklin, Joel

Nelson, William D.

Booton, George W.

Givan, Henry C.

Nelson, William H.

Butler, Michael

Gann, Leander O.

O'Niel, John S.

Boegel, Henry H.

Gann, John L.

Payton, George, jr.

Boston, Asa S.

Griffin, Harlan

Payton, John

Basey, James A.

Harter, Joseph J.

Payton, William

Bell, Zephaniah

Howard, John W.

Payton, George

Bottger, John C.

Harris, William

Quick, Tennis

Bradley, Samuel S.

Hax, John

Quick, Stheter

Baxter, Lewis

Herrell, James B.

Quick, James

Black, Philander

Hardesty, Samuel B.

Randall, Machron W.

Basil, Jeremiah

Jacobs, James B.

Randall, Charles

Bowman, Henry V.

Jenner, Thomas A.

Rogers, Hannibal

Crow, John H.

Jones, Wm. H.

Shawhan, George W.

Clarahan, Michael J.

Keener, John W. C.

Smith, Zelek C.

Clemmens, Henry

Kensler, George

Shallenberger, Hiram

Connor, Aaron

Klett, Godfrey

Stout, George W.

Cole, Eleazer

Lambert, David

Thompson, Albert J.

Case, James H.

Lee, John

Thompson, Thomas J.

Carlile, Samuel

Lowe, James M.

Thompson, Albert E.

Courtney, James H.

Landers, Henry J.

Trueblood, Elijah

Cattell, John W.

Leonard, Francis M.

Utterback, Jefferson

Case, John H.

Long, George W.

Wescott, Benjamin

Clarahan, Patrick

Matthews, Fenelon B.

Wright, William A.

Case, George C.

Myers, Thomas B.

Wilson, David

Crooks, Jacob V.

Mead, Augustus M.

Ward, William F.

Courtney, Howard F.

Miles, John

Ward, Samuel A.

Carson, Henry S.

McCalley, Jacob

Woolard, James F.

Chrisman, John

Miles, Daniel

Wertz, Francis M.

Davis, James H.

Moore, Robert

Wait Reuben

Duree, George W.

McGonegal, Charles

Stout, Wm. H.

Duree, Henry F.

Moore, Joseph C.

Moffat, Wm. A.

Decker, Dennis

Menefee, John

Long, Edward

Dyer, Francis M.

Morgan, Nathan

Henderson, Wm.

Evans, Samuel B.

McGrew, Leander

Tucker, Leander

Evans, Gideon L.

Miller, Jacob E.

Cark, Wm. B.

Eastburn, John B.

McAdams, Edwin J.


Fear, James H.

Malin, Wm.




ROBERT F. BURTON, First Lieutenant.

CYRUS H. TALBOT, Second Lieutenant.


Armstrong, David

Goodwin, James H. D.

Myers, Wm. F.

Adair, James

Graham, Sandford

Nation, James F.

Adair, Marion

Garey, Frederick

Osborn, Wm.

Butler, Frederick

Grant, Cyrus A.

Pilgrim, John R.

Barlean, Samuel

Grace, James R.

Patten, Wm. H.

Barlean, Jonas

Grace, John R.

Petty, Amos D.

Butler, Jacob B.

Gooden, Thomas G.

Patten, John M.

Baker, James W.

Graham, Edward

Rardin, Jethro

Baldwin, Sylvester

Groves, John H.

R?an, Jacob S.

Bartlett, Owen P.

Goodwin, Abraham

Reaves, James H.

Berry, James M.

Graham, Nelson

Ryan, Samuel

Currey, George G.

Hook, Norman R.

Scott, James B.

Coomes, Reuben

Harper, Joseph

Stroud, Wm. H.

Crowder, Thomas

Harris, Wm. H.

Sharp, George H.

Crowder, Charles

Harris, Wm.

Spain, James B.

Chick, Elijah J.

Holton, Richard W.

Stephens, George W.

Castleman, Amanuel

Johnston, Oliver

Stewart, Joseph P.

Coomes, Henry

Joy, Solomon

Spain, Joshua

Chick, James E.

Jones, Alonzo

Schee, George W.

Coterell, Wesley

Jackson, Mortimer

Talbott, Robert

Crayton, James

Jones, Wm. R.

Talbott, Richard J.

Campbell, Wm.

Kissick, Robert

Timbrel, Lot

Currier, Edward

Kindig, Allen R.

Vancleve, Samuel G.

Curry, Robert W. B.

Kindig, Oliver J.

Victor, Wm.

Chaplain, James M.

Kunzman, John George

Vancleve, Albert

Duke, Hamilton

Kirkpatrick, James W.

Wells, Joshua B.

Davis, George R.

Knight, Samuel

Wilson, Wm.

Delong, Thomas E.

Keeser, Rezin

Wilson, Clark

Dove, George W.

Lundy, Wm.

Wilson, Robert

Dove, John

Lundy, George W.

Wright, Joshua

Dodge, Wm.

Ladington, Henry C.

Weense, John

Eckroate, John

Lincoln, Levi W.

Winn, Robert

Ellis, Wm. A.

Leatherman, John S.

Walker, Wm. B.

Ellington, Michael W.

Mills, Elias

Williams, John B.

Ellington, John D.

McBride, Harvey C.

Yeadon, Samuel

Foreman, George

Morrow, Wm. W.

Sharp, George

Fox, Joab

Mullen, Isaac A.

Wright, John

Fenn, Deno

McIntosh, Wm.

Ream, John T.

Gaunt, John F.

McIntosh, Jeremiah





DENNY M. GUNN, First Lieutenant.

RILEY JESSUP, Second Lieutenant.


Adams, George

Hines, Ezra F.

Reeder, Pemberton

Atwood, Moses F.

Houser, Jacob

Rockwell, Alanson

Adams, David

Hughes, Jared

Reams, Vincent

Appleton, Clark

Hilliard, William

Randall, Jefferson

Atwood, Stephen

Hopkins, Abraham C.

Stephens, David

Bennett, Charles G.

Hiner, Jesse

Slater, Elisha W.

Brower, David M. C.

Hiner, David

Roberts, James M.

Bass, Andrew J.

Hiner, Wm.

Rice, Eugene W.

Berkey, Albert G.

Hiatt, Amos

Schwalm, Albert W.

Brewster, Philander

Hull, Benjamin

Stevens, Hugh

Batterson, Edwin B.

Heaverlo, Andrew

Sandiland, Wm. A.

Brundedge, Levi E.

Hewson, Samuel

Sandiland, Alexander

Boyer, Wm. E.

Hull, Ahalial

Shannon, John A.

Brown, Nathaniel H.

Jones, John W.

Stout, Thomas C.

Burris, Stacey

Kindig, Wm. H.

Shelley, Benjamin F.

Bupp, Frank

Killough, John H.

Smith, Wm. F.

Blackstone, Thomas J.

Kirkpatrick, George N.

Tracy, Wm.

Crawford, John R.

Leighton, Henry C.

Tracy, Marion

Counsel, Oran

Locke, Wm. G.

Totman, Nathaniel

Champ, Thornton

Lacey, John F.

Thompson, Joseph

Coe, Alven H.

Likens, Wm.

Talbot, Wm. H.

Cope, Henry

Lafollett, John W.

Trobridge, Wm.

Collins, John C.

Larkins, J. W.

Thompson, David R.

Clark, Henry M.

Moore, Eliphaz

Vickers, Sandford

Darrow, James E.

Middleton, Jesse H.

Vickroy, Lewis F.

Doughman, Samuel H.

Mahaffey, John

Williams, Thomas J.

Doughman, Andrew J.

McKinsey, David P.

Winder, Hugh W.

Deweese, Wm. J.

Michener, Henry P.

Widows, James H.

Deweese, Samuel L.

McNeal, Henry P.

Wood, David J. M.

Deweese, John B.

Mitchell, George R.

Warner, James M.

Donelson, Amos W.

Needham, David L.

Williams, John D.

Dixon, Harvey M.

Newton, Henry

White, Wm. L.

Dilley, David M.

Pope, Washington C.

Windsor, Joseph

Ewing, John N.

Peckover, Wm.

West, Isaac W.

Ellis, Adelbert L.

Peters, Wm. C.

Young, John C.

Evans, Wm. L.

Proctor, Jefferson

Zane, Wm. L.

Enos, Wm.

Proctor, Wm.

Thorp, Wm.

Fagan, Wm.

Packer, Isaac W.D.

Mendenhall, Wm.

Flanders, Nathan N.

Peckover, John

Barr, Pinckney F.

Garden, Thomas J.

Quaintance, Morris A.


Grey, Amos

Ramey, John H.






JOHN P. WALKER, Captain.

CHENEY PROUTY, First Lieutenant.

T. L. SEEVERS, Second Lieutenant.


Allen, Elam

Glendenning, James E.

Ruby, Tilford H.

Armel, William

Gosnell, Samuel D.

Roland, George

Breckenridge, John A.

Gosnell, Jesse S.

Ruby, Martin C.

Blackstone, Wm. M.

Grover, James W.

Ross, Wm. A.

Boyer, Richard M.

Hines, George

Robb, George L.

Brown, Hale B. W.

Haleman, James W.

Reno, Wm. C.

Brown, John D.

Harris, John B.

Robertson, Samuel S.

Bones, John

Harris, Wm. B.

Robertson, William A.

Baughman, Elias

Howard, Walter

Redpath, Joseph

Barnes, William A.

Hawk, Anthony

Redpath, James A.

Boswell, Joshua R.

Hawk, Wm. W.

Snoak, Henry

Brittain, James F.

Himes, Jacob M.

Sawyer, James H.

Bird, Willis S.

Holloway, John S.

Shaver, Levi C.

Bowers, Wm. J.

Haney, Jacob D.

Shaw, Levi

Burket, Magnus D.

Harland, Humphrey M.

Shaw, Charles W.

Beal, Nicholas

Horn, John W.

Satchell, James W.

Bacon, Daniel

Haydock, Daniel W.

Shelledy, Leander K.

Cochran, Lewis H.

Hinckle, Thomas H.

Stoltzer, Stephen

Crewder, Robert S.

Hall, Zachariah T.

Sumner, Wm. H.

Cratty, Wm. M.

Himes, Theodore

Smith, Marion D.

Capper, Howard

Haynes, Robert H.

Stephenson, Charles M.

Clammer, David

Haleman, Alexander M.

Slamel, Peter

Church, Alonzo M.

Kinsman, Theodore S.

Tipton, Joshua D.

Corns, Amos

Kirkendall, Joseph W.

Whitaker, John

Cochran, John D.

Lockhart, Isaac M.

West, John

Cruzen, Benjamin

Lyster, Asher W.

Wharton, John S.

Church, Washington

Miller, Henry T.

Wilson, David G.

Carson, George S.

McMullen, Philander

Whitaker, Reuben

Chadwick, Wheeler

McCully, Wm. S.

Wells, John W.

Dunbar, Marion

McLean, John

Welch, Hiram

Davis, Clement A.

McLean, Alexander

Wilson, Abel F.

Dodd, Charles J.

McCullough, James

Williams, Joseph

Downing, Wm. H.

Miller, John H.

Young, Jonathan E.

Eveland, Linas J.

Nolan, Eugene

Young, Thomas H.

Eveland, Frank

Ogden, James

Kitsmiller, Norman B.

Eichelbarger, Adam

Plumley, James S.

Green, William L.

Finney, John M.

Phillips, John

Likes, Robert B.

Faucett, George

Perrigo, Ambrose


Glenn, Wm. S.

Redpath, James T.






ANDERSON DAVIS, First Lieutenant.

LYCURGUS McCOY, Second Lieutenant.


Allison, Wm.

Hart, John S.

Mitchell, Wm. W.

Abrams, Wm.

Hutton, James K. P.

Morgan, John B.

Abrams, Miles

Hoisington, Wm. V.

McCreary, James

Allen, Westley

Hadley, Joseph H.

Nugent, John F.

Allison, Thomas J.

Hobson, Joel

Nash, Charles W.

Abrams, James

Hugh, James A.

Nash, Asa B.

Armstrong, James H.

Hone, John C.

Orndorff, Wm.

Bell, James W.

Hemingher, Henry S.

Pratt, George A.

Bell, John

Hawk, Cornelius

Robinson, Wm. S.

Botkin, Zebedee T.

Hagan, Charles M.

Rayburn, John C.

Braden, Robert C.

Hough, Wm. P.

Sechrist, Abraham

Baxter, George F.

Hadley, Sidney C.

Spears, James R.

Belvel, Samuel

Hughes, George H.

Sancheztereso, Frederick

Buckner, Ashley A.

Jones, John M.

Shepherd, Samuel

Belvel, Nicholas

Kawk, Jacob S.

Street, Samuel F.

Brunt, John M.

Loomis, Nelson

Sheets, Leander

Britain, Eli

Lotspeech, Samuel P.

Stillwell, Thomas

Britain, Harvey

Lynch, Paul A.

Spears, Ezra T.

Bly, James H.

Logan, Henry

Stillwell, George F.

Cushman, Orland D.

Larimore, John

Skinner, Jasper

Dickerson, James C.

McCreary, John

Stillwell, George W.

Day, Valentine

Monohan, Wm.

Smith, Marion

Durfey, Orson M.

McPherson, John

Thomas, Gideon

Day, Charles R.

Mills, Eli

Trent, John

Day, Abraham

Miller, Eli

Trent, Josiah

Furgerson, James T.

McNies, Wm.

Waugh, Albert F.

Furgerson, Russell

Montgomery, Samuel B.

Walker, Edwin

Gaston, Wm. J.

McConnel, Wm. J.

Ward, Wm.

Gill, James

Monohon, David

Wood, Christopher

Graves, Johnson

Minor, John N.

Young, James M.

Groesbeck, George W.

McConnel, Francis M.

Brenette, George S.

Glass, Alexander W.

McCreary, Daniel

Stewart, Jacob F.

Gibson, Francis M.

McNies, John

Miller, Asa M.

Gibson, Walker B.

McNies, Pleasant

Miller, John W.

Golliher, Charles B.

Morrison, James

Bennett, Sanford G.

Hillery, Milton

Miller, Joseph T.

Schank, John Jacob





GEORGE R. LEDYARD, First Lieutenant.

JOHN C. KLI JN, Second Lieutenant.


Atkins, Henry D.

Haven, John Q.

Steenwyk, Gerard Van

Baldwin, Samuel A.

Kock, Stephanus de

Steenwyk, John G. Van

Bauman, Hendrick

Klyne, Cornelius

Smith, James S.

Beard, Wm. E.

Lemmons, Jacob

Smiley, Wm. P.

Black, Jonathan M.

Morgan, John S.

Sipna, Sjoerd R.

Bowman, Jacob L.

Miller, Jacob

Shull, Richard P.

Bousquet, Henry L.

McMichael, David

Shull, Jacob H.

Bruijn, Kryn de

Metz, John

Shull, Charles M.

Blockland, Tunis

McCollum, Andrew J.

Steadman, Benjamin T.

Cory, Lewis P.

McCullough, Wm. S.

Stearman, Robert H.

Cox, Thomas W.

McLeod, John

Templeton, Amaziah

Clark, William D.

Mathes, Valentine

Towne, George W.

Canine, Cornelius

Martin, Larkin

Tol, Deik

Croll, Daniel W.

Myers, Holland

Thomas, Wm. H.

Campbell, William P.

Moore, Nathan O.

Thomas, Theodore F.

Davenport, James H.

Moore, Alexander

Taylor, Jacob

Dingeman, John w.

Martin, Levi

Ulsh, Henry J.

Dingeman, Daniel

Myers, Delano

Ulsh, Daniel G.

Downing, William H. H.

Niermeyer, John

Vanness, Daniel

Dunaway, Thomas B.

Nelson, Frank

Versteig, Gyskrt

Dungan, Joseph W.

Niermyer, John jr.

Vanderkamp, Gerrit

Dunnick, Cornelius

Owen, John W.

Vandermoelen, Sijtz S. S.

Downs, Wm. O.

Pruit, Francis M.

Vandermeer, Isaac [R.P.]

Dunnington, Orville R.

Prouty, Flavius A.

Vandermaa, Henry J.

Englesma, Martin

Price, Gilmore

Vorhies, Sanford

Earp, Wm. H.

Peters, Julius A. M.

Vineyard, Thomas

Fidler, John K.

Perkins, Ezra H.

Veenschoten, Evert Van

Ford, James H.

Ritner, Isaac N.

Vorhies, Wm.

Fisk, Harvey

Reynolds, Lucien

Wheeler, Harman

Griffith, Wm. V.

Rubertus, Herman D.

Woods, Enos M.

Garrison, John

Roberts, James P.

Wallace, Thomas D.

Groen, John

Richardson, George R.

Wiser, Daniel

Herbert, Henry C.

Rhynsburger, John J.

Williamson, Thomas

Henry, John

Robbins, Charles H.

Watkins, Joseph F.

Hansell, Samuel

Sharman, Charles H.

Walraven, Martin

Hol, Martinus

Sleyster, Warnerus

Ward, Benjamin F.

Haze, Peter J.

Schippers, Nicholas

White, Thomas J.

Hamrick, Allen

Sperry, Andrew F.

Wycoff, John W.

Hamilton, Wm. H.

Squires, John

Zeenu, Cornelius de

Hamilton, Joseph D.

Stallard, Luke






JOSEPH L. SMITH, First Lieutenant.

WILLIAM GORE, Second Lieutenant.      


Adams, Wilson

Gow, Daniel A.

Riley, Joseph H.

Allen, William 

Gow, Jefferson

Roland, Joseph M.

Ashley, George

Holland, David O.

Rodman, William M.

Beardsley, Robert B.

Hollingsworth, Ezra

Suitor, Joseph L.

Bales, Levi M.

Hayworth, James D.

Simms, Ellington T.

Brown, Stephen J.

Holliday, Jerome

Stephenson, Thomas

Boon, Clark

Holloway, David

Simpson, Thomas

Brumback, Garrison

Hermon, James

Shanafelt, John W.

Brunson, William D.

Heald, Henry

Suitor, Philip

Brunson, Newton H.

Hardenhook, John

Schoville, William

Cooper, Albert

Herr, William

Smith, John V.

Campbell, Lewis

Hoyt, William R.

Shanafelt, Owen K.

Cunningham, John B.

Hall, Reuben M.

Smith, William H.

Curby, Abram R.

Hildebrand, Samuel M.

Stokesbury, James H

Cabler, Daniel

Irwin, William 

Sanders, Samuel R.

Cline, Jacob

Irons, Charles

Swalls, Jacob

Curby, Jeremiah

Irons, John

Seaton, Oliver

Campbell, Joseph

Johnson, Frank

Slate, Lorenzo

Campbell, Wesley

Linebarger, Samuel

Shanafelt, George W.

Clark, Thomas J.

Lawler, Thomas J.

Shoff, John

Campton, James D.

Lane, John T.

Smith, Aaron B.

Campbell, Samuel

Landreth, Harvey

Smith, Philip S.

Coffman, James A.

Landry, Thomas

Turner, Henry J.

Currier, Victor

Lakin, Thomas

Tracy, Hezekiah W.

De Garmo, Wilson

Lakin, John W.

Thomas, Milton

Disor, John W.

Marling, George W.

Tate, Martin V.

Dison, William T.

McCombs, Benjamin M.

Thompson, Lloyd P.

Doty, Ezra

Mills, Elwood

Thompson, Thomas M.

Dorman, Hiner

McCord, Alfred J.

Ward, Samuel C.

Decker, Elisha

McNiel, Allen A.

Wightman, John

Decker, Francis M.

McNeal, Owen P.

Wandling, Jacob

Eaton, John C.

Moore, William J.

Ward, John

Edmondson, William F.

Nathlich, Adelbert

Waltze, Benjamin F.

Eaton, Marcus D.

Nelson, Edward

Withrell, Chauncey

Ford, usarius C.

Nyswanner, David

Wright, James H.

Fry, John

Newport, Jesse

Wells, Bloomfield E.

Fry, David

Peck, Marion A.

Wandling, Jacob A.

Fish, William J.

Paul, Charles M.

Wilson, James M.

Franken, Bartholomew

Potts, Sedwick

Balls, James H.

Garrett, James

Parks, William J.


Goldthwait, Charles J.

Peterson, Augustus






JOHN HENDERSON, First Lieutenant.

JOHN REICHARD, Second Lieutenant.


Allison, John D.

Hutchinson, Daniel

Penland, Evan B.

Applegate, George W.

Henderson, John M.

Reed, Preston A.

Anderson, John H.

Haynes, Clayton T.

Richards, Josiah

Brobst, Josiah

Hutchinson, Arnold C.

Ream, Walter

Brobst, Joseph

Hays, James M.

Ridgeway, John H.

Banta, Smith

Hornback, Jacob

Rowland, William

Bawman, Sylvanus

Horn, Levi  P.

Rankin, Andrew M.

Bonebrake, Peter A.

Henry, John

Rankin, Harvey

Bruett, John

Harman, Peter

Riddel, Joseph

Clark, Joseph M.

Henderson, William M.

Reed, William G.

Carrothers, Levi

Hart, James H.

Strong, Samuel L.

Coura, William P.

Houghar, George

Stephens, Drury S.

Conwell, George

Irons, William

Smith, David S.

Carder, Henry

Jones, Oscar L.

Smith, George J.

Carrothers, William J.

Jacobs, Hubbard

Smith, Thomas

Dennis, Azariah

Layton, John

Scott, Alexander

Dunlap, Smith

Lemburger, Frederick

Stanfield, George W.

De Witt, Henry J.

Limes, Edgar F.

Strong, James W.

Fisher, Joseph

Long, John W.

Spohn, Hezekiah

Furgerson, Hans

McCorkel, John Y.

Sheperd, John N.

Funk, William P.

Mears, John W.

Snyder, John S.

Funk, Isaac N.

McMillen, Samuel

Spohn, John

Farlee, Henry

Manor, Samuel

Schee, James

Gibson, Alpheus W.

McCorkel, Joseph L.

Teed, George R.

Gunter, Henry B.

McCleland, John M.

Templin, John

Gafford, James A.

Maddy, John W.

Terry, Dennis

Godfrey, Thaddeus

McCorkel, John W.

Vandlah, John S.

Graham, William H.

McMillen, Henry

Willey, Nathaniel D. T.

Goff, William

McMillen, Alexander

Willey, Damon W.

Goodwin, Nathan D.

Newman, James A.

Wolf, William W.

Graham, William 

Neal, Solon S.

Wolf, James M.

Goodenough, Eri

Parker, William H.

Walsh, James J.

Gaston, James A.

Palmer, Enoch

Welch, David T.

Gaston, Ephraim C.

Pitts, Joseph P.

Woodward, Jacob

Gibson, Jacob B.

Pope, William W.

Woodward, Calvin

Hessenflow, John S.

Pearson, Ira A.

Welcher, Andrew

Hessenflow, John F.

Pearson, Young






GEORGE GILCHRIST, First Lieutenant.

JOHN M. BAUGH, Second Lieutenant.


Andrews, Thomas R.

Gilchrist, Matthew D.

moore, William H.

Ashmead, James T.

Gordon, Jasper H.

Nichol, David F.

Agnew, James

Gaston, Cyrus

Porter, John

Allgood, Jefferson

Gregory, William

Playle, Francis M.

Anderson, William H.

Gaston, David

Pettichord, Wm. H. H.

Boswell, John

George, Jacob

Padget, James

Blair, Robert

Heath, Harvey S.

Rankin, William A.

Bell, James M.

Haskell, Royal

Robertson, Darius

Boyd, William

Huff, Charles A.

Robinson, James

Broyles, Samuel

Higgins, Thomas

Rea, John B.

Buntain, Cary A.

Haskell, Daniel

Rea, Cyrus

Burgess, Amos

Haskell, Henry C.

Roberts, John C.

Burgess, Andrew J.

Hartman, Robert R.

Remington, Sylvester

Boyd, Robert F.

Howell, William H.

Ryan, Charles E.

Boswell, Levi

Harris, Augustus A.

Reed, Andrew R.

Burgess, James S.

Henry, John N.

Shaw, William H.

Burgess, John

Henderson, Enoch F.

Stratton, George B.

Connor, Thomas R.

Hornback, James B.

Smith, Franklin

Crozier, Thomas S.

Jones, Alexander

Shipley, James B.

Cowan, William R.

Jackson, William M.

Stephenson, James M.

Collins, Merrill P.

Kernahan, Thomas A.

Smith, Samuel H.

Crozier, Matthew W.

Kunnen, Francis

Smith, Ephraim S.

Carnahan, Francis

Loughridge, James

Tucker, Leander O.

Criss, John

Loughridge, William

Todd, Benjamin

Correll, Carey A.

Lockard, Samuel L.

Tennis, Samuel M.

Coleburn, William H.

Musgrove, Benjamin H.

Williamson, Stephen A.

Drinkle, Henry S.

McAllister, William T.

Williamson, Solomon

Dysart, David

Morgan, John G.

Walker, James A.

Dixon, Matthew

Miller, William G.

Wymore, Robert E.

Douglas, John W.

McFall, David

Wagoner, Lazarus

Dixon, Nathan C.

McKinney, William

Williamson, Alburn M.

Eastburn, Sanford

McCune, David

Withrow, William H.

Evans, David T.

Morgan, Lewis

Windell, James

Emory, William T.

Myers, David

Wymore, Jasper H.

Elwell, Thomas

Mershon, Felix G.

Jackson, Hugh M.

Foster, Benjamin

Morris, John A.

Jackson, James M.

Fox, James B.

Martin, John W.


Furgerson, John

Myers, Jefferson





(pages 219-221)


The following are the more important changes by promotion, &c., in the companies, as far as

can be given from present data:



Captain C. B. Boydston, promoted to Major, June 29th, 1864.

Second Lieutenant E. K. Woodruff, resigned, March 3d, 1863.

First Sergeant James M. Cooper, promoted to Second Lieutenant, April 12th, 1863; and to First Lieutenant, July 21st, 1864.

First Sergeant A. W. Bishop, promoted to Second Lieutenant, Dec. 11th 1864

First Lieutenant S. S. Pierce, promoted to Captain.



Captain John P. Yerger, resigned, May 10th, 1864.

First Lieutenant Joseph H. Shawhan, resigned, March 25th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant Wm. S. Parmeley, promoted to First Lieutenant, May 20th, 1863; and to Captain, June 7th, 1864.

Second Sergeant Joseph J. Harter, promoted to Second Lieutenant, July 1st, 1863; and to First Lieutenant, June 7th, 1864.



First Lieutenant Robert F. Burton, resigned, April 8th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant Cyrus H. Talbott, resigned, June 2d, 1863.

Fourth Sergeant Oliver J. Kindig, promoted to Second Lieutenant, Oct. 16th, 1863.

First Sergeant Joshua B. Wells, promoted to First Lieutenant, Sept. 22d, 1864, and to Captain Dec. 8th, 1864.

Second Sergeant Robert Kissick, promoted to Adjutant of 113th A. D., March 28th, 1864.

Sergeant Norman R. Hook, promoted to Second Lieutenant, Jan. 7th, 1865.



Captain John Lofland, promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, April 23d, 1864.

First Lieutenant Denny M. Gunn, resigned, Oct. 24th, 1864.

Second Lieutenant Riley Jessup, promoted to Captain, May 24th, 1864.

Second Sergeant Henry C. Leighton, promoted to Second Lieutenant, July 21st, 1864; and to First Lieutenant Dec. 22d 1864.

Private D. J. Woods, promoted to Audjutant of 14th Kansas Cavalry, March, 1863.



Captain John P. Walker, resigned, April 2d, 1863.

First Lieutenant Cheney Prouty, promoted to Captain, May 10th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant T. L. Seevers, promoted to First Lieutenant, May 10th, 1863.

Second Sergeant John A. Breckinridge, promoted to Second Lieutenant, June 2d, 1863; resigned May 26th 1864.

Private Reuben Whitaker, promoted to Hospital Steward, April 22d, 1864.

Private David Clammer, promoted to Captain in 54th A. D., Aug. 26th, 1863.

Private George Fawcett, promoted to Second Lieutenant in 54th A. D., Sept. 3d, 1863.



Captain M. W. Forrest, resigned, March 13th, 1863.

First Lieutenant Anderson Davis, resigned, April 24th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant Lycurgus McCoy, resigned, March 13th, 1863.

Corporal John Bell, promoted to Captain, April 16th 1863.

Second Sergeant Frederick Sancheztereso, promoted to First Lieutenant, June 2d, 1863.

First Sergeant William J. Gaston, promoted to Second Lieutenant, March 14th, 1863; resigned Oct., 25th, 1863.

Private Abraham Sechrist, promoted to Second Lieutenant in 54th A. D., Aug. 26th, 1863.



Captain Lauriston W. Whipple, promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel of 113th A. D., June 18th, 1864.

First Lieutenant George R. Ledyard, promoted to Captain, July 21st, 1864.

Second Lieutenant John C. Klijn, resigned, February 24th, 1863.

Fifth Sergeant Charles H. Sharman, promoted to Second Lieutenant, March 1st, 1863, to First Lieutenant, July 1st, 1864, and to Adjutant, 186--.

First Sergeant Lewis P. Cory, promoted to Second Lieutenant, July 21st, 1864, and to First Lieutenant, ----.

First Sergeant Wm. V. Griffith, promoted to Captain in 113th A. D., May 26th, 1864.

First Sergeant John S. Morgan, promoted to Second Lieutenant, February 21st, 1865.

A. F. Sperry, promoted to Principal Musician, May 1st, 1863.



Captain John Dillon, resigned, July 26th, 1863.

First Lieutenant Joseph L. Smith, resigned, April 8th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant William H. Gore, promoted to First Lieutenant, April 9th, 1863, and to Captain, January 1st, 1864.

First Sergeant Wilson DeGarmo, promoted to Second Lieutenant, April 9th, 1863, and to First Lieutenant, July 27th, 1864.

First Sergeant David A. Holland, promoted to Second Lieutenant, April 22d, 1864.



Captain Paris T. Totten, died of wounds received at battle of Jenkin's Ferry, May 24th, 1864.

First Lieutenant John Henderson, resigned, March 25th, 1863.

Second Lieutenant John Reichard, promoted to First Lieutenant, March 26th, 1863; resigned, July 2th, 1863.

First Sergeant Joseph M. Clark, promoted to First Lieutenant, November 1st, 1863, resigned, March 30th, 1864.

Second Sergeant Levi Carrothers, promoted to First Lieutenant, June 14th, 1864, and to Captain, July 21st, 1864.

Third Sergeant Samuel L. Strong, promoted to Second Lieutenant, March 26th, 1863; resigned, May 20th, 1864.

Sergeant Oscar L. Jones, promoted to First Lieutenant, July 21st, 1864.

First Sergeant Henry J. Gunter, promoted to Second Lieutenant in 113th A. D., May 27th, 1864.



Captain Thornton McIntosh, resigned, March 3d, 1863.

First Lieutenant George Gilchrist, resigned, March 3d, 1863.

Second Lieutenant John M. Baugh, promoted to Captain, March 4th, 1863;  resigned, August 16th, 1864.

Fourth Sergeant Thomas R. Connor, promoted to First Lieutenant, March 4th, 1863; killed in battle of Jenkins' Ferry, April 30th, 1864.

Corporal Wm. A. Rankin, promoted to Second Lieutenant, March 4th, 1863, to 1st Lieutenant, July 21st, 1864, and to Captain, September 16th, 1864.

First Sergeant James Loughridge, promoted to First Lieutenant, September 16th, 1864.

Private Royal, promoted to Second Lieutenant in 54th A. D., July 26th, 1863.

Private Sanford Eastburn, promoted to First Lieutenant in 113th A. D., May 8th, 1864.