2nd Iowa Infantry
Company D

Transcribed from "The Iowa Civil War Rosters"

Unit - Company Surname First Name Age Rank Nativity
D Allen Robert Jr. 22 1st Corp New York
D Ayers Henry O 22 8th Ciorp Ohio
D Ayers samuel A 26 Private Iowa
D Barnett John M 24 Private Ohio
D Barnett Robert D 22 Private Massachusetts
D Barrie William W 28 Private New York
D Batchelder George F 26 (veteran) Private Maine
D Becker Philip J 24 Private Germany
D Bennett Robert A 20 Private Scotland
D Bingham Lorin R 17 Private Michigan
D Birch Thomas S. 21 Private Indiana
D Bird William K 20 Private Indiana
D Bitting W. H. 20 Private Pennsylvania
D Boyle Peter 26 Private Pennsylvania
D Brady Casper S 16 Private Pennsylvania
D Brenton William H 21 Private Saylorville, Iowa
D Brown Harvey 19 Private Indiana
D Browne John H 20 2nd Lt Ohio
D Brubaker John C 18 Private England
D Burbridge James W 28 Private Tennessee
D Cady William L 28 Private Indiana
D Calledner William 23 Private Ohio
D Case Filo L 23 Private Ohio
D Childs George A 22 Private Maine
D Christy William D 20 Private Ohio
D Cole Cornelius 28 Private Ireland
D Combs John M 32 Private Vermont
D Cook Hiram C 23 1st Sgt Connecticut
D Cooper Joseph 24 Private England
D Creegan Theodore G 20 Private Ohio
D Crocker Marcellus M. . Captain .
D Crocker Marcellus M. 31 Lt Col Indiana
D Crystal Benjamin F 25 Private Indiana
D Crystal James A 21 Wagoner Indiana
D Cussins Jackson 19 Private Ohio
D Cussins James 21 Private Ohio
D Davis Ephraim P 21 Hos Steward Indiana
D Davis George R 23 Private Ohio
D Davis James 26 Private Pennsylvania
D Davis William L 22 1st Lt Ohio
D Debille Richards 44 Private England
D Dickerson John A 22 1st Cor'p New York
D Doty Nathan W 22 3rd Sgt New York
D Dreher Peter J 29 Private Germany
D Duncan James G 25 2nd Sgt Pennsylvania
D Dykeman Newton L . 1st Lt .
D Dykeman Newton L 33 Capt New York
D Ensign Edgar T 21 discharge to Field and Staff, 9th Calvary New York
D Estle William 41 Private Ohio
D Mills Noah W. . 2nd Lt .