16th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry
in the War of the Rebellion
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Alexander CHAMBERS. Age 29. Residence Owatonna, MN, nativity New York. Appointed Colonel Dec. 11, 1861. Mustered March 12, 1862. Wounded slightly April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Wounded severely Sept. 19, 1862, Iuka, Miss. Promoted Brevet Brig. Gen. of Volunteers, Feb. 14, 1864. Was formerly Captain in 18th United States Infantry.

Addison H. SANDERS. Age 38. Residence Davenport, nativity Ohio. Appointed Lieutenant Colonel Nov. 14, 1861. Mustered Feb. 25, 1862. Wounded severely Oct. 3, 1862, Corinth, Miss. Missing in action July 22, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga. Promoted Brevet Colonel of Volunteers and Brevet Brigadier General March 13, 1865. Discharged for disability March 24, 1865, Davenport, Iowa.

William PURCELL. Residence in Muscatine County. Appointed Major Dec. 11, 1861. Mustered March 7, 1862. Wounded Oct. 3, 1862, Corinth, Miss. Discharged Jan. 29, 1862. Resigned for disability July 29, 1865, expiration of term of service.

George E. McCOSH. Residence Davenport, nativity Pennsylvania. Appointed Adjutant March 24, 1862. Mustered March 24, 1862. Resigned for disability July 13, 1862.

Charles W. FRACKER. Residence Iowa City. Appointed Quartermaster March 24, 1862. Mustered March 24, 1862. Resigned July 22, 1862.

Fred HOPE. Age 23. Residence Mount Pleasant, nativity New York. Appointed Quartermaster Sept 3, 1862. Mustered Sept. 3, 1862. Mustered out May 31, 1865, expiration of term of service.

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Jacob H. CAMBURN. Age 37. Residence Cedar Rapids. Nativity New York. Appointed Surgeon March 22, 1862. Mustered March 22, 1862. Resigned June 3, 1862.

Frederick LLOYD. Residence Iowa City, Nativity England. Appointed Surgeon June 14, 1862, from Assistant Surgeon eleventh Iowa infantry. Mustered June 29, 1862. Promoted Assistant Surgeon United States Volunteers Aug. 15, 1863; Surgeon of Volunteers Nov. 14, 1863. Brevet Lieutenant colonel March 13, 1865.

Josiah L. PHILIPS. Age 28. Residence Dubuque, nativity Maine. Appointed Assistant Surgeon Nov. 25, 1861. Promoted Surgeon Sept. 13, 1863. Mustered out July 19, 1865. Louisville, Ky.

Dixon ALEXANDER. Age 43. Residence Fayette, nativity New York. Appointed Assistant Surgeon March 5, 1865. Mustered April 26, 1865. Mustered out July 19, 1865, Louisville, Ky.

D. C. McNEIL. Residence DeWitt. Appointed Assistant Surgeon Aug. 19, 1862. Mustered Aug. 30, 1862. Resigned April 25, 1865. Milliken’s Bend, La.

Freeman McCLELLAND. Residence Kingston. Appointed Assistant Surgeon July 21, 1863. Mustered July 23, 1863. Resigned Aug. 20, 1864.

Non-Commissioned Staff

Josiah T. HERBERT. Age 23. Residence Marshalltown, nativity Ohio. Appointed Quartermaster Sergeant Oct. 16, 1861. Mustered Dec. 11, 1861. Promoted First Lieutenant and Adjutant Nov. 14, 1862. Missing in action July 22, 1864, Atlanta, Ga. Promoted Major May 11, 1865; Lieutenant Colonel June 27, 1865. Colonel July 1, 1865. Mustered out July 19, 1865, Louisville, Ky. See Field and Staff. See company C.

Jesse R. BURGESS. Age 43. Residence Webster City, nativity Pennsylvania. Appointed Hospital Steward Oct. 16, 1861. Mustered Dec. 11, 1861. Transferred to Second Cavalry.

Oliver P. WHARTON. Age 31. Residence Wheatland, nativity Ohio. Appointed Sergeant Major Feb. 15, 1862, from Sergeant of company F. Mustered Feb. 15, 1862. Returned to company. Discharged to accept promotion as Hospital steward in United States Army Nov. 5, 1862.

Charles WEISSMANN. (Veteran.) Age 30. Residence Muscatine, nativity Germany. Appointed Commissary Sergeant Nov. 24, 1862, from company B. Mustered Dec. 31, 1862. Returned to company Feb. 8, 1863. Re-enlisted and re-mustered March 11, 1864. Discharged Sept. 20, 1864, to accept promotion in Thirty-third Alabama colored Infantry.

John BERRY. Age 36. Residence Camanche, nativity England. Appointed Drum Major Nov. 3, 1862, from company A. Mustered Dec. 10, 1862. Discharged April 9, 1863.

Robert I. RICKEY. Age 30. Residence Camanche, nativity New York. Appointed Fife Major Oct. 3, 1861, from Company A. Mustered Dec. 10, 1861. Discharged June 6, 1862.

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Line Officers

Names of company officers at muster in of their companies. Service record given opposite their names in the alphabetical roster following.

Company A

John Henry SMITH, Captain.
William H. HOYT, 1st Lieutenant.
Martin D. MADDEN, 2d Lieutenant.

Company B

David STUHR, Captain.
Louis BUNDE, 1st Lieutenant.
Frederick WIEDEMANN, 2d Lieutenant.

Company C

Alphens PALMER, Captain.
Jesse H. LUCAS, 1st Lieutenant.
Thomas PURCELL, 2d Lieutenant.

Company D

Crandall W. WILLIAMS, Captain.
Robert ALCORN, 1st Lieutenant.
George H. HOLCOMB, 2d Lieutenant.

Company E

John H. TURNER, Captain.
George LAWRENCE, 1st Lieutenant.
John A. HINES, 2d Lieutenant.

Company F

Edward S. FRASER, Captain.
Josiah HEAVNER, 1st Lieutenant.
Peter MILLER, 2d Lieutenant.

Company G

John RUEHL, Captain.
Henry MEYER, 1st Lieutenant.
Leo. SCHUMAKER, 2d Lieutenant.

Company H

Edwin M. NEWCOMB, Captain.
Frank N. DOYLE, 1st Lieutenant.
John F. CONYNGHAM, 2d Lieutenant.

Company I

Marshall C. FULLER, Captain.
Henry D. WILLIAMS, 1st Lieutenant.
William C. WILSON, 2d Lieutenant.

Company K

Michael ZETTLER, Captain.
Joseph F. ALEXANDER, 1st Lieutenant.
Abraham N. STRINGER, 2d Lieutenant.

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