Philip H. Goode

 by Ed Vollertsen        

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   William H. Goode, Philip's father, was born in Olde Towne, Green County, Ohio and moved to Madison, Indiana at age 17. He married his first wife Sarah Burfort Pearson on April 30, 1829. They had 3 sons and 7 daughters. Sarah later died in Glenwood, Iowa where the family had moved. Upon William's return to Madison, Indiana he finally remarried Matilda Hubbard. William died December 16, 1879, two years after the death of his son Philip.

   Philip, one of ten children, was born in Madison, Indiana on February 7, 1835. Madison is a small town on the Ohio River and in his diary Philip mentions fond memories of his childhood on the river. Records indicate that he attended a preparatory school in 1848 at approximately age 12 or 13. I am not certain when the family move3d to Glenwood, Iowa, however records from Glenwood show that in December, 1856, Philip applied for a marriage license and his father gave his consent. On December 24, 1856, Philip married Margaret F. Galeher, the daughter of Poynts O. Galeher.

   The 1860 census of Mills County, Iowa (Glenwood), shows Philip, 25, Margaret 20, 1 and children Anna 2, Francis 1, and Abba 1/12 (which I assume means 1 month old.

   Philip joined with Company F, 15th Regiment Iowa Infantry on October 10, 1861 and was elected Second Lieutenant. He was wounded at the battle of Shiloh, Sunday April 6, 1862. He re-enlisted in the Fourth Independent Battery of Iowa Volunteer Artillery as a Captain on November 23, 1863.

   In between his two tours of duty, Philip printed at least two issues of the Mills County Standard. The first on July 9, 1863 and the second on July 16, 1863. This was apparently not the forerunner of the present newspaper in Glenwood.

   After the War, Philip returned home to his wife and family and the 1870 census records the following: P. H. Goode 35, lawyer; M. F., 30, keeping house; Nettie 12, at school; Frank, 11, at school; Russell, 10 at school, and Maggie, 8; at school. This is somewhat puzzling when compared to the 1860 census which shows Anna 2 (which is probably Nettie since she is 12); Francis 1, (who is probably Frank) and Abbie who was one month old does not appear in the 1870 census.

   From this point on little is known about Philip except for a few newspaper accounts of events until his death by suicide on February 27, 1877. This was 2 years prior to the death of his father on December 15, 1879.

   As you proceed through the book there are copies of documents, letters, and newspapers, all of which pertain to Philip.

   I wish I could have known this man, Philip, who had deep convictions and comittments about the war. Also a man who loved his wife and children very much. He also had deep religious values. Yet, apparently took up drinking and finally ended his live. Why? What drives a man to that extreme.


List of Staff Officers...................................................p. 5

List of Company Officers...........................................p. 6-9

History of Company F...............................................p. 10

List of Non-Commissioned Officers of Company F....p. 11-12

List of Deaths in Company F.....................................p. 13-14

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Page  5                                 Staff Officers of the 15th Regiment Iowa Volunteers

Name Residence Rank Remarks
Hugh Reid Keokuk, Iowa Colonel Wounded Pittsburg April 6th, 1862
William L.  Dewy Sidney, Iowa Lieut. Colonel Was shot Pittsburg, April 6th, 1863
Wm. H. Belknap Keokuk, Iowa Major Wounded Pittsburt,.April 6th, 1862
George Pomritz New Buda, Iowa Adjutant Wounded served under Kossouth in Hungry
S. B. Davis Surgeon
Wm. H. Gibbon Chariton, Iowa Asst. Surgeon
Estabrook Lyons, Iowa Chaplain
M. H. Higby Lyons, Iowa Quarter Master
J. Pennyman Lyons, Iowa Sergeant Major
Brown Lyons, Iowa Sergeant Major

Page 6-9                                       Company Officers of 15th Regiment Iowa Volunteers

Josha W. Kittle Lyons, Iowa Captain A Transferred from Iowa 2nd
M. A. Higby Lyons, Iowa First Lieutenant A Appointed Quarter Master Keokuk, Feb. 20,1862
Wm. M. Swanson Lyons, Iowa Second Lieutenant A Promoted to First Lieutenant in place of M. A. Higby
Wilson J. Smith Des Moines, Iowa Captain B
Adolf G. Studer Des Moines, Iowa First Lieutenant B
C. E. Sanstrum Des Moines, Iowa Second Lieutenant B
Charles D. Seevers Des Moines, Iowa Captain C
Shannon Oskaloosa, Iowa First Lieutenant C
Hurbert Oskaloosa, Iowa Second Lieutenant C
Madison Ottumwa, Iowa Captain D
Hedrick Ottumwa, Iowa First Lieutenant D Wounded and taken prisoner at Battle Pittsburg April 6, 1862, promoted Captain Company K, Keokuk, Feb. 1, 1862
Reynolds Ottumwa, Iowa Second Lieutenant D Wounded and taken prisoner at Battle Pittsburg April 6, 1862, promoted First Lieutenant Company K, Keokuk, Feb. 1, 1862
Porter Ottumwa, Iowa Second Lieutenant D Promoted from Sgt. Vise Reynolds promoted to First Lt.
Hutchcraft Montrose, Iowa Captain E Wounded Battle of Pittsburg April 6, 1862
Craig Keosauqua, Iowa First Lieutenant E
Brown Keosauqua, Iowa Second Lieutenant E
E. C. Blackmar Glenwood, Iowa Captain F Wounded Pittsburg April 6, 1862
James G. Day Sidney, Iowa First Lieutenant F Promoted Captain Company A March 21, 1862
P. H. Goode Glenwood, Iowa Second Lieutenant F Wounded Pittsburg April 6, 1862 Promoted First Lt. Replaced Day
Joe Throckmorton Sidney, Iowa Second Lieutenant F Replaced P.H. Goode promoted
Cunningham Knoxville, Iowa Captain G
Hanks Knoxville, Iowa First Lieutenant G
Fisk Knoxville, Iowa Second Lieutenant G Taken Prisoner by Rebels Pittsburg April 6, 1862
Simpson Keokuk, Iowa Captain I Resigned at Keokuk, March 1, 1862
J. M. Reid Keokuk, Iowa First Lieutenant J Wounded Pittsburg April 6, 1862
R. Hamilton Osceola, Iowa Second Lieutenant J Killed, served in Iowa 1st at Battle Springfield
Clark Council Bluff, Iowa Captain H
King Council Bluff, Iowa First Lieutenant H Wounded Pittsburg, 1862
Davis Second Lieutenant H Wounded Battle Pittsburg, 1862
Hedrick Ottumwa, Iowa Captain K Wounded, then taken prisoner Pittsburg 1862
Eldridge First Lieutenant K
Danielson Second Lieutenant K
James G. Day Glenwood, Iowa Captain J Wounded Pittsburg 1862, Promoted over Simpson resigned
Whitenack Second Lieutenant A Pennyman killed at Pittsburg

page 10 

Creighton House

Company F, 15th Regiment Iowa Infantry was recruited in Mills and Freemont Counties, Iowa, went into quarters with 40 men at Glenwood, Mills County, October 10, 1861 and elected officers November 6th. E. C. Blackmar was elected Captain, James G. Day, First Lieutenant and P. H. Goode, Second Lieutenant. November 18, 1861.  Company started for Keokuk, Iowa, the place of rendezvous of the 15th Regiment. Arrived at Keokuk, November 16th and were mustered into U.S. Service November 18, 1861 with 83 Men. Since which time the company drew their first payment January 11, 1862, amounting  in all to $3, 253. 30. Sixty-eight men went home $2, 218.00 being an average of $35.57 to each man. Company left Keokuk with Regiment March 19, 1862 arrived at Benton Barricks March 20th. By promotion of First Lieutenant J. G. Day to a vacant Captaincy in Company J and promotion of Second Lieutenant P. H. Goode to First lieutenant, there was a vacancy in the office of Second Lieutenant. Jay Throckmorton, Ordinate Sergeant, was elected to fill it and Warner Mueller elected Orderly. Left Benton Barracks April 2, 1862, reached Pittsburg, Tennessee April 6, 1862

page 11-12

Non-Commissioned Officers Company F

15th Regiment Iowa Infantry

U. S. Army

Job Throckmorton Sidney, Iowa Ordinate Sergeant Promoted to Second Lieutenant replaced Goode promoted Benton Barracks March 1
H. Linbille Glenwood, Iowa Second Sergeant
Bennett Creech Mills Co., Iowa Third Sergeant
Jay Sheppardson Mills Co., Iowa Fourth Sergeant
J. M. Parsons Fifth Sergeant Wounded at Battle Pittsburg, April 6, 1862
W. Mueller Freemont Co., Iowa Ordinate Sergeant Promoted Benton Barracks, March 21, 1862, replaced Throckmorton promoted
J. W. Brown Mills Co., Iowa Corporal
Warner Moeller Corporal In the Iowa 1st at Springfield, resigned Keokuk, February 18, 1862
J. G. Sone Mills Co., Iowa Corporal Wounded at Pittsburg April 6, 1862
E. Withrow Mills Co., Iowa Corporal
Rufus Bates Freemont Co., Iowa Corporal Died at Keokuk of measles January 5, 1862
Manly Fox Mills Co, Iowa Corporal
Isaac Cooper Mills Co., Iowa Corporal
M. B. Dickens Mills Co., Iowa Corporal Appointed in place of Rufus Bates, deceased, wounded at Pittsburg
Blackman Mills Co., Iowa Corporal Apponted in place of W. Moeller resigned

page 13-14

List of Deaths in Company F

15th Regiment Iowa Volunteers

U. S. Army

William Poole Freemont Co., Iowa Keokuk, Iowa Measles January 4 19 Private Single, buried at Keokuk
Rufus Bates Freemont Co., Iowa Keokuk, Iowa Measles January 5 21 Corporal Single buried at Keokuk
 A. J. Adams Cask, Co., Nebraska Keokuk, Iowa Measles January 13 21 Private Single sent to friends in person
J. W. Johnson Freemont Co., Iowa Keokuk, Iowa Pneumonia March 16 21 Private Single buried at Keokuk
Jeptha C. Stucker Freemont Co., Iowa Keokuk, Iowa Bronchitis March 24 21 Private Single buried at Keokuk
James H. Hodgin Mills Co., Iowa Keokuk, Iowa March 28 18 Private Single buried at Keokuk
Edmund Whalin Keokuk, Iowa Keokuk, Iowa Pneumonia March 28 35 Private Single buried at Keokuk
N. W. Thayer Taber, Iowa Pittsburg Killed April 6 28 Private Single buried on Battleground
Russel Nebraska City Pittsburg Killed April 6 35 Private Widower buried on Battleground
Isaac Troth Nebraska City Pittsburg Killed April 6 Private Single buried on Battleground
D. W. Scott Freemont. Co. Savannah Wounded April 11 18 Private Single buried at Savannah