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Including those who died of disease. Because, if they had been home, eating good food, drinking clean water, and sleeping in a dry bed, they would not have been sick. 

Compiled and submitted by Elaine Johnson

"Total casualties of the regiment in battle were fifty-seven killed; . . . died of wounds, thirty-nine . . ." Wm. H. Silsby, Lieut. Colonel Com'd'g Regiment, March 30th, 1865


Adamson, Dennis N. Age: 18, Co. I
Adkins, Wm. H. Age: 18, Co. B
Adkins, John W. d. Andersonville prison, GA
Baker, John  d. June 6,1863 at Memphis, TN from wounds at Vicksburg, MS
Bard, John  d. Aug.6, 1863 Vicksburg, MS
Bartlett, John F. Age: 19, Co. D
Bean, Stephen S. d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
Beazley, Jess  Age: 18, Co. B
Bennett, John  Age: 19, Co. H
Bixby, Truman  Age: 32, Co. C
Blackwood, Ira  Age: 19, Co. I 
Brown, Isaac  d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
Bryon, Wm. H. Age: 29, Co. C
Camp, Luke Co. C; d. Died Aug. 22, 1863, of erysipelas, Vicksburg, Miss. 
Descendant: Gerald & Marjorie Thompson
Descendant: Judy Dombrowski
Carter, James R. Age: 18, Co. H
Carter, Isaac V. Age: 20, Co. B
Chaflin, John  Age: 22, Co. H
Champ, William  Age: 20, Co. F
Clark, Eli  Age: 26, Co. C
Clary, Cyrus C. Age: 18, Co. K
Cook, Willis  Age: 24, Co. G
Cortney, George W. Age: 36, Co. A
Cox, William  Age: 19, Co. H
Craig, Benj. F. Age: 24, Co. D
Crumby, Jotham  Age: 22, Co. H
Curry, Samuel  Age: 33, Co. E
Davis, Charles T  Age: 18, Co. C
Dent, Wm. R. Age: 24, Co. F
Deton, John R. Age: 34, Co. D
Dinwiddie, Simon E. Age: 23, Co. A
Doren, John V. Age: 21, Co. D
Enfield, John  Age: 23, Co. E
Evans, Milton O. Age: 20, Co. G
Fee, Francis Marion Co. D., killed in battle of Champion Hills, MS
Fink, John F. Age: 22, Co. B
Fletcher, Isaac  d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
Fletcher, Gideon  Age: 22, Co. A
Fording, Alcinas Y. Age: 22, Co. F
Fritz, Josiah  Age: 34, Co. D
Glosser, Joseph   Died under General Sherman on Nov. 25, 1863, at Missionary Ridge/Tunnel Hill.  Buried at Chattanooga in section A, #644.
Golliday, George R. Age:18, Co. K
Gray, George M. Age: 22, Co. C
Gray, Oscar  Age: 19, Co. H
Hall, William N. d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
HHancox, John B 10th Infantry, Co C, d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
Hellums, Nicholas  Age: 20, Co. G
Hammack, Andrew killed at Chattanoga
Hemmenn, August  Age: 36, Co. E
Heyliger, Theodore  Age: 20, Co. F
Hickman, Isaac  Age: 32, Co. I
Hodges, Jno. S. (or A.)  Age: 25, Co. G
Hoin, Wm. W. Age: 19, Co. H
Howard, Henry  Age: 19, Co. D
Hutchinson, Smith J. d. May16, 1863 Champion Hill, MS
Jesse C. Young, Age: 40, Co. K 
Johns, Dailey  d. May, 1862 Mound City, IL
Johnson, Josiah  Age: 44, Co. H
Kinley, Frederick Company I, KIA November 25, 1863 at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee
Larchet, John  Age: 30, Co. G 
Lewin, Oliver P.  Age: 25, Co. G
Lewis, James  d. Jan.3, 1863 Columbus, KY typhoid
Lux, Jacob  Age: 21, Co. C
Madden, Malen M. Age: 19, Co. D
Marks, Robert  Age: 19, Co. G 
Marks, Francis M. Age: 23, Co. G
Miller, Jacob  Age: 40, Co. H
Miller, Daniel  Age: 18, Co. H
Moore, Robert T. Co. B
Mosier ,Oliver O. d. Feb.6, 1862 Bird's Point, MO
Murray, Andrew  d. May 22, 1863 from wound at Champion Hill, MS
Murray, Thomas  d. May 31, 1863 Vicksburg, MS
Murry, Caswell  Age: 34, Co. A
Newport, James  Age: 44, Co. C
Nussbaum, Isaac Z.  
Overton, Robert Age: 21, Co. B
Page, Charles  Age: 34, Co. E
Parsons, Thomas J. Age: 33, Co. E
Philips, Abram  Age: 18, Co. E
Poage, Stephen W.  
Pugh, Hiram R. Age: 44, Co. C
Ramey, Phillip Age: abt 20, Co. C, died May 16, 1863 at Champion Hill, MS
Randall, Wesley  Age: 26, Co. C
Reed, Donivan  Age: 21, Co. G
Reed, Thos. H. Age: 23, Co. B
Reedy, Daniel W. Age: 19, Co. D
Reynolds, Jas. Age: 29, Co. H 
Rhoads, William  d. July 16, 1863 from wounds at Champion Hill, MS
Rice, Dennis A. Age: 21, Co. E 
Ricker, Martin  Age: 36, Co. G
Rippey, Matthew J. Co. I; killed at Champion's Hill, MS on May 16, 1863
Researcher: Marilyn Bridge Brown
Researcher: Carolyn Dennis
Roberts, Thomas B. Age: 22, Co. E
Rowland, Cyrus  Age: 29, Co. C
Rowley, Thomas E. Age: 38, Co. F
Rugg, Van Buren  Age: 19, Co. C
Sarchett, John M. Age: 30, Co. G 
Scism, Wm. Age: 28, Co. D
Sheley, Wm. M. Age: 22, Co. F
Smith, Joshua  Age: 30, Co. F
Smith, Garrett  Age: 20, Co. G
Smith, Robert T. d. Andersonville prison, GA
Smith, James  Age: 25, Co. I
Spence, Absolam  Age: 18, Co. B
Spencer, William  Age: 18, Co. A
Stallsworth, And. J. Age: 20, Co. K
Stanton, Wm. H. Age: 25, Co. B
Stebbing, John M. Age: 29, Co. C
Strain, Hugh P. Age: 23, Co. I
Swaney, Nathaniel  Age: 21, Co. I 
Tanner, William  Age: 18, Co. A
Tateman, Hiram  Age: 22, Co. E
Terrill, Lemuel  d. Oct.4, 1862 Corinth, MS
Terry, James H.  
Tomkins, George W. Age: 25, Co. C
Turpin, Thos. B. Age: 18, Co. H
VanBrunt, Henry M Taken prisoner at Missionary Ridge November 25, 1863 and died as a POW March 3, 1864, richmond, Virginia 
Voorhees, J.W. Van  Age: 19, Co. F
Walker, John L.D. Age: 32, Co. F
Walker, Geo. C. Age: 18, Co. H
Wheeldon, Jas. W. Age: 19, Co. B
Williams, Jonathan   
Willis, Martin V. Age: 21, Co. G 
Woolters, Chas. Age: 18, Co. F
Wright, Coleman P. d. Feb. 19, 1865


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