3rd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry
in the War of the Rebellion
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Nelson G. Williams. Residence Dyersville, nativity New York. Appointed Colonel June 26, 1861. Disabled by shot from cannon ball June 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Resigned Nov. 27, 1862, for disability. See historical sketch.

John Scott. Age 37. Residence Nevada, nativity Ohio. Appointed Lieutenant Colonel June 26, 1861, from Captain company E. Promoted Colonel Thirty-second Infantry Aug. 10, 1862. See Thirty-second Infantry. See historical sketch.

William M. Stone. Age 33. Residence Knoxville, nativity New York. Appointed Major June 26, 1861, from Captain company B. Wounded in head Sept. 17, 1861, Blue Mills, Mo. Taken prisoner April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Promoted Colonel Twenty-second Infantry Aug. 1, 1862. See Twenty-second Iowa Infantry.

Aaron Brown. Age 40. Residence Fayette County, nativity Mississippi. Appointed Major Oct. 15, 1862, from civil life. Promoted Colonel Nov. 27, 1862. Wounded severely in right thigh July 12, 1863, Jackson, Miss. Resigned July 13, 1864. See historical sketch.

Fitzroy Sessions. Age 29. Residence Cedar Falls, nativity Massachusetts. Appointed Adjutant June 26, 1861, from First Lieutenant company K. Resigned Oct. 10, 1862, Bolivar, Tenn.

Geo. W. Clark. Age 27. Residence Indianola, nativity Indiana. Appointed Quartermaster Oct. 22, 1861, from First Lieutenant company G. Resigned July 17, 1862. See Field and Staff, Thirty-fourth Infantry.

Thomas O. Edwards. Residence Dubuque. Appointed Surgeon from civil life June 21, 1861. Resigned April 8, 1862.

Daniel M. Cool. Residence Waterloo. Appointed Assistant Surgeon June 21, 1861, from civil life. Promoted Surgeon April 8, 1862. Resigned September 4, 1862.

Benjamin F. Keables. Age 29. Residence Pella, nativity New York. Appointed Assistant Surgeon April 8, 1862. Promoted Surgeon Sept. 5, 1862. Mustered out June 17, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

David R. Martin. Residence Kossuth County. Appointed Assistant Surgeon Aug. 19, 1862, from civil life. Resigned June 16, 1863.

John W. Schooley. Age 35. Residence Pella, nativity Ohio. Appointed Assistant Surgeon Oct. 22, 1862, from civil life. Slightly wounded June 4, 1863, Vicksburg, Miss. Resigned June 21, 1864.

Edward W. Evans. Age 26. Residence Marietta, nativity Ohio. Appointed Assistant Surgeon July 23, 1863, from civil life. Not mustered.

Stephen E. Robinson. Residence Pella. Appointed Additional Assistant Surgeon, May 8, 1862, from civil life. Declined April 8, 1862, and commission revoked.

Prosper H. Jacobs. Residence Knoxville, nativity Ohio. Appointed Chaplain Dec. 14, 1861, from civil life. Resigned April 18, 1862.

Non-Commissioned Staff

Wm. E. Norris. Age 24. Residence McGregor, nativity Massachusetts. Appointed Sergeant Major June 8, 1861, from company C. Discharged for disability Dec. 28, 1861, St. Louis, Mo.

Edward H. Mix. Age 44. Residence Shell Rock, nativity at sea. Appointed Quartermaster Sergeant July 6, 1861, from Second Sergeant company I. Discharged March 18, 1862. See Lieutenant Colonel Thirty-second Infantry.

Miller R. Tidrick. Age 27. Residence Indianola, nativity Ohio. Appointed Commissary Sergeant June 8, 1861, from company G. Promoted Second Lieutenant company G. Oct. 22, 1861. See company G.

John I. Fry. Age 29. Residence Cedar Falls. Appointed Hospital Steward May 29, 1862, from Sixth Corporal company K. Mustered out June 17, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

Geo. Darrow. Age 44. Residence Knoxville, nativity Ohio. Appointed Drum Major June 15, 1861, from Drummer, company B. Died June 29, 1863, LaGrange, Tenn.

John Ecker. (Veteran.) Age 20. Residence West Union, nativity Ohio. Appointed Fife Major June 8, 1861, from company F. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Dec. 17, 1863. Transferred July 8, 1864, to Non-Commissioned Staff, Third Infantry Consolidated Battalion.

Line Officers

Names of company officers at muster in of their companies. Service record given opposite their names in the alphabetical roster following.

Company A

Richard G. Herron, Captain.
David J. O'Neill, 1st Lieutenant.
Phineas W. Crawford, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company B

Wm. M. Stone, Captain.
Daniel P. Long, 1st Lieutenant.
Albert Hobbs, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company C

Sidney P. Sladden, Captain.
Douglass Leffingwell, 1st Lieutenant.
James Call, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company D

Geo. R. Willett, Captain.
Emilius I. Weiser, 1st Lieutenant.
Ole A. Anderson, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company E

John Scott, Captain.
Samuel B. McCall, 1st Lieutenant.
Wm. A. Wise, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company F

Carmen A. Newcomb, Captain.
Leroy Templeton, 1st Lieutenant.
Aaron Brown, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company G

Adam L. Ogg, Captain.
Geo. W. Clark, 1st Lieutenant.
Philo G. C. Merrill, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company H

John H. Warren, Captain.
Jas. Tullis, 1st Lieutenant.
David Scott, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company I

Matthew M. Trumbull, Captain.
John P. Knight, 1st Lieutenant.
Gustavus A. Eberhart, 2nd Lieutenant.

Company K

John B. Smith, Captain.
Fitzroy Sessions, 1st Lieutenant.
Chas. H. Mullarky, 2nd Lieutenant.

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