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Iowa Roll of Honor of the Andersonville, GA Prison

Red, White, and Blue

The following is the Roll of Honor of the Iowa victims of Andersonville, GA, the number being that inscribed on the marble slab that marks each soldier's grave:

Airel, Daniel; 9379.
Alderman, Wm. W.; Company F, 31st Infantry; 11784.
Allen, Moses; Company K, 3rd Infantry; 5561.
Ankobus, L.; 8974.
Ashford, Aaron M.; Company C, 11th Infantry; 9492.
Austin, William; Company K, 3rd Calvary; 11896.

Baird, John L.; Company H, 26th Infantry; 7779.
Barnes, Alfred C.; Company H, 15th Infantry; 4221.
Bartshe, Christian; Company K, 5th Infantry; 1293.
Beezly, Nathan; Company I, 4th Calvary; 12864.
Billings, James K. P.; Company B, 5th Calvary; 10759.
Bingham, Wm. H.; Company H, 39th Infantry; 1570.
Bixler, Daniel; Company B, 5th Infantry; 9846.
Blakely, George W.; Company B, 3rd Infantry; 11334.
Bowles, Michael B.; Company D, 11th Infantry; 9692.
Boylun, Cornelius; Company C, 14th Infantry; 9456.
Buckmaster, Frederick; Company K, 15th Infantry; 8264.
Buel, J.; 9301.

Chamberlin, Joseph B.; Company A, 8th Calvary; 12230.
Chapman, Philo J.; Company G, 3rd Infantry; 10901.
Chenowith, William; Company K, 4th Infantry; 328.
Clark, John C.; Company H, 31st Infantry; 3617.
Clausen, Henry; Company E, 26th Infantry; 6604.
Cobb, Ephraim; Company C, 2nd Calvary; 9820.
Coder, Ezra; 5999.
Collins, Henry M.; Company G, 4th Infantry; 167.
Collins, Malcolm J.; 6848.
Comar, William A.; 6932.
Cooper, Silas; Company B, 5th Infantry; 5101.
Cowles, James W.; Company K, 5th Infantry; 9784.
Cox, Edward, D.; Company G, 5th Infantry; 5224.
Cox, William A.; Company I, 5th Calvary; 5622.
Cox, Henry; Company I, 5th Calvary; 6378.
Cromwell, George W.; Company F, 27th Infantry; 4582.
Crow, Benjamin; Company E; 4th Infantry; 8352.
Culbertson, Samuel S.; 8062.

Davis, Thomas M.; Company E, 3rd Infantry; 2703.
Davis, John; Company D, 15th Infantry; 4206.
Davis, Hugh; Company A, 17th Infantry; 9229.
Delay, John W.; 12866.
Demotte, Lawrence, Company G, 5th Infantry; 4675.
Denoya, William H.; Company M, 5th Calvary; 11098.
Derickson, Wm. W.; Company M, 8th Calvary; 12659.
Dingman, William; Company D, 31st Infantry; 9852.
Driskell, Samuel P.; Company F, 26th Infantry; 6849.

England, Titus; Company E, 9th Infantry; 11414.
Ennes, William H.; Company B, 4th Infantry; 362.
Estelle, Daniel W.; Company L, 2nd Calvary; 11429.
Eubanks, Charles J.; Company H, 17th Infantry; 12747.

Farnsworth, Seth; Company H, 2nd Calvary; 4503.
Ferguson, Amos W.; Company A, 15th Infantry; 12711.
Field, Job M.; Company K, 5th Infantry; 3705.
Finer, J.W.; 11078.
Fredericks, John Q. A.; Company C, 16th Infantry; 7878.
Freel, John W.; Company F., 10th Infantry; 7715.

Garn, Leonard; Company C, 6th Infantry; 750.
Gatherel, Isaac; 10361.
Gender, Jacob; Company I, 5th Infantry; 1484.
Gentle, George; Company E, 4th Infantry; 5005.
Graushoff, Christie; Company I, 26th Infantry; 5836.
Gray, James; Company C, 11th Infantry; 10511.
Griffith, Joseph H.; Company C, 5th Calvary; 12560.

Harris, John; Company H, 8th Calvary; 5461.
Hastins, Joseph B.; Company B, 11th Infantry; 8106.
Heller, Andrew; Company D, 5th Infantry; 862.
Henson, Marx; Company B, 16th Infantry; 9414.
Himes, Daniel; Company I, 3rd Calvary; 10262.
Huffman, Robert J.H.; Company H, 5th Infantry; 2168.
Hurley, Isaac B.; Company H, 8th Infantry, 1816.

Ireland, James S.; Company H, 5th Calvary; 10360.

Jones, Courtlin; Company B, 4th Infantry; 4461.
Jones, James J.; 12879.
Junk, George A.; Company C, 8th Infantry; 8656.

Kennedy, Bernard; 5378.
Kesler, F.; 3560.
King, Ebenezer; Company C, 2nd Calvary; 6464.
King, Alexander; Company H, 17th Infantry; 12888.
Knight, John F.; Company I, 9th Infantry; 11281.
Kolenbranden, Harman; Company H, 17th Infantry; 3204.

Lambert, Charles M.; Company H, 39th Infantry; 892.
Lanning, John A.; Company I, 13th Infantry; 8263.
Littlejohn, Leveret J.; 12629.
Littler, George P.; 12059.
Littleton, Thomas S.; Company C, 5th Infantry; 2045.
Lord, Lewis; Company G, 13th Infantry; 7959.
Loudenback, Isaac M.; Company B, 5th Infantry; 9438.
Loudenback, David R.; Company B; 5th Infantry; 10224.
Luther, Jonathan; Company B, 9th Infantry; 11752.

Macy, Cyrus F.; 12561.
Mann, Jacob; Company A, 16th Infantry; 9585.
Martin, Sharridan S.; Company G, 11th Infantry; 9214.
Martin, Jeremiah B.; Company B, 5th Infantry; 12484.
Maynard, Isaac V.; Company B, 4th Infantry; 6878.
McAllister, Asahel; Company C, 14th Infantry; 2027.
McCall, Thomas; Company M, 8th Calvary; 6167.
McCammon, Wm. T.; Company A, 4th Infantry; 1472.
McClure, Zach. L.; Company C, 16th Infantry; 8120.
McCoy, George B., Company G, 5th Infantry; 10827.
McMullen, James; Company C, 4th Infantry; 1192.
McNiel, John W.; Company I, 4th Infantry; 3423.
Mercer, John A.; Company I, 4th Calvary; 10950.
Merchant, William; Company G; 13th Infantry; 6815.
Miller, Francis M.; Company H, 5th Infantry; 1317.
Miller, John; Company D, 5th Infantry; 10110.
Miller, Elmore; 11745.
Miller, Thomas J.; Lieutenant, Company D, 3rd Calvary; 12865.
Moon, John; Company H, 39th Infantry; 257.
Moon, James; Company H, 39th Infantry; 450.
Moore, Frank; 1797.
Moore, William W., Campany A, 15th Infantry; 4804.
Murray, James I.; Company I, 17th Infantry; 5445.
Myers, Emanuel; Company G, 5th Infantry; 307.

O'Conner, Richard; Company I, 26th Infantry; 6959.
Osborne, Frederic L.; 12169.
Overturf, George W.; Company H, 5th Infantry; 9509.

Palmer, Leroy; Company D, 9th Infantry; 2869.
Parker, D.; 10403.
Peterson, Johann; Company E, 26th Infantry; 1972.
Philpot, Charles P.; Company B, 31st Infantry; 6209.
Pitts, John W.; Company I, 16th Infantry; 10270.
Pugh, Aaron; Company M, 8th Infantry; 10297.
Putnam, Orlando; Company F, 27th Infantry; 9370.

Raser, Albert; Company L, 8th Calvary; 12287.
Ratliffe, Elias; Company I, 4th Infantry; 1951.
Reed, Charles; 10015.
Reeves, Fernando T.; Company I, 6th Infantry; 9483.
Reid, Rienza; Company I, 16th Infantry; 5878.
Richardson, John; 1820.
Robertson, David; Company G, 13th Infantry; 6572.
Rogers, Alexander; Company G, 4th Infantry; 10017.
Rule, John T.; Company A, 10th Infantry; 12899.
Russell, Elias W.; Company G, 4th Infantry; 12264.
Ryan, Charles; Company G, 5th Infantry; 1796.

Sayar, William H.; Company E, 5th Infantry; 10884.
Seeley, Norman; Company B, 9th Infantry; 641.
Shadle, John; Company C, 16th Infantry; 5892.
Shaw, Milton W.; Company H, 5th Infantry; 11789.
Sherman, John; Company I, 3rd Infantry; 9125.
Shuffleton, John P.; Company H, 5th Infantry; 599.
Smice, Wesley; Company E, 16th Infantry; 12729.
Smith, Robert T.; Company H, 10th Infantry; 2712.
Smith, Charles, Company F, 26th Infantry; 4773.
Smith, James W.; Company A, 13th Infantry; 8220.
Smith, Charles; Company D, 5th Infantry; 9209.
Smith, Daniel; Company D, 3rd Calvary; 9367.
Sparks, Mathew T.; Company K, 5th Infantry; 3060.
Starr, Charles F.; Company H, 13th Infantry; 5410.
Stattler, Jasper N.; Company K, 13th Infantry; 2845.
Stout, John C.; Company A, 5th Infantry; 451.
Sutton, Samuel; Company H, 5th Infantry; 4178.
Symms, Wm. W.; Company D, 3rd Infantry; 7954.

Teevis, Charles D.; Company A, 5th Infantry; 6687.
Thompson, Martin; Company G, 5th Infantry; 3986.
Thyne, Adam; 11708.
Tippery, William; Company K, 5th Infantry; 1981.
Torkelson, Noel; Company H, 16th Infantry; 10048.
Tormey, James; Company K, 10th Infantry; 1316.
Trussell, George W.; Company D, 6th Infantry; 8380.

Volk, John M.; Company B, 5th Infantry; 10351.

Wagner, Joseph B.; Company B, 3rd Infantry; 9486.
Ward, Obed R.; Company A, 3rd Infantry; 9221.
Washrath, Charles E.; Company K, 5th Infantry; 8101.
Weisbrod, F.; 9727.
Wells, Franklin; Company I, 5th Infantry; 2161.
Whelan, John; Company D, 26th Infantry; 6934.
Whitenack, Andrew R.; Company K, 9th Infantry; 2213.
Whitman, Omer R.; Company E, 5th Infantry; 1674.
Whitten, Josiah A.; Company I, 5th Calvary; 11114.
Wilson, Philo D.; Company G, 5th Infantry; 10845.
Wolfe, Benjamin F.; Company E, 8th Infantry; 2855.
Wolfe, John A.; Company C, 2nd Calvary; 4916.
Wolston, Simon P.; Company H, 13th Infantry; 8131.
Woodward, J.; Sutler, 9th Infantry; 10942.

Young, Richard C. R.; Company C, 8th Infantry; 12992.

Red, White, and Blue

Bibliography: The History of Iowa, by B.F. Gue, v. II, pgs. 414-418; copyright 1903.
Transcribed by Sue Soden for the IAGenWeb Project on February 19, 1998.

Red, White, and Blue

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