Charlie A. Webster



To all whom it may concern


Paid in full  24 Aug 1865

S. A Adams

 Paymaster  U.S.A.


Know ye that Charlie A. Webster a Sergeant of 1st Lieut. Allen J. Chantry's Company (K) 29th Regiment of Iowa Infantry Volunteers who was enrolled on the twelfth day of August one thousand eight-hundred and sixty two to serve three years or during the war is hereby discharged from the service of the United States this tenth day of August 1865 at New Orleans, La. has by reason of service being no longer required (No objection to his being re-enlisted is know to exist*)


Said Charles A. Webster was born in Genesee County in the state of New York is twenty two years of age, five feet eleven inches high, dark complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair and by occupation when enrolled a farmer.


Given at New Orleans, La. this tenth (10) day of August 1865.


E. L. Hawk
Capt. 114 Ohio Infantry Vols.
A.C.M. Commanding the Regt.
Mustering Officer
District of La.

This sentence will be erased should there be anything in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier rendering him unfit for the army.

A.G.O. No. 99

A.J. Chantry
1st Lieut 29th Regt. Iowa Inft.
Commanding Com.



~ Contributed by Constance Diamond