White Cloud Cavalry Rangers

Mills County, Iowa 1862






A document of extraordinary historical interest was discovered by Dr. R. B. Tubbs of Emerson recently when he found the muster roll of the Silver Creek Cavalry Rangers, organized under Chapter 84, Laws of the Regular Session of Tenth General Assembly of the State of Iowa.

The roll had the names of the seventy members [and] officers of the group, all of whom gave their post office addresses as either White Cloud or Glenwood. Most of them lived in the central and eastern townships of the county.

Only one member, as far as can be determined, is still living today. M. Taylor Davis, who gave his age as 18, was the only one on the roll who is still here today. Mr. Davis, who was but 14 at the time, did not get to go with the company as it went on south for training as his father intervened and obtained his discharge when his real age was discovered. (Since Taylor Davis was born in 1847 the departure of this unit must have been about 1861 C. M.)

The company had one gala day before leaving when it was reviewed with others at a parade on the present site of the Malvern cemetery. Canons were fired, flags waved and the populace stirred to a fervor of emotional patriotism.

Names of the company members (some of the names are obviously misspelled)


Abel, Charles
Abel, D. C.
Aistrope, Thomas
Aistrope, Walter
Allen, A. B.
Allison, J. R.
Armstrong, James
Baldwin, William J.
Bozarch, W.
Briggs, A. W.
Bryant, Jas.
Bundock, Jas. M.
Burkhimmer, A.
Burroughs, William
Byers. William
Cary, Abel
Cary, Crawford
Cary, David
Cary, Ezry
Cary, John
Chesterson, James
Converse, W. F.
Coy, John W.
Darlin, Washington
Davis, Stephen
Davis, Taylor
Downer, William
Dyson, William
Eaton, Nathan
Eaton, William
Fowler, J. G.
Foxworthy, Jas.
Hagmar, George
Hammond, A. J.
Handen, Andrew J.
Harrison, John W.
Haryan, Daniel
Hicks, John B.
Hoche, William
Holmes, John C.
Hoyt, Silas
Hughes, Jas. E.
Johnson, W. R.
Judy, Levi
Kerney, Nathan
Lang, David
Lang, John
Lawson, William G.
Logan, J. W.
Madden, Mac
McCord, William
McFarlin, Irvin
McKnight, T.
Miller, Perry
Montgomery, Silas
Morse, Alphin
Oowner, Fred
Pitzer, Samuel
Raines, A. W.
Raines, William
Robins, Lewis
Roche, Ezra
Shepard, Henry
Shuman, Daniel
Slonaker, Henry
Starr, M.
Stringfield, C. C.
Summers, W. G.
Summers, H. W.
Summers, J. N.
Tipton, Saul
Tubbs, D. T.
Tubbs, Lewis W.
Voylar, C.
Watson, C.
Weaver, William
Whitfield, D. W.
Wilson, T. M.
Wineburg, Ed
World, Amos



~Source: From the Malvern Leader, 28 May 1886

~ Contributed by Constance Diamond, originally submitted by Sharon Hofer