Delaware County Soldiers




Reunion Closes Today 124 Veterans Had Registered at Noon Large Attendance


The old soldiers reunion closes this afternoon at Glenwood.  The boys have had good weather and a good time.


It has been the best attended reunion held for several years, 124 veterans having registered at noon today.  At Malvern last year 111 were registered.


Under the auspices of Attorney E. Starbuck a fine "camp fire" was held last night.  The speakers were Col. Chantry, Judge Lewis, Dr. Shriver and Col. Byers.


Many people (not familiar with the term were looking for an actual fire with the old boys in blue huddling about the blaze.  This was the old way, not the new.


Splendid Music


The Institution band has delighted all by their splendid playing.


Last night a chorus of male voices rendered several fine selections.  It was composed of E.G. Millard, Shirley Gilliland, C.P. Hale, C.R. Buffington, L.A. Bower and Prof. Lee Johnson.


But it is the stirring martial music that delights the heart of the old soldier.  There was plenty of this, too, and of the best kind.  Following composed the drum corps:


Snare Drums: Supt. W. M. Moore, Frank Brooks, L.C. Winslow, Austin Aubrey, W.H. Brooks.

Bass Drums:  Sam Vaughn, Will Aubrey.

Fifers:  Noah Hanks, Ed Lilley, J. W. Sargent




Below is a list of Mills county veterans in attendance.  There were quite a number also from outside points.


From Glenwood:  Henry Pearson, S. J. Minner, F. M. Scott, George Carter, Wm. Gray, M. T. Deupree, W.F. Wilson, P.A. Goyer, D. T. Anderson, Edward Richardson, S.E. Rickabaugh, Samuel Boyer, G. P. Reveal, M. I. Pearce, S. P. Hullinger, Thos Clune, M. H. McCluskey, S. H. Wireman, W. T. Thompson, J. W. Anthony, John W. Taylor, J.C. Davidson, Joshua Sherfey, Freelove Turner, Peter Rickabaugh, Wilson Williams, J. H. Cattron, Geo. McMillen, A. Mayberry, Wm. B. Eckert, B. Surbur, W. T. S. Pangburn, J. W. Stout, Wm. Rager, W. H. Hittle, Sam Mershon, J. B. Taenzier, George Scott, W. S. Stow, M.A. Hackney, Benoni Pool, W. H. Brooks, S. O. Darnly, E. C. Byers, Wm. Engle, L. T. Genung, Sam Vaughn, O. S. Allbee, I.E. Newman, S.S. Brooks, A. Utterback, E. Starbuck, G. W. Donner, Seneca Hurd, J. R. Mason, John Y. Stone, J. A. Blair, F. M. Shriver, John Eckert, James Owens, F. L. Bailor, J. H. Dwyer, T. M. Van Kirk, A. Edwards, J. J. Ewing, A. Ring, Geo. Sickler, D. Harold, I. N. Clover, Fred Rayedan.


From Malvern:  John F. Dull, A. J. Hamilton, Isaac Dice, Andrew Jackson, Francis Scott, A. J. Chantry, H. H. Woodrow, S. Timmons, C. W. Black.


From Hillsdale:  S.F. Noel, D.A. Scott, Daniel Whitmer, W. S. Rankin, F. Slaughter, Samuel VanOrsdale, A. Stroud, D. E. Cress, M. Waltemire, J. F. Haines, W. H. Scott, W. N. Robb.


From Hastings:  John Davidson, James Moore, W. A. Mart.


From Emerson:  Daniel Rhoades, A. McClain.


From Pacific Junction:  W. M. Christy, D. J. Shannon, Z. C. Worley, W. H. Morgan, G. W. Dalton, H. C. Tucker.


From Folsom:  Martin C. Young, Nathaniel King, D. W. Rowe, E. F. Dawson.


~ source: Mills County Tribune, Glenwood, Iowa, August 17, 1905

~ Contributed by Constance Diamond