Of the 1,660 soldiers whose names appear on the roster of the 7th Iowa Cavalry, 1,145 death and

burial sites have been located. The soldier’s name is as it appears in the Roster & Record of Iowa Volunteers. Spelling

differences and an occasional alias appear on the actual burial listings. The city in which the soldier died follows

immediately after the date of death, while the italicized word after the place of death is the name of the cemetery.

Additional information such as nation, township, county and state appear in the far right column. Names and

information in red indicates a soldier who died while in the service. Names highlighted in yellow indicate people for

whom obituaries (328 to date) have been obtained. Page numbers refer to specific maps of particular states. Bulleted

names are grave sites that have been visited and photographed (442 to date). UPDATED 1/24/2007.


NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE              CEMETERY     NATION

Mobley, George G.            Co. B     Died 9/9/1919 at                Tappan                Unknown            BC, Canada

Gross, William H.              Co. K    Died 3/8/1918 at                Lindsay                Unknown             Ontario, Canada

Larson, James                    Co. F     Died 11/12/1916 at            Oslo                     Unknown             Norway

·    Heath, Herman H.      STAFF  Died 11/14/1874                Lima               Old British           Peru

Mobley, Seth                     Co. B     Died 7/10/1911 at              Manila   Veteran Army of the Philippines Philippines

ARIZONA – (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Tannehill, John M.             Co. G    Died 3/5/1923 at                Phoenix Greenwood Memory Lawn Maricopa               p.14

Jones, William W.             Co. K    Died 2/6/1911 at                Buckeye              Liberty                 Maricopa              p.14

Moore, William M.            Co. M    Died 5/30/1915 at              Copper Creek      Prescott Nat CemYavapai               p.14

ARKANSAS – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Rice, George L.                 Co. A    Died 2/14/1909 at              Gentry       Gentry                 Benton                p.18

Doty, Napoleon B.             Co. E     Died 7/30/1930 at              Heber Springs     Unknown             Cleburne               p.18

Iliff, Henry J.                     Co. G    Died 9/19/1925 at              ?                Unknown             Independence               p.20

Killough, Augustus            Co. M    Died 11/13/1919 at            Evansville     Unknown             Washington               p.18

Waggoner, William H.      Co. B     Died 1/27/1918 at              Rose Bud    Bethesda              Washington              p.18

Hunt, Francis A.                Co. C     Died 4/25/1917 at              Judsonia              Evergreen            White                  p.20

CALIFORNIA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Bristol, Edward C.             Co. K    Died 11/19/1912 at            Berkeley            Unknown             Alameda               p.23

                                                                        [Bristol was living near Seattle, Washington Co., WA in 1910]

Williams, Wm. H. H.         Co. C     Died [no date] at                Oakland               Mountain View    Alameda              p.30

Noe, Samuel                      Co. E     Died [no date] at                Chico                   Chico                   Butte                   p.22

O’Hair, Michael                Co. K    Died 9/28/1912 at              San Francisco Calusa Community   Calusa                 p.22

Jordan, Isaac R.                 Co. G    Died 7/16/1908 at              Covina       Oakdale               Covina                p.32

Livermore, Wilson            Co. F     Died 4/30/1886 at              Selma                  Unknown             Fresno                 p.26  

(may be buried in Fayette Co., IA)

Walker, Stephen                Co. G    Died 3/28/1928 at              Beaumont        LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Powell, Ancil                     Co. A    Died 11/29/1922 at            Long Beach         Unknown             Los Angeles        p.31

                                                         [1910 census shows he was then living in Van Buren County, IA. Check for obit]

Reed, Robert                      Co. L     Died 4/7/1932 at                Long Beach         Unknown             Los Angeles        p.31

Spangler, John M.              Co. C     Died 11/12/1913 at            Los Angeles        Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Lindley, John W.               Co. K    Died 2/24/1920 at              Los Angeles        Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Parker, Andrew E.             Co. F     Died 5/22/1922 at              Los Angeles        Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Smith, Isaac A.                  Co. K    Died 9/16/1926 at              Los Angeles        Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Hazelgrove, Isaac B.          Co. B     Died 7/7/1930 at                Los Angeles        LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Monroe, Felix M.              Co. C     Died 8/17/1932 at              Monrovia             Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Jepson, Isaiah C.                Co. L     Died 4/18/1918 at         Altadena              Mountain View    Los Angeles        p.30

Hunter, James H.               Co. L     Died 12/1/1904 at              Altadena              Mountain View    Los Angeles        p.30

Shaw, Samuel J.                Co. L     Died 12/28/1921 at            Altadena              Mountain View    Los Angeles        p.30

Eason, Robert                    Co. L     Died 7/7/1923 at                Pasadena              Unknown             Los Angeles        p.29

Call, Henry                        Co. L     Died 11/19/1892 at            Centerville           Rosedale              Los Angeles        p.32

White, Benjamin                Co. L     Died 8/13/1909 at              Los Angeles        Rosedale              Los Angeles        p.32

Sheffield, Eugene              STAFF  Died 1/6/1905 at                Santa Barbara      Unknown             Los Angeles        p.26

Dement, John                     Co. B     Died 3/23/1928 at              Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Russell, McCollum            Co. M    Died 1/12/1913 at              Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Stewart, Joseph                  Co. C     Died 6/17/1927 at              Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Johnson, George W.          Co. F     Died 12/11/1922 at            Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Gleason, N. B.                   Co. E     Died 8/14/1898 at              Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Oakes (Ochs), Charles       Co. E     Died 2/1/1926 at                Sawtelle         LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Bliss, William P.                Co. K    Died 10/13/1893 at            Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Beals, Thomas B.               Co. G    Died 5/10/1926 at             Napa       Napa Veterans Home    Los Angeles        p.23

Brain, Byron B.                 Co. H    Died 3/28/1920 at      Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Kennedy, James H.            Co. A    Died 3/8/1923 at        Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

McMillin, Legrand            Co. B     Died 9/2/1924 at        Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Parks, Charles                    Co. G    Died 4/15/1924 at      Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Smith, Orrin                       Co. K    Died 12/1/1923 at      Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Stine, Asbury                     Co. L     Died 3/5/1929 at        Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Van Oelden, Frank            Co. E     Died 2/20/1914 at      Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Payn, John                         Co. C     Died 1/30/1926 at      Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Brittingham, Joseph           Co. I      Died 12/11/1911 at            Soldier’s Home   LA Nat Cem         Los Angeles        p.32

Charles, Barclay J.             Co. D    Died 11/6/1926 at              Whittier              Unknown             Los Angeles        p.30

Knapp, James W.               Co. C     Died [no date] at                Point Arena         IOOF                   Mendocino          p.23

Maclin (McFaul), Charles Co. C     Died 4/30/1923 at              Point Arena         Point Arena         Mendocino          p.23

Beck, Isaac                        Co. C     Died 3/14/1908 at              Yountville Veterans Memorial    Napa                    p.23

Heil, Lewis                        Co. G    Died 5/18/1909 at              Santa Ana            Santa Ana            Orange                 p.33

Martin, Reuben J.              Co. A Died 11/20/1908 or 7/28/1909 at Santa Ana      Santa Ana            Orange                 p.33

Hutching, Ephraim M.       Co. H    Died 6/26/1890 at              Sacramento          City Cemetery      Sacramento          p.23

Roberts, Daniel                  Co. L     Died 6/25/1882 at              Sacramento          City Cemetery      Sacramento          p.23

Kilian, Joseph                    Co. E     Died 1/7/1919 at                San Bernardino    Unknown             San Bernardino   p.29

McNamara, James Patrick Co. K    Died 6/23/1914 at              San Bernardino    Unknown           San Bernardino   p.29

Heck, Samuel                    Co. M    Died 4/1/1909 at                Unknown             Unknown            San Bernardino   p.29

White, Austin E.                Co. E     Died 3/9/1916 at                Fallbrook            Unknown             San Diego            p.29

Woodward, Simon B.        Co. D    Died 12/12/1920 at            Ramona  Nuevo Memory Gardens   San Diego            p.32

Doud, Malcom P.              Co. G    Died 8/14/1895 at              San Francisco      Cypress Lawn      San Francisco      p.23

McCan, Francis A.             Co. F     Died 8/24/1919 at              Stockton           Unknown             San Joaquin         p.23

Cooper, Francis H.             Co. K    Died 4/30/1900 at              San Luis Obispo  IOOF                   San Luis Obispo  p.26

Baker, Charles A.              Co. E     Died 2/12/1925 at              Sunnyvale       Oak Hill               Santa Clara          p.23

Donley, Adolphus              Co. F     Died 9/30/1899 at              San Jose               Oak Hill               Santa Clara          p.23

O'Hair, John J.                   Co. K    Died 4/29/1910 at              Unknown             Unknown            Santa Clara          p.23

May, James H.                   Co. D    Died 6/7/1922 at                Santa Cruz           Unknown             Santa Cruz           p.23

Powers, Thomas F.            Co. A    Died 5/20/1921 at              Sebastopol           Unknown             Sonoma               p.23

Fisher, John J.                    Co. E     Died 5/8/1906 at                Forestville           Unknown             Sonoma               p.23

Crosby, Squire E.              Co. M    Died 11/30/1926 at            Ceres           Old Chapin          Stanislaus           p.23

Zion, Isaac                         Co. K    Died 5/25/1928 at              Modesto              Unknown             Stanislaus            p.23

Wilson, William                Co. L     Died 10/5/1915 at              Ventura                Ventura City        Ventura                p.27

Dale, David (Phillip)         Co. D    Died 1/13/1922 at Des Moines, IA  [Originally buried in Westlawn Cemetery,

 in Des Moines, IA and later re-buried at unknown site in CA]                 p.33

COLORADO – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Baker, David                      Co. E     Died 11/15/1934 at            Denver                 Fairmount           Adams                 p.40

Wilson, Clay                      Co. F     Died 8/27/1932 at Bristol, Prowers Co. Ft. Lyon Nat Cem    Bent                     p.41

Nash, James D.                  Co. F     Died 4/24/1898 at              Buena Vista         Centerville           Chaffee                p.40

Vance, Eddie D.                Co. B     Died 5/6/1867 at                Dumont               Unknown             Clear Creek         p.40

Henderson, Robert             Co. I      Died 1907 at                      ?                           Delta                   Delta                    p.

Wade, Samuel                    Co. I      Died 3/16/1904 at              Blaine, WA         Cedar Hill           Paonia, Delta Co. CO 

Woodruff, Samuel F.         Co. F     Died 2/11/1866 at              Denver                Unknown             Denver                 p.40       

Guernsey, Byron                Co. M    Died 11/18/1880 at            Colorado Springs Evergreen            El Paso                p.40

Tindell, Samuel H.             Co. G    Died 11/16/1929 at            Colorado Springs Evergreen            El Paso                p.40

[or Unknown Atwood, KS] 

Ramsell, Moses S.             Co. C     Died 6/9/1913 at                Colorado Springs Fairview              El Paso                p.40

Roper, John E.                   Co. D    Died [no date] at                Colorado Springs Fairview              El Paso                p.40

Moore, Thomas B.             Co. H    Died 3/2/1910 at                Walsenburg         Masonic               Huerfano             p.41

·    Shirkey, Hiram           Co. C     Died 12/24/1926 at            Loveland      Grand View Ft. Collins, Larimer    p.40

Stephens, James A.            Co. G    Died [no date] at                Larimer County   Lakeside              Larimer                p.40 

Snyder, Edson                    Co. D    Died 1/29/1924 at              Lamar                 Riverside             Prowers               p.41

Snyder, John                      Co. D    Died 2/2/1890 at                Beulah                 Beulah                 Pueblo                 p.41

·    Mobley, John C.         Co. B     Died 2/28/1906 at              Angora                Three Springs      Rio Blanco          p.38

Lewis, John D.                   Co. A    Died 1901 at                      Monte Vista         Homelake            Rio Grande          p.41

Allen, Edgar                      Co. A    Died 2/10/1865 at Smith’s Fork, CO Possibly reburied at Ft. McPherson          p.

Van Kirk, Henry                Co. F     Died 5/14/1865 at Valley Station, CO Probably reburied at Ft. McPherson          p.

Barnett, George                 Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Brundage, Hiram               Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Gray, William H.               Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Hall, Henry H.                   Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Hanchett, Alanson             Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Ishman, David                   Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Jordan, James                    Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Koons, Anthony                Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Lippincott, Davis               Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

McArthur, Amos               Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Moore, Edson D.               Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Pierce, John M.                  Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Scott, Thomas                    Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Stebbins, Joel                     Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Talcott, Walter B.              Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at  * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson          Sedgwick             p.40

Starr, Hiram                       Co. F     Died 6/21/1865 at * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson         Sedgwick             p.40

Murphy, John                    Co. F     Died 8/14/1865 at * Julesburg reburied at Ft. McPherson         Sedgwick             p.40

[* - these soldiers were probably moved from the old Fort Sedgwick Post

Cemetery and reburied in the Fort McPherson National Cemetery


·    Sanborn, Edwin B.     Co. F     Died 7/13/1908 at              Greeley                Linn Grove          Weld                    p.40

Ware, Eugene F.                Co. A    Died 7/2/1911 at  Colorado Springs, CO Ft. Scott Nat. Cemetery Bourbon, KS    p.40

·    O’Brien, Nicholas J.   Co. F     Died 7/29/1916 at              Denver, CO        Lakeview             Cheyenne, WY    p.40

FLORIDA - grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

LeGro, James A.                Co. K    Died 5/15/1933 at              Hawthorn     Unknown             Alachua               p.52

Forney, Alexander             Co. L     Died 5/29/1922 at              S. Jacksonville     Unknown             Duval                   p.52

Reynolds, Corydon            Co. H    Died 2/10/1928 at              St. Cloud    Mt. Peace            Osceola                p.53

IDAHO – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Anthony, William              Co. B     Died 6/24/1920 at              Boise                   Unknown             Ada                      p.65

Ewan, Wilford                   Co. D    Died 5/15/1924 at              Boise                   Unknown             Ada                      p.65

Fackler, Henry H.              Co. M    Died 4/7/1927 at                Boise                   Unknown             Ada                      p.65

Ivens (Ivers), Thomas H.   Co. G    Died 3/1/1919 at                Boise                   Morris Hill          Ada                      p.65

Harris, Robert M.              Co. G    Died 10/7/1920 at              Indian Valley       Unknown             Adams                 p.65

·    Hammond, Orville H. Co. E     Died 7/3/1916 at                Coeur d’ Alene   Forest                  Kootenai              p.64

Irvin, Jacob                        Co. D    Died 2/21/1908                  Genesee,              Unknown             Latah                   p.64

Hanks, Peter                      Co. C     Died 10/8/1918 at              Buhl                     Unknown             Twin Falls           p.65

                                                         [see possible burial listing in Nebraska]


ILLINOIS – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Leffler, Godfrey                Co. K    Died 8/28/1919 at              Soldier’s Home   Unknown Quincy,Adams                 p.66

Phillips, John M.                Co. B     Died [no date] at                Mount Sterling    Unknown             Brown                 p.66

·    Valentine, Edward      Co. C     Died 4/11/1916 at              Chicago               Union Ridge        Cook                   p.66

Welling, James M.             Co. L     Died 8/18/1916 at              Chicago               Unknown             Cook                    p.66

Crane, James                      Co. B     Died 3/13/1927 at              Chicago               Unknown             Cook                    p.66

Welch, Wesley C.              Co. M    Died 3/20/1915 at              Harvey               Hazelwood          Cook                    p.66

Hendee, William H.           Co. K    Died 5/10/1890 at              Cook County       Oakwoods            Cook                 p.67

Kane, Thomas                    Co. F     Died [no date] at                Elgin                    Bluff City             Cook                    p.67

Mullen, Levi H.                 Co. G?   Died 6/24/1924 at           St. Joseph, MO    Oakridge Forest Park, Cook Co.     p.66

·    Peterman, John M.      Co. G    Died [no date] at                ?                           Elvaston              Hancock              p.66

Powell, Joseph W.             Co. D    Died 2/1/1898 at                West Frankfort   Denning              Franklin               p.69

·    Jennings, Henry H.     Co. H    Died 8/24/1926 at              Yates City    Henderson           Fulton                  p.66

Coleman, John W.             Co. M    Died 4/13/1923 at              Murphysboro       Tower Grove       Jackson                p.68

Wear, Thomas                   Co. F     Died 10/19/1909 at            Warren          Unknown             Jo Daviess           p.66

Collins, Jesse L.                 Co. A    Died 3/14/1885 at              Bushnell              Bushnell              McDonough        p.66

Bangness, Richard             Co. D    Died 3/28/1927 at              New Boston       New Boston         Mercer                 p.66

Shirkey, John B.                Co. A    Died 8/3/1895 at                ?                           Liter                     Morgan                p.68

McCristal, George             Co. C     Died [no date] at                ?                           Springdale           Peoria                  p.66

Studer, Alloweis                Co. L     Died 11/13/1929 at            Rock Island      Unknown             Rock Island        p.66

·    Oliver, Isaac S.           Co. B     Died 3/21/1864 at Camp Butler Camp Butler Nat Cem  Sangamon            p.68

Cammell, William             Co. E     Died 2/16/1917 at              Sears                    Unknown             ?                          p.71

INDIANA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Platt, William                    Co. G    Died 4/10/1914 at              Fowler                 Unknown             Benton                 p.74

Bates, William E.               Co. H    Died 2/11/1927 at              Kirklin, Clinton Co. Bethel near Lebanon, Boone        p.74       

Pearsley, William              Co. D    Died 2/7/1916 at                Lafayette, IN       Crown Point Kokomo, Howard     p.75

Hanner, Francis B.             Co. L     Died 9/14/1902 at              Kurtz                  Cummins             Jackson                p.77

Richards, Augustus            Co. F     Died 3/2/1931 at                Riverdale             Unknown             Putnam                p.76

IOWA – grouped by county (refer to Iowa Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, 1st Edition, 1998.)

 # indicates a date for which newspapers are not available at the Iowa State Historical Society

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

·    Pattee, Wallis             Co. K    Died 3/10/1887 at #           Corning          Oakland               Adams                 p.58


Collins, Oscar                    Co. L     Died 8/31/1920 at              Luana              Hardin                 Allamakee           p.22

Pieper, John                       Co. F     Died [no date] at                Dorchester Dorchester Methodist Allamakee            p.22


·    Swearingen, William  Co. H    Died 3/31/1905 at              Centerville           Oakland              Appanoose          p.61

Martin, Stephen A.            Co. A    Died [no date] at                Centerville    Oakland               Appanoose          p.61

                            [This is probably an error, as a Stephen Martin died and is supposedly buried in Grand Island, NE]

·    Sleeth, Caleb              Co. E     Died [no date] at                Centerville           Zoar                    Appanoose          p.61

McKim, John D.                Co. B     Died 1925 at                      Centerville           Sales                    Appanoose          p.61

·    Robley, John W.         Co. E     Died 1/1/1900 at                Centerville          Dale                     Appanoose          p.61

·    Salter, Ezra                 Co. C     Died 8/28/1917 at              Centerville          Haines                 Appanoose          p.61

Forsythe, Thomas J.           Co. E     Died 10/19/1927 at            Dean                Hilltown              Appanoose          p.61

·    McDonald, John C.    Co. E     Died 1/31/1920 at              Cincinnati            Evergreen            Appanoose          p.61

·    Albertson, John P.      Co. E     Died 11/4/1925 at              Moulton          Oakland               Appanoose          p.61

·    Swartz, Carey             Co. E     Died 8/18/1916 at #           Moulton          Oakland              Appanoose          p.61

·    Wight, John M.           Co. C     Died 2/18/1918 at #           Moulton          Oakland              Appanoose          p.61

Stearns (Stevens), Elisha   Co. A    Died 3/18/1911 at      Mystic    Philadelphia Garfield, Appanoose           p.61

·    Hoover (Houser), Moses Co. BDied 2/25 or 4/1/1902 at    Unionville          Taylor                  Appanoose          p.61


·    Anderson, David B.    Co. D    Died 7/3/1901 at                Audubon           Exira                    Audubon             p.48

·    Anderson, John A.      Co. D    Died 1/3/1888 at                Exira              Exira                   Audubon             p.48


·    Pitts, William             Co. H    Died 3/5/1931 at                Vinton                 Evergreen            Benton                 p.43

·    Bristol, William H.     STAFF  Died 3/1/1911 at #   Vinton                 Evergreen           Benton                 p.43

·    Randall, John              Co. G    Died 12/15/1916 at Marshalltown       Evergreen            Benton                 p.43

·    Wright, Enos              Co. H    Died 4/30/1905 at              Marshalltown      Wright                 Benton                 p.42


·    Babcock, Daniel         Co. K    Died 6/15/1906                  Cedar Falls         Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

·    Leland, Henry P.        Co. K    Died 6/6/1909 at #             Cedar Falls         Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

·    Stilson, Chester B.      Co. K    Died 8/13/1911 at #           Cedar Falls          Fairview          Black Hawk         p.31

·    Clark, Wilson M.        Co. K    Died 8/14/1870 at Seneca, IL Greenwood Cedar Falls, Black Hawk   p.31

Hodgdon, John M.             Co. K    Died [no date] at                ?             Greenwood Cedar Falls, Black Hawk   p.31

Truesdell, William             Co. K    Died [no date] at                Waterloo              Waterloo              Black Hawk   p.31

Hill, James D.                    Co. E     Died 4/9/1885 at                Waterloo              Waterloo Twp.     Black Hawk         p.31

·    Bartlett, William         Co. H    Died 4/8/1896 at #             Waterloo              Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

·    Starr, William             Co. F     Died 9/19/1915 at              Waterloo              Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

Hall, Henry H.                   Co. F     Died 1/7/1865 at                Waterloo              Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

Hurst, Henry                      Co. E     Died 8/20/1924 at              Waterloo              Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

Fenstermaker, Steven        Co. F     Died 8/7/1881 at                ?                           Fairview              Black Hawk         p.31

·    Cotton, Isaac               Co. G    Died 2/24/1886 at              La Porte City      Westview             Black Hawk         p.31

·    Henry, Alpheus          Co. K    Died 11/30/1911 at New York, NY Mt. Vernon Evangelical   Black Hawk         p.31

Hamilton, William             Co. E     Died 12/17/1912 at #         Waterloo Spring Creek Chapel Black Hawk         p.31

Turner, Michael V.B.        Co. H    Died 6/2/1910 at #             Waterloo              Elmwood             Black Hawk         p.31

Wells, Rollin R.                 Co. F     Died 1/5/1902 at                Spring Creek       Spring Creek       Black Hawk         p.31


·    Bentley, Layton B.     Co. H    Died 10/28/1919 at            Boone                  Linwood Park      Boone                  p.39

·    Bentley, Marquis        Co. H    Died 8/6/1925 at                Boone                  Linwood Park      Boone                  p.39

Schuneman, John H.          Co. H    Died 8/4/1908 at                Boone                  Linwood Park      Boone                  p.39

·    Young, Lewis             Co. K    Died 4/18/1913 at              Boone                  Linwood Park      Boone                  p.39

·    Enfield, William         Co. G    Died 3/26/1879 at              Moingona Quincy                 Boone                  p.39

Williams, John                   Co. D    Died 1/20/1888 at              Madrid                 Madrid                Boone                  p.39


·    Shanewise, Frederick Co. F     Died 8/25/1869 at #           Readlyn               Grove Hill           Bremer                p.31

·    Barnhouse, John         Co. K    Died 6/1/1900 at                Janesville            Oakland               Bremer                p.31

·    Baskins, Martin B.      Co. K    Died 9/25/1902 at              Janesville            Oakland               Bremer                p.31

Kyler, Jacob                       Co. K    Died 10/28/1897 at            Janesville             Oakland               Bremer                p.31

·    Brown, Quincy H.      Co. M    Died 2/17/1876 at #           Irma       Spring Lake Waverly, Bremer                 p.31

Diamond, Henry                Co. K    Died 8/10/1897 at              Waverly               Harlington           Bremer                p.31

Godfrey, William              Co. I,L   Died 6/7/1895 at                Waverly               Harlington           Bremer                p.31


·    Betts, Isacc                 Co. C     Died 4/15/1933 at Wymore, NE Fairbank Fairbank,  Buchanan            p.31

·    Dewald, Charles         Co. F     Died 3/25/1915 at              Fairbank             Fairbank              Buchanan            p.31

Rice, William                    Co. E     Died 4/25/1923 at              Brandon          Prairie Hill        Buchanan            p.32

Cowles, Hiram                   Co. G    Died [no date] at                Lamont                Campton              Buchanan            p.32

Cowles, Ethan                    Co. G    Died 7/6/1918 at                Lamont                Campton              Buchanan            p.32


Grooms, William. W.        Co. A    Died 11/6/1907 at              Independence Littleton Littleton, Buchanan             p.32


Wilcox, John M.                Co. D    Died 2/26/1911 at              Storm Lake         Storm Lake          Buena Vista         p.26


Yountt, Abraham               Co. F     Died [no date] at                ?                           Harlan                 Butler                  p.37

Wemple, Philip                  Co. K    Died 11/15/1906 at            Parkersburg         Oak Hill               Butler                  p.30

Wilson, William H.           Co. B     Died 4/2/1936 at                Waterloo              Oak Hill               Butler                  p.30


Randall, John or                 Co. M    Died [no date] at                PomeroyUnion                  Calhoun               p.27

Randall, Henry


·    Churchill, Justin         Co. L     Died 1/19/1913 at              Coon Rapids        Coon Rapids        Carroll                 p.38


·    Rodgers, Thomas H.   Co. L     Died 7/27/1918 at              Anita                   Evergreen            Cass                     p.48

·    Hinchliffe, Robert L.  Co. L     Died 3/18/1908 at              Massena              Massena Center  Cass                     p.48


·    Adair, Samuel             Co. L     Died 8/19/1920 at              Regan, ND          West Branch        Cedar                   p.44

·    Bryson, Joseph           Co. L     Died [no date] at               ?                          Masonic               Cedar                   p.44

Emerson, William H.         Co. M    Died [no date] at                ?                           Massillon Center Cedar                   p.44

Reamer, Ralph                   Co. M    Died 5/8/1916 at                Oxford Mills Dayton Township Cedar                   p.44

Smith, Harrison                 Co. M    Died 9/29/1934 at              Clarence              Dayton Valley     Cedar                   p.44

Cornwall, George              Co. H    Died 7/27/1925 at              Springdale           Downey               Cedar                   p.44


·    Russell, John J.           Co. M    Died 10/3/1911 at              Mason City         Elmwood             Cerro Gordo        p.20

·    Stevens, Seth              Co. M    Died 10/19/1904 at            Mason City         Elmwood             Cerro Gordo        p.20

McNany, Charles               Co. M    Died [no date] at                Mason City         Elmwood             Cerro Gordo        p.20

Williams, Ira                      Co. M    Died 5/3/1877 at                Mason City         Elmwood             Cerro Gordo        p.20

Palmer, Eber                      Co. K    Died 11/20/1920 at            Clear Lake           Clear Lake           Cerro Gordo        p.19

·    Washington, Martin   Co. L     Died 12/13/1879 at            Dougherty           St. Patrick’s        Cerro Gordo        p.30


Glidden, John                    Co. F     Died 12/1/1912 at              Cherokee             Oak Hill              Cherokee             p.25

Phipps, Luther                   Co. L     Died 5/1/1924 at                Cherokee             Oak Hill              Cherokee             p.25

Funk, George W.               Co. L     Died 1936 at                      Afton                   Afton                    Cherokee             p.25


Gibson, James                    Co. A    Died 9/9/1869 at                Nashua                Oak Hill               Chickasaw           p.21

Dickerson, Robert              Co. F     Died 5/1/1906 at                Mount Carroll     Mount Carroll     Chickasaw           p.21


Clark, David [Daniel]        Co. E     Died 12/10/1899 at            Osceola               Maple Hill           Clarke                  NEW


Dodd, Thomas C.              Co. F     Died 2/8/1907 at                Gettysburg, SD    Riverside             Clay                     p.16


Jones, George C.                Co. L     Died 2/1/1913 at                McGregor           Pleasant Grove   Clayton                p.23

Buck, Orville M.                Co. F     Died 4/1/1922 at                Sioux Falls, SD  Pleasant Grove    Clayton                p.23

Ellis, Joseph                       Co. H    Died [no date] at                McGregor           Pleasant Grove   Clayton                p.23

·    Judy, John Henry        Co. L     Died 1/20/1917 at              Elkader                Eastside              Clayton                p.33

Butts, Leroy A.                  Co. K    Died 11/8/1916 at              Monona              Monona City       Clayton                p.23

Dill, William                      Co. H    Died 1/29/1899 at              Volga                   Hill Crest             Clayton                p.32

Morse, Salem                     Co. F     Died 11/19/1903 at            Volga                   Hill Crest             Clayton                p.32

Foster, Homer                    Co. F     Died 1909 at                      Giard.                  Council Hill         Clayton                


Hazen, Robert S., Jr.          Co. G    Died 4/26/1906 at #           Clinton                Springdale           Clinton                p.55

Saxton, George W.            Co. M    Died 1/10/1931 at              Clinton                Springfield           Clinton                p.55

·    Chamberlain, Wm. S. Co. F     Died 11/29/1908 at            Charlotte              Rossiter               Clinton                p.45

Saxton, James P.                Co. M    Died [no date] at                De Witt                Elmwood             Clinton                p.45

Schieffer, Abraham           Co. M    Died 11/28/1908 at            Olive Twp.          Unknown             Clinton                



Eaton, Samuel R.               Co. B     Died [no date] at                Denison               Oakland               Crawford             p.37


·    Armstrong, Samuel    Co. G    Died 8/6/1923 at                Woodward          Woodward           Dallas                  p.39

·    Stevens, Edward J      Co. L     Died 12/30/1922 at            Des Moines, IA   Masonic               Dallas                 p.39


·    Smock, Abraham        Co. C     Died 6/3/1863 at                Davenport           Mars Hill Floris, Davis                   p.62

·    Smock, Felix T.          Co. C     Died 3/21/1870 at              Wapello          Mars Hill Floris, Davis                   p.62

·    Wilkinson, Isam E.     Co. A    Died 5/20/1916 at              Floris                 Floris                  Davis                   p.62

·    Wilkinson, Richard J. Co. A    Died 2/24/1912 at              Floris                   IOOF Lick Twp.,Davis                   p.62

·    Gabelmann, Alex       Co. C     Died 11/15/1925 at            Bloomfield          Bloomfield South Davis                   p.62

·    Herod, Coleman B.     Co. G    Died 2/9/1930 at                Bloomfield          Bloomfield South Davis                   p.62

·    Varner, James             Co. D    Died 7/24/1909 at              Bloomfield         Lester                  Davis                   p.62

·    Campbell, John W.     Co. C     Died 1/5/1916 at                Rapid City, SD IOOF Bloomfield, Davis                    p.62

·    Haywood, Dudley      Co. D    Died 5/23/1906 at              Bloomfield          IOOF                   Davis                   p.62

·    Monroe, Wesley         Co. C     Died 5/23/1894 at              Floris                   IOOF                  Davis                   p.62

·    Miller, William H.      Co. C     Died 10/3/1917 at              Bloomfield          IOOF                   Davis                   p.62

·    Glassburner, David     Co. B     Died 5/30/1908 at              Drakesville          Drakesville          Davis                   p.62

·    Lemmon, John A.       Co. A    Died 2/14/1929 at              Troy           Troy                Davis                   p.62

·    Russell, William         Co. L     Died 11/29/1909 at            Troy                     Troy                     Davis                   p.62

·    Romick, Winfield       Co. A    Died 8/19/1865 at              Philadelphia, PA Troy                     Davis                   p.62

·    Shields, William H.    Co. C     Died 5/3/1936 at                Ottumwa             Rouch     Troy, Davis                   p.62

·    Brown, William          Co. D    Died 7/22/1863 at              Davenport           Iowaville            Davis                   p.62

·    Breckinridge, George Co. D    Died 10/1/1922 at              Salt Creek            Bethlehem            Davis                   p.62

·    Lewis, Samuel            Co. D    Died 1/3/1917 at                Salt Creek            Hem                    Davis                   p.62

·    Hart, George               Co. C     Died 10/31/1887 at            Salt Creek            Pierce                  Davis                   p.62

·    Hunt, Thomas             Co. L     Died 10/4/1899 at              Salt Creek            Heidlebaugh        Davis                   p.62

·    Perry. John T.            Co. C     Died 6/15/1935 at              Salt Creek            Heidlebaugh        Davis                   p.62

·    Swaim, George M.     Co. C     Died 5/26/1915 at              White Elm       Heidlebaugh        Davis                   p.62

·    Gandy, Samuel           Co. C     Died 1/20/1867 at              Salt Creek            Jackson                Davis                   p.62

·    Forsythe, Thomas       Co. E     Died 3/4/1912 at                Davis County      Horn                    Davis                   p.62


·    Coop, Philip M.          Co. D    Died 11/18/1932 at            Lamoni                Rose Hill             Decatur                p.59


Michael, John D.               Co. H    Died 12/18/1909 at            Greeley            Grant View          Delaware             p.33

Merton, John                      Co. H    Died 3/18/1932 at              Colesburg            Zion                     Delaware             p.33

Chambers, Henry               Co. H    Died 9/9/1905 at                Colesburg            Oak Hill               Delaware             p.33

Colston, Isaac                    Co. G    Died 2/5/1919 at                Manchester          Oakland              Delaware             p.33


·    Bridges, John D.         Co. C     Died 3/27/1925 at              Mediapolis   Kossuth               Des Moines         p.64

·    Dodds, John H.           Co. K    Died 5/24/1924 at              Danville           Jagger                 Des Moines         p.64

·    Elliott, William J.       Co. M    Died 12/20/1918 at            Burlington           Chandler             Des Moines         p.64

·    Hennings, Samuel      Co. G    Died 3/18/1916 at              Burlington           Aspen Grove        Des Moines         p.64

·    Potter, Thomas J.        Co. A    Died 3/9/1888 at                Washington, DC  Aspen Grove       Des Moines         p.64

·    Franklin, Robinson     Co. D    Died 2/21/1888 at              Burlington           Aspen Grove        Des Moines         p.64


Arthur, Homer D.              Co. I      Died 2/26/1909 at              Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Crosby, Norton                  Co. I      Died 5/20/1863 at #           Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Owen, Hiram C.                Co. I      Died 5/15/1924 at              Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Francis, John                      Co. I      Died 4/10/1907 at              Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Ellis, Ethial                        Co. I      Died 4/18/1890 at              Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Hetherington, Thomas       Co. K    Died 3/10/1865 at #           Spirit Lake          Lake View            Dickinson            p.16

Shepherd, Andrew             Co. K    Died 3/10/1865 at              Spirit Lake           Unknown             Dickinson            p.16

Snyder, Jacob                    Co. I      Died 11/26/1914 at            Okoboji          Unknown             Dickinson            p.16

Ring, Lafayette                  Co. G    Died 10/11/1928 at Cherokee             Okoboji               Dickinson            p.16

Smith, Milton J.                 Co. I      Died 11/26/1914 at            Okoboji              Okoboji      Dickinson            p.53

Mathison, Gunder              Co. I      Died 5/10/1926 at              Milford   Little Sioux Lutheran    Dickinson            p.16

Hunter, Isaac P.                 Co. F     Died 12/10/1930 at            Cascade  Cascade Protestant       Dubuque              p.33

Kane, Stephen H.               Co. C     Died 3/27/1900 at              Cascade               Cascade               Dubuque              


Billings, Sylvester             Co. B     Died 9/13/1884 at              Alpha             Bethel                  Fayette                 p.22

Bond, Hiram                      Co. D    Died 6/7/1933 at                Arlington             Arlington             Fayette                 p.32

Horch, Nicholas                 Co. E     Died 4/30/1903                  Arlington ?          Unknown             Fayette                 p.32

Burroughs, George            Co. F     Died 7/9/1931 at #             Hawkeye             Oak Ridge          Fayette                 p.22

Hathaway, Charles R.        Co. F     Died 8/13/1866 at              Auburn Twp.       Oakridge             Fayette       

·    Brown, Jay W.            Co. M    Died 10/27/1918 at            Chicago, IL        West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Osgood, Lemuel         Co. F     Died [no date] at                West Union         West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Nicoll, Joseph             Co. F     Died 11/26/1878 at            West Union         West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Green, Thomas           Co.        Died 1/21/1904 at              Hollywood, CA   West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Lacey, Milo                Co. F     Died 6/25/1869 at              West Union         West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Heald, Amos S.          Co. A    Died 10/23/1902 at            West Union        West Union          Fayette                 p.22

·    Brewer, John              Co. F     Died 7/27/1891 at              West Union         West Union          Fayette                 p.22

Hopkins, Ormand N.         Co. I      Died 12/11/1923 at            West Union         Elgin                   Fayette                 p.22


·    Harris, Lord M.          Co. K    Died 4/1/1913 at                Rockford             Riverside             Floyd                   p.20


·    Thatcher, George R.   Co. A    Died 12/9/1927 at              Sidney                 Sidney                  Fremont               p.56

·    Smith, Chauncey        Co. I      Died [no date] at                Riverton              Riverton               Fremont               p.56


·    Ferguson, Luther D.   Co. M    Died 2/22/1920 at              Dana            Paton Twp.          Greene                 p.39

·    Ferguson, Charles       Co. M    Died 3/28/1938 at              Churdan         Highland Twp.    Greene                 p.38

·    Wherry, Mathew        Co. M    Died 2/21/1930 at              Churdan               Highland Twp.    Greene                 p.38

·    Wherry, Samuel S.     Co. M    Died 7/27/1911 at              Jefferson              Jefferson              Greene                 p.39

·    Jones, Moses E.          Co. G    Died [no date] at                Jefferson              Jefferson              Greene                 p.39


Good, Joseph                     Co. F     Died 9/11/1886 at              Grundy Center     Fairview              Grundy                p.30


Jameson, Samuel A.          Co. G    Died 2/4/1910 at                Webster City      Graceland           Hamilton             p.28

·    Landreth, Zachariah   Co. M    Died 2/3/1929 at                Stratford       Oak Grove           Hamilton             p.39


Anderson, Henry               Co. H    Died [no date] at                ?                           Unknown             Hardin ?               p.30

·    Kenney, John #2         Co. M    Died 11/20/1879 at           Ackley                 St. Mary’s            Hardin                 p.30

Hayden, James                   Co. G    Died 5/16/1937 at              Eldora                  Berlin Berlin, Hardin                p.30 

Lee, Corwin                       Co. I      Died 11/17, 1888 at           Eldora                  Eldora                 Hardin                 p.30

Mowder, James                  Co. M    Died 8/18/1894 at              Union                  Oak Hill               Hardin                 p.41


·    Rowe, George R.        Co. G    Died 7/21/1915 at #           Logan                  Bethel                  Harrison              p.46

Witcher, Jackson W.          Co. L     Died 2/22/1900 at              Logan                  Logan                  Harrison              p.46

Davis, Friend                     Co. E     Died 12/25/1875 at            Dunlap                 Pleasant Hill       Harrison              p.36


Fix, William T.                  Co. A    Died 8/1/1913 at #             Winfield Winfield/Scott Twp. Henry                  p.54

·    Coad, Thomas            Co. K    Died 5/18/1900 at              New London Trinity Mt. Union, Henry                  p.54


Miller, Charles H.              Co. F     Died 12/23/1930 at            Cresco              Oak Lawn            Howard               p.21

Howe, Jesse                       Co. F     Died 6/28/1865 at              Albion   Forreston Twp. Lime Springs, Howard         p.21

Turner, Andrew J.              Co. D    Died [no date] at                Cresco                 New Oregon        Howard               p.21


·    Bucher, Richard         Co. E     Died 2/7/1908 at                North English     Piersol’s              Iowa                    p.52


Brady, William                  Co. M    Died 1/8/1929 at                Emeline Hickory Grove  Emeline, Jackson               p.45

·    Brady, Joseph             Co. M    Died 4/2/1925 at                Maquoketa       Mount Hope        Jackson                p.45

Stafford, William               Co. I      Died 1891 at                      Maquoketa       Mount Hope        Jackson                p.45

Suthers, Abraham              Co. M    Died 11/8/1918 at              Maquoketa       Mount Hope        Jackson                p.45


·    Baker, John M.           Co. G    Died 10/23/1868 at            Greencastle          Greencastle         Jasper                  p.40

·    Adamson, Abraham    Co. G    Died 11/28/1917 at           Newton        Union                  Jasper                  p.41

·    Allen, James T.           Co. G    Died 8/21/1883 at              Hastings, NE       Union                  Jasper                  p.41

·    Hinsdale, Charles       Co. C     Died 11/26/1907 at            Newton        Union                  Jasper                  p.41

·    Chenoweth, Andrew J.Co. G    Died 3/19/1932 at             Newton        Mount Zion          Jasper                  p.41

·    Kenedy, William        Co. G    Died 7/9/1920 at                Newton          Sugar Grove        Jasper                  p.41

·    Hammer, Ira L.           Co. G    Died 9/18/1919 at              Kellogg             Our Silent City    Jasper                  p.41

Shumaker, James               Co. M    Died 4/1913 at #                Lynnville            Unknown             Jasper                  p.51

Barkenhoultz, Andrew (Peter) Co. D Died after 1910 at            Fairview Twp.     Unknown             Jasper                  p.51

·    Estle, William             Co. G    Died 3/15/1928 at              Monroe             Monroe               Jasper                  p.51

·    Hammer, Elisha          Co. G    Died 5/22/1907 at              Marshalltown     Friends-Center    Jasper                  p.41

·    Hammer, John H.       Co. G    Died 4/7/1928 at                Des Moines    Friends-Center    Jasper                  p.41

·    Hammer, Aaron T.     Co. G    Died 5/2/1898 at                ?                           Friends-Center    Jasper                  p.41

·    Sego, John W.            Co. G    Died 7/31/1929 at              Des Moines         Restland Baxter, Jasper                   p.41


·    Coleman, David G.     Co. D    Died 4/7/1863 at                Libertyville          Fell                     Jefferson              p.62

Coleman, David                 Co. D    Died 4/17/1866 at              Libertyville          Unknown             Jefferson              p.62

·    Fry, James M.             Co. C     Died 6/29/1926 at              Des Moines Twp.Fell                      Jefferson              p.62

·    Glenn, William           Co. C     Died 4/26/1869 at              Des Moines Twp.Cominger            Jefferson              p.62

·    Davis, William F.       Co. A    Died 12/1/1893 at              Abingdon          Abingdon             Jefferson              p.52

·    Huddleston, Nathen    Co. A    Died [no date] at                Abingdon          Abingdon             Jefferson              p.52

·    McVay, William         Co. H    Died 8/16/1864 at              Cow Creek, KS   Abingdon             Jefferson              p.52       

·    Liming, Christopher   Co. C     Died 4/16/1915 at              Fairfield          Evergreen            Jefferson              p.63

·    Hunt, William T.        Co. A    Died 3/23/1885 at              Fairfield          Old Fairfield       Jefferson              p.63


·    Cherry, Amos R.        Co. L     Died 12/3/1904 at              Iowa City            Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Luse, Marvin R.         Co. L     Died 7/7/1892 at                Des Moines        Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Poland, James H.        Co. L     Died 5/26/1912 at              Iowa City            Oakland               Johnson               p.53

Matthews, James M.          Co. F     Died 7/8/1917 at                Lorena, OK         Oakland               Johnson               p.53

Elliott, Robert                    Co. K    Died 8/3/1871 at                Iowa City            Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Garrett, Elisha Jr.        Co. L     Died 3/13/1877 at              Iowa City             Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Johnson, Thomas V.   Co. K    Died 11/23/1880 at            Iowa City             Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Mahana, Bradley        Co. L     Died 9/11/1874 at              Iowa City             Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Mahana, William B.   Co. L     Died 8/7/1900 at                Mt. Pleasant        Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Wieneke, Henry         Co. L     Died 2/20/1923 at              Iowa City             Oakland               Johnson               p.53

·    Ruth, Alexander         Co. L     Died 1/28/1911 at              Winterset            Sandtown             Johnson               p.53

Cambridge, James A.         Co. L     Died 8/3/1904 at                Iowa City            Morse                  Johnson               p.53

Cannon, Edward                Co. L     Died 2/18/1867 at              Iowa City            St. Joseph’s         Johnson               p.53

Hills, John                         Co. K    Died [no date] at                ?                           St. Joseph’s         Johnson               p.53

·    Davis, Josiah W.         Co. K    Died 12/29/1869 at            ?                       Unity                   Johnson               p.53

Howlett, James [alias]       Co. K    Died 1/3/1909 at                Iowa City             Oak Hill ??         Johnson               p.53

(real name was James Cropley)               

Reynolds, John                  Co. K    Died [no date] at                ?                           Oak Hill               Johnson               p.53

·    Amlong, George         Co. L     Died [no date] at                ?                           Walker   Tiffin, Johnson                p.54

·    Clearman, Albert R.   Co. L     Died 9/14/1880 at              Oxford                 Oxford                 Johnson               p.43

·    Summerhays, Wm.     Co. D    Died 9/3/1927 at                Oxford                 Oxford                 Johnson               p.43

·    Page, Horace              Co. L     Died 12/14/1914 at            Lone Tree            Lone Tree            Johnson               p.54

·    Riley, Robert              Co. L     Died 6/9/1879 at               ?                           Lone Tree            Johnson               p.54

·    Slaight, Charles P.      Co. K    Died 8/17/1904 at              North Liberty      Ridgewood          Johnson               p.43


Cooper, Samuel                 Co. H    Died 3/18/1900 at          Oxford Mills      Mayflower           Jones                    p.44

Zeller, Joseph                    Co. M    Died 1899 at                      Oxford Mills      Mayflower           Jones                    p.44

Courtright, Anthony          Co. M    Died 2/10/1900 at              Oxford Mills      Mayflower/Spads Jones                    p.44

Shover, John                      Co. K    Died 8/17/1904 at              Monticello       Oakwood             Jones                    p.44

Ronan, John                       Co. F     Died 12/28/1915 at            Stone City       Holy Cross          Jones                    

Harwood, Edmond            Co. L     Died 9/3/1936 at                Monmouth    Canton                 Jones                    p.44

Yule, George W.                Co. M    Died 1895 at                      Anamosa             Riverside             Jones                   p.44

Wolf, George H.                Co. M    Died 8/11/1889 at              Hale Twp.            Diamond             Jones                   p.44

Greene, John B.                 Co. M    Died 1876 at                      Wyoming            Wyoming             Jones                   p.44


Cox, James H.                    Co. M    Died 4/1/1910 at                Richland           Friends                Keokuk                p.53

·    Moore, Daniel D.       Co. D    Died 11/27/1904 at            Sigourney            Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Smith, James G.          Co. A    Died 2/25/1891 at              Sigourney            Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Smith, George            Co. A    Died 1/3/1929 at                Kansas City, KS  Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Beatty, William          Co. M    Died 4/21/1913 at              Los Angeles, CA Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Corpron, George W.   Co. D    Died 8/7/1902 at                Mount Pleasant   Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Kauble, William         Co. A    Died 8/24/1913 at              Mount Pleasant    Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.63

Cox, David                        UN        Died [no date] at                Sigourney            Pleasant Grove    Keokuk                p.52

·    Collins, Alexander H. Co. A    Died 10/6/1881 at #           Sigourney           deArmond Ollie, Keokuk                p.52

1.    McMickle, Wm. H.           Co. C     Died 8/14/1927 at              Marshalltown      Abel        Hedrick, Keokuk              p.52

2.    Collins, John W. Co. A    Died 4/13/1863                  Ollie              Ollie                    Keokuk                p.52

Collins, George W.     Co. A    Died 10/6/1912 at              Ollie                   Ollie                    Keokuk                p.52

Brant, Horatio                           Co. K    Died 6/17/1930 at              Ollie                    Ollie                    Keokuk                p.52

3.    Quick, James                     Co. A    Died 9/24/1880 at              Ollie                    Rock Creek          Keokuk                p.52

4.    Hardy, Alfred      Co. K    Died 3/24/1878 at              Washington         Springfield           Keokuk                p.52


Alvord, Charles M.     Co. K    Died 11/7/1876 at              Burt                     Unknown             Kossuth               p.18

       [a second source says he may be buried at Madison, Greenwood County, KS]

Bartlett, Michael                       Co. H    Died 3/1/1876 at      Burt       Portland Twp.Burt, Kossuth                p.18

Wheeler, Horace                       Co. E     Died 1896 at                      Algona                 Riverview            Kossuth               p.18


5.    Dailey, Anthony  Co. K    Died 1/9/1899 at #             Sheffield             Hillside? Franklin, Lee                    p.30

Fouts, Thomas D.                     Co. D    Died 7/7/1895                    Warsaw, IL Unknown Burlington Lee                    p.64

6.    Rodgers, Thomas J.           Co. M    Died 1/11/1890 at Leavenworth, KS      Fairview Denmark, Lee                   p.64


Swem, Edward L.       Co. K    Died 5/4/1918 at                Cedar Rapids       Oak Hill               Linn                     p.43

Payn, Isaac                 Co. L     Died 1904 at                      Cedar Rapids       Linwood              Linn                     p.43

Plummer, Amos                        Co. L     Died March 1928 at           Springville        Springville           Linn                     p.44

7.    Brown, Edwin B.Co. L     Died 1/28/1905 at              Walker         Walker                 Linn                     p.43

Hull, William                            Co. L     Died circa 1905 at              Soldiers Home     Unknown             Linn                     p.43


Thornton, Francis M.  Co. F     Died 8/8/1920 at                Letts                   Letts/Lettsville     Louisa                  p.54

Clark, James               Co. M    Died [no date] at                Morning Sun       Elmwood             Louisa                  p.54

8.    Wanzer, Henry    Co. M    Died 1/13/1887 at Bradford, ARK   Newport Bethel                 Louisa                  p.54


9.    Clark, Curtis                      Co. H    Died 4/16/1896 at              Chariton              Chariton              Lucas                   p.50

Tuttle, Harvey                           Co. B     Died 1885 at                      Chariton              Freedom              Lucas                   p.50

Smith, Phillip                            Co. B     Died 1/12/1875 at              Chariton              Calvary                Lucas                   p.50

  or Smith, Philip                        Co. K


10.  Rhodes, Joshua (John)Co. B            Died 5/22/1913 at              Winterset          Winterset             Madison              p.49

Stafford, William                      Co. I      Died 1/24/1911 at              Winterset          Winterset             Madison              p.49

1.    Buchanan, Joseph              Co. M    Died 2/18/1903 at              Winterset          Winterset             Madison              p.49

2.    Stephenson, (Stinson) John Co. F Died 1/7/1929 at     Winterset          Primitive Baptist Madison              p.48

1.    Rowe, David G.  Co. B     Died 9/29/1908 at              Macksburg         Moon                   Madison              p.48

2.    Rowe, Marth.      Co. L     Died 12/30/1917 at            Macksburg          Moon                   Madison              p.48


3.    Waggoner, DavidCo. B     Died 4/21/1863 at #           Oskaloosa         Forest                  Mahaska              p.51

4.    Vance, Oliver H. Co. E     Died 6/4/1927 at                Oskaloosa         Forest                  Mahaska              p.51

McPherson, John                      Co. C     Died 10/3/1898 at              Oskaloosa            Forest                  Mahaska              

Galer, George W.                      Co. B     Died 3/16/1863 at              Davenport            Unknown Oskaloosa, Mahaska     p.51

5.    Martin, William  Co. D    Died 6/23/1914 at Iowa Soldiers Home    Friends-Lincoln Twp Mahaska        p.51

6.    Wimer, Sylvester Co. D    Died 8/13/1919 at              New Sharon         Friends                Mahaska              p.51

7.    Wagoner, Frederick           Co. H    Died 1/8/1922 at                Fremont         White Oak Grove Mahaska              p.52

8.    Sumner, Washington         Co. B     Died 8/18/1880 at              Mahaska Co.       White Oak Grove Mahaska              p.52

Ayers, Franklin                         Co. C     Died 6/19/1863 at              Rose Hill             White Oak Grove Mahaska              p.52

Hill, Andrew J.                         Co. C     Died 11/23/1896 at            Fremont               Fremont               Mahaska              p.52

Terrell, Leander                        Co. B     Died 8/8/1926 at                Harrison              Highland             Mahaska              


1.    Crozier, George   Co. A    Died 5/20/1929 at              Clinton Graceland Knoxville, Marion                 p.51

2.    Kersey, Samuel   Co. B     Died 7/1/1919 at                Knoxville            Breckenridge       Marion                 p.51

3.    Beltzell, George C.            Co. E     Died 10/16/1900 at            Swan             Swan                    Marion                 p.50

4.    Hartshorn, Edward             Co. A    Died [no date] at                Bussey              Greenlawn           Marion                 p.51

 Smith, Philip                             Co. K    Died [no date] at                Attica                   Indiana Chapel   Marion                 p.51

  or Smith, Phillip         Co. B

Gray, Amos                Co. C     Died 8/11/1865 at              Pleasantville        Pleasantville        Marion                 

1.    King, Jeremiah    Co. F     Died 6/20/1938 at              Harvey                 Eureka                 Marion                 p.51


2.    Anderson, Sanford             Co. H    Died 6/9/1907                    Liscomb              Liscomb               Marshall              p.41

3.    Shoemaker, James W.       Co. H    Died 2/12/1911 at              Marshalltown      GAR                     Marshall              p.41

4.    Amlong, Ransom D.   Co. L     Died 10/5/1919 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

5.           Barney, Hiram D.       Co. G    Died 1/25/1929 at             Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

6.           Davis, Alfred W.        Co. F     Died 7/4/1896 at                Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

7.           Hopkins, David          Co. M    Died 8/26/1914 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

8.           Kirk, Samuel M.         Co. L     Died 6/15/1926 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

1.           Belle, Andres              Co. E     Died Oct/Nov 1896 at        Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

2.           Campbell, John           Co. L     Died 8/21/1897 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

3.           Clark, Alexander        Co. B     Died 7/12/1892 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

4.           Clark, Joel                  Co. B     Died 8/30/1929 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

5.           Kerr, Thomas             Co. G    Died 4/19/1910 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

6.           Mann, Isaac B.            Co. K    Died 4/28/1917 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

7.           Mayberry, Calvin       Co. M    Died 7/14/1925 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

8.           Miller, Elias M.          Co. H    Died 9/10/1919 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

9.           Morrow, David           Co. A    Died 4/16/1900 at              Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

10.         Smith, Franzce A.       Co. M    Died 2/3/1901 at                Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

11.  Warner, William         Co. F     Died 6/6/1908 at                Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

12.         Yeomans, Stephen      STAFF  Died 9/8/1903 at                Marshalltown     GAR                     Marshall              p.41

1.    Florer, George            Co. E     Died 12/15/1913 at            Marshalltown      GAR                    Marshall              p.41

2.    Davis, Preston            Co. M    Died 10/3/1908 at              Marshalltown     Riverside             Marshall              p.41

1.           Dugan, James             Co. M    Died [no date] at                Marshalltown     Riverside             Marshall              p.41


2.           Rhodes, Daniel           Co. B     Died 6/21/1916 at              Emerson        Emerson             Mills                    p.47

3.           Cross, Alfred H.         Co. A    Died 5/15/1904 at              Council Bluffs    Hillsdale Malvern, Mills                  p.46

Pinkerton, Mervin      Co. I      Died 12/20/1897 at            Tabor                   Tabor                   Mills                    p.56

Engle, Henry              Co. C     Died 3/16/1891 at              Tabor                   Wausbonsie         Mills                    p.56

Jones, Andrew J.                       Co. D    Died 12/23/1901 at            South Creek         East Liberty         Mills                    p.56


Holbrook, A. Newcomb           Co. M    Died 4/11/1914 at #           Riceville         Riverside             Mitchell               p.21


McBeath, James R.     Co. M    Died [no date] at                Whiting               Unknown             Monona               p.

4.           Irish, Omar                 Co. M    Died 8/28/1924 at              Hot Springs, SD  Hite Whiting, Monona               p.35

5.           Sanford, Abraham      Co. D    Died 1/2/1909 at #             Mapleton            Mt. Hope             Monona               p.36

Miller, Chalmers A.    Co. G    Died 2/22/1926 at              Mapleton            Mt. Hope             Monona               p.36

6.           Anderson, William     Co. L     Died 2/3/1908 at                Onowa              Onowa                 Monona               p.36

7.           Burgess, Walter          Co. I      Died 7/20/1921 at              Onowa              Onowa                 Monona               p.36

Mead, Frank H.                         Co. I      Died 2/13/1914 at              Onawa               Onowa                 Monona               p.36


8.           Nye, John W.              Co. L     Died 12/26/1908 at            Des Moines        Woodlawn Lovilla, Monroe             p.51

9.           Coppel, David            Co. I      Died 4/23/1864 at              Des Moines        Osborn                Monroe                p.51

10.Foster, James Co. B     Died 10/23/1897 at            Eddyville             Bridgeport           Monroe                p.51

11.Billings, Levi W.          Co. B     Died 3/2/1927 at                Albia                   Oak View             Monroe                p.51

12. Howard, Paris             Co. D    Died 12/15/1924 at            Albia                   Oak View             Monroe                p.51

13.Gray, Seth                    Co. L     Died 4/24/1926 at              Albia                   Pringle       Monroe                p.51

14.Martin, Samuel             Co. D    Died 2/12/1863 at              Ottumwa           Service Chapel    Monroe                p.51


Redman, William              Co. A    Died 1916 at                      Red Oak              Evergreen           Montgomery        p.47

1.  Waldron, Samuel J.    Co. L     Died 8/15/1911 at              Red Oak              Evergreen           Montgomery        p.47

2.  Kimpson, Hugh          Co. C     Died 4/29/1911 at              Grant                   East Grant           Montgomery        p.47


Taylor, John                     Co. E     Died 5/12/1914 at              Muscatine         Unknown     Muscatine            p.54

1.  Wright, Robert           Co. K    Died [no date] at                West Liberty       Oak Ridge           Muscatine            p.54

2.  Ulrick, Fredrick          Co. I      Died 5/8/1914 at                Muscatine         Greenwood    Muscatine            p.54


Lewis, James M.                            Co. L     Died 2/19/1930 at              Marshalltown   Pleasant Hill       O’Brien               p.15

Wood, Samuel C.                           Co. F     Died 3/12/1932 at              Primghar              Pleasant Hill       O’Brien               p.15


3.  Beals, Job S.               Co. G    Died 6/24/1930 at              Loveland, CO      Maple Hill College Springs, Page   p.57

4.  Harper, James             Co. A    Died 1/9/1900 at                Shenandoah         Rose Hill             Page                     p.57

Tompkins, James H.        Co. C     Died 3/4/1921 at                Hepburn              North Grove        Page                     p.57


Kilse (Klise), John W.     Co. M    Died 10/11/1914 at            Le Mars               City                     Plymouth             

White, Thomas S.            Co. I      Died 10/3/1879 at              Le Mars               City                     Plymouth             p.24


Henderson, George          Co. M    Died 10/22/1927 at            Pocohantas Clinton & Garfield Rolfe, Pocohantas       p.27

Whitman, Mark                Co. G    Died 5/23/1894 at              Clinton Clinton & Garfield Rolfe, Pocohantas       p.27


5.  Deford, Franklin         Co. A    Died 11/18/1923 at            Des Moines        Jordan                 Polk                     p.50

6.  Dysart, Gideon S.       Co. G    Died 5/27/1928 at              Des Moines         Glendale              Polk                     p.50

7.    Moore, Leman            Co. D    Died 12/22/1914 at            Des Moines         Glendale              Polk                     p.50

8.    Steel, George W.        Co. M    Died 3/4/1929 at                Marshalltown      Glendale              Polk                     p.50

1.           Waldron, William O.  Co. L     Died 4/17/1907 at              Des Moines         Glendale              Polk                     p.50

2.           Hurt, Shubael             Co. E     Died 11/23/1928 at            Des Moines         Glendale/Masonic Polk                   p.50

Hardin, Thomas I.      Co. D    Died [no date] at                Des Moines         Woodland            Polk                     p.50

Hamilton, Archibald   STAFF  Died 12/27/1908 at            UNKNOWN       Unknown [in Des Moines in 1900] p.50

3.           Tuttle, Lewis              Co. B     Died 11/18/1898 at            Des Moines         Woodland            Polk                     p.50

4.           Corning, Charles        Co. L     Died 10/17/1894 at            Des Moines         Woodland            Polk                     p.50

5.           Burrows, William       Co. G    Died 2/23/1926 at              Des Moines         Woodland            Polk                     p.50

1.           Haines, Joseph            Co. G    Died [no date] at                Altoona               Old Altoona         Polk                     p.50

2.           Thompson, John         Co. L     Died 1901 at                      ?                           Greenwood          Polk                     p.50

3.           Babb, William S.        Co. D    Died 5/22/1914 at Leavenworth , KS     Oak Grove           Polk                     p.50

Biggs, Amos               Co. D    Died after 1910 at              Des Moines ?      Unknown             Polk                     p.50


4.           Casady, Samuel H.     Co. I      Died 12/24/1873 at            Council Bluffs    Fairview              Pottawatamie       p.46

5.           Rohner, Christian       Co. I      Died 10/29/1915 at            Council Bluffs     Walnut Hill          Pottawatamie       p.46

Cavett, Andrew J.       Co. K    Died 10/14/1919 at            Council Bluffs     Walnut Hill ?       Pottawatamie       p.46

6.           Ayers, William C.      Co. D    Died 8/26/1932 at              Rosslyn, VA     Walnut Hill          Pottawatamie       p.46

7.           Bolton, John H.          Co. A    Died 7/30/1919 at              Council Bluffs     Walnut Hill          Pottawatamie       p.46

8.           Lunkly, Charles          Co. A    Died 4/15/1905 at              Council Bluffs     Walnut Hill          Pottawatamie       p.46

9.           Rapp, Peter                 Co. L     Died 12/9/1917 at              Council Bluffs     Walnut Hill          Pottawatamie       p.46

Story, James E.                         Co. E     Died 1899 at                      Council Bluffs     Unknown             Pottawatamie       p.46

Smith, William                         Co. F     Died 8/10/1925 at              Minden                Minden                Pottawattamie      p.47


1.           White, Lewis J.           Co. D    Died 3/3/1897 at                Montezuma         IOOF                   Poweshiek           p.52


Dixson, Isaac                            Co. L     Died 8/31/1911 at              Moberly               Unknown             Randolph             


2.           Willey, Andrew J.      STAFF  Died 10/16/1891 at            McCook, NE       Rose Hill Mt. Ayr, Ringgold            p.59

3.           Houdyshell, Andrew  Co. H    Died 6/28/1907 at              Mt. Ayr               Rose Hill             Ringgold             p.59

4.           Jones, Samuel             Co. H    Died 1/16/1881 at              Mt. Ayr               Oak Ridge           Ringgold             p.59


Bach, William                           Co. D    Died 6/25/1921 at              Auburn              Oaklawn Grant City, Sac p.26

5.           Corderman, Daniel     Co. L     Died 2/18/1929 at              Sac City              Oakland              Sac                       p.26

Hallett, David E.                       Co. H    Died 10/24/1936 at            Sac City              Oakland              Sac                       p.26

Cory, Hugh M.                          Co. K    Died 1/17/1921 at              Sac City              Cory Grove         Sac                       p.26

McQuirk, Edward       Co. B     Died 1906 at                      Early                    Sacred Heart       Sac                       p.26


Clark, Joseph H.                       Co. D    Died 6/9/1931 at                Davenport            Oakdale               Scott                    p.55

Guy, John A.                            Co. A    Died 11/24/1890 at #         Davenport            Oakdale               Scott                    p.55

Smith, Robert                            Co. L     Died 11/6/1907 at              Davenport            Oakdale               Scott                    p.55

Anderson, Charles      Co. L     Died 4/13/1864 at              Davenport            Unknown             Scott                    p.55

Cackley, Benjamin     Co. C     Died 4/23/1863 at              Davenport            Unknown             Scott                    p.55

McClintock, John                     Co. C     Died 8/1/1863 at       Davenport            Unknown (check Ashland, IA)        p.55

Thornburgh, Amos     Co. D    Died 6/13/1863 at              Davenport            Unknown             Scott                    p.55

Torrence, Thomas      Co. C     Died 9/10/1863 at              Davenport            Unknown             Scott                    p.55

Hizey, (Heiser) Joseph              Co. B     Died 3/19/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

Burk, Thomas                           Co. F     Died 8/31/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

Lawrence, Robert P.   Co. G    Died 6/7/1863 at                Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

6.           Anway, Andrew         Co. F     Died 5/6/1863 at                Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

7.           Brohard, John T.         Co. E     Died 7/6/1863 at                Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

1.           Currier, George W.     Co. G    Died 5/26/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

2.           Hardesty, Joseph        Co. F     Died 8/21/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

1.           Kessler, Jacob             Co. E     Died 8/1/1863 at                Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

2.           Rounds, Joseph W.     Co. F     Died 6/22/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

3.           Train, Smith H.           Co. E     Died 6/6/1863 at                Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

4.           Wickham, John S.     Co. F     Died 7/28/1863 at              Davenport Oakdale reburied Rock Island Nat Cem     p.55

5.           Jamison, Jacob B.       Co. G    Died 5/6/1863 at                Davenport Rock Island Nat Cem     Scott                    p.55


Shumaker, George H. Co. M    Died 1921 at                      Harlan              Unknown             Shelby                 p.37

West, Samuel M.                      Co. M    Died 11/5/1891 at              Irwin                    Oak Hill               Shelby                 p.37


McElhaney, Thomas  Co. I      Died 11/10/1914 at    Hot Springs, SD  Riverside Akron, Sioux                    p.14

Akins, Jesse                Co. B     Died 6/22/1921 at              Hawarden           Grace Hill           Sioux                   p.14


1.           Adams, George W.     Co. G    Died 9/13/1872 at              Nevada                Nevada                Story                    p.40

2.           Tetwiler, Henry          Co. G    Died 12/20/1924 at            Nevada                Nevada                Story                    p.40

3.           Holland, Edward C.    Co. G    Died 9/28/1921at               Maxwell              Maxwell              Story                    p.40

4.           Boyd, Henry R.          Co. H    Died 3/2/1914 at   Lacy [Pierce], SD        Fairview Story City, Story              p.40

5.           Thatcher, Charles N.  Co. D    Died 2/9/1925 at                Daphne, AL Zearing Zearing, IA Story                    p.40



6.           Poland, Shepard         Co. L     Died 4/24/1915 at              Gladbrook           Union Grove       Tama                   p.41

7.           Harrison, Andrew       Co. H    Died 12/16/1932 at            Tama           Oak Hill              Tama                   p.42

1.           Duke, Patrick              Co. E     Died 1872 at                      Tama County       Buckingham        Tama                   p.42

2.           Heak, Philip                Co. L     Died 3/17/1915 at              Toledo                 St. Patrick’s        Tama                   p.42


Adams, William H.    Co. A    Died 1/23/1918 at              Gravity                Washington         Taylor                  p.58

Dennis, George W.     Co. L     Died 7/7/1909 at                Villisca               Guss                    Taylor                  p.58


1.           DeLay, Jacob B.         Co. D    Died 3/31/1905 at              Creston               Graceland           Union                  p.49

Trumbo, George                       Co. K    Died 5/5/1907 at                Creston                Graceland           Union                  p.49

2.           Woodward, Henry D. Co. K    Died 7/19/1905 at              Lorimor               Lorimor      Union                  p.49

Davis, Josiah C.                        Co. B     Died 5/10/1875 at             Kent                    Bruning               Union                  


1.           Morrison, William H. Co. D    Died 3/12/1933 at              Douds          Zion Lutheran     Van Buren           p.62

2.           Stokes, Jasper             Co. C     Died 3/23/1892 at              Douds                  Mt. Moriah          Van Buren           p.62

3.           Sperbeck, William E. Co. C     Died 5/16/1929 at              Douds          Leando  Leando, Van Buren           p.62

4.           Smith, John F.            Co. C     Died 5/15/1914 at              Leando                Leando                Van Buren           p.62

5.           Vickers, Harvey D.     Co. E     Died 6/7/1918 at                Farmington          Farmington         Van Buren           p.63

6.           Bales, Noah J.             Co. D    Died 11/11/1868 at            Birmingham       Bethel                  Van Buren           p.63

1.           Harrel, Peter               Co. A    Died 2/15/1901 at              Milton                 Sunnyside            Van Buren           p.62

Rhoads, John J.                         Co. A    Died 5/19/1919 at              Milton                 Prairie Chapel    Van Buren           p.62

2.           Frazee, John               Co. E     Died 5/6/1899 at                Keosauqua           Purdom               Van Buren           p.63

3.           Bonner, John M.         Co. G    Died 3/26/1907 at              Moulton               Purdom               Van Buren           p.63

4.           Houk, Jacob                Co. C     Died 5/29/1891 at              Keosauqua           Forbes                 Van Buren           p.63

Mathias, Thomas J.    Co. C     Died 1868 at                      Van Buren Co.    Unknown             Van Buren           p.63

1.           Robinson, James         Co. A    Died 11/9/1908 at              Vernon                Vernon                Van Buren           p.63

2.           Torrence, Thomas      Co. C     Died 9/10/1863 at              Davenport            Passmore             Van Buren           p.62

3.           Tannehill, John           Co. C     Died 4/13/1873 at              Selma                  Passmore             Van Buren           p.62

4.           Tannehill, Henry        Co. C     Died 12/8/1864 at              Ft. Cottonwood   Passmore             Van Buren           p.62


1.           Dawson, John Q. A.   Co. A    Died 2/26/1892 at              Agency                Agency                Wapello               p.62

2.           Nye, George L.           Co. B     Died 11/14/1922 at            Agency                Agency                Wapello               p.62

3.           LaForce, James           STAFF  Died 5/4/1914 at                Monrovia, CA     Agency                Wapello               p.62

4.           Albertson, Noah         Co. B     Died 4/13/1936 at              Ottumwa          Agency                 Wapello               p.62

1.           Mace, Henry               Co. B     Died 9/17/1894 at              Agency                Agency                Wapello               p.62

2.           Kees, David                Co. D    Died 5/1/1895 at                Agency                Agency                Wapello               p.62

3.           Monroe, John V.         Co. C     Died 11/30/1899 at             Agency               Agency                Wapello               p.62

4.           McGee, William J.     Co. E     Died 2/29/1896 at              Agency                Round Point        Wapello               p.62

1.           Carback, Cyrus           Co. B     Died 3/9/1863 at                Chillicothe          Chillicothe?         Wapello               p.52

2.           Pinnegar, John A.       Co. B     Died 4/11/1916 at              Chillicothe          Chillicothe           Wapello               p.52

3.           Butin, George N.        Co. B     Died 3/4/1924 at                Chillicothe          Chillicothe           Wapello               p.52

4.           Smith, William P.       Co. D    Died 7/19/1911 at              Eddyville            Highland/IOOF   Wapello               p.52

1.           Noe, William              Co. E     Died 4/23/1909 at              Eddyville            Highland/IOOF   Wapello               p.52

2.           Doll, Leander             Co. E     Died [no date] at                ?                           Highland/IOOF   Wapello               p.52

3.           Turner, Lewis G.        Co. L     Died 4/29/1917 at              Eddyville             Eldon Eldon, Wapello               p.52

4.           Friend, Charles W.     Co. G    Died 3/16/1914 at              Eldon                   Eldon                   Wapello               p.62

5.           Kimes, Lebanon         Co. G    Died 5/29/1916 at              Eldon                   Eldon                  Wapello               p.62

6.           Johnson, Isaac L.        Co. C     Died 6/26/1931 at              Eldon                   Eldon                   Wapello               p.62

7.           Lynch, John W.          Co. A    Died 5/12/1908 at              Eldon                   Sioc                     Wapello               p.62

8.           Williams, Lewis         Co. B     Died 7/19/1929 at              Kirkville              Westview             Wapello               p.52

Howser (Houser), James           Co. B     Died 3/31/1910 at              Kirkville              Westview             Wapello               

9.           Blackstone, John W.   Co. B     Died 9/22/1911 at              Omaha, NE         Westview             Wapello               p.52

10.         Spurlock, Casander H.Co. D    Died 1905 at                      Kirkville              Westview             Wapello               p.52

11.         Crowley, Patrick         Co. L     Died [no date] at                Ottumwa          Calvary                Wapello               p.52

12.         Cooper, Lorenzo         Co. D    Died [no date] at                Ottumwa          Dahlonega          Wapello               p.52

13.         Thompson, Jonathan  Co. E     Died 6/12/1882 at              Dahlonega           Dahlonega           Wapello               p.52

1.           Deford, James K.        Co. C     Died 2/8/1911 at                Ottumwa          Fiedler                Wapello               p.52

2.           Wheaton, David (Daniel) Co. E Died 3/2/1886 at               Ottumwa          McIntire              Wapello               p.52

3.           Coffin, Thomas C.      Co. A    Died 5/1/1866 at                Ottumwa          Ottumwa City      Wapello               p.52

4.           McFarland, John D.    Co. B     Died 5/29/1904 at Wapello Co. Hosp.    Ottumwa City     Wapello               p.52

5.           Neill, Daniel               Co. A    Died 3/12/1887 at              Fairfield, IA        Ottumwa City      Wapello               p.52

6.           Gallaher, Calvin         Co. A    Died 3/5/1863 at                Ottumwa          Ottumwa City      Wapello               p.52

7.           Gallaher, William       Co. A    Died 3/9/1863 at                Ottumwa          Ottumwa City      Wapello               p.52

Morgan, David                          Co. A    Died 3/10/1863 at              Ottumwa          Ottumwa City ?   Wapello               p.52

1.           Summers, Samuel W. STAFF  Died 4/12/1900 at              Ottumwa          Ottumwa City      Wapello               p.52

2.           Wood, John S.            Co. A    Died 7/4/1912 at Omaha, NE (Memorial in Ottumwa City, buried at Livingston, MT)

1.           Buchanan, Evans        Co. A    Died 3/9/1900 at                Ottumwa          Shaul                   Wapello               p.52

2.           Cloyd, Benjamin        Co. A    Died 3/16/1916 at              Ottumwa          Shaul                   Wapello               p.52

3.           Allison, James            Co. D    Died [No date] at               Ottumwa             Shaul                   Wapello               p.52

Tutwiler, Joseph N.    Co. C     Died 11/2/1908 at              Ottumwa             Shaul                   Wapello               p.52

Culbertson, George    Co. B     Died 3/26/1929 at              Ottumwa          Shaul                   Wapello               p.52

Halsey, Sanderson      Co. D    Died 2/9/1863 at                Ottumwa           Unknown             Wapello               p.52

McClintock, John                     Co. C     Died 8/1/1863 at       Davenport          Unknown             Wapello               p.62

1.           Simmons, Thomas P.  Co. E     Died [no date] at                Highland Center  McCormick          Wapello               p.62

2.           Johnston, Charles H.  Co. A    Died 9/6/1916 at                Ottumwa          Chisman              Wapello               p.62

3.           Grooms, James           Co. A    Died 8/1/1929 at                Blakesburg         Chisman              Wapello               p.62

1.           Wellman, John S.       Co. D    Died 6/23/1876 at              Blakesburg          Wellman              Wapello               p.62

2.           Glenn, John [?]           Co. C     Died 5/8/1920                    Bladensburg        Bladensburg        Wapello               p.62

Munro, Nathan F.                     Co. H    Died 9/27/1923 at              Unknown             Unknown             Wapello               p.62


3.           Surbers, Isaac             Co. L     Died 4/30/1905 at              Indianola             North River         Warren                p.50

4.           Surbers, Jesse C.         Co. E     Died 5/7/1924 at                Clarinda            North River         Warren                p.50

5.           Ball, John W.              Co. D    Died 6/30/1931 or 1937 at New Virginia      New Virginia      Warren                p.50

6.    Petree, Samuel            Co. A    Died 9/11/1885 at              Carlisle                Allen Twp.           Warren                p.50


1.           Wakelee, Charles L.   Co. L     Died 1/16/1916 at              Wellman         Wellman              Washington         p.53

Woods, William L.     Co. H    Died [no date] at                Woodlawn Twp.  Woodlawn           Washington         p.53


Jones, Samuel                           Co. H    Died 4/25/1918 at #           Lineville             Evergreen            Wayne                 p.60

Tuttle, Lewis A.                        Co. B     Died 7/18/1915 at              Warren Twp.       Sharon                 Wayne                 p.60

Ormsby, Levi                            Co. H    Died 11/18/1892 at            Allerton               Allerton               Wayne                 p.60


Johnson, Albert                         STAFF  Died 2/18/1916 at              Monrovia, CA     Oakland Fort Dodge, Webster         p.28

Pratt, Elvin L.                           Co. F     Died 2/22/1910 at              Ft. Dodge            Washington Twp. Webster               p.28

Paul, George               Co. K    Died 7/1/1924 at                Lehigh         Hooks Point         Webster               p.28

McCloskey, William H.            Co. C     Died 9/7/1897 at                Otho       Otho                    Webster               p.28

Williams, Job C.                       Co. M    Died 3/14/1898 at              Gowrie                Gowrie Twp.        Webster               p.28


Price, James                Co. M    Died 4/14/1913 at              Lake Mills      Park                     Winnebago          p.19


Decker, Stephen                        Co. H    Died 8/9/1890 at #             Decorah      Phelps                  Winneshiek         p.22

Wagle, Christian                       Co. F     Died 11/25/1906 at            Ossian                  Stone Church       Winneshiek         p.22


Collins, Thomas                        Co. I      Died 1/3/1923 at                Danbury              St. Patrick’s        Woodbury           p.36

Trego, Alexander                      Co. I      Died 11/1/1918 at Marshalltown        Oto                      Woodbury           p.36

2.           Edwards, William. S. Co. I      Died 3/28/1907 at              Sloan                   Sloan                   Woodbury           p.35

Dunagan, Thomas A.  Co. M    Died 3/21/1918 at              Sloan                Sloan                   Woodbury           p.35

Gregg, Samuel                          Co. L     Died [no date] at                Sloan                Sloan                   Woodbury           p.35

Porter, James F.                        Co. I      Died 1/16/1915 at Beaver Crossing, NE    Unknown Sloan, Woodbury           p.35

       (or Seward Co., NE)

Kingsnorth, Jesse               Co. I      Died 9/20/1909 at               Holly Springs     Willow                 Woodbury           p.36

Harris, Benjamin               Co. K    Died 3/26/1896 at              Sioux City           Unknown              Woodbury           p.24

Rogers, Levi                      Co. I      Died 4/9/1896 at                            Sioux City           Unknown              Woodbury           p.24

3.           Irwin, James               Co. K    Died 3/30/1910 at              Sioux City          Calvary              Woodbury           p.24

4.           Junk, James                Co. K    Died 9/8/1915 at                Sioux City           Calvary                Woodbury           p.24

5.           Fisher, John                Co. L     Died 11/24/1900 at            Sioux City           Calvary               Woodbury           p.24

1.           Beck, Henry R.           Co. M    Died 1917 at                      Sioux City          Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

Stevens, Joseph                         Co. I      Died 3/15/1910 at              Sioux City          Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

Williams, William      Co. M    Died 10/27/1905 at            Sioux City          Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

2.           Brooks, John H.          Co. H    Died 5/11/1904 at              Sioux City          Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

3.           Bruckner, Charles M. Co. I       Died 10/6/1872 at              Sioux City          Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

4.           Launsbach, Charles    Co. I      Died 10/22/1917 at            Sioux City           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

5.           McElhaney, William  Co. I      Died 1902 at                      ?                           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

6.           Schlawig, John J.        Co. I      Died 10/11/1919 at            Sioux City           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

7.           Elliott, Alexander       Co. I      Died 9/10/1905 at              Sioux City           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

8.           Krudwig, William      Co. I      Died 9/9/1917 at                Sioux City           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

9.           Pritchard, Porter         Co. I      Died 6/27/1897 at              Sioux City           Floyd                   Woodbury           p.24

10.         Reese, William H.      Co. H    Died 3/26/1925 at              Long Beach, CA Graceland         Woodbury           p.24

1.           Pilgrim, Alfred P.       Co. B     Died 10/31/1921 at            South Sioux City Graceland          Woodbury           p.24

2.           Yeoman, Benjamin P.Co. L     Died 11/9/1912 at              Sioux City           Graceland          Woodbury           p.24

3.           Houser, Daniel H.       Co. I      Died 1/6/1929 at   Sioux City            Graceland           Woodbury           p.24

1.           Millard, Andrew J.     Co. I      Died 10/4/1894 at              Sioux City          Logan Park         Woodbury           p.24

2.           Hungerford, Lewis B. Co. I      Died 2/25/1918 at              Sioux City           Logan Park         Woodbury           p.24

Nichols, Martin                         Co. L     Died 10/3/1865 at              Sioux City           Unknown             Woodbury           p.24

Magee, John               Co. L     Died 3/11/1865 at              Sioux City           Unknown             Woodbury           p.24

Kenney, John #1                       Co. M    Died 10/30/1876 at            Sioux City           Unknown             Woodbury           p.24

Parrott, Thomas J.      Co. I      Died [no date] at                Sergeant Bluff     Woodbury Twp.   Woodbury           p.24

Mather, John W.                       Co. M    Died 12/16/1899 at            Sergeant Bluff     Woodbury Twp    Woodbury           p.24

Brower, Robert                         Co. M    Died 6/25/1872 at              Sergeant Bluff     Woodbury Twp    Woodbury           p.24

Woodford, Eli                           Co. M    Died 1936 at                      Sergeant Bluff     Woodbury Twp    Woodbury           p.24


Adams, William H.    Co. K    Died 1/29/1915 at              Smithland            Smithland            Woodbury           p.36

1.           Turman, Charles         Co. I      Died 6/9/1910 at                Smithland            Smithland            Woodbury           p.36

Shepherd, William H. Co. K    Died 6/24/1905 at              Climbing Hill      Climbing Hill      Woodbury           p.24


2.           Abbey, Alonzo C.       Co. B     Died 4/5/1910 at                Northwood          Sunset Rest   Worth                  p.19

3.           Wright, Chester          Co. H    Died 2/11/1909 at              Northwood         Sunset Rest          Worth                  p.19

4.           Perkins, Myron S.       Co. F     Died 1/19/1934 at              Northwood          Sunset Rest          Worth                  p.19

Wadsworth, Dwight A.             Co. M    Died 2/15/1891 at              Lake Mills           Bristol                  Worth                  p.19


1.           Collins, Alfred B.       Co. K    Died 2/18/1916 at              Clarion                Evergreen            Wright                 p.29

2.           Morton, Robert           Co. K    Died 12/17/1934 at            Clarion                Evergreen            Wright                 p.29



NAME                       CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Gray, Stephen                           Co. A    Died 12/18/1881 at            UNKNOWN       Unknown                  

Hastings, Benjamin    Co. C     Died 2/17/1863 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown                                          

Higgins, Edwin                         Co. M    Died 4/2/1927 at                Forsythe [?]         Unknown                                          

Coleman, Stephen      Co. L     Died 3/25/1911 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown             

Walker, Isaac                            Co. L     Died 8/15/1911 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown             

Kelly, William                          Co. K    Died circa 1908 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown


KANSAS – grouped by county             (refer to Kansas Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, 1st Edition, 1997)

NAME                       CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

           [Post cemeteries at Ft, Harker, Ft. Riley and Ft. Zarah were supposedly reburied in the Fort Leavenworth

       National Cemetery but none of these soldiers are listed among burials at that cemetery.]


Graham, James L.       Co. G    Died 9/8/1865 at   Ft. Zarah (Great Bend)  Unknown             Barton                 p.46

Ware, Eugene F.                       Co. A    Died 7/2/1911 at  Colorado Springs, CO Ft. Scott Nat. Cem.,  Bourbon              p.66

Butler, George                          Co. F     Died [no date] at                ?                           Iola                      Allen                   p.65

1.    Holcomb, Stephen A.        Co. E     Died 10/6/1929 at              Powhatten            Powhatten           Brown                 p.26

Gaugh, Christian F.    Co. I      Died 9/10/1898 at              St. Joseph            Mount Mora        Buchanan 

Jones, Aaron               Co. M    Died 7/9/1925 at                Saffordville         Toledo                 Chase                   p.50

Moyer, Richard J.       Co. A    Died 10/5/1914 at              Columbus            McKee Hallowell, Cherokee            p.79

Thurston, William H. Co. M    Died 5/6/1929 at                Bird City           Sunny Side           Cheyenne            p.15

Martin, George W.     Co. E     Died [no date] at                Clay Center         City Cemetery      Clay                     p.36

Tittle, George W.                      Co. G    Died 12/21/1915 at            Concordia            Unknown             Cloud                   p.22

Spurlock, Lewis B.     Co. A    Died 4/29/1921 at              Concordia            Unknown             Cloud                   p.22

Bivin, George W.                      Co. B     Died 1/6/1900 at                Clyde                   Pleasant View     Cloud                   p.23

Brassfield, John D.     Co. M    Died 9/2/1885 at                Glasgo                 Unknown             Cloud                   p.35

Wood, Absalom                        Co. K    Died 2/28/1911 at              Burlington           Gill Twp.             Coffey                 p.64

Butler, Washington    Co. L     Died 11/24/1901 at            Lebo                    Lincoln                Coffey                 p.51

Mousey, John M.                      Co. I, L  Died 1899 at                      Arkansas City      Riverview            Cowley                p.76

Trout, John W.                          Co. D    Died 11/24/1915 at            Girard                  Girard                 Crawford             p.79

2.    Hix, Robert (Ratliff)          Co. C     Died 9/5/1916 at                Norcatur              Norcatur              Decatur                p.18

Wolf, Wilson W.                       Co. L     Died 6/6/1901 at                Harlan Township Sherman              Decatur                p.18

Lockhart, Benjamin F.              Co. G    Died 9/18/1916 at              ?                           Unknown             Dekalb                 p.1

Bowen, John W.                       Co. H    Died 8/16/1864 at              Smoky Hill         Ft. Harker?         Ellsworth             p.47

McVay, William                       Co. H    Died 8/16/1864 at              Smoky Hill         Ft. Harker Abingdon Davis, IA       p.47

Stewart, William                       Co. H    Died 8/16/1864 at              Smoky Hill         Ft. Harker ?        Ellsworth             p.47

Turner, Thomas                        Co. H    Died 8/16/1864 at              Smoky Hill         Ft. Harker ?        Ellsworth             p.47

Henderson, George     Co. H    Died 6/18/1865 at              Plum Creek        Ft. Harker ?        Ellsworth             p.47

Bones, Zephaniah       Co. H    Died 10/23/1923                ?                           Quaker  Franklin or Lane Co., KS  p.52

Evans, John T.                          Co. B     Died 10/16/1930 at            Wellsville            Walnut Creek      Franklin               p.53

Alvord, Charles M.     Co. K    Died 11/7/1876 at              Madison              Unknown             Greenwood          p.64

       [a second source says he may be buried at Burt, Kossuth County, IA]

Cooper, Casper                         Co. L     Died 4/26/1909 at              ?                          Stohrville-Singer Harper                 p.74

3.    Conn, James J.     Co. E     Died 9/17/1914                  near Mankato      Mt. Hope             Jewell                  p.21

McKown, Francis M. Co. A    Died 8/8/1910 at                Labette                Unknown             Labette                p.78

Barber, Joseph T.                      Co. B     Died 4/15/1903 at              Parsons                Oakwood             Labette                p.78

Piper, John C.                           Co. G    Died 9/11/1919 at              Lansing                Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

Kuhlman, Herman      Co. K    Died 4/5/1905 at                Leavenworth       Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

4.    Babb, William S. Co. D    Died 5/22/1914 at          Leavenworth       Oak Grove           Polk County, IA p.40

Ryan, Charles                           Co. C     Died 10/5/1930 at              Nat’l Mil Home  Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

Kline, George W.                      Co. M    Died 10/22/1916 at            Nat’l Mil Home  Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

Meeker, Thaddeus      Co. G    Died 1/4/1907 at                Nat’l Mil Home  Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

Butler, William F.      Co. F     Died 3/16/1889 at              Nat’l Mil Home  Unknown             Leavenworth       p.40

Langan, William P.    Co. M    Died 12/12/1895 at            Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth National Cemetery     p.40

Hipkins, John H.                       Co. I      Died 2/2/1903 at                Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth National Cemetery     p.40

Pattee, John W.                         Co. K    Died 9/30/1916 at              Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth National Cemetery     p.40


5.    Twombly, Frederick          Co. E     Died 11/22/1925 at            Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth National Cemetery     p.40

6.    Ellsworth, Allen  Co. H    Died 1/6/1902 at                Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth National Cemetery     p.40

7.    Wolf, Abner C.    Co. L     Died 6/14/1864 at              Ft. Sully, SD    Ft. Leavenworth Nat Cem                p.40

8.    Trask, Eugene F. Co. L     Died 9/3/1863 at                Sacket’s Sta. SD  Ft. Leavenworth Nat Cem                p.40

Betts, Asha                 Co. H    Died 8/8/1920 at                Admire             Ivy                       Lyon                    p.51

Lewallen, John M.      Co. G    Died 2/12/1917 at              Hillsdale              Unknown             Miami                  p.39

Herod, Robert W.                     Co. C     Died 11/3/1921 at              Erie                      East Hill         Neosho                p.78

Avery, Eli                   Co. B     Died 1/3/1923 at                Lead, SD             Fairview, Goff    Nemaha               p.30

Underwood, James N.Co. G    Died 4/23/1915 at              ?                           Unknown             Norton                 p.18

Parnell, Edward                        Co. A    Died 12/1/1928 at              Burlingame          Unknown             Osage                  p.51

Porter, Rezin               Co. D    Died 11/14/1914 at            Quenemo             Unknown             Osage                  p.52

9.    True, Solon                        Co. H    Died 9/28/1928 at              Natoma                Natoma               Osborne               p.53

Duer, Josiah                Co. L     Died 3/22/1911 at              ?                          Lawrence Creek Osborne               p.53

Houdyshell, Smith H. Co. C     Died 5/16/1915 at Caldwell, ID Garfield, Garfield               Pawnee                p.58

10.  Conquest, James R.           Co. A    Died 1/27/1915 at              Phillipsburg         Fairview              Phillips                p.19

11.  Wyatt, Samuel C Co. C     Died 4/13/1920 at              Phillipsburg         Alcona                 Phillips                p.19

12.  Roosa, Tunis                      Co. H    Died 11/17/1904 at            Louisville            Louisville             Pottawatomie      p.37

Whitman, Robert W.  Co. E     Died 4/3/1913 at                Pratt                     Unknown             Pratt                     p.59

Tindell, Samuel H.     Co. G    Died 11/16/1929 at Colorado Springs, CO    Unknown Atwood, Rawlins             p.16 

13.  Collicott, Seth     Co. G    Died 6/4/1930 at               Luray                  Luray                  Russell                 p.33

14.  Harper, Marimon H.          Co. G    Died 8/4/1912 at                Agenda               Willoughby Cuba, Republic            p.22

Jamison, Charles M.   Co. G    Died 5/24/1864 at              Ft. Riley    Unknown             Riley                    p.37

Jones, Benjamin R.     Co. G    Died 8/12/1865 at              Ft. Riley    Unknown             Riley                    p.37

Borton, Henry                           Co. G    Died 4/15/1874 at              Salina                  Unknown             Saline                  p.48

Smith, John H.                          Co. G    Died 4/10/1895 at              Salina                  Gypsum Hill        Saline                  p.48

Wood, Clifford                         Co. A    Died 12/31/1915 at            Wichita                Maple Grove       Sedgwick             p.62

Hammer, Enos                          Co. G    Died 7/17/1864 at              Topeka                Unknown             Shawnee              p.38

Tomlinson, Charles E.Co. M    Died 3/9/1923 at                Topeka                Unknown             Shawnee              p.38

Boyd, Joseph H.                        Co. H    Died 1/1/1917 at                Topeka                Unknown             Shawnee              p.38

Hillman, Charles                       Co. H    Died 8/30/1889 at              Severy                 Twin Groves        Greenwood          p.30

Hand, Lemuel                           Co. A    Died 1/17/1883 at              Gaylord               Lawrence Creek  Smith                   p.20

Botkin, John               Co. G    Died 1/10/1892 at              Wellington          Prairie Lawn       Sumner                p.75

Sowers, Hamilton       Co. A    Died 12/28/1921 at            Rexford               Beulah   Colby, KS Thomas            p.30

Henry, Thomas B.      Co. B     Died 7/25/1919 at              Levant                 Unknown             Thomas                p.29

Rhoads, Cicero                         Co. A    Died [no date] at                Fredonia              Fredonia              Wilson                 p.

Israel, Ambrose A.     Co. L     Died 1/21/1929 at              Yates Center        Big Creek            Coffey                 p.64

Smith, Francis G.                      Co. D    Died 1/3/1907 at                Yates Center        Yates Center        Woodson             p.64

Holloway, Riley E.     Co. L     Died 9/25/1917 at Orantomie State Hosp. [?]Unknown              ?                          p.1

Rowley, Jesse                           Co. H    Died 1/26/1866 at Black Water Creek Unknown             ?                           p.1

LOUISIANA - (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

15.  Cutting, Henry C.              Co. G    Died 1/15/1927 at              Lake Charles       Graceland           Calcasieu Parish  p.

Downey, Cornelius A.Co. F     Died 9/25/1924 at              Monroe               Saint Matthews    Ouachita Parish   NEW

MASSACHUSETTS - (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

David, James B.                        Co. E     Died 6/4/1913 at                Somerville           Unknown             Middlesex            p.104

Payne, William M.     Co. I      Died [no date] at                Boston                 Forest Hills         Suffolk                p.108

MICHIGAN – (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Foster, John W.                         Co. C     Died 11/9/1925 at              Newberry            Forest Home       Luce                    p.110

16.  Denning, John     Co. L     Died 1/9/1933 at                Grand Rapids      Soldiers’ Home Kent                     p.112

17.  Griffin, Anthony B.           Co. L     Died 1904 at                      Three Rivers        Riverside             St. Joseph            p.112

MINNESOTA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Owen, Ezra                 Co. L     Died 2/14/1915 at              Minneapolis        Lakewood            Hennipen             p.121

DeLay, William                        Co. E     Died 6/21/1925 at              Minneapolis        Lakewood            Hennipen             p.121

Jefferson Addison       Co. F     Died 8/24/1916 at              Minneapolis        Lakewood            Hennipen             p.121

Kohlhapp, William     Co. G    Died 7/29/1917 at              Minneapolis        Unknown             Hennipen             p.121

Ostenson, Knud                        Co. H    Died 11/19/1913 at            Minneapolis        Unknown             Hennipen             p.121

Jacobs, Daniel                           Co. F     Died 2/14/1929 at              Grand Rapids      Unknown             Itasca                   p.118

Baker, Samuel J.                       Co. H    Died [no date] at                Litchfield             Unknown             Meeker                p.120

Parker, Thomas S.      Co. B     Died 7/11/1917 at              Rochester            Unknown             Olmstead             p.121

1.    Anderson, Arne   Co. F     Died 3/18/1927 at              Hitterdal              Hitterdal              Polk                     p.118

Summerfield, Fred.     Co. E     Died 2/25/1910 at              St. Paul                Unknown           Ramsey                p.121

Suthers, Abraham       Co. M    Died 11/8/1918 at              St. Paul                Unknown             Ramsey                p.121

Pepper, Charles A.      Co. H    Died 12/3/1919 at              St. Paul                Unknown             Ramsey                p.121

Smith, Benjamin                       Co. K    Died 11/4/1926 at              Virginia               Unknown             St. Louis              p.119

Harder, Parker C.                      Co. G    Died 6/4/1914 at Lauk Center [Sauk Centre?]Unknown             Stearns                 p.120

                                                  (or Unknown Annin, McKean County, PA)

Manning, Nathan                      Co. F     Died 9/24/1906 at        Todd County       Unknown             Todd                    

Garfield, Henry W.     Co. H    Died 4/10/1925 at              Wadena               Unknown             Wadena               p.120

Scott, Ceborn O.                       Co. F     Died 9/26/1928 at              St. James             Unknown             Watonwan           p.120

MISSISSIPPI - (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Fitzpatrick, James       Co. E     Died 8/15/1896 at              Meadville            Unknown             Franklin               p.123

MISSOURI – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Bishop, John               Co. K    Died 2/18/1922 at              Nashville             Unknown             Barton                 p.127

Boyd, William T.                      Co. L     Died [no date] at                Golden City         Unknown             Barton                 p.127

Langford, James                       Co. L     Died 1/13/1892 at              Hume                   Unknown             Bates                    p.126

Veraguth, Henry                       Co. I      Died 3/25/1916 at              St. Joseph            Mt. Mora             Buchanan            p.126

2.    Skinner, Henry    Co. E     Died 6/3/1926 at                St. Joseph            Ashland               Buchanan            p.126

McKennon, David (Daniel) Co. H          Died 2/9/1914 at                Kansas City         Unknown             Clay                     p.124

Merrill, Benjamin A.  Co. K    Died 6/25/1917 at              Kansas City         Unknown             Clay                     p.126 

(or died 1917 at                 Woodward           Unknown, Woodward, OK)  

Trimble, Theodore W.       Co. L     Died 8/26/1924 at              Kansas City         Unknown             Clay                     p.124

Bennett, Lycurges C.         Co. E     Died 12/19/1930 at            Kansas City         Unknown             Clay                     p.124

Harling, Paul D.                 Co. E     Died 9/20/1919 at              Randolph             Unknown             Clay                     p.126

Allen, John H.                    Co. H    Died 7/3/1910 at               Tremble               Highland Park     Clinton                p.126

Miller, Hiram                     Co. C     Died 1931 at                      ?                           New Hope            Dallas                  p.127

Bedwell, Henry                  Co. K    Died 10/10/1915 at            Springfield         Unknown             Greene               p.127

Bernard, Charles W.          Co. D    Died 9/22/1918 at              Unknown             Bratton                Grundy               p.126

Alder, William                   Co. B     Died 9/27/1885 at              Bethany               Antioch                Harrison              p.

Winkler, Andrew               Co. C     Died 12/18/1873 at            Clinton                Unknown             Henry                  p.126

Norris, George P.               Co. E     Died 5/30/1899 at              Canton                 Unknown             Henry                  p.126     

McIntire, James                 Co. D    Died 7/27/1912 at              Carthage              Unknown             Jasper                  p.127

Bryan, William                  Co. D    Died 6/23/1914 at              Waco                  Unknown             Jasper                 p.127

Smith, John C.                   Co. A    Died 5/16/1914 at              Centerview          Unknown             Johnson               p.126

Wade, Peter                       Co. C     Died 2/4/1917 at                Leeton                 Unknown             Johnson               p.126

Stearns, Lewis                   Co. A    Died 1/29/1892 at              ?                           Ozark Prairie      Lawrence             p.127

Climie, Robert                   Co. C     Died [no date] at                LaClede               LaClede               Linn                     p.126

Dodd, William                   Co. B     Died 10/25/1906 at            Harrison Co. MOHampton             Mercer                 p.

Crandall, Hampton L.        Co. C     Died 6/25/1915 at              Fairview              Dice                     Newton                p.127

Sisk, Jesse A.                     Co. M    Died 2/25/1934 at              Hopkins              Unknown             Nodaway             p.126

Swan, Avery                      Co. M    Died 8/6/1929 at   Nodaway County Unknown             Nodaway             p.126

Smith, Daniel B.                Co. A    Died 6/26/1909 at              Palmyra               Greenwood          Palmyra               p.126

Comstock, Francis             Co. B     Died 8/17/1916 at              St. James             Unknown             Phelps                  p.126

3.    Foley, William    Co. L     Died 3/31/1910 at              St. James             Old Soldiers        Phelps                  p.126

Story, William H.                     Co. F     Died 2/18/1923 at              New London       Unknown             Ralls                    p.126

McCormick, Asa B.    Co. F     Died 9/26/1916 at              Queen City          Unknown             Schuyler              p.126

Sias, John C.               Co. M    Died 4/3/1900 at                St. Louis              Unknown             St. Louis              p.128

Ahearn, John              Co. I      Died 11/26/1916 at Jefferson Barracks Jefferson Barracks Nat. Cem. St. Louis     p.128

Godat, Charles W.      Co. F     Died 9/23/1931 at              St. Louis Jefferson Barracks Nat. Cem. St. Louis    p.128

Iliff, Henry J.                            Co. G    Died 9/19/1925 at Independence Co., AR Jefferson Barracks   St. Louis              p.128

Staley, Fleming                         Co. B     Died 5/7/1893 at                Shelbina              Shelbina              Shelby                 p.126

George, Lewis                           Co. E     Died 11/17/1886 at            Milan                   Unknown             Sullivan               p.126

Robinson, James                       Co. A    Died 11/9/1908 at              Vernon                Vernon                Van Buren           p.127

 [Pension file list says he died 1/17/1905 at Springfield, MO]

Cackley, Chas. (alias John Beck) Co. C Died 11/19/1914 at     Irondale               Unknown             Washington         p.129

MONTANA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Kline, Theodore                 Co. M    Died 2/25/1921 at              Kalispell C. E.Conrad Memorial  Flathead               p.130

Friend, James C.                Co. G    Died 4/6/1916 at                Columbia Falls    Soldiers Home     Flathead               p.131

Adamson, Ferdinand         Co. G    Died 12/14/1933 at            Columbia Falls    Soldiers Home     Flathead               p.131

Pearson, Augustus             Co. L     Died 12/27/1887 at            New Chicago       Unknown             Granite                p.130

4.    Wood, John S. Co. A, STAFF        Died 7/4/1912 at                Omaha, NE Mountain View Livingston, Park            p.131

Sawyer, Edmund                       Co. K    Died 10/20/1908 at            UNKNOWN       Unknown            ?

Higgins, Edward                       Co. H    Died [no date] at                Rosebud              Unknown             ?                           NEW

NEBRASKA – grouped by county (refer to Nebraska Atlas and Gazetteer, DeLorme, 1st Edition, 1996)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Grubb, Newton J.                      Co. E     Died 6/3/1865 at                Boyd’s Station    Unknown                                         p.

Coon, John                 Co. C     Died 11/25/1865 at            Elbow Station      Unknown                                          p.


1.    Schell, Joseph F. Co. L     Died 4/15/1916 at              Hastings             Parkview             Adams                 p.63

2.    DeCamp, Marshall A.        Co. L     Died 7/11/1925 at San Diego, CA Clearwater Clearwater,  Antelope              p.38

3.    Sheldon, George N.           Co. F     Died 1/1/1917 at                Ainsworth           Ainsworth            Brown                 p.22

Lotspeich. Lyman       Co. K    Died 10/13/1909 at            Alliance               Unknown             Box Butte            p.

4.    Powers, Wilson S.             Co. E     Died 11/1887 at          Kearney               Kearney City      Buffalo                p.62

Rupe, John M.                           Co. A    Died 12/19/1863 at *         Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Adair, Hugh                Co. H    Died 1/26/1864 at *           Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Sommerfield, William             Co. H    Died 2/3/1864 at *             Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Donley, Levi               Co. F     Died 2/4/1864 at *             Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Crowner, Irvin                          Co. D    Died 6/11/1864 at *           Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Tefft, Seneca M.                       Co. D    Died 12/14/1864 at *         Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Bennett, Lyman                        Co. E     Died 8/26/1865 at *           Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Barron, James                           Co. E     Died 9/11/1865 at *           Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

Simmers, Peter                          Co. E     Died 9/22/1865 at *           Ft. Kearny Ft. McPherson Nat Cem Buffalo                p.62

                                     [* - these soldiers were probably moved from the old Fort Kearny Post Cemetery

                                                   and reburied in the Fort McPherson National Cemetery as UNKNOWNS]

5.    Niff, Columbus   Co. F     Died 5/20/1922 at              Plattsmouth        Holy Sepulchre    Cass                     p.67

6.    West, Joseph W.  Co. B     Died 3/27/1914 at Marshalltown, IA          Oak Hill Plattesmouth, Cass            p.67

7.    Muck, Joseph      Co. I      Died 7/21/1897 at              Plattsmouth         Oak Hill               Cass                     p.67

Slagle, Richard C.      Co. B     Died 2/1871 at                   Cass County        Unknown             Cass                     p.67

8.    Winterringer, Wm. R. Co. I            Died 8/16/1916 at              Sioux City           Hartington           Cedar                   p.26

9.    Winterringer, James F. Co. I            Died 6/23/1928 at              Hartington           Hartington           Cedar                   p.26

10.  Winterringer, Moses          Co. I      Died 7/7/1885 at                Hartington           Hartington           Cedar                   p.26

Williams, Henry                       Co. I      Died 3/29/1891 at              St. Helena            Unknown             Cedar                   p.26

11.  Nelson, Joseph W.             Co. C     Died 7/24/1911 at              Sidney                 Greenwood          Cheyenne            p.43

Ellsworth, George W. Co. A    Died 8/20/1919 at              Belmont              Unknown             Dawes?                p.66

12.  Anderson, John A.             Co. C     Died 10/15/1922 at            Cozad            Stop Table           Dawson               p.48

13.  Brown, Marquis  Co. M    Died 6/10/1912 at              Ponca                   Ponca                  Dixon                  p.27

14.  Thompson, William           Co. L     Died 08/26/1920 at            Verdigre              Wakefield Wakefield, Dixon       p.40

Rodgers, Martin                        Co. A    Died 4/26/1865 at              Fremont               Unknown             Dodge                  p.54 

15.  Bonner, Crawford              Co. H    Died 5/11/1903 at              Omaha                Forest Lawn        Douglas               p.55

16.  Roberts, Stephen Co. B     Died 6/11/1907 at              Omaha                 Forest Lawn        Douglas               p.55

17.  Jones, Marquis    Co. D    Died 4/7/1909 at                Omaha                 Forest Lawn        Douglas               p.55

1.    Edward, Mathias Co. B     Died 12/18/1898 at            Omaha                 Forest Lawn        Douglas               p.55

2.    O’Brien, George M.          STAFF  Died 1/9/1887 at                Omaha                Holy Sepulchre    Douglas               p.55

3.    Cremer, Harrison Co. C     Died 6/3/1896 at                Omaha                 Prospect Hill       Douglas               p.55

4.    Beall, Francis M. Co. L     Died 1/19/1928 at              Omaha                 West Lawn           Douglas               p.55

Knapp, Vincent                         Co. F     Died 3/24/1924 at              Omaha                 Unknown             Douglas               p.55

Morrow, James W.     Co. C     Died 10/13/1863 at            Omaha               Unknown             Douglas               p.55

Morris, John H.                         Co. B     Died 5/6/1907 at                Elk City               Unknown             Douglas               p.55

5.    Angstead, William F.         Co. M    Died 10/4/1916 at              Ohiowa                Pleasant Ridge    Fillmore               p.76

6.    Thompson, Roger              Co. L     Died 6/5/1925 at                Maywood           Maywood             Frontier               p.59

7.    Simmons, David  Co. L     Died 3/18/1903 at              Beaver City        Mount Hope        Furnas                  p.72

8.    Winter, John                      Co. I      Died 10/13/1901 at            Beaver City        Mount Hope        Furnas                  p.72

Wyatt, Eliphalet A.     Co. F     Died 1901                          Furnas County     Spring Grove       Furnas                  p.72

9.    Murphy, Edward B.           Co. A    Died 1/25/1899 at              Arapahoe         Arapahoe             Furnas                 p.72

1.    Dodds, Joseph R. Co. K    Died 4/6/1907 at                Wymore              Wymore               Gage                    p.77

Reynolds, Joseph                      Co. H    Died 4/7/1927 at                Beatrice               Unknown             Gage                   p.77

2.    Sanders, Samuel S.            Co. D    Died 11/18/1890 at            Adams                 Highland             Gage                    p.77

3.    Roudebush, Jacob H.         Co. A    Died 3/25/1930 at              Oshkosh             Oshkosh               Garden                 p.44

4.    Wilson, Erastus   Co. B     Died 7/12/1919 at              Grand Island        City Cemetery Hall                      p.63

5.    Kannow, Theodore            Co. E     Died 2/22/1918 at             Grand Island        City alias Theodore Hoen                p.63

6.    Clarke, George B.              Co. G    Died 7/4/1898 at                Grand Island        City Cemetery Hall                      p.63

7.    Kuypers. James   Co. B     Died 2/27/1893 at              Grand Island Nebraska Veterans     Hall                     p.63

8.    Culbertson, Archa              Co. B     Died 9/17/1933 at              Grand Island Nebraska Veterans     Hall                     p.63

9.    Martin, Stephen   Co. A    Died 9/10/1904 at              Grand Island Nebraska Veterans     Hall                     p.63

10.  Stevenson, John   Co. A    Died 7/29/1896 at              Grand Island Nebraska Veterans     Hall                     p.63

11.  Steward, (Stewart) Thomas Co. L Died 7/6/1900 at     Grand Island Nebraska Veterans     Hall                     p.63

1.    Taylor, Chesley   Co. H    Died 4/25/1920 at              Giltner                 Giltner                 Hamilton             p.64

2.    McGuire, DudleyCo. G    Died 3/14/1921 at              Grand Island        Greenwood          Hamilton             p.64

Hanks, Peter               Co. C     Died [No date] at               Stratton                Rose Hill             Hitchcock            p.69

3.    Reinhart, John M.              Co. C     Died 3/29/1904 at              Tecumsah            Tecumsah            Johnson               p.78

4.    Pattison, John      Co. B     Died 12/2/1877 at              Mt. Pleasant, IA  Minden                Kearney               p.73

Gilbert, James M.                     Co. K    Died 3/9/1914 at                Creighton           Greenwood          Knox                   p.25

5.    Fox, Cyrus                         Co. C     Died 6/12/1942 at              Stapleton, NE   Ft. McPherson     Lincoln               p.60

6.    Fouts, William    Co. D    Died 6/14/1865 at              Horse Creek   Ft. McPherson     Lincoln                p.60

7.    Lyon, Benjamin M.           Co. C     Died 7/18/1864 at              Ft. Cottonwood   Ft McPherson      Lincoln                p.60

8.    Anderson, John   Co. C     Died 9/18/1864 at              Ft. Cottonwood   Ft McPherson      Lincoln                p.60

9.    Grooms, Benjamin            Co. A    Died 6/20/1865 at              Ft. Cottonwood   Ft McPherson     Lincoln                p.60

10.  Heath, George W.              Co. G    Died 3/21/1864 at              Ft. Cottonwood   Ft McPherson      Lincoln                p.60

Hakel, William                         Co. F     Died 10/14/1863 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Fought, Ophir C.                       Co. G    Died 10/22/1863 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Keltner, William                       Co. G    Died 11/12/1863 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Mosier, William         R.          Co. C     Died 9/18/1864 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Starkey, Bluford                       Co. F     Died 9/18/1864 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Harmel, Gotfer                          Co. B     Died 9/14/1864 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Millisack, William      Co. C     Died 10/12/1864 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Conner, James                           Co. F     Died 10/25/1864 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Tannehill, Henry                       Co. C     Died 12/8/1864 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Putman, Jesse                            Co. A    Died 12/10/1864 at *         Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Sampere, Joseph                       Co. F     Died 1/17/1865 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Good, Edward                           Co. B     Died 2/10/1865 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

Johnson, Lever                          Co. UN  Died 4/30/1865 at *           Ft. Cottonwood   Unknown             Lincoln                p.60

[* - these soldiers were probably moved from the old Fort Cottonwood Post

Cemetery and reburied in the Fort McPherson National Cemetery


Blanchard, Horace      Co. B     Died 10/29/1865 at            Post Alkali      Unknown             Lincoln                p.59

Clark, Robert E.                        Co. B     Died 1/18/1866 at              Ft. Heath      Unknown             Lincoln                p.59

11.  Garesche, Herman             Co. C     Died 6/9/1936 at                Norfolk                Prospect Hill       Madison              p.38

12.  Campbell, Eldridge            Co. A    Died 10/8/1901 at              Genoa                  Valley View         Nance                  p.52

13.  Jackson, Andrew Co. C     Died 8/17/1906 at              Fullerton              Fullerton             Nance                  p.52

Moore, William                        Co. D    Died [No date] at               Brock                   Unknown             Nemaha               p.78

14.  Botsford, William              Co. F     Died 12/1/1891 at              Palmyra              Rosewood            Otoe                     p.67

15.  Martin, John H.   Co. A    Died 3/20/1914 at              Pawnee City        Pawnee City        Pawnee                p.78

16.  Crawley, Samuel W.          Co. B     Died 5/24/1922 at              Burchard              Burchard             Pawnee                p.78

Patterson, Ira              Co. E     Died 10/3/1863 at Pawnee Agency/Columbus Unknown          Platte                   p.76

Gibson, Israel                            Co. E     Died 5/20/1864 at Pawnee Agency/Columbus Unknown          Platte                   p.76

Herrington, William   Co. E     Died 11/7/1864 at Pawnee Agency/Columbus Unknown          Platte                   p.76

17.  Hanshew, William             Co. B     Died 7/10/1922 at              Shelby                Union                  Polk                     p.53

Edwards, James D.     Co. M    Died 11/17/1927 at            Stromsburg          Stromsburg          Polk                     

Korn, Lewis B.                         Co. E     Died 8/26/1927 at West Plains, Howell Co.   Unknown Indianola, Red Willow   p.71

18.  Feasel, Thomas J.Co. D    Died 1/10/1925 at              Humboldt            Humboldt            Richardson          p.78

19.  Oldfield, Farmer  Co. G    Died 11/20/1926 at            Omaha                 Rulo Rulo, Richardson          p.79

20.  Maddock, Joseph Co. E     Died 1/11/1909 at              Fremont               Bellevue Bellevue, Sarpy                p.68

21.  Guttery, Jesse      Co. C     Died 2/23/1902 at             Valparaiso           Valparaiso           Saunders              p.66

Alder, Phillip                            Co. B     Died 6/14/1865 at              Horse Creek Horse Creek Site         Scotts Bluff         p.28

Groger, Richard                        Co. D    Died 6/14/1865 at              Horse Creek Horse Creek Site         Scotts Bluff         p.28

McMahon, Edward     Co. F     Died 6/14/1865 at              Horse Creek Horse Creek Site         Scotts Bluff         p.28

Porter, James F.                        Co. I      Died 1/16/1915 at              Beaver Crossing, Unknown             Seward                p.65

(or Sloan, IA)

22.  Edwards, John N.Co. M    Died 1/191891 at               Seward                Greenwood          Seward               p.59

23.  Craig, Lewis                      Co. D    Died 12/3/1919 at Reynolds            Rose Creek          Thayer                 p.76

24.  Shields, Frank     Co. F     Died 3/19/1891at               Alexandria           Alexandria           Thayer                 p.76

25.  Forsha, James      Co. F     Died 3/31/1894 at              Alexandria           Alexandria           Thayer                 p.76

26.  Holes, George     Co. F     Died 3/3/1916 at  Independence, MO           Alexandria           Thayer   p.76

Huddleston, David             Co. A    Died 10/16/1865 at            Pawnee Ranch     Unknown             ?                           p.1

1.    Perkins, Lorenzo Co. B     Died 5/15/1901 at              Blair                    Blair                    Washington         

2.    Williams, Robert P.           Co. A    Died 8/1/1937 at                Wayne                 Greenwood          Wayne                 p.40

3.    Reed, Alvah T.    Co. K    Died 5/20/1901 at              Red Cloud           Red Cloud           Webster               p.74

4.    Ellsworth, Allen  Co. H    Died 1/6/1902 at                Nat’l Mil Home  Leavenworth Nat Cem                     

[check Hebron, NE newspapers]

NEW JERSEY – grouped by city (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE              CEMETERY     COUNTY

Michael, James R.             Co. K    Died 12/13/1908 at            Bloomfield          Unknown             Essex                   p.143

NEW MEXICO – grouped by city (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

Starr, Samuel B.                Co. B     Died before 1889 at           UNKNOWN       Unknown            ?                           

Picken, Michael C.            Co. B     Died [no date] at                Farmington,         Greenlawn           San Juan              p.146

NEW YORK – grouped by city (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Davenport, Joel H.             Co. I      Died 3/24/1920 at              Brushton              Unknown             Franklin               p.152

NORTH DAKOTA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Persons, Phineas P.            Co. A    Died 7/5/1913 at                Valley City          Unknown             Barnes                 p.169

Welch, Thomas                  Co. M    Died 3/13/1923 at              Bismarck             Unknown             Burleigh              p.168

Boyce, William                  Co. F     Died 12/15/1916 at            Sentinel Butte      Unknown             Golden Valley     p.168

OHIO – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Meeks, David                    Co. B     Died 10/27/1904 at            Westerville          Unknown             Franklin               p.171

Luckey, George S.             Co. C     Died 12/31/1924 at            Dayton                 Unknown             Montgomery        p.175

McKinney, John                Co. A    Died 9/17/1918 at              Dayton                 Unknown             Montgomery        p.175

1.           Wilcox, John       Co. B     Died 6/30/1881at     Dayton                 Dayton Nat Cem  Montgomery        p.175

Alspaugh, James                Co. M    Died 3/7/1932 at                Paulding              Unknown             Paulding              p.170

2.           Vallance, Adam   Co. K    Died 10/29/1914 at            Gibsonburg West Union-Gibsonburg Sandusky         p.170


OKLAHOMA – grouped by city (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Matthews, James M.          Co. F     Died 7/8/1917 at                Lorena                Unknown             Beaver                 p.

Moffatt, Richard                Co. I      Died 1/1/1910 at                Caddo                  Gethsemane         Bryan                   p.181

Trusdell, Otis                     Co. K    Died 3/20/1927 at              Man [Manard?]   Unknown             Cherokee             p.

Myers, Francis H.              Co. E     Died 5/3/1922 at                Kenton                Kenton                 Cimarron             p.178

Muck, Joseph *                  Co. I      Died 1917 at                      Cleveland Co.      Holsenbake          Cleveland            p.180

Webb, Jeremiah Robert     Co. A    Died 1/25/1925 at              Arnett                  Debolt                 Ellis                     p.178 

Gordy, Franklin                 UN        Died 9/15/1910 at              Paul’s Valley       Unknown             Garvin                 p.180

McClintock, Thomas         Co. E     Died 1/16/1911 at              ?                           Unknown             Harper                 p.178

Spangler, Ferdinand           Co. K    Died 4/21/1915 at              Newkirk              Newkirk               Kay                      p.180

Rupe, Israel                        Co. A    Died 5/1/1910 at                Tonkawa Riverside or Riverview  Kay                      p.180

Hubbard, John                   Co. G    Died 10/19/1912 at            Kingfisher Co.     Sheridan              Kingfisher           p.180

Lewis, James M.                Co. A    Died 6/3/1909 at                Tryon                   Tryon                   Lincoln                p.180

Morris, Abner                    Co. B     Died [no date] at                Bethel                  Bethel                  Lincoln                p.180

Weeks, Daniel E.               Co. M    Died [no date] at                Sparks                  White Dove          Lincoln                p.180

Koch, Abraham                 Co. C     Died 10/25/1918 at            Orlando               Bocox                  Logan                  p.180

Boyd, William H.              Co. A    Died 9/19/1930 at              Guthrie                Summit View       Logan                  p.180

Oliver, Thomas P.              Co. E     Died 1/17/1890 at              1/17/1890            Crescent              Logan                  p.180

Clingan, Gustavus A.         Co. C     Died 9/19/1932 at              Oklahoma City   Rose Hill             Oklahoma            p.180

Brower, Edward D.            Co. L     Died 4/11/1916 at              Oklahoma City   Unknown             Oklahoma            p.180

Tremain, Cyrus                  Co. H    Died 5/28/1924 at              Oklahoma City    Unknown             Oklahoma            p.180

Collins, Harvey W.            Co. G    Died 3/19/1910 at              Stillwater             Fairlawn             Payne                   p.180

Barker, James Taylor         Co. G    Died 9/10/1929 at             Rankin                 White Rose          Roger Mills         p.178     

Woodruff, Matthias           Co. F     Died 4/2/1895 at                ?                           Buck Creek          Washington         p.180

Daniels, Orlando                Co. D    Died 6/29/1930 at              Fort Supply         Unknown             Woodward           p.178

Merrill, Benjamin A.         Co. K    Died 1917 at                      Woodward           Unknown             Woodward           p.178

                                                         (or 6/25/1917 at                Kansas City         Unknown             Clay Co., MO)


OREGON – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Small, William T.              Co. D    Died 1938 at                      Corvalis               Crystal Lake        Benton                 p.182

Tucker, William                Co. F     Died 3/24/1908 at              Roseburg Roseburg Nat Cem Douglas                p.183

Fought, James P.                Co. G    Died 9/14/1910 at              Medford              IOOF                   Jackson                p.183

Ford, Albert A.                  Co. K    Died 5/5/1909 at                Eugene                Unknown             Lane                    p.182

Sutters, Benjamin F.          Co. D    Died 9/30/1919 at              Brooks                 Unknown             Marion                p.183

McLain, Daniel                  Co. B     Died 9/7/1920 at                Silverton              Unknown             Marion                 p.182

Sperry, John                       Co. B     Died 9/4/1906 at                Aumsville            Unknown             Marion                 p.182

Vinson, George                  Co. C     Died 7/1/1923 at                New Pine Creek Unknown             Modoc                 p.183

Hawley, Wallace               Co. A    Died 2/28/1928 at              Portland               Unknown             Multomah            p.182

Schwab, William               Co. L     Died 4/1/1916 at                Portland               Unknown             Multomah            p.182

Berry, Thomas J.               Co. H    Died 4/8/1920 at                Monmouth           Unknown             Polk                     p.182

Kline, John                        Co. C     Died 7/22/1914 at              Airlie                   Unknown             Polk                     p.182

Doughty, William T.         Co. I      Died 6/26/1912 at Bay City Idaville, IOOF                   Tillamook            p.182

March, Jacob                     Co. E     Died 9/16/1920 at              La Grande           Unknown             Union                 p.184

Grattan, Simon Lucius       Co. C     Died 5/16/1913 at              Pendleton            Unknown             Umatilla              p.184

West, Peter                        Co. F     Died 8/18/1909 at              Pendleton            Unknown             Umatilla              p.184

Doughty, Franklin             Co. I      Died 4/9/1930 at                Hillsboro             IOOF                   Washington         p.182

Bennett, Elisha W.             Co. H    Died 8/28/1926 at              Forest Grove       Forest View         Washington         p.182


PENNSYLVANIA (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Hutton, William                 Co. H    Died 7/9/1871 at                PittsburgUnknown             Allegheny            p.188

Crouse, Joseph T.              Co. L     Died 4/13/1899 at              Muncy                 Muncy                  Lyoming              p.190

Harder, Parker C.               Co. G    Died 6/4/1914 at                Annin                  Annin                  McKean               p.190

                                                                  (or Lauk Center [Sauk Centre?]             Unknown             Stearns Co., MN  ?)

Giger, Benjamin                STAFF  Died 7/2/1895 at                La Trobe              Unknown             Westmoreland .   p.188

Bliss, Thomas                    Co. H    Died prior to 9/30/1903 at ?                           Unknown             Westmoreland .   p.188


RHODE ISLAND (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

O’Brien, James                  Co. F     Died 1/9/1898 at                Pawtucket            Mt. St. Mary’s     Providence          p.196 




SOUTH DAKOTA – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                               CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

              [* South Dakota Military Post Cemeteries were supposed to have been reburied

at Ft. Leavenworth, but names with # do not appear in the National Cemetery.]

Posey, Henry M.                Co. L     Died 11/4/1922 at              Tyndall                Unknown             Bon Homme        p.201

Johnston, George A.          Co. H    Died 8/30/1925 at              Mitchell               Unknown             Davison               p.201

1.    Graham, Watson Co. M    Died 7/14/1918 at Hot Springs                      Soldier’s Home    Fall River           p.200

2.    Pattee, John                        STAFF  Died 11/30/1901 at            Hot Springs        Soldiers’ Home    Fall River           p.200

3.    Trask, Alvah D.   Co. M    Died 12/19/1914 at            Hot Springs Hot Springs Nat Cem   Fall River           p.200

4.    Bates, Alexander C.           Co. B     Died 6/23/1917 at              Hot Springs Hot Springs Nat Cem   Fall River           p.200

Thompson, James A.  Co. B     Died [no date] at                Unknown             Unknown             Highmore/Hyde  p.

Junk, William                           Co. L     Died 10/8/1863 at              Farm Island        Ft. Sully *           Hughes                p.200

Martin, Lambert A.    Co. L     Died 10/14/1863 at            Farm Island        Ft. Sully *            Hughes                p.200

Turkle, George                          Co. M    Died 4/30/1864 at              Ft. Sully              Ft. Sully *            Hughes                p.200

Burrington, William   Co. M    Died 3/20/1864 at              Ft. Sully               Unknown *          Hughes                p.200

Can, John                    Co. K    Died 3/20/1864 at              Ft. Sully               Unknown *          Hughes                p.200

Carr, John H.              Co. K    Died [no date] at                Ft. Sully               Unknown*           Hughes                p.200

                      (or another source says he is buried in Oakwoods Cemetery Cook Co., IL) 

Pattee, Adam C.                        Co. K    Died 1/3/1925 at                Lake Preston       Lake Preston      Kingsbury            p.201

Rice, Orson Jr.                         Co. K    Died 8/21/1912 at              Hudson                Eden                    Lincoln                p.201

Fox, James B.                           Co. M    Died 7/5/1915 at                Sioux Falls         Unknown             Minnehaha          p.201

Mansfield, Ezra                         Co. E     Died 2/16/1921 at              Rapid City           Unknown             Pennington          p.200

Samuel, John C.                        Co. C     Died 12/26/1894 at            Castleton             Castleton             Pennington          p.200

Bartlett, Russell                        Co. L     Died 7/2/1863 at                Ft. Pierre              Unknown *          Stanley                p.200

Buckley, William                      Co. L     Died 9/11/1863 at              Ft. Pierre              Unknown *          Stanley                p.200

Pinney, Edward L.      Co. L     Died 6/23/1863 at              Ft. Pierre              Unknown *          Stanley                p.200

Dopp, Charles                           Co. C     Died 6/4/1916 at                Parker                 Unknown             Turner                  p.201

Miller, George                          Co. I      Died 4/25/1911 at              McCook              Unknown             Union                  p.201

Edwards, John T.                      Co. I      Died 5/10/1927 at              Jefferson              Unknown             Union                  p.201

Keevil, Thomas                         Co. I      Died 11/15/1870 at            Sioux City, IA St. Peter’s Catholic Union                  p.201

McLoud, Aaron                        Co. L     Died 7/22/1929 at     Vennington Twp.Unknown              ?                           p.201

TENNESSEE (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Miller, John H.                          Co. A    Died 7/25/1864 at              Memphis             Unknown             Shelby                 p.203

Wellman, John H.       Co. G    Died 9/14/1878 at              Memphis             Unknown             Shelby                 p.203

TEXAS – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Gipe, Asa W.                            Co. E     Died 1/17/1913 at              San Antonio      Unknown             Bexar                   p.212

Shoemaker, John F.    Co. L     Died 8/27/1923 at              San Antonio        Unknown             Bexar                   p.212

Crawford, George (alias)          Co. I      Died 9/2/1917 at                Clyde                   Unknown           Calahan               p.210

   real name was George Foster

Votaw, Levi                Co. H    Died 6/6/1912 at                Bunce                  Sheppard             Jasper                  p.211

Wilson, James A.                      Co. F     Died 12/26/1923 at            Tyler                    Unknown             Smith                   p.211

VERMONT (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Cook, John B.                           Co. K    Died 9/2/1919 at                Greensboro         Unknown             Orleans                p.218 

1.    Roberts, Benjamin K.        Co. A    Died 7/16/1921 at              Ossining, NY Dellwood Manchester,Westchester       p.219

VIRGINIA (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Furbur, Isaac C.                        Co. I      Died 5/16/1914 at              ?                     Unknown             Elizabeth City     p.225

WASHINGTON – grouped by county (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Cox (Reynolds), James            Co. C     Died 7/12/1937 at              Port Angeles        Ocean View         Clallam                p.226

Roland, William                       Co. A    Died 5/23/1917 at              Greenwood Twp.Unknown             Clark                   p.227

Bone, Joseph              Co. G    Died 8/11/1907 at              Vancouver           Brush Prairie      Clark                   p.227

Rowan, George W.     Co. D    Died 5/28/1917 at              Castle Rock         Unknown             Cowlitz                p.227

Adamson, Thomas A. Co. G    Died 9/25/1924 at             Castle Rock         IOOF                  Cowlitz                p.227

Jenkins, George                        Co. I      Died 2/19/1918 at              Kalama                Unknown             Cowlitz                p.227

Smith, George R.                      Co. A    Died 3/3/1914 at                Markham             Unknown             Gray’s Harbor     p.226

Glenn, John T.                          Co. C     Died [no date] at                Elma                    IOOF                   Gray’s Harbor     p.226

Guptill, Levi               Co. I      Died 1/21/1921 at              Seattle                  Unknown             King                    p.226

Wortman, Daniel D.   Co. D    Died 4/13/1926 at              Bremerton           Unknown             Kitsap                  p.226

Tuttle, William                         Co. B     Died 5/9/1924 at                Goldendale          Unknown             Klickitat              p.229

Gregory, Elba S.                       Co. M    Died 1/8/1918 at                Okanogan            Unknown             Okanogan            p.228

Mercer, Jacob N.                       Co. D    Died 12/24/1928 at            Orting                  Unknown             Pierce                  p.226

Berry, John P.                           Co. L     Died 3/23/1915 at              Orting                  Orting                 Pierce                  p.226

Ridoot, Isaac               Co. F     Died 6/2/1934 at                Orting                  Soldiers Home     Pierce                  p.226

Tallman, Freeling                     Co. L     Died 10/3/1913 at              Orting                  Soldiers Home     Pierce                  p.226

2.    Moody, Alexander             Co. L     Died 5/11/1912 at              Orting                  Soldiers Home     Pierce                  p.226

Springle, Charles                      Co. C     Died 3/7/1904 at                Tacoma                Oakwood             Pierce                  p.226

Stuart, James              Co. C     Died 8/13/1930 at              Tacoma                Unknown             Pierce                  p.226

Iverson, Peter (alias)   Co. H    Died 11/25/1915 at            Tacoma                Unknown            Pierce                 p.226

         (real name was Peter Peterson)

Ridley, Albion                          Co. I      Died 12/7/1928 at              Friday Harbor      Unknown             San Juan              p.226

Stevens, Edwin                         Co. G    Died [no date] at                Samish                 Unknown             Skagit                  p.226

Blair, Aaron                Co. C     Died 9/17/1913 at              Arlington             Unknown             Snohomish          p.226

Mathews, Archibald   Co. M    Died 8/8/1919 at                Olympia Masonic Memorial       Thurston              p.226

Hardin, John               Co. I      Died 4/15/1905 at              Ferndale              Woodlawn           Whatcom             p.226

Cain, James                Co. K    Died 2/5/1914 at                Blaine                  Blaine                  Whatcom             p.226

Hughes, Sampson P.   Co. L     Died 8/5/1920 at                Blaine                  Blaine                  Whatcom             p.226

Pinckney, William      Co. L     Died 1/31/1928 at              Blaine                  Unknown           Whatcom             p.226

Warford, William W. Co. L     Died 3/16/1904 at              Blaine                  Unknown             Whatcom            p.226

Woody, Levi               Co. B     Died 1/12/1890 at              Lynden                Lynden                Whatcom             p.226

Hoskins, Alva R.                       Co. M    Died 4/13/1922 at Mud Lake Hospital       Unknown             ?                           p.227

Ogburn, William B.    Co. K    Died 12/8/1908 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown            ?                           

Potts, Josiah D.                         Co. B     Died 8/1/1909 at                Daisy                   Fairview              Stevens                       

WASHINGTON, DC (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY

3.    McMullen, Ross  Co. H    Died 2/24/1927                  DC                       Arlington National Cemetery           p.230

WISCONSIN – grouped by city (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

Stiles, Nathan P.                       Co. C     Died [no date] at                Cumberland         Lakeside              Barron 

Hand, Cyrus G.                         Co. A    Died 9/1/1922 at                Lynxville             Unknown             Crawford             p.236

Hubbell, Melvin D.    Co. H    Died 6/9/1915 at                Brunswick           Unknown             Eau Claire           p.234

Potts, John A.                            Co. B     Died 4/2/1914 at                Blue River           Unknown             Grant                   p.236

Block, Joseph                            Co. L     Died 3/22/1877 at              Glen Haven         Unknown             Grant                   p.236

Davis, David C.                        Co. A    Died 1/23/1914 at              La Crosse           Oak Grove           La Crosse            p.236

Quinn, Robert                           Co. L     Died 1/14/1909 at              La Crosse           Oak Grove           La Crosse            p.236

Striegel, Charles                       Co. I      Died 4/10/1916 at              Tomah                 Unknown             Monroe                p.236

Dowdna, John M.       Co. K    Died 5/6/1920 at                Richland Center  Unknown             Richland              p.236

   (alias John Mackle)

Priest, Kinder F.                        Co. M    Died 11/3/1869 at              Reedsburg           Greenwood          Sauk                    p.236

Zhe, Frederick D.                      Co. K    Died 7/31/1930 at              Osseo                   Unknown             Trempealeau        p.234

Braga, Arsa J.                           Co. E     Died 10/10/1912 at            Lake Geneva       Unknown             Walworth            p.237

WYOMING – (refer to Road Atlas, American Map Corporation, 2002)

NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY     COUNTY

4.    O’Brien, Nicholas J.          Co. F     Died 7/29/1916 at              Denver, CO        Lakeview             Laramie              p.239

Artist, Andrew                          Co. G    Died 1905 at                      Cheyenne            Lakeview             Laramie              p.239

1.    Aggart, [Eggert] Wm. Co. G            Died 12/11/1918 at            Sheridan              Municipal            Sheridan              p.239

Harris, John                Co. D    Died 2/8/1865 at                Mud Springs Old Fort Laramie Cem                         p.239


NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE         CEMETERY

Brace, William                          Co. F     Died 3/30/1899 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown

Davis, William C.       Co. F     Died 5/16/1910 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown

Priest, William M.      Co. M    Died 9/18/1910 at              UNKNOWN       Unknown



NAME                                      CO.       DATE OF DEATH          PLACE               CEMETERY                    STATE

Gardner, Jonathan      Co. A    Died 5/21/1864 at              Ponca                   [body not recovered]        NE

Alloway, Nelson                       Co. B     Died 10/2/1863 at              Dakotah City       [body not recovered]         NE

Cooper, Joseph                         Co. F     Died 12/26/1865 at            Ft. Laramie          [body not recovered]         WY

McCardle, German     Co. L     Died 8/17/1864 at              Ft. Union             [body not recovered]         ND

Dulin, James               Co. L     Died 2/20/1865 at              Sioux City          [body not recovered]         IA

Hollinsworth, Ashberry            Co. M    Died 9/21/1864   [on the steamer "Alone"]   no record of burial

Mayberry, William     Co. M    Died 8/30/1864   [on the steamer "Alone"]   no record of burial