From the book “Alphabetical List of Battles and Roster of Regimental Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons During the War of Rebellion complied from Official Record.”  1883. 

    Submitted by  George Mills

1st CAVALRY – Mustered out February 15, 1866.                                                                                  Page 118,  IOWA

Allen, David B.Ass't SWest Liberty, OhioTo 30th. Inf. April, 1863
Cochran, Milton B.SurgeonDavenport, IowaTo August, 1864.
Elder, Thos. H.H. Stew.Albia, IowaH.R. for 1861 and 1862. G.
Hervey, JasAss't SDubuque, IowaFrom September, 1864.
Ladd, John A.Ass't STraer, IowaTo September, 1864.
Lathrop, Chas. H.SurgeonLyons, IowaFrom Aug., 1864. H.R.
Morgan, AsaAss't SCedar Bayou, Tex.To 12th Ill. Cav. June, 1865; also 7th Inf.
Sanders, John J.Ass't S----Dismissed Nov., 1864.

2d CAVALRY - Mustered out September 19, 1865.

Yulee, Erastus D.Ass't SMarshalltown, IowaTo June, 1864.
Noyes, Geo. H.SurgeonNashua, N.H.From June. 1862.  Dead.
Burgess, Jesse R.Ass't SAlleged deadFrom January, 1863.
Reeder, Geo.Surgeon----To June, 1862.

3d CAVALRY – Mustered out August 9, 1865.                                                                                                     Page 119

Carter, Geo. W.SurgeonMarshalltown, IowaFrom June, 1863; also 9th Inf.
Maxwell, Thos. J.Ass’t SBiggsville, Ill.To 138th U.S.C.T. July, 1865.
Orr, Wm. L.Ass’t SOttumwa, IowaTo 21st Inf. Dec., 1862 U.S. Ex. S.
Warford, F. W.Ass’t SCicero, Ind.To 4th Ark. Cav. Jan, 1864.
Whitten, SamuelAss’t SAlleged deadFrom April, 1864.
McGugin, David L.Surgeon----To April, 1863.
Fuller, E.  E.H. Stew.Keokuk, IowaFrom August, 1861, to September, 1862.

4th CAVALRY – Mustered out August 10, 1865.

Bird, WellingtonAss’t SMt. Pleasant, IowaTo March, 1862.
Cummings, StephenAss’t SSand Springs, IowaFrom July, 1863.
Findley, Wm. McK.Ass’t SBloomfield, IowaTo June, 1863.
McClure, A. W.*SurgeonMt. Pleasant, IowaTo April, 1863.  *Inspecting surgeon at enlistment
Robinson, Wm.SurgeonCedar Falls, IowaFrom July, 1863.   G.
Taylor, Robert R.Ass’t SGlasgow, IowaTo October, 1862.
Taylor, Samuel W.Ass’t S----From June, 1864.

5th CAVALRY – (The 5th Infantry was consolidated with this regiment September 1, 1864) – Mustered out  August   11,  1865.

McDeWitt, Geo. S.Ass’t SElliott, IowaTo March, 1864.
Shelly, B. Y.Ass’t SNiobrara, Nebr.From January, 1863.
Wise, B. TaylorSurgeonHannibal, Mo.From October, 1862.
Lewis, T. F.Ass’t S----To July, 1865.
Lowe, EnosAss’t S----From September, 1862.

6th CAVALRY – Mustered out October 17, 1865.

Bardwell, Thos. S.Ass’t SMarion, IowaFrom February, 1863.   I.
Camburn, Jacob H.SurgeonCedar Rapids, IowaFrom February, 1863.
Haynes, Samuel C.Ass’t S----A.M.W.   Also 37th Inf.

7th CAVALRY – (The Sioux City Cavalry and three companies of the 41st Infantry were transferred to this Regiment) – Mustered out May 17, and June 22, 1866.

LaForce, Jas. W.Ass’t SFloris, IowaTo December, 1864.   G.
Yeomans, S. P.Ass’t SCharles City, IowaFrom August, 1863.
Willey, Andrew J.SurgeonMt. Ayer, IowaFrom April, 1863.

8th CAVALRY – Mustered out August 13, 1865.

Bird, H. T.H. Stew.Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Carnahan, A. S.SurgeonAndrew, IowaTo November, 1864.
Finley, Wm. H.SurgeonHopkinton, IowaTo April, 1864.
Smith, Jos. F.Ass’t SGainville, or Clarinda, IowaFrom June, 1864.
Warner, Daniel H.Surgeon----From February, 1865.

9th CAVALRY – Mustered out from February 3, to March 23, 1866.

Shollenbarger, J. B.H. Stew.Sigourney, Iowa----
Bell, JohnSurgeonDallas, Tex.From March, 1865.    D.
Ward, Jesse A.Ass’t SFairbanks, IowaFrom March, 1865.
Wassow, JesseSurgeonLa Porte City, IowaTo Jan., 1865; also 32d Inf.
Kirkup, EdwinAss’t SHealdsburgh, Cal.To 18th Inf. Feb., 1865.
Sykes, Jas----Beverly, IllTreated Co. E in summer of 1865-‘6, at Helena, Ark.

1st INFANTRY – (3 months)                                                                                                                                 Page 120

2d INFANTRY – (The veterans and recruits of the 3d Infantry were transferred to this Regiment November 4, 1864) – Mustered out July 12, 1865.

Nassaw, W. W.Ass’t SBurlington, IowaTo Brig. Surg. April, 1862.
Pyle, ElliottAss’t SBurlington, LA.;
or Butler, Mo.
To 54th U.S.C.T. Oct., Butler, Mo. 1863.
Turner, Wm. H.Ass’t SKeokuk, IowaTo January, 1865.
Marsh, Willis R.Surgeon----From June, 1861.
Clark, Prentiss B.Ass’t STabor, IowaFrom April, 1865; also 8th Inf.

3d INFANTRY – Consolidated with the 2d Infantry November 4, 1864.

Cool, Daniel M.SurgeonCouncil Bluffs, Iowa or Chicago, Ill.To September, 1862.
Keables, Benj. F.SurgeonPella, IowaTo June, 1864.   H. R.
Schooley, John W.Ass’t SGolden, Colo.To June, 1864.
Robinson, S. E.A.A.S.West Union, IowaNot in A.G.R.
Edwards, Thos. O.Surgeon----To April, 1862.
Martin, David R.Ass’t S----To June, 1863.

4th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 24, 1865.

Greenleaf, D. C.SurgeonBloomfield, IowaFrom December, 1864.
Shaw, AlexAss’t SDenver, Colo.To 29th Inf. Aug., 1863.
Whitfield, Isaiah J.Ass’t SGrand Rapids, Mich.From December, 1864.
Robins, Myron W.SurgeonLas Vegas, N.M.To September, 1864.
Grimes, W. S.Ass’t SSalt Lake, U.T.To September, 1862.
Baley, LewisAss’t S----To March, 1863.

5th INFANTRY – Consolidated with 5th Cavalry September 1, 1864.

Darrow, W. H.Ass’t SColumbus Junction, La.From September, 1862, to Sept., 1864.
Rawson, Chas. H.SurgeonDes Moines, IowaTo Brig. Surg. April, 1862.
Huntsman, H. C.Ass’t SOskaloosa, IowaTo 50th U.S.C.T. Aug., 1863.
Carpenter, P. A.Ass’t SAlleged deadTo Sept., 1864.  A.W.M.

6th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 21, 1865.

Lambert, Wm. S.SurgeonAlbia, IowaFrom January, 1865.
Smith, Norman M.Ass’t SMonticello, IowaFrom October, 1862.
Lake, John E.Ass’t S----To September, 1862.
Shaw, Albert T.SurgeonOsceola, IowaMissing since Dec., 1864.

7th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 12, 1865.

Everingham, Jas.SurgeonButler, Mo.From October, 1863.
Lake, Calvin B.SurgeonAmes, or Indianola, IowaTo September, 1863.
Morgan, AsaAss’t SCedar Bayou, Tex.To June, 1862; also 1st Cavalry.
Ashton, JohnAss’t S----From September, 1862.

8th INFANTRY – Mustered out April 20, 1866.

Cook, Sam’l D.SurgeonSigourney, IowaFrom Sept., 1864; U.S. Ex. S.
Hoffmeister, A. W.SurgeonFt. Madison, IowaTo August, 1864.
Horton, C. F.Act’g SShellsburgh, IowaA.G. reports him Act’g Surg. from Nov., 1861
to June, 1862.
Huston, Isaac M.Ass’t SVictor, IowaFrom October, 1864.
Irwin, JamesSurgeonFort Collins, Colo.To April, 1863.
McGovern, Chas.Ass’t S----To August, 1863.
Clark, Prentis B.Ass’t S----To Jan., 1862; also 2d Inf.
McConnell, Jas.H. Stew.Rush Center, Kan.----

9th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 18, 1865.                                                                                                   Page 121

Hart, Henry W.Ass’t SCouncil Bluffs, IowaTo 38th Inf Oct., 1862.  G.
McGorrick, E. J.SurgeonDes Moines, IowaFrom Jan., 1863; also 17th Inf. (S.G. of Iowa).
McClure, Benj.SurgeonDubuque, IowaTo January, 1863.
Carter, Geo. W.Ass’t SMarshalltown, Iowa To 3d Cav. June, 1863.
Reed, Chas. A.Ass’t S----A. W. M.

10th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 15, 1865.

Mohr, R. J.SurgeonLos Angeles, Cal., or Fairfield, IowaFrom April, 1862, U.S. Ex. S.
Skinner, John O.Ass’t SPolk City, IowaTo June, 1865.
Willey, And’w J.Ass’t SMount Ayr, IowaTo February, 1862.
Everett, Wm.Ass’t S----To September, 1864.
Davis, Wm. P.Surgeon----To April, 1862.
Cummings, Wm. C.Ass’t S----To October, 1862.
Folger, John M.H. Stew.Indianola, Iowa----

11th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 15, 1865.

Batdorf, J. C.Ass’t SMechanicsville, IowaTo June, 1863.
Lloyd, Fred’k.Ass’t SCare of A.G. U.S.A.To 16th Inf. June, 1862.
Miles, Jas D.Ass’t SCrawfordsville or   Washington, IowaFrom July, 1863.   H. R.
Watson, Wm.SurgeonDubuque, IowaTo U.S.V. March, 1863.
Miller, John G.SurgeonLead City or
Deadwood, Dak. Ter.
To July, 1865.
Meyer, FrederickAss’t S----To June, 1863.
Johnson, D. P.Ass’t S----To September, 1862.

12th INFANTRY – Mustered out January 20, 1866.

Barr, JamesAss’t SAlgona, IowaFrom November, 1865. U.S. Ex. S.
Finley, Wm. H.Ass’t SHopkinton, IowaTo August, 1863.
Huff, Sanford W.SurgeonSigourney, IowaFrom Jan., 1864.  Dead.
Parker, Chas. C.SurgeonFayette, IowaTo April, 1862.
Underwood, MyronAss’t SEldora, IowaTo September, 1865.  U.S. Ex. S.

13th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 21, 1865.

McKee, Jos. M.SurgeonRock Island, Ill.To November, 1862.
Thrall, Seneca B.Ass’t SOttumwa, IowaTo April, 1864.
Thomas, Moses W.SurgeonDes Moines, IowaA. W. M.
Morrison, John C.Ass’t S----To November, 1864.
Boucher, Jas. H.Ass’t S----To U.S.V. August, 1862.

14th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 8, 1865.

Staples, Geo. M.SurgeonDubuque, IowaTo November, 1864.
Pierce, Sam N.Ass’t SCedar Falls, IowaTo April, 1863.  U.S.
Haskins, ShadrackAss’t SEarlville, IowaTo November, 1864.
Stevens, John H.Ass’t S----To November, 1864.

15th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 24, 1865.

Gibbon, Wm. H.SurgeonChariton, IowaTo December, 1864.
Nelson, Wm. W.Ass’t SBirmingham, IowaA. W. M.
Davis, Samuel B.Surgeon----To U.S.V. March, 1863.

16th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 19, 1865.                                                                                                 Page 122

Lloyd, FrederickSurgeonCare A.G. U.S.A.To September, 1863; also 11th Inf.
McNeil, D. C.Ass’t SOceola, Mo.To April, 1863;  U.S Ex. S.
McClelland, F.Ass’t SWall Lake, IowaTo U.S.V. August, 1864.
Phillips, Josiah L.SurgeonSioux Falls, Dak.From Oct., 1863.  Dead.
Alexander, DixonAss’t S----A. W. M.
Camburn, Jacob H.Surgeon----To June, 1862.

17th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 25, 1865.

Coleman, W. F.Ass’t SDecorah, IowaTo February, 1864.  U.S. Ex. S.
Early, J. H.SurgeonPalmyra, Mo.To May, 1865.  U.S. Ex. S.
McGorrisk, E. J.Ass’t SDes Moines, IowaTo November, 1862; also 9th Inf.
Udell, NathanSurgeonCentreville, IowaDismissed July, 1862.
Biser, C. C.Surgeon----From July, 1865.
Barclay, Wm. D.Ass’t S----To October, 1862.

18th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 20, 1865.

Allen, Jno. H.SurgeonMaquoketa, IowaTo March, 1864.
Kirkup, EdwinSurgeonHealdsburgh, Cal.To May, 1865; also 9th Cav.
Maynard, H. H.Ass’t SSanta Ana, Cal.To 2d Ark. Cav. March, 1864.
Harvey, JamesAss’t S----To June, 1862.
Sanford, H. C.Ass’t SDeadFrom August, 1864.

19th. INFANTRY – Mustered out July 10, 1865.

Bell, Thos. S.Ass’t SWapello, IowaG.  Was Hosp. Steward of Regt. prior to date of com.
Harvey, PhillipSurgeonPortland, Oregon or
Burlington, Iowa
To May, 1863.
Sloanaker, Lewis M.SurgeonSurgeonFrom July, 1863.  Dead.
Balch, S. F.Ass’t S----To July, 1863.
Hurst, Denison A.Ass’t S---- To February, 1863.
Lathrop, Moses C.Ass’t S----To 98th U.S. C. T.  October, 1863.

20th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 8, 1865.

Blanding, Abram O.SurgeonBattonville, Fla.From April, 1865,  H. R. for May, 1865.
Howey, HarrisSurgeonWapello, IowaTo January, 1865.
Ristine, HenrySurgeonCedar Rapids, IowaTo May, 1863.  U.S. Ex. S.
Marlin, Kusey S.Ass’t SDakota, Ill.From December, 1862.
Jennings. Jno. A.H. Stew.Chicago,. Ill.----

21st INFANTRY – Mustered out June 10, and July 15, 1865.

Benham, LuciusAss’t SSt. Charles, Mo.To July, 1863.
Chase, Dwight W.SurgeonDelphos, Kan.To May, 1865.
Hunt, H. H.SurgeonIndependence, IowaFrom June, 1863.
Orr, Wm. L.SurgeonOttumwa, IowaTo October, 1864; also 3d Cav. U.S. Ex. S.
Barnes, Rich’d A.Ass’t S----To March, 1863.
Hyde, Wm. A.Surgeon----To November, 1862.

22d INFANTRY – Mustered out July 25, 1865.                                                                                                     Page 123

Dinwiddle, Wm. A.Ass’t SCare of A.G. U.S.A.To Feb., 1865; also H. Stew. 40th Inf.
Shrader, John C.SurgeonIowa City, IowaFrom July, 1864.  Formerly Capt Co. H.
White, Wm. H.SurgeonAtlanta, Ga.To January, 1864.  Dead.
Peabody, OrenAss’t S----To 23d Inf. May, 1863.

23d INFANTRY – Mustered out July 26, 1865.

Bosbyshell, C. B.Ass’t SGlenwood, IowaTo June, 1863.
Cornell, N. R.Ass’t SGunnison Col. or
Knoxville, Iowa
To 40th Inf. Feb., 1864.
Campbell, Smith V.Ass’t SMarysville, Mo.To July, 1863.
Owen, Henry *H. Stew.Wichita, Kan.*Frequently acted as Surgeon during entire service.
Calwell, T. J.Ass’t SDallas Centre, IowaFrom March, 1864.  Alleged dead.
Peabody, OrenSurgeon----From May, 1863; also 22d Inf.
East, Alvis H.Surgeon----To April, 1863.

24th INFANTRY – Mustered out  July 17, 1865.

Eli, John F. SurgeonCedar Rapids, IowaTo June, 1863.
Lyons, Henry M. Surgeon832 Jackson st., Chicago, Ill.From December, 1864.
Lanning, J. M. Ass’t SClay Centre, Kan.From February, 1865.
Witherwax, J. M. SurgeonAlleged deadTo November, 1864.

25th INFANTRY – Mustered out June 6, 1865.

Farr, Henry M.SurgeonSalem, IowaTo September, 1864.
Gray, James D.Ass’t STalleyrand, IowaTo September, 1863.
Marsh, Wm. S.SurgeonMt. Pleasant, IowaTo February, 1863.
Marsh, Charles F.SurgeonMt. Pleasant, IowaFrom December, 1864.

26th INFANTRY – Mustered out June 6, 1865.

Hudson, Abijih T.SurgeonStockton, Cal.From September, 1862.
MacQuigg, Wm.Ass’t SLyons, IowaTo January, 1863.
Wetherell, Geo. F.Ass’t SLyons, IowaFrom Sept., 1862.  G.
Teal, CorneliusAss’t S----To May, 1864.

27th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 8, 1865.

Boomer, AlbertAss’t SDelhi, IowaTo August, 1864.
Hastings, David C.Ass’t SQuasqueton, IowaFrom October, 1862.
Sanborn, John E.SurgeonRockport, Mass.From October, 1862.

28th INFANTRY – Mustered out July 31, 1865.

Groves, Leroy S.Ass’t SAfton, IowaFrom March, 1865.
Statler, E. J. B.Ass’t SMarshalltown, IowaTo January, 1864.
Stewart, DavidAss’t SNorth Liberty, IowaTo May, 1863; also Capt. Co. E. to Feb., 1863.
Vest, John W. H.SurgeonMontezuma, IowaTo December, 1864.
Daniels, Wesley A.SurgeonTraer, IowaFrom January, 1865.
Lathrop, Wm P.Ass’t S----To December, 1862.
Boynton, H. W.H. Stew.Plankinton, Dak. Ter.----

29th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 10, 1865.

Eakin, David F.Ass’t SBeloit, Kan.To February, 1865.
Grimes, W. S.SurgeonDenver, Col.To June, 1863.
Nicholson, Wm. L.SurgeonFt. Dodge, IowaFrom September, 1864.
Rice, John H.Ass’t SMagnolia, IowaFrom December, 1864.
Shaw, AlexAss’t SDenver, Col.To Aug., 1864; also 4th Inf.

30th INFANTRY – Mustered out June 5, 1865.                                                                                                    Page 124
Allen, David B.SurgeonWest Liberty, OhioTo Feb., 1864; also 1st Cav.
Lewis, Chas. G.Ass’t SOttumwa, IowaTo January, 1863.
Rogers, Sam’l C.Surgeon922 W. Washington st.
Boston, Mass.
From June 3, 1865.
Price, Nathan L.SurgeonExline, IowaTo May, 1865.
Bond, John W.Surgeon----To March, 1863.
Walker, PeterAss’t S----To December, 1862.

31st INFANTRY – Mustered out June 27, 1865.

Carhart, G. L.SurgeonMarion or Mount
Vernon, Iowa
To December, 1864.
French, LuciusAss’t SDavenport, IowaTo June, 1863.  U.S. Ex. S.
Gates, Horace H.SurgeonGlidden, IowaFrom June 15, 1865.
Taylor, Elisha T.Ass’t S----To March, 1864.
Dawson, C. I.Ass’t SDeadTo April, 1863.

32d INFANTRY – Mustered out August 24, 1865.

Byam, PhilanderSurgeonHopkinton, IowaFrom Feb., 1865.   D.
Church, W. B.H. Stew.Marshall, Mich.----
Olney, Stephen B.SurgeonFort Dodge, IowaTo October, 1864.
Smith, Newcomb S.H. Stew.Yankton Agency, Dak. Ter.Also Ass’t S. 35th Inf.
Waters, Wm. B.Ass’t SMarshalltown, IowaTo July, 1863.
Wasson, JesseAss’t SLaporte City, IowaTo March, 1863; also 9th Cav.
Huston, Wm. L.Ass’t SMarengo, IowaFrom August, 1863.

33d INFANTRY – Mustered out July 17, 1865.

Craddick, W. W. *A.H.S.Knoxville, IowaTo March, 1863.  *Says he prepared all prescriptions
Franken, B.H. Stew.Sigourney, Iowa----
Scott, Wm.Ass’t SCentreville, IowaTo December, 1864.
Hopkins, Jno. Y.SurgeonAlleged deadFrom July, 1864.
Parks, AradSurgeon----To June, 1864.

34th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 15, 1865. – (The 38th Infantry was consolidated with this Regiment January 1, 1865.)

Coffman, Victor H.SurgeonOmaha, Neb.From January, 1864.
Davis, Charles W.SurgeonIndianola, IowaTo November, 1863.
McCleary, Jno. D.Ass’t S----To June, 1863.
King, IchabaldAss’t SAlleged deadFrom January, 1865.
Peebles, John M.Ass’t S----To May, 1865.
Jay, Henry W.Ass’t S----To February, 1863.

35th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 10, 1865.

Chambers, Chas. L.SurgeonMuscatine, or Tipton,
To August, 1863.
Cobb, Stephen M.SurgeonMuscatine, IowaFrom January, 1864,  U.S. Ex. S.
Rigart, Emanuel H.Ass’t SDes Moines or  Tipton, IowaTo September, 1863.
Smith, Newcomb S.Ass’t SYankton Agency, Dakota TerritoryTo May, 1865; also Hos. Steward 32d Inf.

36th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 24, 1865.                                                                                               Page 125

Sawyers, S. H.SurgeonWashington, D.C.To December, 1864.   G.
Strong, C. G.SurgeonSan Francisco, Cal.From January, 1865.
Smyth, Patrick A.Ass’t S----A. W. M.
Cousins, MosesSurgeon----To April, 1863.

37th INFANTRY, (Graybeard Regiment) – Mustered out May 24, 1865.

Findley, John W.SurgeonMt. Pleasant, IowaFrom March, 1862.  Alleged dead.
Orr, JosephAss’t SMt. Pleasant, IowaFrom March, 1863.
Dorn, EdwardAss’t S----A. W. M.
Haynes, Sam’l C.Ass’t S----To March, 1863; also 6th Cav.
De Witt, Geo. S.Ass’t S----To February, 1863.

38th INFANTRY – Consolidated with the 34th Infantry June 1, 1865.

Hart, Henry W.SurgeonCouncil Bluffs, IowaA. W. M.; also 9th Inf.  G.
McNutt, RobertAss’t SEast Des Moines, IowaDismissed Sept., 1864.
Duncan, Edward A.Ass’t S----To July, 1863.

39th INFANTRY – Mustered out June 5, 1865.

Davis, E. P.Ass’t SMcCune, Kan.To January, 1865.
Leonard, Wm. L.Ass’t SWinterset, IowaTo 7th Ill. Inf. December, 1863.   G.
Woods, Peter N.SurgeonFairfield, IowaFrom September, 1862.

40th INFANTRY – Mustered out August 2, 1865.

Cornell, N. R.SurgeonKnoxville, IowaFrom February, 1864; also 23d Inf.
Elwood, A. S.Ass’t SMonroe, IowaTo October, 1863.
Morgan, James W.Ass’t SPort Byron, Ill.From May, 1864.
Scales, H. J.Ass’t SKnoxville, IowaTo February, 1864.   G. H.R.
Dinwiddie, Wm. A.H. Stew.Care A.G. U.S.A.1862; also Ass’t Surgeon 22d Inf.
Robinson, David W.SurgeonMt. Pleasant, IowaTo December, 1863.

There were no 41st, 42d, or 43d Regiments.

44th INFANTRY, (100 days) – Mustered out September 15, 1864.

Irwin, JamesSurgeon----From June, 1864.
Russell, John H.Ass’t S----From June, 1864.
Thompson, Orrin B.Ass’t S----From June, 1864.

45th INFANTRY, (100 days) – Mustered out September 16, 1864.

Estabrook, Wm. W.SurgeonWinterset or Cedar Falls, IowaFrom May, 1864.
Hurley, JohnAss’t SToolsborough, IowaFrom May, 1864.
Stutsman, Sam’l H.Ass’t SDes Moines, IowaFrom May, 1864.

46th INFANTRY, (100 days) – Mustered out September 23, 1864.

Duncan, Joseph R.SurgeonCrawfordsville, Ind.From June, 1864.  G.
McCleary, Jno. D.Ass’t SIndianola, IowaFrom June, 1864.
Rosser, Wm. H.Ass’t STroy, IowaFrom June, 1864.

47th INFANTRY, (100 days) – Mustered out September 28, 1864.

Cherry, S. B.Ass’t SWinterset, IowaFrom June, 1864.
Fry, John H.Ass’t SUnion Mills, IowaFrom June, 1864.  G.
Wright, James D.SurgeonChariton, IowaFrom June, 1864.

48th INFANTRY, (100 days) – Mustered out October 20, 1864.                                                                           Page 126

Blanchard, Jno. A.Surgeon----From June, 1864.
Wundt, Chas. L.Ass’t S----From June, 1864.

EXPLANATIONS (un-numbered page, appears immediately after Page 330)

“G.” – Good.
“I.” – Intemperate.
“R.” – Records.
“U.M.” – Unsound mind.
“H.R.” – Has records, or private memoranda.
“A.G.R.” – Adjutant General’s Report.
“A.W.M.” – Appointed and waiting muster into the U.S. service.
“Dism.” – Dismissed.
“U.S. Ex. S.” or “Ex. S.” – U.S. Examining Surgeon for Pension Office.
“To Jan’y ’64,” in column of remarks means the time at which the Surgeon left the organization, either by resignation, discharge, or transfer.
“From Feb’y ’62,” means the time the Surgeon was commissioned to the rank that appears opposite his name.  The Surgeon may have been commissioned in January, 1862, as Assistant Surgeon, and promoted to Surgeon in March, 1864; the last-named date would appear opposite his name as Surgeon from “March, 1864,” whereas he may have been serving in the same organization as Assistant Surgeon for two years or more prior to that date.

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