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(From Old Courthouse Death Ledger)

Phillips, Stella M. age 10y 5m; born Lawler; died 1-8-1885 in Lawler of diphtheria; buried 1-9-1885 at cemetery near Lawler

Mullins, John age 75; born Co. Clare, IRE; married; died 1-5-1885 in New Hampton Twp. of hydropericardium w/ pneumonia; buried 1-7-1885 at Lawler

Minor, Caroline age 61; born Syracuse, NY; married; died 1-13-1885 in Chickasaw Twp. of dropsy; buried 1-15-1885 in Bassett

Monroe, Oren age 18y 5m 15d; born Bassett; single; died 1-30-1885 in Chickasaw Twp. of cerebral meningitis; buried 2-1-1885 at Chickasaw

Gates, Emma Martha age 3y 10m; born Polk Co., WI; died 2-17-1885 in Lawler of diphtheria; buried Protestant cemetery near Lawler 2-17-1885

Van Gorder, Harry J. age 1y 3m 5d; born La Fayette Twp., Bremer Co.; died 3-3-1885 in Richland Twp. of measles; buried March 4, 1885 at Horton

Gates, Ellen Louisa age 5y 7m 17d; born Iowa; died 2-5-1885 in Lawler of diphtheria; buried 2-6-1885 near Lawler

Gates, Noel Edgar age 7y 10m 3d; born Iowa; died 2-13-1885 in Lawler of diphtheria; buried ? near Lawler

Gates, Sybil Ann age 17y 10m 8d; born Iowa died 2-15-1885 in Lawler of diphtheria; buried 2-16-1885 at Lawler

Snyder, Rachel age 71y 9d; born Germany; married; died 2-15-1885 in Deerfield of pneumonia; buried ? at Deerfield

Randall, Lillie age 20y 1m 2d; born Illinois; died  3-26-1885 in New Hampton of diphtheria; buried 3-16-1885 in New Hampton

Randall, Eva age 14; born Illinois; died 3-19-1885 in New Hampton of diphtheria; buried 3-19-1885 at New Hampton

Randall, Branch (male) age 11y 10m 24d; born Illinois; died 3-21-1885 in New Hampton of diphtheria; buried 3-21-1885 at New Hampton

Kenyon, James R. age 45; born England; married; died 3-12-1885 in New Hampton Twp. of malarial fever; buried 3-15-1885 at New Hampton

Taylor, Grace age 7m; born New Hampton; died 3-23-1885 at New Hampton of pneumonia; buried 3-24-1885 at New Hampton Cemetery

Frandsen, Maria Kerstine age 3y 2m 24d; born Reisby -lug, Germany; died 2-27-1885 in New Hampton of typhoid; buried 2-28-1885 at New Hampton

Landon, Victor E. age 1y 2m; born Lawler; died  3-22-1885 in Lawler on inflammation of the bowel; buried 3-24-1885 in Lawler

Heinky, Christina age 25; born Germany; married; died 3-11-1885 at Dresden Twp. of metritis; buried 3-12-1885 at ?

Evans, George age 65y 1m 20d; born near Pittsburgh, Alleghany Co. PA; married; died 4-30-1885 at Lawler of apoplexy (dropped dead on sidewalk); buried 5-4-1885 at Protestant cemetery near Lawler

Eldrett, W. G. age 69y 10d; born London, England; married; died 4-12-1885 in Ionia of pneumonia; buried ? at Charles City

Scott, Samuel age 62; born St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.; married; died 5-22-1885 in Lawler of apoplexy; buried 5-23-1885 at Protestant cemetery, Lawler

Wiedman, Alvena age 7m 2d; born New Hampton; died 4-5-1885 at New Hampton of pneumonia; buried 4-7-1885 at New Hampton

Olmstead, Eunice age 65; born Vermont; married; died 6-2-1885 in New Hampton of apoplexy; buried 6-3-1885 in New Hampton

McCaughey, George age 64; married; died 7-20-1885 in Dayton Twp. of bilious fever; buried ? in New Hampton

Jennison, Orville age 77y 4m 8d; born Walpole, N.H. ; widowed; died 7-25-1885 in New Hampton of old age and pneumonia; buried 7-26-1885 in New Hampton

Hays, Elizabeth age 60; born Michigan; widow; died 7-25-1885 in New Hampton of rheumatism--valvular disease of the heart; buried 7-26-1885 at New Hampton

Stevenson, Eva Kate age 38; married; died 7-4-1885 in Fredericksburg twp. of gastritis; buried Fredericksburg Twp. on ?

Mangan, Bernard age 24; born Lawler; single; died 7-11-1885 in Lawler of epileptic convulsions; buried July 13, 1885 in Lawler

Powers, Michael Edward age 22; born Prairie Du Chein, Wis.; single; died 8-25-1885 in Lawler of phthisic (lung lesions); buried 8-27-1885 in Lawler

Kelley, Thomas B. age 74; born Co. Kildare, Ireland; married; died 9-20-1885 in Utica Twp of cholic; buried St. Ignasius Cemetery

Mellbrandt, Theresa Mary age 5m 7d; born Lawler; died 10-5-1885 in Lawler of ?; buried 10-6-1885 in Lawler

Horan, Margaret age 16; born Co. Tipperary, Ireland; widow; died 8-4-1885 in Lawler of jaundice; buried 8-6-1885 in Lawler

Curran, Patrick age 80y 3m; born Co. Kings, Ireland; widower; died 6-25-1885 in Lawler of inflammation of the bowels; buried Garry Owen Cemetery, Dubuque Co.

Ries, Carrie age 31; born Wis.; married; died 9-12-1885 in Dresden Twp. of meningitis; buried 9-13-1885 Kidder Cemetery

Ries, Baby Girl age 25d; born Dresden Twp.; died 9-16-1885 in Dresden Twp. of cholera infantum; buried 9-17-1885 in Kidder Cemetery

Herrick, Elizabeth age 63; born England; married; died 9-21-1885 in Fredericksburg Twp. of inflammation of the bowels; buried 9-23-1885 in Kidder Cemetery

Flinn, Ann age 25; born Canada; single; died 9-10-1885 in Nashua of nephritis chronic; buried Floyd Co.

Kruger, Lena age 1y 11m 20d; born Ionia; died 6-1-1885 in Ionia of pneumonia; buried Chickasaw Cemetery

Whelan (Whalen ?), Mrs. J. age 38; born Co. Kerry, Ireland; married; died 11-22-1885 in Utica Twp. of pelvic peritonitis; buried 11-24-1885 at Lawler

Wood, Mrs. M. E. age 53; born N. Y.; married; died 8-8-1885 near Lawler of peritonitis-disease of the kidneys; buried Little Turkey Cemetery, Utica Twp. 8-9-1885

Rowley, Polly A. age 82y 3m 24d; born North Umberland, N. Y.; widow; died 9-22-1885 in New Hampton of pneumonia; buried Reedsburg, Wis.

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