1905 Chickasaw County Normal Institute

New Hampton Gazette
Thursday July 27, 1905
County Institute Opens

The Chickasaw County Normal Institute opened Monday with an enrollment of 112, which was yesterday augmented to the number of 135. It is thought the total by next week will reach 150. The total last year was 139. There are twelve young men, just twice the number last year.

President Hirsch of the Charles City College lectured Tuesday afternoon and this afternoon there is to be a public lecture by Prof. Fisher of the Nora Springs Seminary. Next Tuesday afternoon Prof. Eastman of the State Normal School at Cedar Falls will lecture. These lectures are held in the assembly room at the school building and the public is invited.

The following are enrolled up to the present time:

Grade A
Kate Miller, Postville
Frances Ellsworth, Fredericksburg
Regina McKone, Lawler
Christina Halverson, Jerico
Myrta Cagley, Nashua
Sylvia E. Bigelow, Ionia
Stella Pope, Fredericksburg
Mrs. A. J. Pierson, New Hampton
Mae E. Reilly, New Hampton
Rose Meyer, New Hampton
Ina Rowe, New Hampton
C.M. Dickson, Charles City
Esther Swenumson, Lawler
Pauline C. Smith, New Hampton
Anna Schuetz, New Hampton

Grade B
Etta McKee, New Hampton
Delia C. Mouso, Mashua
Blanche Roberge, Ionia
Mabel Pratt, Fredericksburg
Katie Burke, Fredericksburg
Pyrle, Ackley, Fredericksburg
Rita Cooney, Lawler
Emma C. Dawson, New Hampton
Martha Anderson, Lawler
Lucy Meyer, Ionia
Helena Halvorson, Jerico
Ina Crapser, Nashua
Etta Tooley, New Hampton
Agnes E. Carney, New Hampton
Blanche Smith, Nashua
Mary C. Anderson, Bassett
Frieda Schlatter, Lawler
Anna E. Malloy, Lawler
Nellie Griffin, Lawler
Margaret Donnell, Alta Vista
Annetta J. Natvig, Lawler
Ella Natvig, Saude
Lottie Moody, Ionia
Pearle C. Cagley, Ionia
Henry Boyd, Bassett
Annetta C. Natvig, Lawler

Grade C
Ethel M. Anderson, New Hampton
Belle Larson, New Hampton
Kate Robinson, New Hampton
Treace Delsing, New Hampton
Agnes McIntee, New Hampton
Mabel Ure, New Hampton
Bessie Noble, New Hampton
Pearl McKee, New Hampton
Emma Rabe, New Hampton
Martha Kempendorf, New Hampton
Gertrude Pierce, New Hampton
Julia Christensen, New Hampton
Teresa Stanton, Lawler
Katie Feeney, Lawler
Anna King, Lawler
Minnie Fisher, Lawler
Regina Sloan, Lawler
Elizabeth McElwee, Lawler
Helen O'Neil, Lawler
Alice Davis, Fredericksburg
Alyin Burmaster, Fredericksburg
Jessie Castor, Ionia
Estella Taylor, Ionia
Anna Moody, Ionia
Maud Hubanks, Nashua
Grace Bird, Nashua
Winnie Hale, Waucoma

Grade D
Josephine Stanton, New Hampton
Hazel Leslie, New Hampton
Frank Harris, New Hampton
Karl Greenwald, New Hampton
Verna Greenwald, New Hampton
Hattie Carney, New Hampton
Mildred Brown, New Hampton
Florence L. Tierney, New Hampton
Hazel Zimmerman, New Hampton
Emma Pierce, New Hampton
Lenore Kemman, New Hampton
Ada Marr, New Hampton
Hattie Schulte, New Hampton
Regina Dillon, New Hampton
Lulu Utley, New Hampton
Mattie Kemman, New Hampton
Clara Adams, New Hampton
Ada Wiedmann, New Hampton
Marie Wilkins, New Hampton
Mytle Shaffer, New Hampton
B. Wight, New Hampton
Winnie Dawson, New Hampton
Collette Husting, New Hampton
Luella Tierney, New Hampton
Estella Burns, Lawler
Anna Galligan, Lawler
Willie Nulty, Lawler
Hazel Lewis, Lawler
Florence Mullen, Lawler
Gertie Farrel, Lawler
Etta Gallagher, Lawler
Claire Cooney, Lawler
Georgia Kelley, Lawler
Florence Martin, Lawler
Cecelia Stanton, Lawler
Ambrose M. Goss, Lawler
John Dever, Lawler
Edward Markle, Lawler
Glenn Woodruff, Lawler
Katie Malloy, Lawler
Gertie Marshall, Lawler
Loretta O'Byrne, Lawler
Agnes Leonard, Lawler
Lena C. Kerssen, Fredericksburg
Edith Purdy, Fredericksburg
Alberta Richardson, Fredericksburg
Jessie Grems, Fredericksburg
Lida Langdon, Fredericksburg
Edna Ellison, Fredericksburg
Ora Hayden, Chickasaw
Iva Hayden, Chickasaw
Kristine Malheim, Saude
Franze Krause, Ionia
Claude Motry, Ionia
Jessie Ackley, Ionia
Will Tucker, Ionia
Jennie Huffman, Ionia
Anna Meyers, Ionia
Jessie Miller, Ionia
Joshua Huffman, Ionia
Eva laydon, Ionia
Louise Tongman, Nashua
Mabel Bark, Nashua
Lena Troutner, Nashua
Edith Dodd, Nashua
Esther Case, Nashua
Laura Jones, Nashua

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