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Chickasaw County Women's Clubs
Women's Club, Home Study Club, Emanon Study Club, and the R.E.S.T. Club

Primary Sources: Nashua Reporter, Centennial Edition, 1955
and the 1919 Official Register and Directory of Women's Clubs

The Official Register lists three women's clubs in Chickasaw County in 1919 - the Emanon Study Club in Nashua, the Home Study Club with 18 members in Fredericksburg (President, Mrs. Minna Bishop); the Women's Club in Lawler, with 20 members (President, Mrs. Vina Parker); and the Emanon Study Club in Nashua.

The Emanon Study Club was organized in 1900, and Federated in 1901. According to the 1919 Official Register, its President was Mrs. Jessie Forbes. It remained an active organization until May 14, 1942, when, at the home of Mrs. Merit Bishop, the books of the Emanon Club were closed and a new Club to be known as the R.E.S.T. was born.

The change was made because many of the members were mothers of young children, and it was not always possible or convenient to secure "Baby sitters." The new Club was designed to provide recreation for both mothers and children.
Eight members of the disbanded Emanon Club became charter members of the new organization.

They were: Callie (Mrs. Merit) Bishop, now of Trinidad, Oregon; Ida Jane (Mrs. Clarence) Sundahl, Santa Rosa, Cal.; Lucille (Mrs. Walter) Meyers, Charles City; Matie Blake deceased, Marion Chandler, Mary Ligget, Mae Watson, and Maude Emmons. The last four, still Nashua residents. Seven others were soon added. The present membership is twenty, and through the years has continued to include many young mothers. For the convenience of these young women, the group today has breakfast meetings on the second Friday of each month.

Each year a book is presented to the local library, and contributions are made to the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, cancer and polio drives, and various other service projects. During the Second World War quilts and robes were made for use in Veteran's Hospitals.

Of the Charter Members, Maude Emmons and Mary Ligget are still with the group.

Present (1955) officers are: president, Jean Sorensen; vice-president, Harriet Carpenter; secretary-treasurer, Doris Maring.

(Written for R.E.S.T. Club by Mary Ligget).

Contributed by Claudia Groh. Transcribed by Mike Peterson. Edited and expanded by Bruce Kuennen.