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(From Nashua Reporter, 12 February 1903)

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Chickasaw County, Iowa January Session Board met in the auditor's office at New Hampton Iowa at 1:30 p.m. Monday, January 5, 1903. Present Saltzman, Bailey, Cagley, Blueme and Murray. The oath of office was taken by Murray, the elected member from district No. 1. Carist Saltzman was chosen chairman for the year 1903.

The following bonds were approved:
M.J. Fitzpatrick, County auditor.
F.A. O'Connor County Attorney
J.R. Zimmer, County Recorder
J.W. Redman, Clerk District Court

G.H. Potter, Chickasaw
John Trask, Deerfield.
Geo. Tierney, Deerfield.
M.J. Gurnett, Jacksonville.
E.B. Goodrich, Dresden.
H. Dexter, Bradford.
E.A. Granger, Bradford.
Ed Feuchtwagner, Richland.
Peter Herzog, Dayton.
Fred Babcock, Dayton.
G.E. Rocheford, Washington
J.E. Noble, New Hampton.
Peter O'Byrne, Stapleton.
B.J. O'Neil, Stapleton
S.P. Moore, Fredericksburg.
H.P. Carpenter, Fredericksburg.

A.W. Beard, Chickasaw.
John Quirk, Deerfield.
F.R. Snope, Bradford
Warren Parish, Bradford.
F.M. Phillips, Stapleton
E.F. Block, Stapleton
A.D. Thomas, Fredericksburg
J.N. Coleman, Fredericksburg
J.C. Tierney, Dayton
Paul Sack, New Hampton
John Meyers, New Hampton
Geo. J. Denner, Jacksonville.
James Edgar, Richland
J.W. Hicks, Richland.

C.A. Tucker, Chickasaw
Thos. Ostoson, Jacksonville.
J.J. Ries, Washington
J.H. McGrane, Deerfield.
J.W. Pierce, Richland
Halvor Neirson, Utica
John Wright, New Hampton
C.W. Lamka, Dresden
J.W. Krieger, Dayton
A.E. Quaife, Bradford
W.B. Waite, Ionia
W.H. Grems, Fredericksburg City
J.J. Parks, Fredericksburg City

W.E. Goodlander, Deerfield
R.R. Cagley, Chickasaw
Lutner McGee, Dresden
G.W. Cotant, New Hampton
T.J. Murphy, Dayton
W.H. Grems, Fredericksburg
Matt Nulty, Stapleton
J.J. Lukes, Utica
J.W. Ralph, Jacksonville
E.W. Lamka, Richland

Bond of G.K. Smith as member of the soldiers' relief commission was approved. On the retiring of M.E. Geiser as County Attorney the board offered the following resolution: Be it resolved by the board of supervisors in session that we tender to M.E. Geiser our retiring county attorney, our sincere thanks for his counsel, ever ready services, and zealous care of the tax payers' interests. Signed, Saltzman, Bailey, Cagley, Blueme and Murray.

SECOND DAY TUESDAY. Board met at 8:30 a.m. All present. In the newspaper contest for the year 1903, the New Hampton Courier, New Hampton Tribune and the New Hampton Gazette agreed to print the official matter for the compensation of two papers. The Nashua Reporter's filed list was 599. The Nashua Post's filed list was 556. The Lawler Dispatch filed list was 716. The Cawler Dispatch having the largest number of subscribers was appointed as the third official paper for 1903. The bids for county physician were then opened. Bids were tied by Drs. Paul Gardner, Feeney and Schilling. Dr Schilling was chosen County physician for the coming year. Board adjourned at 6 p.m.

Contributed by Cathy Joynt Labath of The Irish of Iowa