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1816-birth-Aug 1 - Joseph Allison is born in Paisley,Scotland.

1818-birth - Elizabeth Brown is born in Scotland.

1821-birth-Jul 12 - John Brown is born in of Elizabeth.

1836-marriage-Aug 11 - Joseph Allison to Elizabeth Brown in Paisley,Scotland

1838-birth-Aug 4 - Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Allison, in Scotland.

1841-birth- ? - Agness, dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Allison in Scotland.

1840s - Allison Family emigrates to America, buy farm, Brookville Twp, Ogle Co., IL.

1848-birth-March 5 - Margaret, dau.of Joseph & Elizabeth Allison, Ogle Co., IL.

1850-U.S. Census for Brookville Twp.,Ogle Co.,IL lists Allison Family:

Joseph,34,farmer; Elizabeth,32; Elizabeth,13; Agnes,9; Margaret,2.

1850s-Allison family moves to Dubuque,County,Iowa before 1855.

1855-birth-Aug 9- John, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Allison, born in Iowa.

1860-U.S. Census for Utica Twp.,Chickasaw Co.,IA, lists the Allison Family: Joseph,45; Elizabeth,45; Agnes 18; Margaret,13;John 3.Joseph is a farmer.

1861-marriage-Sep 27-Agnes Allison to William Slaight in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa

1864-marriage-Apr 6-Margaret Allison,19, to Wm P.Wright,21, Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1862-birth- ? -Elizabeth, dau. of Wm & Agnes Slaight, probably Chickasaw Co.,IA.

1864-birth- ? -Caroline, dau. of Wm & Agnes Slaight, probably in Chickasaw Co.

1869-birth- ? -Patrick, son of Wm & Agnes Slaight, probably in Chickasaw Co.,IA

1865-birth-Jul 31-Jennie, dau. of Margaret & Wm P. Wright,Chickasaw Co.,Iowa

1860s-divorce- ?-Margaret from Wm P. Wright. Margaret and child,Jennie, go to live with Margaret's parents on farm in Utica Twp.

1870-U.S. Census for Utica Twp.,Chickasaw Co.,Iowa lists Allison Family: Joseph,55,Farmer;Elizabeth,53;Margarett,22;John,15;Emma(Jennie) 5yrs.; and John Brown,50,farmer and bro. of Elizabeth Allison.

1870-marriage-Oct 31-Margaret Allison Wright to James Everingham (b.1845 IL) son of Wm & Elizabeth Everingham of Utica Twp.,Chickasaw Co.,IA. Married in Chickasaw Co.

1872-birth-Feb 4-William Joseph,son of James & Margaret Everingham,Lawler,Iowa

1873-birth-Nov 17-Elizabeth,dau. of James & Margaret Everingham at Lawler,Iowa.

1877-marriage-Apr 16-John Allison to Barbara Leuenberger (b.21 Sep 1859 IA).

1878-birth-Mar 4-Jennetie,dau. of John & Barbara Allison,Chickasaw Co., Iowa

1879-birth-Sep 30-Roy,son of John & Barbara Allison in Mower Co.,MN.

1879-birth-Oct ?-Minnie,dau. of James & Margaret Everingham at Lawler,Iowa.

1880-U.S. Census (26 JUL 1880) for Utica Twp.,Chickasaw Co.,Iowa lists:
Allison: Joseph,65,farmer; Elizabeth,63; Elizabeth Slaight,17;John Brown,55
Allison: John,24,farmer; Barbery,20; Jenitte,2.
Everingham: James,34,farmer; Margret,31; Jennie,14; Willie,8,;Elizabeth,6, and Minnie,7/12(b.Oct.1879).

1881-birth-Nov 11-Joseph,son of John & Barbara Allison at Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1881-birth-Dec 7-Sarah Ellen(Sadie),dau. of James & Margaret Everingham at Lawler,Chickasaw Co. ,Iowa

1882-death-Jun 25-Joseph Allison,Family Patriarch and native of Paisley,Scotland,died in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa,age 65 yrs.

1884-birth-Jan 11-Nora, dau. of John & Barbara Allison born in Mower Co.,MN.

1885-death-Jul 4-Elizabeth Brown Allison died in Chickasaw Co.and was buried in Little Turkey Cemetary with Husband,Joseph, age 67 yrs.

1885-birth-Sep 21-Reynold, son of John & Barbara Allison in Mower Co.,MN.

1885-James Everingham went to Missouri,wife & children stayed in Utica Twp.

1886-Margaret Everingham left Iowa with Horace Parrott(b.14JUL1861 Cascade,IA) taking Minnie and Sarah Ellen with them.They rented a small farm/house on a hillside above the Zumbro River about one mile from the town of Kellogg, Wabasha Co. ,MN.

1886-birth-Jul 9-Edna,dau. of Margaret Everingham & Horace Parrott born at Kellogg,MN.

1887-death-Apr 28-Agnes Allison Slaight (age 46 yrs.) died in Whiteside Co.,IL and was buried in the East Jordan (Twp.) Cemetaryy in Whiteside Co.,IL.

1887-death-Oct 14-Minnie Everingham,8, drowned in the Zumbro River and was buried on this date in the Greenfield Twp. Cemetary.Dau. of James & Margaret Everingham.

1887-birth-Dec 14-Floyd,son of John & Barbara Allison, in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1888-divorce-Feb 15-formal divorce of James & Margaret Everingham,Chickasaw Co.

1889-birth-Aug 28-Raymond Nelson! son of Horace & Margaret Parrott at Kellogg,MN.

1890-birth-Jan 23-Raymond,son of John & Barbara Allison in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1892-birth-Apr 27-Edith,dau. of John & Barbara Allison, in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1895 MN State Census for Greenfield Twp.,Wabasha Co.lists Parrott Family:

Horace,33,farmer; Margaret,45; Sarah(Everingham) ,10; Edna,9; Raymond, 6.

1896-birth-Jul 28-Clifton,son of John & Barbara Allison,in Chickasaw Co.,Iowa.

1897-death-Jul 14-John Brown (age 76 yrs.) unmarried brother of Elizabeth Brown Allison,died in Chickasaw Co. and was buried in Little Turkey Cemetary.

1901-Sep 19-Parrott Family moved their household from Kellogg,MN to Lake City,MN using a horse and wagon. Horace,Maggie,Edna,and Raymond.

1901-death-Dec 5-Barbara Leuenberger Allison died in Chickasaw Co. and was buried in Little Turkey Cemetary,Utica Township. Husband, buried at Polo, Ogle Co.,IL.Barbara was 42 yrs.old.

1902-death-Feb 23-Elizabeth Allison Maxwell,wife of Archibald Maxwell (b.1828) died in Sterling,IL. Mother of 11 children.Buried in East

Jordan Cemetary,Whiteside Co.,IL. Elizabeth was 63 yrs.old.

1903-marriage-Jan 7-John Allison to Lizzie Fisher (b. 1867) (2nd)

1906-birth-Oct 5-Archie John,son of John & Lizzie Allison in Franklin Co.,Iowa.

1910-death-May 7-John Allison died and was buried in Fairmont Cemetery at Polo,Ogle Co.,1L--age 54yrs

1910-death-Dec 15-James Everingham,2nd husband of Margaret Allison, died (age 65yrs) and was buried in Leavenworth Nat'l.Cem.,Leavenworth,Kansas.

1915-death-Nov 2-Margaret Allison Wright Everingham Parrott died (age 67 yrs.) at Lake City, MN and was buried in the Lakewood Cemetary there.Wabasha Co.

1918-death-Oct 11-Archibald Maxwell,husband of Elizabeth Allison(b.1838) ,died at Sterling,Whiteside Co.,IL, age 90 yrs. buried in East Jordan Cemetary,Whiteside Co.

1933-death-Apr 23-Lizzie Fisher Allison, 2nd wife of John Allison,died,age 66 yrs.

1945-death-Oct 20-Horace Evering Parrott,3rd husband of Margaret Allison, died in the State Hospital at Rochester, MN. Buried in Crystal Lake Cemetary,Minneapolis,MN with Anna Miller. Age 84 years.

Contributed by Grant Hayes, Duluth, MN