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This page contains pictures from the Erion and Lentz families which were sent to us for help in identification. If you have additional information for a photo below, please contact the County Coordinator.

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WHO IS SHE? Picture labeled "Bob Erion & Aunt, 1939." Bob's aunt would be an ERION or CLARK. Clara Erion Scholz would be about 54 at the time; so could be her. Clara's husband George Scholz was mayor of Alta Vista. Bob's father was Charles August Erion.

WHO ARE MARIE LENTZ JENS AND MRS. FRANK LENTZ? Picture labeled "Marie Lentz Jens, Mrs. Frank Lentz holding Darlene, Agnes Erion. Sunday, June 4, 1939 at Mother's home in Alta Vista, Iowa." Darlene and Agnes known by submitter but looking for identification of the other two people.

WHO IS THIS GREAT AUNT? Picture labeled "Darlene & Great Aunt, 1939." Darlene Erion Orr is the baby. The Aunt must be an Erion or Clark. In 1939, Darlene's great aunt Kate Erion Winn (daughter of Christian and Christina Erion) would be about 66 and lived in Alta Vista. Might be her.

WHO ARE THEY? Picture unlabeled. Taken about 1939 at Alta Vista. The woman in the photo might possibly be a sister of Leah Clark Erion. There is another thought this might be Alma and Wilken Offen. Alma's mother and Leah Clark Erion's mother were twin sisters. Wilken and Alma may have had 2 daughters, Ruth and Sarah, and lived near Bonair.

Referring to the Lentz photo above; in May 2009 Sarah Heying submitted the following comments.
"I believe Marie Lentz was born about 1873 and married to Herman Lentz.  In 1938 Herman Lentz was charged with illegal possession of liquor and a given a $300 fine or 90 days in jail. In 1935 Charles Erion  was also charged with illegal possession of liquor. Mr. Frank Lentz was on the Chickasaw county board of supervisors for some time and also had a home in Mitchell, SD, which he regularly traveled to while maintaining his elected position."

Click here to see a January 27, 1938 news clipping in the Waterloo Daily Courier about Frank Lentz.