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Nicholas SCHILLING, M.D., a doctor in New Hampton, Iowa was born April 4, 1868 in Sauk County, Wisconsin, a son of John and Elizabeth (PICKAR) SCHILLING both of whom are natives of Phenish, Prussia.

The father having served his time in the German Army, emigrated to America at age twenty-three.  The mother came to the new world with her parents at age twelve.  Dr SCHILLING was only ten years old when his father died and his mother, with five young children, traveled to North Washington, Iowa.  Between the ages of thirteen and twenty he worked on farms and attended school; and in 1888 attended Decorah Institute.

After teaching school in Deerfield, Iowa he decided to go east and attended medical schools at Northwestern University of Chicago and in 1896 was graduated from John A. Creighton Medical College at Omaha, Nebraska.  Completing a year as an intern in February 1897, he came to New Hampton and entered medical practice with Dr Babcock.  It was long his ambition to establish a hospital in New Hampton and his wish was realized in February 1917, when St Joseph's Hospital was opened.

On December 31, 1894, in Chicago, Dr SCHILLING married Miss Martha PFEIFFER, a daughter of Mary PFEIFFER who is forelady in Mandel Brothers store in Chicago.  Her family comes from Thorn on the Vistula, in Germany and she has a brother Ernest , a lawyer in Chicago.   Dr and Mrs SCHILLING have six children: Arthur is serving on the battleship Mississippi; Florence and Cordelia are attending the Univeristy of Minnesota; Harold is a student at Dubuque College and Bernard and Marie are still at home.

Source: History of Chickasaw and Howard Co (1919), Vol II, Synopsis of pages 376 - 379, Transcribed by Leonard Granger.


  Ernest Schultz,  who carries on general farming on section 30,  Washington township,  Chickasaw County,  was born August 17, 1880,  on a place two miles south of his present home.  His parents,  Herman and Johanna (Glienke) Schultz,  were natives of Germany,  where they were reared and married.  In 1874,  they came to the United States and first established their home in Chicago,  where the father worked as a mason for about four years.  He then removed to Chickasaw county and took up his abode on what is now know as the old Schultz homestead -- the place upon which Ernest Schultz was born.  The father's first purchase of land made him the owner of forty acres and he thereon engaged in general farming to the time of his death.  Both he and his wife spent their remaining days in Washington township,  the latter dying in 1910 and the former in 1913.

   The youthful training and experiences of Ernest Schultz were those of the farm-bred boy,  for when quite young he began to assist his father in the tasks of plowing, planting and harvesting as the farm work was carried forward from one season to another.  He determined to continue in the same line of work on reaching adult age and originally purchased fifty acres of land from his father.  He has increased his holdings until his farm now comprises one hundred and twenty acres and the place is now carefully and profitably cultivated and developed.   The fields give promise of substantial harvests and the methods followed in the cultivation of the crops are of the most progressive character.  In addition to his farming interests Mr. Schultz is a stockholder in the Farmers Lumber Company of Alta Vista,  also in the Farmers Creamery of that place and in the creamery company he is one of the directors.

   On the 21st of February,  1906,  Mr. Schultz was joined in wedlock to Miss Ida Glienke, a daughter of Henry and Alvina (Schmidt) Glienke,  who are now residents of Alta Vista. Mr. and Mrs. Schultz have become parents of two daughters and a son:  Luella,  born September 9, 1907, Ada, born July 28, 1909 and Harry, March 13, 1916.

    The parents belong to the German Lutheran church of Alta Vista, and at the polls Mr. Schultz gives his political allegiance to the Republican  party.  Diligence and thrift have constituted the foundation upon which he has built his present prosperity.  His life has been quietly passed,  his attention being always given to his farming interests,  and thus concentrating his efforts along a single line,  he has won the merited reward of labor.  At the same time he is actuated by a progressive spirit that has led him to study business conditions and opportunities  and made him a cooperate factor in the lumber company and in the creamery of AltaVista.

Ref: History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties, Vol. Two, Page 475, Transcribed by Lookup Person Leonard Granger

EDWARD T. SMITH, who follows farming on section 32, Utica township. Chickasaw county, Iowa was born June 1, 1858. a half mile west and a quarter mile south of his present farm. His parents were Thomas and Rose (Galligan) Smith, the former a native of Mass. while the later was born in Ireland. With their removal westward in 1858 they first settled on section 5, Utica township, Chickasaw Co., where the father purchased forty acres of land, for which he paid $2.50 per acre. He at once began the development and improvement of the property and continued to reside upon that place until his death, which occurred in the spring of 1912. He had long survived his wife, who died on the old homestead farm in 1872. They were worthy citizens and highly respected people of their community, and in his business career Mr. Smith had demonstrated what may be accomplished through individual effort and ability. Coming to the west without capital, he worked his way steadily upward and was the owner of a valuable farm of 280 acres. Edward Smith bios listed separate.

Ref: History of Chickasaw and Howard Co, Iowa. (1919) Vol 2, Page 214