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Cerro Gordo Court House Records
County Tax Roll Index ~ 1877 ~ S - Y Surnames

There are misspellings in this file.  Apparent ones are marked by *

Surname First Name or Initial
Sabin Geraldine
Sabins Henry S. Sabins
Sackett C.K.
Salon James
Sampson E.M.
Sauchson * A.F. Sauchson
Schaer Andrew
Schaer John & Ulrich
Schmere Charles
Schmidt M.
Schnicker J.H.
Scott Amanda
Scott Hugh
Seabury C.B.
Seigfried Charles
Seward John
Seward John, Jr.
Seward William
Shaw G.R. Shaw
Sherman E.
Sherwood C.W.
Shobe Louise
Signor S.B.
Simmie R.O., Jr.
Simonson C. Simonson
Simpkins S.
Simpson B.G.
Simpson Buradella G.
Sleeper J.L.
Slocum William
Smart Anderson
Smider John
Smidt D.G. Smidt
Smidt D.G.
Smidt K.
Smith A.G.
Smith H.L.
Smith Joseph Smith
Smith N.I.
Smtih S.B. Smtih
Snell Lewis
Snell Lewis
Snyder E.A.
Solan Ann
Spencer David T. Spencer
Spink C.A.
Spotts Samuel
Stamplish M.M.
Steames G.A.
Steams G.A.
Steinberg Henry F.
STevens S.B.
Stewart George
Stewart J.B.
Stewart John
Stimmons John O. Stimmons
Stoner Andrew W.
Stork Joseph
Sturaes Mary
Styles Peter
Sullivan E.
Sullivan James
Summer George
Sundberg A.B.
Sutton Joseph
Sutton M.J.
Swanson J.A. Swanson
Swarthart R.B. Swarthart
Tagesser John
Talhuan George C.
Taylor James S.
Taylor John D.
Tenner M.
Tenney C.W.
Tenney C.W.
Theeler P.
Thomas Amos
Thompkins & Horton -
Thompson A.
Thompson A.M.
Thompson C.M.
Thompson O.V.
Tice D.
Tingles J.
Todd W.J.
Tompkins Elijah
Tompkins Hattie A.
Toner M.
Toombs N.
Tower Peter
Town L.F.
Triggs William
Truesdale William H.
Tubbs H.E.
Turnbull A. Turnbull
Turney C.W
Tusha & Raymoss -
Tuttle A.B. Tuttle
Tuttle E.A.
Tuttle M.
Tuttle M.
Tuttle Marcus
Tuttle Marcus
Tuttle Marcus
Tuttle Marcus
Tuttle Marcus
Tymell Pierce
Umbarger J.H.
Van Auken L.N.
Van Loan F.
VanAucken L.M.
VanHorton P.
VanHorton P.
VanSickles H.M.
Vansloan F.
Vanston Benjamin
Vaughn N. H.
Veinal Nelson Veinal
Vickerman Job
Vincent C. F.
Vincent Charles F. Vincent
Voltz William
Waburton Palir
Waldron N.
Walker Mrs. Ann
Walter Francis
Walter Francis
Ward George
Ward George Ward
Ward Samuel
Ward Z.R.
Wart M.
Watson Robert
Watts D., Jr.
Watts D., Sr.
Watts Henry
Way Jonathan
Webster M.L.
Wellington W.L.M.
Wells Ford L.
Wells W.A.
West F.R.
Westcott Amos
Westcott Mrs. Mary
Wheeler E.B.
Wheeler Ella Wheeler
Wheeler I.R.
Wheelock H.K.
White J.
White John Z.
White Mrs. W.K.
White Theo
Whitney Anna
Whittermore Otis
Wickersham D.L.
Wilber R.
Wilcox C.E.
Williams C.Y.
Williams N.E.
Willy N.
Wilson Andrew
Wilson Mary E.
Wilson Mary E.
Winger Henry
Wingert W.J.
Winnie W.W.
Winnie W.W.
Winnie W.W.
Winters D.
Winters W.R.
Witte Willima
Wood Joseph
Wood M.W.
Woodall J.N.
Woodburn H.L
Woodhense John
Woodward Bros -
Woolsey B.S. Woolsey
Wright A.S.
Wyman C.E. Wyman
Yarrow John
Yarrow John
Yates William Yates
Young Moses W. Young


Transcription by a volunteer, March of 2009

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