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Dougherty Township, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

Dougherty township was organized in 1870 and was named Prairie, but in 1871 the name was changed to Dougherty in honor of its first settler, Daniel DOUGHERTY.

The first school in Dougherty Township was built on Section 36, in 1864 near Daniel DOUGHERTY's old homestead, and was taught by Miss Elizabeth IRVIN of Clayton county, the families of John HUMPHREY and Daniel DOUGHERTY furnishing the scholars. Today [1910] there are nine public schools and a parochial school [Saint Patrick's] in the township, the latter presided over by five Sisters of the Presentation Order of Dubuque. ~ History of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, 1910

Winter Session, December 2, 1901 - March, 1902
Beata DOUGHERTY, Teacher

Eddie CAHALAN, 12   James CAHALAN, 13   Mandy CAHALAN, 6
John CAMPBELL, 17   Agnes DOUGHERTY, 17   Bulga LUTTMAN, 9
H. LUTTMAN, 10   Charles MULLIN, 14   Ernest WILSON, 9

Mr. Lyle D. BAKER, Teacher

Dougherty Schoolhouse #7 was located four miles west of Dougherty in District Number 7, Dougherty Township. The 1895 Plat Map places this schoolhouse in the southeast quarter of sec. 30 on land owned by John F. ORMSBY (Deerfield School No. 7).

Alice CONNERS, 14   Beatrice CONNERS, 16   Cassie CONNERS, 13
Jeannie CONNERS, 14   Julia CONNERS, 9   Mae CONNERS, 7
Willie CONNERS, 11   Edward HANLEY, 17   Daniel HOGAN, 14
James HOGAN, 16   John HOGAN, 9   Mike HOGAN, 17
Annie McLAUGHLIN, 11   Harold McLAUGHLIN, 18   Julia McLAUGHLIN, 13
Robbie McLAUGHLIN, 9   George MURPHY, 14   George ORMSBY, 15

located two miles east of Dougherty in Floyd County
August 30, 1937 - March 13, 1938
Helen M. HEINZ, Teacher

Agnes EWEN, 8   Edward EWEN, 10   Earla FLETCHER, 12
Velma FLETCHER, 14   Phyllis M. HARRIS, 9   Thelma HARRIS, 12
Everett HUDSON, 8   Warren HUDSON, 11   Betty LINDELL, 12
Melvin McCAULEY, 7   Edward NOSS, 8   Robert NOSS, 6
Darlene ZWECK, 8   Mary Margaret ZWECK, 7   

Photograph & Student Roll Submission by John McLaughlin
Updated by Sharon R. Becker, February of 2011



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