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Alumni of Cornell College Mount Vernon, Linn Co. Iowa

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~ NOTE: Every effort has been made to produce an accurate transcription, but there likely are errors. The typeset on several pages was very faded, making some numbers and letters difficult to read. If the researcher finds the accuracy in doubt, they should consult a copy of the original directory. The transcriber has added the county, which does not appear in the original directory. In some cases, a town is located in more than one county.

Cerro Gordo   Clear Lake   DAVIES, Kate   1884   Conservatory of Music
Cerro Gordo   Clear Lake   RAY, Nellie L.   1884   Conservatory of Music
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   BATE, Clara M.   1909   hometown
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   BATE, Gladys   1915   Conservatory of Music
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   BATE, Lois   1914   hometown
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   MUSE, William F.   1883 
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   PFAHLER, Carrie   1911   hometown
Cerro Gordo
  Mason City
  PERSONS, Elizabeth
  318 W. 10th St.
  Mrs. W.G. ROWLEY
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   ROWLEY, W. Glenn   1911   318 W. 10th St.; Rev.
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   STANBERY, Anna W.   1901    Mrs. Clinton W. PATTON
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   SUNDELL, Cora J.   1900 
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   SWANK, Orville K.   1907 
Cerro Gordo   Mason City   VanNESS, John A.   1902 
Cerro Gordo   Rockwell   Bruce, Iva E.   1912 
Cerro Gordo   Rockwell   COGSWELL, John A.   1915   hometown
Cerro Gordo   Rockwell   HARRIS, Maude L.   1909 
Cerro Gordo
or Floyd
  ECKLES, Walter A.
Cerro Gordo
or Floyd
  Mildred D.
Cerro Gordo
or Floyd
  Daniel B.

Source: Cornell College Bulletin
A Register of the Alumni by States, Cities and Towns March, 1916 Mount Vernon, Iowa.



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