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The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
by Dick Johnson

Memorial dedicated today to honor area veterans

MASON CITY Gerald WILKE is as wiry at age 79 as he was when he ran with his "gang" of friends as a boy in Mason City's Midland Heights area.

But WILKE, who weighed less than 120 pounds when he entered the Navy at 17, speaks with authority regarding the Mason City Area Veterans Monument.

His name and that of his son, Kevin, and father-in-law, Frank McCAHEM, are engraved on one of 10 impressive black granite stones in Central Park.

The monument, honoring veterans with Mason City connections, will be dedicated this morning during Mason City's annual Veterans Day ceremonies. It includes 2,338 names.

"I'm so proud of it," said WILKE, a Navy gunner's mate aboard the USS Iowa during World War II. "It's a memento for all veterans. It's one wonderful piece-of-art work."

"It's a great thing," said Doug WAYCHUS, a co-chairman of the Veterans Monument Task Force Committee. "You talk to a lot of the veterans they've wanted something like this in their hometowns for years and years."

The Task Force Committee began meeting weekly more than a year ago. Mason City's Park Board approved construction of the monument in Central Park in February.

When the City Council voted in June not to approve a final agreement, WAYCHUS expressed his anger at the process. After discussion, approval was granted a week later.

Ground was broken on Aug. 19.

WAYCHUS said the monument was built to raise public awareness of veterans who have served, inspire young people, and help "erase some of the generation gap" between Vietnam-era veterans and those who served in World War II and Korea.

"It's an honor for a Vietnam veteran like me to be able to show them that we're good veterans," he said. "I think it's given them another look at us: 'By God, we can get things done.' But it's a tribute to all veterans."

The monument was designed by Bergland and Cram Architects of Mason City. Larry ELWOOD Construction was the general contractor. BLAZEK Electric and BITKER'S Tree Service also were contracted.

It was paid for by $100 donations from veterans and their families and friends in 34 states. The names of about 300 veterans killed in action were included at no charge.

There are 12 Black India granite stones (including two "dedication" stones) each standing 8 feet high and weighing 4,000 pounds, five white granite benches engraved with the five service emblems, and American and POW/MIA flags.

The stones were provided by Braham Monument Co. of Braham, Minn. They are engraved with the veterans' names and service branches, plus patriotic quotes and reflections.

"I'm just awed," WAYCHUS said. "I'm humbled to be in a position to be a part of something that we did for them. When one of those guys comes up and pats me on the back and says, 'That's beautiful, Doug,' it don't get no better than that."

Veteran's Monument Dedication schedule

Thursday, Nov. 11

  • 10:15 a.m. ~ Music by Mason City High School band.
  • 10:30 a.m. ~ National anthem by the MCHS band.
        * Welcome by Jim Kantaris
        * Invocation by Chaplin Lt. Col. Bill HAMPTON, U.S. Air Force (retired)
        * Mayor's proclamation
        * Solo by Newman Catholic singers
        * Wreath-laying by Tony PATTAS and Dr. Adel MAKAR of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) Lodge
        * Guest speaker, Col. Michael KANTARIS, U.S. Marine Corps (retired)
  • 11 a.m. ~ Jim KANTARIS asks the crowd to please face east
        * Rifle squad volleys
        * Taps (Boy Scouts)
        * Solo by Newman Catholic Knightsingers
        * Dedication ceremony
        * Introduction of Veterans Monument Task Force Committee and architects
        * Thank-you to sponsors
        * Unveiling of monument
        * Ribbon-cutting (with music by the MCHS band)
        * Retiring of the old flag over Central Park by the Boy Scouts, and presentation of the flag to Mayor Jean MARINOS
        * Flag-raising over the monument by the Boy Scouts (with a performance by the Newman Catholic choir)
        * Decree "gifting" the monument to the City of Mason City
        * Benediction by Chaplin HAMPTON
        * Monuments open for public viewing (closing by the MCHS band)
        * "Fly-over" provided by the 132nd Fighter Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard


    Adding a name

  • There is room for 2,100 more names on the Mason City Area Veterans Monument.
  • For more information, call Doug WAYCHUS, co-chairman of the Veterans Monument Task Force Committee, during the day at (641) 422-7880, and evenings at 423-3229, or send him e-mail at waychusd @trinity-health.org.
  • Applications are available at the Cerro Gordo County Veterans Affairs office (in the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse), City Hall, and VFW Post 733, 1603 S. Monroe Ave.

    The Veterans

    Here are the names of veterans are engraved on the Mason City Area Veterans Monument, with military branches. (POW is prisoner of war, KIA is killed in action, DNB is died non-battle):


    Donald B. Abbott, ArmyWilliam T. Abell, Army Robert W. Abernathy, ArmyLloyd Abrams Jr., Army
    Melvin Abrams, NavyDavid Harm Ackerman, Army Frederick E. Ackerman, MarinesCharles Donald Adams, Navy
    Marvin H. Adams, NavyOrville D. Adams, Army Paul E. Adams, ArmyOle Akeson, Army
    Daryl R. Albaugh, NavyDuane A. Albrecht, Marines Frederick Alden, Navy, KIA WWIIOrval "Duke" Alden, Army, KIA WWII
    Joseph A. Aldrich, ArmyHerbert V. Alexander, Navy Charles Ray Alitz, Army, KIA Korean WarDonald H. Alitz, Air Force
    Harley Alitz, NavyLeRoy Allen Alitz, Navy Milton Bud Alitz, ArmyRaymond E. Alitz, Army
    Rolland "Rollie" Alitz, ArmyJames Walter Allbaugh, Army David N. Allen, NavyGlen N. Allen, Army
    Jesse F. Allen, NavyLloyd Phillip Allen, Navy, KIA Richard G. Allen, ArmyAnthony L. Allos, Army
    Peter P. Allos, ArmyRudolph V. Alman, Army Gene Alsbury, ArmyJack R. Alsbury, Air Force
    Norman V. Alsbury, NavyRobert Lee Alsbury, Navy Earl Harry Aman, MarinesHarold Charles Aman, Army
    Thomas L. Aman, ArmyHarold George Ames, Air Force Joseph B. Amos, Marines, KIA WWIIBudy M. Andersen, Navy
    Marcus S. Andersen, NavyAlvin J. Anderson, Marines Arthur H. Anderson, ArmyCalvin Wayne Anderson, Army
    Daniel D. Anderson Sr., ArmyDonald L. Anderson, Navy Emerson Richard Anderson, ArmyGary Alan Anderson, Navy
    Harold Anderson, ArmyHarold C. Anderson, Army, KIA Jens C. Anderson, Army, KIA WWIKnut J. Anderson, Army
    Lyle A. Anderson, ArmyRichard Gaylord Anderson, Army Robert Harold Anderson, Air Force, KIA WWIIRoss Emmett Anderson, Air Force
    Sigurd Anderson, Army, KIA WWIJohn Andon, Navy Jesse Ronald Angel, ArmyBruce Wm. Angell, Navy
    Robert B. Angell, NavyRobert F. Angell, Army Sam Argos, ArmyLeon Arickx, Navy, KIA WWII
    Thomas L. Arndorfer, ArmyCharles W. Arndt, Navy Donald L. Arndt, NavyHenry Lowel Arndt, Navy
    Robert H. Arndt, NavyPeter S. Arnold, Army Cole W. Arthur, NavyDale C. Askildson, Army
    Don L. Askildson, MarinesEldon D. Askildson, Army Lloyd O. Askildson, NavyRay W. Askildson, Air Force
    Robert C. Askildson, Air ForceRichard L. Auck, Marines Harold L. Aucker, Air Force, KIA WWIINorris Daryle Ausenhus, Army
    Marvin E. Austin, NavyNelson A. Austin, Army, KIA WWII Hal M. Avery, Air ForceJohn Avise, Navy, British Royal Air Force, KIA
    Reginald D. Avise, ArmyRichard E. Avise, Navy Tony Axiotis, Army 


    Jerry M. Bahnsen, ArmyDonavon D. Bailey, Marines Douglas Bailey, ArmyJimmy L. Bailey, Navy
    John H. Bailey, ArmyJohn W. Bailey, Army Ralph Bailey, Army, KIA WWIIRaymond J. Bailey, Army
    Rex R. Bailey, NavyRichard Lee Bailey, Marines Robert D. Bailey, ArmyRoberto Bailey, Army
    Steven D. Bailey, ArmyVernon G. Bailey, Air Force Claude Baker, Army, KIA WWIBilly E. Baker Sr., Army
    Chadd L. Baker, ArmyKenneth C. Baker, Army Merlin Eugene Baker, ArmyRoss Baker, Air Force
    Kenneth M. Baldwin, Marines, KIAJames Edward Balek, Army Robert J. Ballantyne, ArmyRobert K. Ballantyne, Navy
    Willis E. Ballard, ArmyJesus Junior Baltierra, Navy Don E. Barker, ArmyDavid C. Barloon, Army
    Dennis D. Barlow, ArmyIrvin J. Barlow, Army Jerry A. Barlow, Air ForceRaymond L. Barlow, Army
    Vern Barlow, Army, KIA WWIIvan Alvin Barnes, Navy Joseph M. Barnes, Air ForceCharles Edward Barnish, Army
    Joseph Edward Barragy, Air ForceMichael P. Barragy, Marines William Jo Barragy, Army, KIAGlenn A. Bartell, Air Force
    Larry S. Bartell, Air ForceLyle C. Bartell Sr., Army Rex D. Bartell, ArmyAlvin Wesley Bartholomew, Navy
    Craig Bartholomew, ArmyJim Bartusek, Marines Louis J. Bartusek, ArmyRobert Gene Bartusek, Army
    Tony Bartusek, ArmyJoseph J. Basgall, Air Force Harold K. Basinger, NavyJohn A. Bauer, Army, POW
    Albert Bauman, Army, KIADean Baumann, Marines Jeffery D. Baumann, Air ForceKenneth D. Baumann Jr., Army
    Rollin Deane Baumgartner, ArmyDuane W. Beal, Army Henry W. Bean, ArmyC. Frederick Beck, Army
    Jay W. Beck, ArmyArthur Leo Becker, Navy Paul Lynn Becker, Air ForceCarl N. Beckman, Army
    Kenneth Richard Beckman, NavyArthur R. Beenken, Army Edwin D. Beenken, MarinesEdwin G. Beenken, Army
    Wesley George Beenken, ArmyHoward Beery, Navy John E. Beery, NavyLarry Ray Behrends, Army
    Paul R. Behrens, ArmyMyron C. Beinke, Army Michael D. Bell, MarinesSteven H. Bell, Army
    Ashel C. Bemis, ArmyGuy Morton Bemiss, Navy James L. Bennett, NavyEdward Herman Berding, Army
    LeRoy Edward Berding Jr., NavyLarry J. Bergan, Navy/Army Larry J. Bergan Jr., ArmyFred W. "Bud" Berger, Army
    Billy Lee Bergman, ArmyWilliam A. Bergman, Army Rex L. Bergo Sr., ArmyGus Benhardt, Navy, KIA WWII
    Edwin E. Berrie, NavyHorace B. Berry, Army Robert F. Berry, NavyGerald Edwin Best, Army
    Larry Lee Best, NavyRobert Fred Best, Army U. S. Grant Beverly, MarinesMichael A. Beyer, Navy
    Larry LaRoy Bilyeu, ArmyCurtis D. Blake, Army Earl V. Blakley JR, NavyJoseph Blanchet, Army, KIA WWII
    Ronald Gene Bloomingdale, MarinesMichael P. Blunt, Army Richard R. Blunt, NavyHarold S. Boehmer, Navy
    Dennis Ray Boelman, ArmyCarroll S. Bogard, Air Force, POW Darwin "Skip" Bohl, ArmyElvin Lee Bohl, Air Force
    Jeffrey Bohl, ArmyMarvin Bohl, Air Force Henry H. Bokelman, ArmyJerold R. Bond, Army, KIA WWII
    Lloyd Boone, ArmyGerald L. Booth, Army Vincet S. Booth, ArmyL. W. "Bud" Borchardt, Army
    Marvin V. Borchardt, ArmyCharles W. Bordeau, Army, KIA WWI Delbert Boster, ArmyKen Bothwell, Navy
    Irvin E. Boyd, NavyLeonard E. Boyd, Army Karl Norton Boyden, Navy/Air ForceMarvin W. Boyenga, Army
    Donald R. Boyer, ArmyDavid L. Boyle, Army Calvin C. Braastad, NavyWilliam Bracklein, Army, KIA WWII
    Melvin E. Brady, ArmyDennis Duane Bramsen, Army Duane Arthur Bramsen, Air ForceRichard W. Branan, Navy
    Duane M. Brandt, Air ForceDarwin Delbert Branstad, Army Edward Charles Branstad, ArmyIver Dean Branstad, Army
    Jeffery Bennett Branstad, ArmyVernald Dean Branstad, Army Michael Joseph Brass, ArmyTimothy Brislin, Navy, KIA
    Donald J. Broadbent, Air ForceMichael Anthony Brock, Marines Rex A. Brockett, ArmyBlair L. Brody, Air Force
    Jacob P. Brood, Army, KIA WWIIJohn G. Brown Jr., Navy Donald W. Brown, MarinesE. Warren Brown, Navy
    Glenn F. Brown, Air ForceJames Edward Brown, Air Force John G. Brown Sr., ArmyRobert A. Brown, Army
    Robert L. Brown, NavyChester A. Bruce, Air Force Clifton L. Bruland, NavyRandall R. Brummer, Navy
    Lee V. Bruns, ArmyFrederick Charles Brush, Army Jeffrey Alan Bryant, Air ForceNewton Ford Bryant, Army
    William H. Bryant Jr., ArmyRobert H. Buchanan, Navy Raymond Dumont Buck, ArmyWilliam Virgil Buck, Army
    Clyde E. Buffington, NavyGaylord Conrad Buffington, Navy Howard M. Buffington, MarinesRoger W. Buhr, Army
    Roger William Buhr Jr., ArmyEdward R. Burgener, Army Gayle W. Burgener, ArmyDaryl D. Burgess, Army
    Earl W. Burgess, ArmyDean G. Burk, Air Force Glendon M. Burke, ArmyJohn F. Burke, Army
    Robert James Burke, ArmyWilliam A. Burke Marines, KIA WWII Warren E. Burnett, Air ForceFrancis A. Burns, Army
    Curtis Gerald Burtness, ArmyJason Buss, Navy Jeffery D. Buss, NavyLuther Buss, Army
    Terry L. Buss, MarinesLeRoy E. Butler, Army Perry L. Butler, Air ForceRalph D. Butler, Army
    Wintie D. Butler, ArmyWintie Lyle Butler, Army Lee W. Button, ArmyMerrill L. Button, Navy


    Thomas V. Caberea, NavyDaniel E. Cahalan, Army, KIA Korean War Emerson Cahalan, MarinesPatrick H. Cahalan, Army
    Richard J. Cahalan, ArmyLeland E. Calkins, Army Leonard M. Calkins, ArmyEdwin Patterson Callanan, Army
    Paul D. Callanan, ArmyGerald Allen Calvert, Navy John Charles Calvert, ArmyLeonard S. Calvert, Marines
    Thomas J. Campbell, Army, KIAWilliam Campbell, Army, KIA Ross Caniglia, ArmyEmmons W. Cannon, Army
    Charles C. Caponi II, ArmyClete Carlson, Navy Kenneth L. Carlson, ArmyRandy D. Carlson, Navy
    Roger D. Carlson, ArmyLyle H. Carman, Army, KIA Korean War Lawrence G. Carmany, ArmyThomas Carrington, Army, KIA
    John W. Carroll, Army, KIA WWIIRobert M. Carroll, Army William Fred Carson, ArmyDavid L. Cary, Army
    Harold M. Cary, ArmyRichard D. Casey, Navy Filomeno S. Castillo, ArmyRobert J. Cavanaugh, Navy
    Terrence Donald Cavanaugh, NavyThomas F. Cavanaugh, Army John Arthur Cazanas, ArmyWayne J. Chamberlin, Navy
    Linda K. Chambers Slay, ArmyPaul W. Champlin, Army, KIA WWII Albert J. Chavez, Army, KIALester Chehock, Army, KIA WWII
    Michael Chimbidis, Army, KIA WWIILawrence F. Chisholm, Navy Leo Edward Chisholm, NavyRobert Thomas Chisholm, Army
    Francis R. Chlupach, ArmyCharles T. Chorak, Navy Buford Leroy Christensen, ArmyDennis Wayne Christensen, Army
    John Magnus Christensen, ArmyKenneth Alan Christensen, Navy Lloyd E. Christensen, NavyEugene Christenson, Army, KIA WWII
    Clarence J. Christiansen, Air ForceElmer Christiansen, Army, KIA Harry C. Christopoulos, ArmyEdward M. Chuck, Air Force
    Stephen C. Chuck, Air ForceDaniel Chuick, Coast Guard Nicholas Chuick, NavyNathan G. Church, Army
    Robert E. Church, MarinesJerome T. Chute, Army Arthur L. Clark, Air Force, KIA WWIIEugene Edward Clark, Navy
    Harold J. Clark, NavyMerlin E. Clark, Air Force Virgil D. Clark, Army, KIA Korean WarJohn T. Clarke, Navy
    Russell L. Claude, NavyCarl J. Claus, Army, KIA Korean War Dean I. Clausen, NavyPaul J. Clausen, Navy
    Rick Dean Clausen, NavyRobert Clausen, Army, KIA Steve J. Clausen, ArmyWilliam V. Clausen, Army
    Charles John Clemons, ArmyKent L. Clemons, Army Larry Clemons, NavyLeslie Neil "Steve" Clemons, Air Force
    Todd L. Clemons, NavyWarren Allen Cline, Army Ray Ellison Clough, Air Force, POWJohn Coggins, Army
    Dustin Scot Colby, ArmyOrville Woodrow Colby, Army Earl F. Cole, ArmyRobert David Cole, Navy
    Robert L. Cole, Coast GuardClifford H. Collen, Army John Collins, Army, KIAWillis B. Colville, Marines
    Willis Conklin, Navy, KIA WWIICedric N. Connelly, Army Ralph Robert Connelly, ArmyRichard A. Connor, Marines
    Darrell Lynn Cook, Air ForceDelos E. Cook, Navy George H. Cook Jr., Army, KIA WWIILowell J. Cook, Army
    Daniel V. Cookman, Air ForceHarold F. Cookman, Air Force, KIA WWII Harry J. Cookman, ArmyJames LeRoy Cookman, Navy
    Larry C. Cookman, Air ForceLeslie W. Cookman, Army Robert G. Cookman, Air Force, KIA WWIIWilliam B. Cookman, Army, KIA WWII
    Arnold L. Cooley, Army, KIA WWIIJerry A. Cooling, Navy Mark G. Cooling, Air ForceHoward William Cooper, Army
    Ray H. Cooper, ArmyReggie Dean Cooper, Army John R. Corbett, Air ForceLouis E. Corbett, Army
    Earl Benjamin Cornelius, ArmyGeorge E. Cornelius, Army Richard P. Cornelius, ArmyLester C. Corporon, Army
    Lonnie Cory Jr., ArmySamuel C. Costa, Navy Harry L. Cottrell, ArmyWeston Floyd Cottrell, Army
    Loren E. Courtney, ArmyDonald W. Coyle, Army Stanley Dean Coyle, ArmyDonald H. Craig, Navy
    John H. Craig, ArmyLarry D. Craig, Marines Steven Jon Crane, Air ForceGeorge J. Crawford, Navy
    Robert R. Crawford, Air ForceHerbert O. Creekmur, Navy, KIA Harold F. Crook, MarinesLyle W. Crook, Army, KIA WWOO
    William C. Cross, Marines, KIA WWIIJames Michael Crowe, Marines Robert V. "Bob" Crowe, NavyVirgil W. Crowe, Army
    Howard Crowley, NavyRichard Lee Cullen, Army, KIA Vietnam Albert H. Cummings, Army, KIA WWIICharles W. Cunningham Jr., Navy
    James R. Cunningham, ArmyWarren Harding Cunningham, Army Charles N. Curran, MarinesThomas F. Currier, Army
    David A. Curtis, Air Force   


    Roger A. Dannen, ArmyRonald E. Dannen, Army Sylverster James Dasch, NavyPaul Clark Daugherty, Navy
    Arthur Davis, Navy, KIADean D. Davis, Army Dean H. Davis, NavyIrvin G. Davis, Army
    Michael "Mick" Davis, ArmyRay Oliver Davis, Marines Robert H. Davis, Air ForceRobert Roy Davis, Army, KIA Vietnam
    Warren G. Davis, ArmyJohn R. Dawson, Army Lyle Day, Air ForceAlfred H. De Buhr, Navy
    Larry W. DeBuhr, ArmyDonald L. Dean, Army, KIA WWII Clarence E. Deardeuff, Air ForceJohn Decker, Army
    William J. Dedina, Army, KIA WWIIHoward E. Delahoyde, Army Marvin A. DeMaris, ArmyDonald K. DePrenger, Army
    Chester R. DeSart, NavyAlexander P. Despenas, Navy Anthony J. Despenas, NavyEldon F. DeVary, Navy
    Noel T. Dewitt, NavyNicholas J. DiGregorio, Army Paris A. DiGregorio, ArmyRalph DiGregorio, Army
    Louis P. Diaz, ArmyRaymond N. Dickes, Marines Irving A. Diekhuis, ArmyGene DiMarco, Marines
    Levino DiMarco, ArmyDave Djuren, Army Elbert Dale Djuren, NavyDennis Allen Dockhorn, Navy
    Alan M. Dodge, ArmyJohn E. Dodge, Air Force Wayne C. Dodge, ArmyArthur "Art" F. Donaghy, Army
    John J. Donaldson, ArmyMyrne E. Donaldson, Navy William George Dougall, ArmyJohn C. Douglas, Army
    Robert J. Douglas, NavyWilliam J. Douglas, Army Thomas Mac Dresbach, ArmyLouis Duda, Navy
    Shirley E. Dudgeon, NavyGene A. Duenow, Air Force Gerald M. Duenow, Air ForceJohn L. Duffy, Army
    Charles Stillman Dull, ArmyRalph Marian Dull, Army B. Michael Dunn, ArmyJohn Joseph Dunn, Army
    Willard E. Dunton, Navy, KIAG. W. "Snook" Dusheck, Army Robert Iven Dutcher, MarinesM. L. "Bud" Dwine, Army, POW
     Gordon S. Dye, ArmyKeith E. Dye, Army, KIA WWII  


    Jack B. Easton, ArmyMarjorie (Horton) Easton, Navy W. Locke Easton, Air ForceWalter G. Eau Claire, Army
    Henry Ebeling, ArmyJoseph P. Ebeling, Army Leo John Ebeling, ArmyAlan Kim Ebert, Marines
    Wilford L. Ebert, ArmyCharles Eby, Army, KIA W. Jean Eckerman, Air ForceClair B. Edel, Air Force, KIA WWII
    Allen Edwards, Air ForceWilliam V. Egbert, Army Earl E. Ehlers, ArmyJerrold A. Eide, Army
    Gary Wallace Ekborg, Air ForceWallace Donald Ekborg, Navy Eugene R. Eldridge, ArmyReeve Leroy Eldridge, Army
    Daniel Elieff, Army, KIAClifford H. Ellgen, Navy Danny D. Ellis, NavyHarold A. Ellis, Army
    Eugene D. Enabnit, ArmyMartin D. Enabnit, Marines Ted Enabnit, ArmyEmmon Hartman Engleman Jr., Navy
    Harold T. Ennis, NavyR. Jay Ennis, Army Roger D. Ennis, ArmyTony R. Ennis, Navy
    Gailerd E. Erickson, NavyJohn A. Erickson, Army Richard D. Erickson, MarinesJames E. Ervin II, Army
    Lyle F. Ervin, Navy, KIA WWIIVaughn Escher, Army Paul Richard Espinosa III, ArmyMarvin T. Esser, Army
    Darrell K. Estell, Air ForceRobert Estle, Marines Roy M. Evanoff, ArmyGlenn A. Evans, Army
    John L. Evans, Air ForceMichael L. Evans, Army Arlo Everhart, ArmyCarl C. Everhart, Army
    Emil N. Everhart, ArmyElizabeth Everson, Coast Guard Lawrence Hurley Ewers, NavyKenton D. Ewing, Marines


    Merlin Joseph Factor, NavyWilliam R. Failor, Army Lloyd L. Fairbanks, ArmyLeland D. Faktor, Air Force, KIA WWII
    LaVerne R. Faktor, Navy/ArmyElmer Maynard Farghum, Navy James Charles Farghum, ArmyJohn R. Farmer, Army, KIA
    William H. Farmer, Army, KIAJerome P. Farrell, Navy David A. Faught, NavyElvis C. Faught, Army
    Gary G. Faught, NavyRandall D. Faught, Army Verland C. Faught, ArmyJack Faulkner, Army
    Clarence Fedeler, ArmyGeorge W. Feldhus, Air Force Norman R. Felton, Army, KIAHerman H. Ferleman, Army
    Donald L. Ferrier, Air Force DNB WWIIMelvin M. Ferrier, Army Oscar Frank Fewins Sr., ArmyWesley Frank Fiala, Air Force
    Lawrence R. Fieselman, MarinesGordon Findley, Army, KIA Marion E. Findling, Navy, KIAElden L. Finer, Army
    Thomas L. Fingalsen, Air ForceArthur M. Fischbeck, Army William L. Fischbeck, NavyCharles H. Fisher, Marines
    Stephen Charles Fisher, ArmyLeRoy Joseph Fisk, Navy Bernard Anslem Fitzgerald, NavyLawrence E. Fitzgerald, Army
    Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Air ForceThomas Bernard Fitzgerald, Army John J. Fitzpatrick, ArmyMichael G. Flatness, Army
    John Shannon Fleming, ArmyVernon M. Floden, Army John J. Flores, ArmyRobert Richard Flores, Army
    Salude F. Flores, Army, KIA WWIITony Flores, Army Delbert W. Floy, Air ForceCecil D. Foell, Navy, KIA WWII
    Lowell Wayne Foell, ArmyMel Foley, Army Donald R. Ford, Marines, KIA WWIICleo Michael Foster, Army
    David Ricky Foster, MarinesDerwood John Foster, Marines James Francis Foster, NavyJohn Drake Foster, Marines
    Timothy J. Foster, MarinesGeorge H. Fountas, Navy James A. "Andrew" Fountas, NavyJames J. Fountas, Army
    John G. Fountas, ArmyNick T. Fountas, Navy Stanley J. Fountas, Air ForceSamuel John Foust, Navy
    Robert D. Fowler, Army, KIA WWIISteven R. Fox, Army Joseph Martin Frank, ArmyMartin L. Frank, Navy
    Bud L. Fraser, MarinesDonald F. Fraser, Navy Jefferson E. Fraser, ArmyHarold D. Frazier, Army, KIA WWII
    David John Frederick, NavyJohn A. Frederick, Army Arnold E. Fredricks, NavyLee R. Freeman, Navy
    Paul R. Freeman, ArmyDonald E. Freese, Army Kevin E. Freese, Air ForceMelvin A. Frelund, Navy
    Selmer Oden Frelund, ArmyCurtis Friesner, Army, KIA WWII John W. Fritz, ArmyMilton D. Fulgham, Army, KIA
    Russell O. Fulghum, ArmyCecil A. Fuller, Army Gary L. Fuller, ArmyWalter D. Fuller, Army
    Neil Robert Fullerton, Air ForceStephen F. Funk, Marines John P. Furleigh, MarinesLee Roy Furnish Jr., Army
    Robert M. Furnish, Army   


    Maynard H. Gaarder, NavyAlvin L. Gabel, Army Clark E. Gabel, MarinesEd Gabel, Army
    Richard A. Gabel, Air ForceRoger D. Gabel, Army Leroy Gaebel, NavyFritz Gust Gaffri, Navy
    Robert L. Gaffri, Air ForceJohn R. Gagnon, Army, KIA WWII James W. Gallagher, Army, KIALowell M. Gallagher, Army
    Duwayne Gallion, MarinesEdward Gallion, Army Lloyd Lewis Gallup, Army, KIA WWIIRobert Lynn Gallup, Army, KIA
    Harold Wayne Gamble, MarinesRobert John Gamble, Air Force, KIA WWII Aradath K. Gannon, Army, KIA WWIIWilliam L. Gansemer, Marines
    John M. Garcia, Army, KIA WWIIRoger "Radar" Garner, Army William E. Gasaway, NavyMichael F. Gasperi, Marines
    William F. "Bill" Gasperi, ArmySam Gazes, Army Daniel R. Geary, Air ForceCarlton Vae Geiler, Navy
    Karl M. Geiler, ArmyCarroll A. Gerdes, Army David Gerdes, Army, KIAGeorge R. Gerdes, Army
    Ivan Gerdes, ArmyArthur J. Gerk, Army Dale D. Gettis, ArmyG. Robert Gettman, Army
    Ronald L. Gettman, ArmyBurnell E. Geving, Navy LeRoy B. Geving, ArmyTimothy A. Gibbons, Army
    Donald Henry Gibbs, NavyDavid D. Gilbert, Army Don L. Gilbert, MarinesNolan M. Gilbert, Army, KIA WWII
    R. W. Gilbert, NavyHugh Gillen, Navy Charles Thomas Gilmore, NavyJohn Hilton Gilmore, Navy
    Dean Glanville Jr., NavyJohn Henry Glaspey, Army Ricky M. Glaspey, Marines, KIA VietnamHarold Goad, Army, KIA
    Ernest Godfredsen, ArmyRaymond J. Gogel, Army James J. Golbuff, NavyJohn Golbuff, Army
    Michael Ruiz Gomez, MarinesPete R. Gomez, Army Charles O. Gordon, NavyGeorge M. Gordon, Army
    Lee R. Gordon, MarinesElry C. Gourley, Army Randy G. Gourley, ArmySteven E. Gourley, Air Force
    Verlyn Gene Gourley, MarinesArthur Louis Gratias, Army Ralph Wayne Gratias, ArmyKathlyn Joan Greenan (Goerts), Army
    Donald Verne Greenan, Air ForceWes Greenan, Navy Craig M. Greer, ArmyDonald L. Grein, Army
    Orval J. Grell, Army, KIA WWIIRobert K. Gretillat, Navy John E. Grier, NavyRichard Allen Grier, Air Force
    Carl John Grosland, ArmyCraig D. Grosland, Army Darrell Rae Grosland, Air ForceGeorge M. Grosland, Army
    Ronald Dean Grosland, NavyRaymond Dean Groth, Navy Gean Louis Grouette, ArmyRichard L. Grow, Air Force, KIA
    Randy Grube, ArmyJohn Albert Guelff Jr., Navy Richard Raymond Guertin, ArmyDavid C. Gunderson, Army, KIA Vietnam
    Harold C. Gustin, Army   


    Darold L. Haag, NavyDaniel Joseph Haase, Air Force Elroy A. Hackbart, NavyRobert F. Hackman, Marines
    James H. Haddix, ArmyWillis M. Haddix, Air Force Betty Jane Haddy, NavyFrank Haddy, Army
    George Haddy, ArmyJames Haddy, Navy Thomas Haddy, NavyJames W. Haensch, Army
    Alvin H. Hagen, NavyLeo A. Hagen, Army Lowell R. Hahn, ArmyKeith L Haight, Army, POW
    James Ronald Hallman, ArmyJoe Halloran, Air Force Leo Halloran, ArmyMark Halloran, Coast Guard
    Michael John Halloran, ArmyRobert William Halloran, Coast Guard Terry W. Halloran, ArmyThomas John Halloran, Army
    Carroll A. Halseth, NavyJames Halsne Sr., Marines Milton O. Halsne, ArmyJames D. Halsor, Air Force
    Jerry M. Halsor, Air ForceRichard R. Halsor, Navy Duane H. Halsten, Navy, KIA WWIIMichael E. Halverson, Army
    Ralph E. Halverson, NavyCarroll Oswald Halvorsen, Navy Arlo Dean Halvorson, ArmyLawrence William Hamann, Army
    Markus E. Hamlett Marines/Air ForceDonald J. Hamlin, Army Lorris G. Hamm, NavyTerry G. Hamm, Army
    Darrell Hammarstedt, ArmyPaul E. Hammond, Air Force, KIA WWII Edward A.J. Hand, NavyWillis R. Handt, Air Force
    Edward Eugene Hanes, ArmyWarren E. Hanks, Army, KIA WWII James W. Hanley Jr., ArmyFrank Hanna, Army, KIA WWII
    Jack L. Hansen, ArmyJohn M. Hansen, Army, KIA Robert R. Hansen, ArmyRodney Hansen, Army
    Steven E. Hansen, NavyDonald L. Hanson, Army Merrill Donald Hanson, NavyThomas M. Hanson, Army, KIA
    Troy D. Hanson, ArmyMitchell A. Harding, Army, KIA WWII F. Keith Harman, ArmyLloyd Harms, Marines, KIA Vietnam
    Everett Harness, ArmyWillis W. Harness, Air Force Forrest D. Harriott, Army, KIA Korean WarCharles E. Harris, Marines
    Charles S. Harris, ArmyDavid O. Harris, Army George Dewey Harris Jr, NavyLarry J. Harris, Army
    Merle W. Harris, ArmyVernon Eugene Harris, Army Glenn E. Harrison, Army, KIA WWIILewis Harrison, Navy
    Francis E. Hart, ArmyKevin Al Hart, Army Peter Hart, Army, KIA WWIIGilmore J. Hartigan, Navy
    Paul D. Hartigan, Richard D. Harty, ArmyPete Hasapopoulos, Marines Sam Hasapopoulos, ArmyTed Hasapopoulos, Army
    Barry P. Haskins, ArmyHarold Hass, Army, KIA Robert A. Hauert, ArmyRonald C. Hauge, Air Force
    Truman T. Hauge, ArmyFrank Haunches, Army Willis W. Haunches, ArmyJames A. Havig, Army
    Roger W. Hayes, Air Force, KIAGlenn J. "Bud" Hayward, Air Force Thomas W. Heaberlin, ArmyWilliam P. Heaford, Navy, KIA WWII
    Alexander Heagel, NavyDonald Allen Hedrick, Air Force Elmer "Buck" Hedrick, Air ForceWilson Lee Hedrick, Army
    Max G. Hegland, ArmyRobert Carl Heiderich, Navy Kenneth Heimendinger, Army, KIA WWIIJohn Heiny, Army, KIA
    James R. Heiny, ArmyEarl "Butch" Heinzerling, Army Elmer H. Heinzerling, ArmyWilliam Lloyd Held, Army
    Dwight M. Helfenstein, Army, KIA WWIIJack D. Helgren, Air Force Owen D. Helland, ArmyRobert Lamar Helland, Navy
    Clifford L. Helm, Army, KIAHarold Helm Jr., Army Lawrence D. "Lefty" Helm, NavyRobert L. Helm, Army
    Gerald D. Hendrickson, ArmyLawrence E. Hendrickson, Army, KIA James A. Hennigar, ArmyRobert P. Hentges, Army
    Cletus C. Hepp, ArmyPatrick J. Hepp, Air Force Clem A. Herman, NavyJoseph P. Herman, Air Force
    Jerome E. Hermann, MarinesNeil L. Hershey, Army Laverne Herzog, ArmyRichard I. Hesley, Army
    Timothy J. Hesse, ArmyTracy L. Hesse, Army Paul Phillip Hiatt, NavyJames J. Hickey, Army
    Fay Lewis Hicking, Army, KIA WWIIPaul E. Hickman, Army William Allen Hicok, ArmyRaymond M. Higgins, Air Force
    Byron John Hill, NavyRonald E. Hill, Marines James Aurther Hills, NavyLeslie Bruce Hills, Army, KIA
    Millicent Hinich, NavyGenevieve Schoewe Hippen, Navy Melvin H. Hippen, NavyDonald H. Hitzhusen, Air Force
    Larry A. Hjelle, NavyLeland Merle Hjelle, Air Force Marty Lee Hjelle, MarinesMickey D. Hjelle, Army
    Peter L. Hjelle, ArmyRobin E. Hjelle, Army Dawn M. Hjelle-Nobis, NavyHarry F. Hockenson, Army
    Carl L. Hodenfield, NavyEarl F. Hodenfield, Army Marion Richard Hoff, ArmyEarl Monroe Hoffman, Navy
    Vern E. Hoffman, Air ForceW. F. "Frank" Hoffman, Navy Phillip J. Hogan, Army, KIALoren D. Hohenfield, Army
    Michael D. Hohenfield, ArmyRoger P. Holcomb, Army Carl Joseph Holding, NavyFrancis E. Holland, Air Force
    Robert Elston Hollinger, ArmyMaynard D. Holmgaard, Navy John Kenneth Holmlund, ArmyJohn H. Holt, Army
    Richard D. Holt, ArmyHarold W. Hopp, Navy Henry E. Hopp, Army, KIAGary L. Horn, Marines
    Richard W. Horrmann, Army, KIA WWIIThomas A. Horvath, Navy Raymond Earl Houghan, NavyJohn Hovel, Army, KIA Korean War
    Donald Eugene Hoversten, Air ForceRoland E. Hovland, Army Gene H. Howard, ArmyRolan Howard, Navy, KIA
    Melvin Larry Howe, MarinesMelvin H. Hoy, Army Paul R. Hoye, MarinesFloyd Clarence Hubacher, Navy
    Max Keith Hubbard, ArmyEugene A. Huber, Army Loren Paul Huber, ArmyErnest "Ernie" Hudson, Marines
    Craig William Huebner, Army/ MarinesDale W. Huebner, Army Fred L. Huff, MarinesAndrew Lee Huffman, Coast Guard
    Jack Harold Huffman, Army/NavyDean Russel Hugi, Navy Eugene C. Hugi, ArmyLawrence Perry Hull, Navy
    Margo M. Hull, ArmyPerry Hull, Army Leslie R. Humiston, NavyFrederick J. Humphrey, Navy
    Berle E. Hungerford, ArmyWilliam R. Hungerford, Army Lloyd L. Hunt, ArmyLoren D. Hunt, Air Force
    Terry A. Hunt, NavyJames Patrick Huntley, Army Harold Harry Hutchison Jr., NavyDonald Earl Hutzel, Navy
    Donald J. Hutzell, Army   


    Valentine Infante, NavyKenneth Ingebretson, Army, KIA WWII James K. Ingersoll, ArmyW. Glen Ingersoll, Army
    Wayne F. Ingersoll, NavyMerlin "Mike" Iverson, Navy Robert Iverson, Army 


    Robert H. Jacks, NavyJerald Merl Jackson, Army Merl Ransom Jackson, Air ForceGene Allen Jacobs, Army
    Glen Robert Jacobson, Coast GuardLuther M. Jacobson, Army R.C. "Brackey" Jacobson, Marines, KIAJene H. Jacoby, Army
    Jack L. James, Army, KIA VietnamNewton E. James, Air Force August C. Jansen, Army, KIARobert James Janssen, Army
    Charles Joseph Jarosh, ArmyDonald L. Jarosh, Army James I. Jennings, Air ForceMark Allen Jensen, Navy
    Philip Jerrell, MarinesFrank J. Jewell, Air Force Oscar L. Jewell, ArmyChris Dee Jilek, Army
    Joseph Lloyd Jilek, ArmyEdward Jimenez, Army Henry Jimenez, NavySaragosa Jimenez, Army
    Clair Kenneth Johnsen, Air ForceDonald Henry Johnsen, Army Alvin K. Johnson, NavyArthur "Stanley" Johnson, Army
    Barry C. Johnson, Air ForceCharles D. Johnson, Air Force Curtis L. Johnson, MarinesDallas L. Johnson, Army
    Eugene E. Johnson Jr., MarinesGene Leroy Johnson, Navy George A. Johnson, Army, KIA VietnamHarlan M. Johnson, Army
    James E. Johnson, ArmyJames H. Johnson, Army, KIA WWII Jeff Johnson, Air ForceJohn A. Johnson, Air Force
    Kenneth Harold Johnson, ArmyKenneth J. Johnson, Army Kenneth L. Johnson, Army, KIA WWIIKenneth Raymond Johnson, Navy
    Melvin Gearhart Johnson, NavyOscar Johnson, Army Ralph W. "Red" Johnson, ArmyRobert Johnson, Army, KIA WWII
    Robert Dean Johnson, NavyRobert I. Johnson, Navy Virgil Glenn Johnson, ArmyDonald D. Jones, Air Force
    Hans P. Jorgensen, ArmyKenneth Keith Jorgensen, Army Richard Duane Jorgensen, MarinesSteven W. Jorgensen, Coast Guard
    Harper Joslyn, Navy, KIA WWIIRoger D. Judd, Army Anton Juhl, Army, KIADallas L. Juhl, Army
    Juhl, Steven Craig, ArmyDarold O. Juhlin, Army Donald Justice, Navy/Army 


    John C. Kahoutek, Air ForceGeorge D. Kallas, Army Jay S. Kallas, Air ForceKeith A. Kallas, Air Force
    Elmer Paul Kalvig, MarinesJames G. Kantaris, Navy Michael J. Kantaris, MarinesNick J. Kantaris, Army
    Theophilus Tom Karabatsos, NavyDenno P. Karamitros, Army George Karamitros, ArmyGladys M. Logan Karamitros, Army
    Joseph Kasik, Army, KIA WWIIWilliam Kasik Jr., Navy Lavern Lloyd Kauffman, ArmyArchie L. Keeling, Army, KIA
    B. R. "Bud" Keeling, ArmyNeal A. Keeling, Army Richard "Joe" Keeling, Air ForceRolland W. Keeling, Army
    Frederick Laverne Keenan, NavyKenneth Edward Keenan, Navy Perry William Keenan, NavyLloyd Edwin Kellar, Army
    Raymond E. Keller, ArmyAllan L. Kelly, Army Marcus B. Kelly, ArmyOscar R. Kelly, Army
    Daniel D. Kennedy, ArmyHarold H. Kennedy, Army Herbert L. Kennedy, Air ForceHarley J. Kenward, Navy/Army
    Roger B. Kenward, ArmyJames P. Keough, Marines Glen Joe Kephart Jr., NavyStephen Kerchess, Navy, KIA WII
    Reta R. Kerdus, ArmyWilliam L. Kerdus, Navy Walter R. Kerlin, ArmyDolores A. Mecca Kew, Army
    Kenneth E. Kew, ArmyDaryl C. Kilborn, Army Kenneth D. Kilby, ArmyGene B. Kimball Marines, KIA WWII
    Harry A. Kimball, Army, KIAVernon J. "Mug" Kimball, Navy Henry F. Kimmel, ArmyDuane Charles King, Marines
    Keith E. King, ArmyRaymond C. King Jr., Army Sherman F. King, Navy, KIALynn R. Kingland, Marines
    Robert S. Kinsey Jr., ArmyPeter Alexander Kiroff, Navy Stephen Kiroff, NavyEugene Kirschbaum, Army, KIA WWII
    Paul W. Kitner, ArmyAlvin Charles Kittleson, Marines Clarence L. Kittleson, ArmyHarold John Klein, Army
    John Joseph Klein, Army, KIA WWIILloyd Klein, Army Loran Klein, NavyWalter R. Klein, Army
    Harley John Klemas, NavyRoger Lee Klemas, Army James W. Klemme, ArmyRobert D. Klipping, Army
    Ervin D. Klouse, ArmyHarvey J. Knapp, Navy Jerry E. Knoll, ArmyJoshua Knowles, Army, KIA Gulf War
    Richard E. Knudson, Navy, KIA WWIIRichard L. Knudson, Army Ronald E. Knudtson, NavyLee J. Knutson, Navy
    Thomas J. Kober, NavyDuane R. Koehler, Navy Frank Dale Koehler, MarinesHarry W. Koehler, Army
    John R. Koehler, ArmyNickolas R. Koehler, Marines, KIA Vietnam Jerry Gene Koerber, ArmyJohn M. Kohoutek, Army
    Robert E. Koller, Army, KIA Korean WarErnest W. Kopal, Air Force Cyril C. Kopecky, Air ForceRichard E. Kopecky, Army, KIA WWII
    Earl L. Kotz, ArmyRonald Dean Kozak, Army Albert "Ole" Kranz, NavyCharles D. Kranz, Army
    Herbert Geo. Krieger, Coast GuardGlen M. Krogh, Army Orlin W. Kroneman, ArmyGarey L. Kropf, Navy
    Melvin R. Kruckenbery, ArmyDale A. Krueger, Navy Kenneth Max Kruggel, MarinesRandy Ray Krumm, Marines
    Robert Fred William Krumm, ArmyJoseph Milo Kulhavy, Army Douglas L. Kunzman, Navy 


    Donald E. Lafrenz, ArmyRichard W. Lambert, Navy Bynard B. Lamoreux, ArmyGuy D. Lane, Marines
    Maurice Everett Lane, ArmyJohn J. Lang, Air Force Leland P. Langlitz, Army, KIA WWIIJames W. Lannon, Army
    James W. Lannon, ArmyAlbert Lea Lansaw, Army Harley Larson, Army, KIAJack Q. Larson, Army
    M. Imogene Larson, ArmyRobert C. Larson, Marines Robert C. Larson Jr., ArmyTimothy J. Larson, Coast Guard
    Vernon A. Larson, ArmyWilliam J. Larson, Army Gerald D. Latch, Air ForceRaymond Latham, Army
    Allen M. Lathrop, ArmyDonald W. Lattimer, Navy William D. Lattimer, ArmyWillie Lauer, Army, KIA
    George Harley Law, Air ForceJames R. Law, Navy Ronald Douglas Law, Navy, KIA WWIIHarold Marvin Leach, Marines
    Donald E. Leake, ArmyJack Lee Leake, Army Paul Donald Leake, NavyThomas Jay Leake, Army
    Earl S. Leaman Jr., NavyDouglas F. Lee, Army Douglas H. Lee, ArmyFrancis M. Lee, Air Force, KIA
    Morley V. Lee, NavyRussell Dean Lee, Army Sidney Richard Lee, ArmyWilliam "Jay" Lee, Navy
    Jacob Legler, ArmyVictor Legler, Army Don Charles Leichtnam, ArmyTony F. Leichtnam, Army
    Edward G. Lembcke, ArmyMark Thomas Lemon, Marines Roy Clinton Lemon, NavyGladys L. Lenze, Army
    Leonard Lenze, ArmyDalton Wayne Leonard, Army Nicky Lee Leonard, Air ForceArchie Lessor, Army
    Jerry D. Lessor, NavyAlbert Earl Lester, Navy Charles H. Levad, Air ForceGordon E. LeWarne, Army
    Jean Gabel LeWarne, NavyDick Lewerke, Air Force Agnes Katherine Lewis, ArmyBillie E. Lewis, Army, KIA Korean War
    David M. Lewis, ArmyRobert J. Lewis, Army Robert W. Lewis, Army, KIA WWIIPeter Lichman, Navy
    Tim P. Lichman, ArmyPhil A. Lichty, Army, KIA John Patrick Linahan, Army, KIAGerald E. Lindsay, Navy
    Larry L. Lindsay, NavyRobert J. Linne, Army David J. Littleton, Air ForceGeorge Littleton Jr., Navy
    Jay E. Littleton, Air ForceJerry D. Lloyd, Army Enos D. Lloyd-Jones, Army, KIA WWIIJohn P. Lofing, Army
    Robert P. Lofing, NavyRoger Wm. Logue, Navy Jon R. Lohrbach, NavyRoland E. Lonergan, Navy
    Stephen R. Lonergan, Air ForceRichard Charles Loomer, Army, KIA Korean War Betty Jean Bruns Lord, NavyHenry A. Lorenzen, Army, KIA
    Peggy Jo Lowe Lee, Army"JC" Lowe, Navy Josh Lucas, ArmyJohn Luchan, Army
    James Sander Ludeman, ArmyJohn Ludeman, Army, KIA Gerhard Luecht, NavyJane Luecht, Army
    Robert K. Lugar, ArmyWilliam J. Lugar, Army Lloyd "Louie" Lugg, ArmyRafael P. Luna, Army
    Gordon R. Lundeen, Army, KIA WWIIVirgil I. Lunning, Air Force Philip Lunstrum, NavyLyal C. Lura, Navy
    Randall C. Lutz, ArmyRobert E. Lutz, Army William B. Lyghtner, ArmyJoseph C. Lynch, Army
    Joseph M. Lyngaas, ArmyChandler A. Lysne, Army Velman A. Lysne, Navy 


    Robert H. Maass, Army, KIA WWIIAnn E. Maassen, Navy Robert D. Macek, NavyJohn K. MacGregor, Army
    Paul S. MacGregor, NavyAngus MacNider, Navy Hanford MacNider, ArmyJack MacNider, Marines
    Tom MacNider, ArmyJohn A. Madden, Army Joseph H. Madden, ArmyRussell F. Madden, Army
    Thomas O. Madden, ArmyJeffrey D. Madison, Air Force Ralph F. Madison, ArmyAlbert C. Madson, Army
    Jacob R. Magnani, ArmyTony Magnani, Army Hugh Rolland Magner, MarinesJohn Lee Magner Sr., Navy
    Paul E. Mahoney, ArmyRobert Mahoney, Army Roger E. Maillard, Air Force, KIA WWIIDavid Howard Mairs, Army
    Howard Mairs, NavyRyan David Mairs, Army G. William Maish, NavyJohn G. Makris, Army
    Joseph N. Malfero, NavyMarcus P. Malloy, Army Clarence E. Maloy, NavyThomas E. Manning, Army
    Harold E. Mansmith, Army, POWJohn George Marker, Air Force Kim R. Marovets, ArmyGabriel Antonio Marroni, Army
    Gordon E. Marsh, NavyHarold R. Marsh, Navy Derley R. Marshall, Navy, KIAClifford B. Marson, Navy
    Jeanine C. Marsters, NavyJeffrey K. Marsters, Navy Alden L. Martenson, Army/NavyElmer L. Martin, Navy
    John F. Martin, Air ForceEdwin L. Marxen, Army Frank F. Mary, ArmyHenry J. Mataloni, Army
    James V. Mathahs, ArmySteve A. Mathers, Army, KIA Vietnam Richard A. Mathre, MarinesS.A. "Ed" Mathre, Air Force
    Paul Duane Matthes, ArmyVirgil R. Matz, Army Ernest W. Maxson, ArmyRichard Maxwell, Army, KIA
    William W. Maxwell, ArmyDuane E. Mayfield, Marines Frank O. McCahem, ArmyRichard J. McCann, Army, KIA WWII
    Ray A. McCarville, NavyJames P. McCauley, Army Norman D. McClaskey, Air ForceStanely A. McClintock, Army
    John E. McCloskey, ArmyPatrick H. McCloskey, Army William F. McCloskey, ArmyClifford McCloud Sr., Army
    Barry A. McClung, ArmyCharles J. McClung, Army Chester J. McClung, ArmyJames L. McClung, Air Force
    John V. McClung, ArmyD'Earl "Dee" L. McCoid, Navy Gerald R. McCoid, NavyM. Arthur McCoid, Navy
    Merle "Arthur" McCoid, ArmyRaymond E. McCoid, Army James R. McCoid, Air ForceDean C. McCourt, Army
    Don T. McCourt, ArmyJack G. McCourt, Army Keith M. McCourt, ArmyThomas M. McCourt, Army
    Tom F. McCourt, ArmyOliver L. McCoy, Army Donald W. McCready, ArmyFloyd G. McCreery, Army, KIA WWII
    Brian Lee McDougle, NavyDwaine O. McDougle, Navy Gordon E. McDougle, ArmyHarvey E. McDougle, Army, KIA WWII
    Larry Gordon McDougle, Air ForceRonald R. McEldoon, Army George H. McElroy, Navy, KIAWilliam "Bill" McElroy, Coast Guard
    William Keith McElroy, Air ForceJames G. McGowan, Air Force Anthony W. McGuire, ArmyDennis A. McIlhatton, Army
    Loren A. McILhatton, NavyRaymond A. McILrath, Navy Thomas Paul McKee, ArmyLoras Peter McLaughlin, Army
    Marvin J. McLaughlin, Navy, KIA WWIIMerlin Douglas McMannes, Army Jack J. McMenimen, ArmyJames C. McMenimen, Navy
    John F. McMenimen, NavyDan McMullen, Navy Layton S. McMullin, ArmyLarry G. McNamara, Army
    Robert M. McNamara, ArmyKenneth E. Meacham, Marines Lawrence Meade, Army, KIA WWIIOlive C. Meade, Army
    Winifred J. Meade, ArmyErnesto Mejia, Army Gabriel A. Mejia, ArmyJonathan R. J. Mejia, Air Force
    Roberto Mejia Jr., ArmyCarlos A. Melendez Sr., Army Carlos J. Melendez Jr., ArmyRichard H. Mennen, Navy
    Floyd Mensch, ArmyGlenn Mensch, Army John F. Mensch, NavyCarlyle Howard Merritt, Army
    Lester A. Meske, ArmyCarl O. Mestad, Army, KIA WWII Ed Meyer, ArmyHarry B. Meyer, Army
    Robert E. Meyer, MarinesBuford R. Meyers, Army Raymond Charles Meyers, ArmyStephen R. Meyers, Army
    Kenneth L. Midtgaard, ArmyMerle L. Mikkelson, Navy Kenneth Norman Millard, NavyBarry John Miller, Army
    Bernard Z. Miller, ArmyCharles Edwin Miller, Army David L. Miller, Navy/ArmyDonald M. Miller, Navy
    Dwight Miller, ArmyEverett E. Miller, Navy Gene Jerome Miller, ArmyHarrison Miller Jr., Army
    John M. Miller, NavyLarry Eugene Miller, Air Force LaVern W. Miller, ArmyLorain Marion Miller, Army
    Paul K. Miller, Air ForceRichard Erwin Miller, Army Richard Kermit Miller, ArmyRichard R. Miller, Army, KIA WWII
    Robert C. Miller, MarinesRussell A. Miller, Army Earl R. Miltenberger, ArmyDavid A. Mineart, Army
    Dean B. Miner, ArmyHarold B. Miner, Army Blaine A. Mishak, ArmyDavid E. Mitchell, Army
    Lowell G. Mitchell, Air ForceMelvin D. Mitchell, Air Force Raymond Charles Mix, NavyJames J. Mock, Air Force
    Robert C. Modlin, Navy, KIACharles B. Moen, Army Robert Eugene Moen, NavyThomas Reuben Moen, Navy
    Dean M. Molstad, ArmyAlan J. Monson, Army Douglas J. Montgomery Sr., NavyAlbert T. Moore, Army, KIA
    David W. Moore, Coast GuardDuaine H. Moore, Army Kenneth Ralph Moore, MarinesLowell H. Moore, Army
    Marvin Eugene Moore, MarinesRalph H. Moore, Army Richard Lee Moore, NavyWilliam H. Moore, Army
    George Moravec, ArmyErwin Loyd Moritz, Marines Carl Marion Morris, NavyPaul D. Morris, Navy
    Glenn R. Morrison Jr., Air Force, KIA VietnamRussell Morse, Marines John H. Morud, Air ForceRichard M. Mostrom, Navy
    Bryan A. Mott, ArmyCecil E. Mott, Army Robert I. Mott, ArmyHenry Eugene Motter Jr., Navy
    Wilson H. Mount, ArmyDennis J. Muehlstedt, Army William "Bill" Muhlstein, ArmyPatrick Mulcahy, Army
    Frederick J. Mulhern Sr., NavyFrederick M. Mulhern Jr., Army Marvin E. Mulhern, ArmyDonald E. Muller, Navy
    Clair F. Mullin, Air Force, KIAAlberto Muniz Jr., Army William Murphy, Army, KIADonald Allen Murray, Army
    E. J. "Bud" Murray, ArmyJames W. Murray, Navy Elwin Lewis Musser, NavyFred E. Muth, Army
    Arthur K. Myers, MarinesKeith J. Myhr, Army, KIA Harry L. Myhre, NavyLowell Myrell, Army, KIA WWII


    Clayton Harry Nalan, Navy/ArmyJerry Eugene Nalan, Air Force John Stanton Nalan, Navy/ArmyNorvard N. Nalan, Air Force
    Elmer R. Navratil, ArmyTimothy T. Naylon, Navy James W. Nedved, Air ForceJerry J. Nedved, Army
    Karl J. Nedved, MarinesMarian Clemons Nedved, Navy Nicholas S. Negomir, ArmyLawrence C. Nehls, Army
    Raymond E. Nehls, MarinesThomas Francis Neibauer, Coast Guard Clarence L. Neishem, Army, KIACleon A. Nelson, Navy, KIA
    Donald Todd Nelson, ArmyHarold M. Nelson, Army Julian D. Nelson, Army, KIA WWIIRobert H. Nelson, Army, KIA
    Jaime Lee Nessett, NavyRobert Allen Nessett, Navy Willard G. Nessett, ArmyLeAllen F. Nevermann, Army
    Charles W. Newell, ArmyGeorge E. Newman, Army Marshall Nicholson, ArmyRobert H. Nielson, Army, KIA
    Ron Nielson, ArmyDonald LuVern Nissen, Army, KIA WWII Gary L. Nissen, MarinesGeorge R. Nitcher, Army
    Walter Dudley Noble, Air ForceAlbert B. Noe, Army Dennis H. Nolan, ArmyHarold W. Nolan, Army
    Andrew O. Nordahl Jr, Army, KIA WWIIEnoch A. Norem, Army Lyle Austin Norquist, Air Force, KIA WWIICharles H. Norris, Army
    Earl L. Norris, ArmyMike Nuehring, Army Orvall Nuehring, Navy 


    Arthur A. Oakes, Army, KIAJohn Edward O'Banion, Navy Richard E. O'Banion, ArmyDean O. O'Brien, Air Force
    Hurschel M. O'Brien, NavyJack A. O'Brien, Navy James E. O'Brien, MarinesJames R. "Dick" O'Brien, Marines
    Lois L. (Walker) O'Brien, MarinesRichard K. O'Brien, Air Force Thomas J. O'Brien, MarinesWilliam Marc O'Brien, Army
    Lloyd E. O'Connor, NavyWilliam W. O'Dell, Navy D. J. "Dick" O'Donnell, ArmyJames Dominick O'Donnell, Army
    John P. O'Donnell, ArmyJohn P. O'Donnell Jr., Army Robert James O' Donnell, ArmyWilliam A. O'Donnell, Army
    Bryan G. Oglesby, ArmyFloyd C. Oglesby, Air Force Arthur E. O'Green, NavyLowell T. Oldham, Army
    William M. Oleson Jr., ArmyMark L. Oliver, Air Force Albin M. Olson, ArmyAlvar P. Olson, Army
    Clarence J. Olson, ArmyClifford G. Olson, Army, KIA Kenneth L. Olson, Marines, KIA WWIILeonard C. Olson, Navy
    Leroy F. Olson, ArmyOtto H. Olson, Navy Raymond F. Olson, Army, KIA Richard W. Olson, Navy
    Robert F. Olson, Army, KIA VietnamRussell G. Olson, Army Sanford C. Olson, ArmyStanley L. Olson, Air Force
    Terry L. Olson, NavyJohn J. Ones, Navy Phil Wilson Ong, Air Force, POWEarl L. Opheim, Navy
    Wayne Opheim, Air ForceOrville Arnold Oppendahl, Army Vernon J. Orr, Navy, KIA WWIIPhillip Ray Osegera, Army
    Norman J. Osslund, NavyWalter I. Osvog, Army Richard A. Oswald, ArmySwen Oswald, Army, KIA WWII
    Wayne O. Oswood, ArmyJohn Dale Otten, Navy L. A. Ottoway, Air Force, KIAClifford W. Overbeck, Navy
    Raymond O. Overbeck, ArmyDonald Wayne Overturf, Air Force Ben Henry Owens, MarinesJames R. Owens, Air Force
    Leslee Ann Owens, Army   


    Roger Edwin Page, NavyMelvin R. Pahl, Army Robert Dean Pals, ArmyRonald L. Pals, Army
    Christ J. Pangraten, Army, KIAAndrew John Pappas, Army George A. Pappas, Air ForceAristotel Pappelis, Air Force
    Dale J. Parcher, ArmyP. Merrill Parks, Army James D. Patchen, ArmyWilliam V. Patrick, Air Force/U.S. Navy
    Paul I. Patridge, Air ForceHoward Clinton Patten, Army Stanley J. Patterson, Air ForceRicky James Patton, Army
    John E. Pauley, MarinesThomas N. Paulsen, Army Bob Leroy Paulson, ArmyJohn L. Paulson, Navy
    Charles F. Paulus, ArmyThomas F. Paulus, Army Artie Paxton, ArmyHarry Paxton, Army, KIA WWII
    James Alfred Paxton, ArmyRobert Wiffing Paxton, Navy Wiffing H. Paxton, ArmyLowell P. Payne, Navy
    Vernon Bud Pearce, NavyArnold S. Pearson, Army Dana R. Peck Jr., ArmyJames M. K. Pedersen, Air Force, KIA
    Edward Leroy Pencina, Army, KIA WWIIDavid J. Perdue, Army Augustina "Tina" Perez, NavyWilliam E. Perham, Army
    Michael J. Perrott, ArmyJohn L. Person, Navy Lester E. Person, Air ForceEugene F. Peshak, Army
    Peter Petcoff, ArmySteve Petcoff, Army Elmer R. Peters, Army, KIAEverett H. Peters, Coast Guard
    Allan B. Petersen, NavyArthur M. Petersen, Air Force Ralph Petersen, Army, KIAAddler M.B. Peterson, Army
    Anthony Earl Peterson, Army, KIA Carl L. "Pete" Peterson, Army Christopher J. Peterson, MarinesEdward N. Peterson, Army, KIA WWII
    George A. "Joe" Peterson, ArmyGerald A. Peterson, Army Irving J. Peterson, Air ForceJames Duane Peterson, Army
    Melvin J. Peterson Jr., MarinesMelvin J. Peterson Sr., Navy Michael J. Peterson, ArmyRaymond L. Peterson, Army, KIA WWII
    Thomas Luverne Peterson, ArmyVerner H. Peterson, Navy Cecil L. Petty, NavyEugene V. Pfeifer, Navy
    Thomas E. Pfeifer, NavyDaniel Henry Phalen, Army Larry Phearman, ArmyDonald J. Picken, Air Force
    Kenneth W. Pierce, Navy, KIA WWIIGeorge W. Pierson, Navy Francis J. Pietersen, ArmyMarvin A. Piippo, Army
    Louis J. Pion Jr., Air Force, KIA WWIIHarold Halsor Pippert, Army Franklin Benjamin Pitkin, ArmyGeorge R. Platts, Army
    Harold Dean Platts, NavySilas W. Platts, Air Force William J. Platts, NavySeth Poe, Army
    Albert E. Polacek, ArmyCharles Henry Polsdofer, Navy Charles "Pete" Pope, NavyLaurence R. Popp, Army
    Philip Portwood, NavyB. Keith Poshusta, Army John C. Poshusta, ArmyGregory S. Poulos, Navy
    Sam C. Poulos, ArmyRuth A. (Waychus) Powers, Navy William John Prather, Air ForceAlex Preftakes, Marines
    James P. Preftakes, ArmyHarold K. Price Sr., Navy Kevin S. Prickett, Air ForceC. Bernard Prickett, Navy
    Charles B. Prickett III, MarinesCharles B. Prickett Jr., Navy Ian S. Prickett, NavyDonald J. Prindle, Air Force
    Harold "Dick" Prindle, ArmyJohn S. Pritchard, Air Force William D. Pritchard, Marines, KIA WWIIMarvin R. Proctor, Navy
    Charles M. Prohaski, Air ForceDarrel L. Prohaski, Air Force Jack S. Proscovec, NavyEdwin H. Pruessner, Army
      F. W. Pat Purcell, MarinesDaryl C. Pyle, Army 


    John Ellsworth Quam, Army, KIA VietnamHoward Eugene Query, Navy John P. Quinones, NavyLeo Quinones, Army
    Patrick Quinones, NavyRaymond Joseph Quinones, Navy William Quinones, Army, KIA WWIIRamon Quintero, Army
    Richard H. Quitney, Army   


    John Barry Rabe, ArmyDale W. Radcliff, Navy Kenneth Alan Radcliff, NavyWilliam David Radcliff, Air Force
    Rodney Roy Radcliff, NavyCecil LaVern Radcliffe, Navy George W. Radcliffe, ArmyHomer P. "Babe" Radcliffe, Navy
    Leland Dallas Radke, NavyRobert Loren Rafferty, Navy Thomas E. Rafferty Jr., NavyEarl D. Ragan, Air Force
    James Ragan, Air ForceHarold V. Randall, Navy Ray L. Randall, ArmyStephen Harold Randall, Army
    Charles Rankin, Army, KIAArchie P. Rasmussen, Army Axel C. Rasmussen, Army, KIAGerald D. Rasmussen, Army
    James L. Rasmussen, NavyMartin Eugene Rasmussen, Army Max E. Rasmussen, Army, KIAWayland G. Rasmussen, Army
    Wayne F. Rathmann, NavyJames W. "Jim" Redeker, Army Milo Reed, Army, KIAWilliam J. Reed, Navy
    Dale W. Rees, Air ForceHarvey W. Reich, Army Keith Edward Reich, ArmyWalt Reindl, Navy
    Arthur W. Remmert, ArmyCatherine Renaud, Army Virgil Renaud, ArmyAlfred M. Rentz, Army
    John I. Repp, ArmyWilfred Michael Reuter, Navy Allan Lee Reynolds, NavyDerek W. Reynolds, Army
    Eugene R. Reynolds, ArmyLarry R. Reynolds, Air Force Michael M. Reynolds, Army, KIARichard D. Reynolds, Navy
    William R. Reynolds, Army, KIA WWIIHenry H. Reysack, Navy Theodore R. Reysack, NavyLouis V. Rice Jr., Army
    Charles E. Richardson, ArmyLyle G. Rickard, Army, KIA Paul D. Ricke, NavyRichard Riebe, Navy
    LeRoy W. Ries, ArmyCharles R. Ring, Army Alec D. Ringis, ArmyJohn "Smitty" Ringis, Army
    Charles J. Ringus Jr., NavyCharles Ringus Sr., Army Tony J. Ringus, ArmyPatrick Joel Rippentrop, Marines
    Richard Risbe, Navy, KIARichard L. Rish, Army, KIA Vietnam Arnold D. Rivedal, Army, KIA Korean WarJames J. Roach Marines, KIA Korean War
    Warren B. Roath, ArmyDuane H. Robbins, Army Allen D. Roberts, ArmyMarion Alferd Roberts, Navy
    Duane M. Robinson, ArmyBernard Robuck, Navy Gary Lee Rockwell, Air ForceDonald J. Rodberg, Army
    Engval S. Rodberg, ArmyEugene M. Rodberg, Army Stanton T. Rodberg, ArmyDalton L. Rodemeyer, Air Force
    Robert O. Rogers, ArmyRaymond John Roggeman, Navy Roe H. Roof, ArmyArdell Rooks, Air Force, KIA WWII
    Ambrose L. Rooney, ArmyBernard E. Rose, Air Force Dale N. Rosenberg, Air ForceHoward E. Ross, Army, KIA WWII
    Althon L. Rossum, Navy, KIA WWIIGordon D. Rossum, Army Roger A. Rossum, ArmyRoyce D. Rossum, Army, KIA WWII
    Royce V. Rossum, Army, KIAGerald W. Roth, Marines Ronald D. Roth, NavyVirgil D. Roth, Marines
    Arthur E. Rowe Jr., ArmyDaniel John Rowe, Army Donald F. Rowe, ArmyJoanne M. Ruby, Army
    Kurtis L. Ruby, ArmyRussell W. Ruby, Army C. A. Rugger, NavyErnest P. Ruhnke, Army, KIA WWII
    Wallace "Ike" Ruppelt, NavyRobert Dale Rush, Marines Daren E. Russell, Air ForceFarrell K. Ruyter, Navy
    Joe Ruzich, ArmyMarcus J. Ryan, Marines, KIA WWII Curtis Orlando Rye, Air Force/NavySteve P. Rye, Air Force
    Thomas Milton Rye, Marines   


    James E. Sage, Army, KIA WWIIJohn Harrison Sage, Marines Donald C. Sampson, ArmyIvan R. Sampson, Army
    Lloyd H. Sampson, ArmyNorman A. Sampson, Air Force Tillman R. Sampson, Air ForceAlan C. Samson, Army
    Alexander "Alex" Sanchez, ArmyArmando O. Sanchez, Army Merno R. Sanchez, ArmyRichard E. Sandage, Navy
    Dennis R. Sanvig, ArmyMaynard E. Satern, Army Herb Saunders, Air ForceJoseph A. Sberal, Army
    Joseph J. Sberal, ArmyMichael J. Sberal, Army Marion C. Scarrow, ArmyHarold V. Schadt, Army
    Paul M. Schaefer, NavyReuben E. Schaefer, Marines Lawrence Andrew Schaer, ArmyHarvey R. Schauf, Air Force
    George C. Scheppelman, Army, KIAAndrew G. Scheppler, Army George A. Scheppler, ArmyWillard O. Scheppler, Army, KIA WWII
    Melvin C. Scherf, NavyRobert E. Schinnow, Army, KIA Harold J. Schipper Jr., ArmyDuane E. Schlichting, Army
    Robert Joseph Schmall, NavyWilliam J. Schmalle, Army, KIA Gerald L. Schmidt, NavyJeffrey L. Schmidt, Navy
    Clement A. Schneider, ArmyCletus Schneider, Army Karl V. Schneider, Army, KIA WWIIMerlin L. Scholl, Navy
    Raymond E. Scholl, Navy, KIA WWIIWilbur M. Schram, Army Harold E. Schreckengost, Army, POWErnest J. Schroeder, Navy
    Michael A. Schroeder, Army, KIA VietnamThomas Roy Schuessler, Navy Edward D. Schultz, Air Force, KIAGerald L. Schultz, Army
    Harold R. Schultz, NavyRoy J. Schultz, Army, KIA WWII Elroy E. Schulz, NavyRaymond R. Schumaker, Army
    David E. Schutz, NavyEarl W. Schutz, Army Paul D. Schutz, ArmyHarry E. Scoville, Army
    Merle C. Scoville, ArmyMichael R. Scoville, Navy Erwin L. Searle, Navy, KIA WWIIHarlan James Searle, Navy
    Guymon Sears, ArmyTilman Sears, Army Warren Sears, Air ForceGrover C. Seeberger Jr., Navy
    Garfield J. Seehawer, ArmyPhilip C. Seely, Navy Robert Seidel, Army, KIAGerald W. Sellon, Navy
    Keith J. Sellon, ArmyPeter A. Slevig, Navy Russell N. Selvig, NavyRick Allan Serdahl, Army
    James C. Serakos, Army, KIA WWIIFrank R. Servantez, Army Michael D. Servantez, ArmyGlenn C. Sevick, Air Force
    Sterling Seymour, Navy, KIALouis I. Shaner, Army Michael I. Shaner, Marines, KIAAdam F. Shannon, Army
    Anthony J. "Tony" Shannon, ArmyDelevan J. Shannon, Army Francis J. Shannon, NavyJohn Robert Shannon, Air Force
    Patrick Michael Shannon, ArmyW.P. "Pat" Shannon, Army Leon R. Sharp, ArmyDavid Sheehy, Navy, KIA
    John Joseph Sheehy, NavyHoward Dwight Sherer, Navy Michael Dwight Sherer, Air ForceRaymond Shimak Sr., Army
    James Burton Shinn, NavyJames Duane Shinn, Navy James Edward Shinn, NavyMartin Elvin Shinn, Army, KIA WWII
    Richard S. Shipman, ArmyWilliam D. Shober, Army Charles K. Sibert, ArmyVerl A. Sibert, Navy
    Phillip J. Siefert, NavyGeorge Simkins Jr., Air Force Leroy Simmons, Army, KIAKeith L. Simon, Army
    Charles Clark Sinclair, NavyHenry Hays Singleton, Army Robert M. Sinnott, ArmyEdward L. Sjolinder, Army
    James Thomas Skarlis, ArmyJerry George Skarlis, Army Lloyd E. Skarlis, ArmyThomas A. Skarlis, Army
    Bryan R. Skarphol, MarinesFrancis William Slepicka, Air Force William John Slepicka, ArmyMatthew L. Sletten, Marines
    Clarence W. Slife, NavyLeslie E. Slock, Air Force Arthur D. Smith, ArmyBernard John Smith, Army
    Clarence Slim Smith, ArmyDonald L. Smith, Army, KIA WWII Elton E. Smith, NavyLeroy L. Smith, Marines
    Merlyn D. Smith, ArmyMichael George Smith, Navy Ray W. Smith, Army, KIARichard D. Smith, Coast Guard
    Robert Arthur Smith, NavySophie Negomir Smith, Army Walter Smith Jr., Army, KIAWarren C. Smith, Army
    Elmer W. Snell, ArmyLein Snell, Marines Morris A. Snell, ArmyJames A. Snook, Navy
    Robert R. Snyder, ArmyAlf Allen Solberg, Navy D. Vaughn Solberg, NavyBert Solsaa, Navy
    Randy Solsaa, NavyGeorge E. Solum, Army Lewis J. Solum, ArmyMilford L. Solum, Marines
    Robert G. Sorenson, NavyEdwin C. Sowles, Air Force, KIA Robert Speakar, ArmyDennis L. Spencer, Army
    Melvin J. Spencer, Air Force, POWWalter L. Spencer, Army, KIA Arthur L. Sprague, Army, KIARaymond C. Sprau, Army, KIA WWII
    Wallace Springer, Army, KIA WWIIRobert Lee Spurbeck Sr., Navy Delbert D. Stadtlander, ArmyClifford E. Stafford, Army
    Earnest L. Stafford, Army, KIARussel R. Stahl, Army Harry Ambrose Stanton, ArmyJohn O. Starks, Air Force
    Wm. Edwin Starks, ArmyJesse R. Stasch, Air Force Dean Statzer, ArmyDonald J. Staudt, Army
    Donavon E. Staudt, ArmyGeorge H. Staudt, Army Morris P. Staudt, Army, KIA WWIIRussell Dean Steenblock, Army
    Donald F. Steere, ArmyKenny Rick Steger, Army Donald Joseph Steil, NavyErwin H. Stemmerman, Army
    Max A. Stephens, ArmyEldon K. Steuerwald, Army, KIA WWII Thomas R. Stibal, NavyBruce Allen Stille, Army
    Lloyd E. Stockberger, ArmyFred Stoecker, Army, KIA WWII Roger Chris Stoltenberg, ArmyJohn F. Stone, Army
    Cary J. Stricker, ArmyElmer G. Stricker, Army, KIA WWII Kenny Stricker, ArmyRalph Stricker, Army
    John W. Strom, ArmyThomas G. Strong, Army Donald G. Stubbs, Air Force, KIA WWIIFrank E. Sturges, Army
    Harley P. Sturges, NavyJames L. Sutton, Army, KIA Roger S. Sutton, MarinesFrank S. Swed Sr., Navy
    Kenneth Sweeney, ArmyRaymond Edward Sweeney, Navy Maynard H. Swyter, ArmyMelvin Duane Symes, Army


    Alvin Tageson, Navy, KIA WWIIDonald J. Tanner, Army Lawrence E. Tanner, ArmyRolland C. Tanner, Air Force
    Walter Vern Tanner Jr., NavyRaymond H. Tapps, Army Angelo S. Tatone, ArmyCarl A. Tatone, Marines
    Michael J. Tatone, Air ForceJames H. Tatum, Army Donald R. Taylor, NavyJames D. Taylor, Navy
    Meredith Temple, Navy, KIA WWIIJoseph W. Templeton, Army William F. Tenney, ArmyVernon Joseph Tesar, Navy
    John E. Tesene, NavyElmer M. Theilen, Navy Clair Eugene Thomas, ArmyJoseph F. Thomas, Army
    Ralph R. Thomas, ArmyRobert L. Thomas, Army, KIA WWII Earl E. Thompson, ArmyHarlan H. Thompson, Army
    Marvin F. Thompson, MarinesOrville C. Thompson, Army William Adolph Thompson, ArmyFrank Thomsen, Army
    Theodore Paul Thomson, NavyCharles B. Thrams, Army Michael Ray Thrams, ArmyMarvin W. Tibbits, Army, KIA Korean War
    Robert Gerald Tibbits, NavyLeRoy F. Tiedeman, Navy William A. Tiedeman Jr., ArmyTerry T. Tilton, Navy
    James C. Timpe, MarinesDon L. "Bud" Toepfer, Army Lavern Tolzman, ArmyMarlen J. Torgerson, Navy
    Melferd L. "Bud" Torkelson Sr., ArmyMelferd L. "Mel" Torkelson Jr., Army Richard Allen Torkelson, NavyRyan J. Torkelson, Army
    Jesse M. Torres, ArmyJohn A. Torres, Army Magdaleno A. Torres, ArmyMingo A. Torres, Army
    Navarro Torres, ArmyRichard M. Torres, Army Donald Tosevigen, ArmyLester Webster Towsley, Navy
    David J. Tracy, NavyJohn L. Tracy Marines, KIA Vietnam Elmer W. Trappe, Air ForceJames D. Trappe, Army
    Stacy D. Trappe, NavyDonald Lyle Trebil, Army Harlow Richard Trebil, ArmyDaniel E. Tresemer, Army
    Raynond W. Trojahn, ArmyClark C. Trudo, Air Force Rollie Allen True, ArmyNewel A. Trustin, Army
    Mary Chuick Turner, MarinesEarl Tuthill, Army, KIA John W. "Jack" Tyler, Navy 


    Donald F. Ueker, Air ForceRichard C. Ufford, Army, KIA WWII Robert V. Ulin, Army, KIA WWIILowell Clair Ulrich, Army
    Merlyn Junior Ulrich, ArmyRollin Duane Umbarger, Marines Dennis Ray Umphress, ArmyDavid W. Underwood, Navy
    Daniel Carl Upton, Army, KIA VietnamJohn P. Urbatch, Army, KIA WWII William F. Utterback, Army 


    Emery A. Van Every, ArmyBill Van Fleet, Navy Kamiel Van Hecke, ArmyThomas Van Heel, Air Force
    Harley Dale Van Horn, NavyRonald C. Van Horn, Marines Michael A. Van Houten, ArmyStephen Van Houten, Navy
    Jerry W. Van Note, ArmyKeith L. Van Note, Air Force Robert Dan Van Note, Marines, KIA Korean WarRaymond John Van Zile, Air Force
    Marvin O. VanEvery, ArmyGene Alan VanHorn, Navy Theophil "Ted" L. VanLent, ArmyKeith Leslie VanNote, Air Force
    Harold Omar Varvel, NavyRonald K. Varvel, Army Wayne A. Vath, NavyJohn C. Vaughn, Navy
    David B. Veech, NavyGarth Burnell Veech, Army Margaret L. Vega Perez, Coast GuardMickey Patricia Vega Witt, Navy
    Daniel P. Vega, Coast GuardLouis Vega, Army Mark W. Vega, ArmyRalph P. Vega, Navy
    Raymond M. "Mony" Vega, ArmyWilliam Velthoff, Navy August VerHelst, ArmyDonald R. VerHelst, Army
    James L. VerHelst, Marines, KIAJohn J. Vician, Army, KIA WWII Edmund L. Vorland, ArmyCharles E. Vosburgh, Navy
    Raymond L. Voss, Army, KIA WWII   


    Arthur Wade, Navy, KIA WWIIErnest J. Wade, Navy Karl M. Waggoner, ArmyThomas M. Waggoner, Army
    Arthur P. Wagner, NavyHerbert W. Wagner, Army Richard F. Wagner, ArmyWarren L. Wagner, Coast Guard
    Wm F. Wahre Jr., Army, KIAClarence J. Wallace, Army Lyle F. Wallace, ArmyRalph R. Wallace, Army
    Ralph W. Walls, ArmyDan A. Walsh, Army Dan J. Walsh, ArmyR. Michael Walsh, Marines
    Robert E. Walsh, MarinesAnsley A. Walswick, Army James B. Walter, ArmyRalph H. Wandrey, Air Force
    Sherman D. Ward, ArmyWalter E. Ward, Army ____ Warner, NavyLaVern A. Warner, Army
    Ronald Warner, ArmyJeffery H. Watermiller, Navy Gary C. Wattnem, ArmyDavid F. Waychus, Navy
    Douglas J. Waychus, MarinesFelix John Waychus, Army Frank P. Waychus, NavyH.F. "Hip" Waychus, Navy
    Richard H. Waychus, ArmyRobert A. Waychus, Navy Rosetta E. Waychus, Air ForceCecil L. Weaver, Marines
    Donald H. Weber, ArmyRoy S. Weber, Army Randy Webner, ArmyCletus D. Weiland, Army, KIA WWII
    Gerald M. Weiland, ArmyLawrence E. Weir, Army Frank J. Weiss, Air ForceArnold Weitnauer, Army, KIA
    LeRoy H. Weitzel, MarinesWalter A. Weland, Army Charles F. Wellen, ArmyRobert W. Wells, Navy
    Lester M. Welsh, NavyRichard Glen Welsh, Air Force Robert J. Welter, Air ForceCalvin E. Wendel, Army
    George H. Wendel, Air ForceKenneth H. Wendel, Army Dale E. Wentworth, Navy, KIAHarold F. Werle, Marines, KIA
    George H. West Jr., Air ForceJames F. West, Army James W. West, Army, KIAWayne H. Westcott, Army, KIA
    Gabriel Travis Westly, ArmyJoseph James Whalen, Navy Jack Wharam, NavyKevin Ronald Wheeler, Army
    Norman George Wheeler, ArmyRonald Marvin Wheeler, Air Force Roger L. Whipple, ArmyBernard Laurence White, Army
    Charles L. White, Air ForceDaniel J. White, Army Jackson D. White, NavyJasson White, Marines
    Russell F. White, ArmyStanley Dean White, Army, KIA Todd E. White, NavyWallace V. White, Navy
    Wayne Leslie White, NavyClaude C. Whitehill, Navy Robert D. Whitehurst, MarinesCharles Roger Whitt, Army
    Homer F. Whorrall, Army, KIAEllis J. Wick, Army Robert E. Widdrington, Army, KIA WWIIGrant Eugene Wiebrand, Army
    Mark Allen Wiebrand, ArmyMichael Vern Wiebrand, Marines Vern Eugene Wiebrand, ArmyRalph E. Wiley, Army
    Burdette C. Wilhite, ArmyDale R. Wilhite, Navy Glenn C. Wilhite, Air ForceMarvin B. Wilhite, Army
    Gerald E. Wilke, NavyKevin F. Wilke, Army Harry G. Willcox, NavyDon G. Willett, Army
    Lester L. Williams, Navy, KIA WWIIDelbert Wayne Willis, Army William Franklin Willis, ArmyWalter Louis Wilson, Army
    Darrell E. Wilson, Army, KIA WWIIDonald W. Wilson, Navy, KIA Glen W. Wilson, Air ForceGordon Duane Wilson, Army
    Lester Lee Wilson, NavyReggie D. Wilson, Navy Edward Woodrow Wiltsie, NavyElmer Roy Wineman, Navy
    Richard R. Winga, Air ForceHenry O. Wiseman, Army William Witherspoon, ArmyCecil T. Woldmoe, Army, KIA WWII
    Robert C. Wolff, Air ForceWarren William Wolff, Navy, KIA WWII Donald Edward Wood, NavyEarl R. Wood, Army
    Clay L. Woodhouse, NavyLloyd Francis Woodhouse, Navy, KIA WWII Michael A. Woodhouse, NavyLeon Woodward Jr., Navy
    Clifford J. Worden, Army, KIAJohn H. Wrisberg II, Army, KIA John H. Wrisberg III, Army, KIAGlen Robert Wyborny, Air Force
    Harvey E. Wynn, Army, KIA WWII   


    Jack E. Young, NavyMilo C. Young, Army Richard M. Young, ArmyHarold Lloyd Younger, Army
    Frederick Thomas Younke, ArmyThomas Michael Younke, Army   


    Guy F. Zach, Air ForceBob Zahariades, Army Gus Zahariades, ArmyJohn S. Zanios, Army
    Tom James Zanios, ArmyLowell Dean Zea, Navy Joseph Zeiger, Navy, KIA WWIIIrvin Zieman, Navy
    Benedict L. Zeimann, ArmyGerald D. Zeller, Navy Kristopher Alan Zilge, ArmyLarry A. Zilge, Army
    Luverne O. Zilge, ArmyWalter I. Zook, Army Irvin F. Zorn, ArmyElisabet Lauer Zuehlke, Army
    Mark Walter Zuehlke, Marines   

    Additional Soldier Information Sources:
    WWI, WWII & Korean War Casualty Listing, ancestry.com
    NPS National WWII Memorial database

    Transcription & compilation by Sharon R. Becker, May of 2011


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