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The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Saturday, May 09, 1942, 1941, Page 5

Karl Schneider Wishes He Were Graduating Now

Karl SCHNEIDER, son of Mr. and Mrs. SCHNEIDER, located with the armed forces at Fort Clayton, Canal Zone, Panama, writes that he wishes he were graduating from the Mason City high school now with his class of 1942.

Karl, having the urge to travel, dropped high school in his junior year and journeyed to the west. Shortly after he joined the armed forces and has been given duty as [a] guard in the Canal Zone ever since.

Karl writes, "Our dry season is just ending and we are now set for the rains. It rains for nine months and dries up the other three.

"When I read about Harry MANNING and his 'little' experience with the Japs, i thought of the times I used to pal around with him, and how we are now so far apart fighting for the same big cause, in which we will be victorious, even though there will be a great loss of American life.

"Wish you might have sat down to chow dinner with us the other night. It consisted of southern fried monkey, a native cooked iguana (lizard), chicken and native squirrel. Lizard is better than chicken."

Karl closes his letter to Miss GRAVES with "Auf Wiedersehen and God Bless America." - J.E.M.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Thursday, November 27, 1942, Page 14

"Ready to Sail -- God Knows Where"

From the bleak cold shores of Iceland to the palms of Panama - that's the range of Mason Cityans in the armed services of the United States.

Writing from the Panama Canal Zone, Karl SCHNEIDER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl SCHNEIDER, 1104 Georgia avenue northeast, says: "The war is practically here and we all know it, too. Up all night. Alert all day. Sleep in the afternoon and back at it again.

"Planes flying all the time -- guns firing for practice - parachute troops on maneuvers - all roads barricaded - Everything nice and peaceful."

Karl is a member of the 73rd coast artillery, anti-aircraft, B. I., stationed at Fort Anador, Canal Zone.

"I hate to say this," he goes on, "but I won't be back in the good old U. S. A. until my two years are completed down here.

"Everything is just tense, waiting for something to break. Anti-aircraft guns and searchlights playing all the time. They really have us loaded down with equipment.

"We have new automatic rifles, gas masks, steel helmets, complete packs, ten khaki uniforms, four pairs of shoes and moccasins, leggings, tropical helmets and 100 pounds of ammunition.

"All ready to sail, God knows where. The 4th coast artillery sailed two weeks ago on a 10 minute order - don't know where, South America, Costa Rica or Trinidad.

"Am surely enjoying the home papers and the Cub Gazette, one bright spot in this unrest and turmoil and confusion. Please keep sending the papers.

"I have a pet monkey that I captured a week ago - a marmosette, that's the type. Tell dad to shoot a pheasant for me.

"I take $15 out of every check to put in government bonds - when I get through here I'll have a nice sum with interest paid out to me.


~ ~ ~ ~

The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Saturday, March 20, 1943, Page 5

Still In Panama

Karl SCHNEIDER, who has not been back to Mason City for almost three years, is still with the armed forces in Panama. Karl's letter indicates that a few days in Mason City would be "golden to him."

Transcriptions by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2013



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