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The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Wednesday, February 19, 1941


President R. M. Hall, Clear Lake
Vice President Ernest Buss, Clear Lake
Secretary S. A. Mathre, Mason City
Treasurer Wayne Wolford, Ventura


Home Project Chairman Mrs. Chas. J. Hamstreet, Mason City
Girls 4-H Club Chairman Mrs. Mary McLaughlin, Rockwell
Boys 4-H Club Chairman Earl M. Dean, Mason City


Grant Twp. Mrs. Gaylord Prestholt, Clear Lake
Lincoln Twp. Mrs. Seymour Hall, Clear Lake
Lime Creek Twp. Mrs. Charles J. Hamstreet, Mason City
Falls Twp. Mrs. Park Thomason, Rock Falls
Mason Twp. Mrs. George Holt, Mason City
Portland Twp. Mrs. Carl Peterson, Nora Springs
Union Twp. Mrs. Emmons Cannon, Ventura
Mt. Vernon Twp. Mrs. J. C. Ochler, Clear Lake
Bath Twp. Mrs. Robert Lumstren, Rockwell
Owen Twp. Mrs. Ben Hitzhusen, Cartersville
Grimes Twp. Mrs. Ray Hemming, Thornton
Pleasant Valley Twp. Mrs. Carol Rice, Swaledale
Geneseo Twp. Mrs. Frank Kirk, Rockwell
Dougherty Twp. Mrs. William Jacobs, Dougherty


Grant Twp. Howard Cash, Clear Lake
Lincoln Twp. W. S. Fulghum, Mason City
Lime Creek Twp. John Dougan, Mason City
Falls Twp. Edward O'Donnell, Mason City
Mason Twp. W. J. Schutz, Mason City
Portland Twp. Ben F. Emmert, Mason City
Union Twp. Ernest Huss, Clear Lake
Mt. Vernon Twp. Harry Evans, Rockwell
Bath Twp. Cecil H. Avise, Rockwell
Owen Twp. C. C. Foster, Mason City
Grimes Twp. Willard Zickefoose, Thornton
Pleasant Valley Twp. Don J. Vail, Sheffield
Geneseo Twp. Charles F. Hansen, Rockwell
Dougherty Twp. James B. Rooney, Dougherty
County Agent Marion E. Olson
Home Dem. Agent H. Elizabeth Needham
County Club Agent Paul Henderson
Office Assistant Genevieve M. Smith

Cerro Gordo county home project groups have been concentrating upon a study of homemade musical instruments and children's music this past month.

Above, at a meeting held in the home of Mrs. Seymour Hall, Lincoln township chairman, Mrs. Clarence Trego of Clear Lake plays a children's record on the phonograph, Mrs. Ben Skadeland, Lake township chairman, puts the finishing touches on a homemade drum. Mrs. Hall tries out her completed drum as Mrs. Forrest Cary of Grant township accompanies on a toy xylophone. (Lock photo, Kayenay engraving.)

Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2014



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