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The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Monday, June 01, 1953, Section 9


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TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Some of the language contained in these news articles are not considered to be politically correct by today's standards. They have, however, been transcribed as they appreared in 1953.

Pictures On Above Page:
1. DESIGN - Judy Cork measures the length of a skirt made by Mary Underwood in a Roosevelt Junior High design class;
2. VOCAL MUSIC - May Wong (left), Karen Westwick (center) and Richard Wornson are the singers in this sixth grade class;
3. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - Penny Peterson, a third grader, plays the flute in the All City Grade School Band;
4. PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Pat Barlow (left) and Ruth Peterson receive swimming instruction in the Roosevelt Junior High School pool;
5. SCIENCE - Performing an experiment in a ninth grade general science class are Barbara Bauer and Charles Frahm;
6. DRIVER EDUCATION - Joe Mentink, a ninth grade student at Monroe, experiences behind-the-wheel training. His instructor, Julius H. Tesch, is at his side; 7. ART - Virginia Sprengeler removes a dish from the kiln in a high school art class;
8. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION - Anton Honczarenke (right) and Tom Dutcher (center) confer with their instructor Earl L. Gerard, in a junior high school woodworking class.

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  Two Elementary Schools to Be Built,  Page 2
 Modern Classroom in Harding School,  Page 2
 5,000 Children in Public School Systgem  Page 4
~ SURNAMES: Amen, Benson, Hawkins, Main, Olson, Shepoiser, Swanson, Teas, Wallace, Wiley
  Movie Films Used in School Curriculum,  Page 4
SURNAMES: Moore, Tuttle
  Hoover School to Be Ready by Fall,  Page 6
~ SURNAMES: Cliggitt, Quick
 Driver Training Program for All Students,  Page 6
SURNAMES: Burnett, Tesch
 First Teacher Taught in Log Cabin,  Page 8
~ SURNAMES: Boyton, Gibbs, Long, Rule, Thompson
  Reading Program Embraces 15 Years,  Page 9
SURNAMES: Ahrens, Dotson, Fieweger, Lundberg, Madden, Nissen, Pearce, Sawyer Schaper, Von Wold, Voss, Williams, Zanios
 Audio Aids Used to Teach Reading,  Page 9
 Mason City's First Teacher,  Page 10
~ SURNAMES: Boyton, Dobson, Gibbs, Hanse, Long, McVicker, Reynolds, Thompson
 Early Mason City Graduates,  Page 10
~ SURNAMES: Egloff, Long, Lucas, Miller, Montague, Parker, True, Valentine
 Handwriting Courses,  Page 10
SURNAMES: Calhoun, Clark, Dellage, Longsdorf, Pope, Scott
 Holy Family Opened School in 1924,  Page 10
SURNAMES: Breen, Johnson, Mason, Moss, Murphy, Niedermeyer, Reed, Ritella,Sullivan
St. Joseph's Started School in 1880,  Page 11
~ SURNAMES: Arnold, Arquitt, Brincks, Carolan, Carroll, de Pazzi Curtin, Duffield, Hussey, Kelly, Lattimer, MacNider, Malone, Moreland, O'Callaghan, Powers, Riecks, Roach, Werner, Zieser
 Mystery Tin Box in Cornerstone,  Page 12
SURNAMES: Benton, Moulton
 State's Best High School Field Here,  Page 12
SURNAMES: Britven, Tucker
 On-Job-Training Is Expanding,  Page 13
~ SURNAMES: Cory, Newberry
 Kindgergarten Students Get Eye Test,  Page 13
SURNAMES: Bittner, Dutcher, Hickok, Zickefoose
 Shepoiser Completing Sixth Year Here,  Page 14
~ SURNAME: Shepoiser
 Training Given in Nursing,  Page 14
SURNAMES: Plath, Tosel
 Mason City Junior College First in Iowa,  Page 15
SURNAMES: Allen, Beem, Chambers, Hampton, Kartel, Myli, Paxton

Photographs courtesy of Globe-Gazette unless otherwise noted

Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, August of 2015



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