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Burchinal: Garry Bishop (site is down at present time) 
. . . Crystal Alberta Van Horn b: February 20, 1921 in Burchinal, Iowa, USA d: October 05, 1985 in Decorah, Iowa, USA; married Earl Francis Nierling b: April 11, 1917 in Lycurgus, Iowa, USA m: November 23, 1937 in Lycurgus, Iowa, USA d: October 19, 1976

Clear Lake: James Latham (site is down at present time)  
. . . Robert LATHAM was born about 1623 in Lancaster, England. He died on Feb 28 1688 in E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He was buried in E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Many descendents moved west and settled in Iowa including Cerro Gordo and Franklin County.

Clear Lake: Loren Toomsen  
. . . Albert Thooms Tomas b: May 1746 , married Teelke Harms b: in Boen, Germany m: February 10, 1770 in Bunde, Germany; child  Jan Alberts Tomas Thoomsen b: March 2, 1784 in Boen, Ostfriesland, Germany d: September 15, 1859.  Families descended from these have settled in Cerro Gordo and Franklin Counties.

Dougherty:   John D. McLaughlin (site is down at present time)
. . . Daniel McLaughlin was born about 1832 in the townland of Rathdonnell, Kilmacrenan parish, Donegal, Ireland.  He died in 1886 in Dougherty, Iowa.  A large number of families descend from his two sons, Daniel Joseph and Anthony John.

Mason City:  Tena Schroeder(site is down at present time)
. . . links to family members with photos - Hinrich and Catharina Brakel nee. Hansen. . . buy a farm south of Mason City. Two children were born here, a total of seven.

Mason City: Sheri M. Wheeler (site is down at the present time)
. . . Jasper Mizner, born 1859 and his wife Belle Hart, born 1863 in Mason City, Iowa were the parents of Lulu Mizner who married Harvey Daws. Lulu and Harvey were my great grandparents. Lulu is buried in Mason City, Iowa, as are Jasper and Belle.


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