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Mason City
Mason Township, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of North Central Iowa was chartered in 1959. Dorothy GRANT of the Blackhawk County Fellowship, and Monroe HUSBANDS assisted in its founding. The first president was Gene SHEPHERD. The first secretary was Selma ULVESTAD, and the first treasurer was George WHARAM. The latter two were "Born Unitarians." They have left their previous church affiliation because it was not fulfilling their needs.

In the 27 years our membership has varied from 8 to 20 members. We have never attempted to purchase our meeting place. We have met in hotel rooms, YWCA, library and hospital auditoriums, and often in the homes of members. Probably over half of the programs were presented by our members. Some of these were the reading of a sermon preached by some Unitarian pastor. There were cassette tapes, and recently VCR tapes obtained on loan from the Unitarian Society. We have had outside speakers from nearby Unitarian Churches or fellowships. One speaker was Rev. Mr. G. KUBOSE of Chicago Buddhist Church, who drew a crowd of about 50 after it had been advertised locally. We have also had, as speakers, local people who have a record of accomplishment in service to humanity.

As we have no church building to maintain, and no pastor's salary to pay, we have not experienced financial difficulty. For many years we have met our suggested share for giving to the Annual Fund.

One of the reasons our Fellowship has not grown larger; we have never been able to attract enough young adults with children to have a meaningful children and youth program (Sunday School). We regret that none of our members has ever been sent as delegate to the General Assembly. Several of our members have, however, attended Star Island, or Lake Geneva assemblies.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of North Central Iowa meets at the Community Kitchen Center, 606 N. Monroe Avenue, Mason City.

SOURCE: http://www.psduua.org/heritage/bring/part2/2_ia_mason_city.html
"Congregational Histories - Mason City"
Submission by Sharon R. Becker, February of 2011



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