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620 2nd Street, Meservey, Iowa

  In the early years of 1900, the Reformed Church held services in public school buildings. Rev. REEVERTS was the minister.

Eventually the congregation purchased the Christian Reformed Church, located three miles south of Meservey and moved the building into town Meservey.

The First Reformed Church of Meservey was organized on September 17, 1907 with the following members:

Mr. & Mrs. Bertus FREY  Mr. & Mrs. Temmo WIEMANN
Mr. & Mrs. Herman LAUEN   Mr. & Mrs. Johan STADTLANDER
Mr. & Mrs. Harm GOREN  Mr. & Mrs. Harm J. PALS
Mr. & Mrs. Ben VIERKANT  Mr. & Mrs. Reint BOELMAN
Mr. & Mrs. Engelke RUITER  Mr. & Mrs. Albert KUHLERS Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. H. H. MEINDERS  Mr. & Mrs. Abbe MEINTS
Mr. & Mrs. Aeko KOENEN  Mr. & Mrs. Harm DIRKS

In 1910, the congregation purchased a commodious house to be used as a parsonage for $2,500.

With a fast-growing congregation, the church building became too small. A new church was built on the site (present-day location) and was dedicated on February 28, 1912.

Mrs. Ben GRUIS donated a Hinners Pipe organ to the church in 1918. It cost $1,200.

Early ministers were:

Rev. J. H. SCHOON  Rev. H. PANNKUK, 1910 

The congregation contiuned to grow. During the 1920's an annex (36' x 24') was added to the auditorium and as was a new chancel (20' x 18'). The additions gave more room for a choir loft and housing for the pipe organ. These annexes were dedication on August 30, 1922.

The parsonage began to show its age so the congregation purchased the Harm J. GROWN home located south of the church in 1927 for $6,000.

Rev. H. PANNKUK remained as the congregation's pastor. After twenty years of serving the Reformed Church of Meservey, however, Rev. PANNKUK left to give his services to the Aplington Reformed Church. During his time with the church, sermons were conducted in German and gradually lessened to once a month.

Rev. E. KAMPMANN assumed the pulpit. In 1946, sermons were exclusively conducted in English.

A new church entrance was constructed on the west side of the building in 1941. In 1955, a new entrance was built on the west side of the building and the kitchen was remodeled.

Rev. E. KAMPMANN retired in 1956 and resigned from the pulpit, moving to Ackley, Iowa. In 1957, Rev. C. P. JOHNSON assumed the pulpit for the Reformed Church.

An educational unit was built on the east side of the church in the 1960's. Also, the interior of the church was remodeled and redecorated.

Rev. Peter YFF became the pastor in the mid-1960's, followed by Rev. Harold OPPERMAN in (1974-1976) and Rev. Rodney MEESTER who arrived in 1977.

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