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The Globe Gazette
Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Wednesday, February 19, 1941, Page 9

Six Macs Buying Their Eighty ----

Canning and needlework are both work and pastime on the Six Mac's eighty. Between 300 and 400 jars of apples, cherries, plums and tomatoes are arranged row on row in the storage tiers of shelves in the basement, and some 100 glasses of jellies and jams raise the total.

Both Mrs. McLaughlin and 19 year old Dorothy put up the fruits and vegetables. Dorothy especially likes sewing and embroidery, and her hand stitched dresser scarfs (sic) grace the bedrooms and make choice gifts at Christmas and birthdays.

Managing the garden is one of the biggest activities of the lady of the house, and the variety of home produce includes every type of vegetable. The garden is expanding every year and strawberries, raspberries and grapes are going in this season.

Part of the job of buying a farm and making it a successful living on an eighty is producing the maximum amount possible of food at home. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, all must be literally home grown. In addition to the prolific canning activities of the women, many vegetables such as carrots and beets are stored in sand in the winter.

Eight bushels of delicious apples were individually wrapped and put away for winter lunch baskets and afternoon snacks last fall, all from one tree. There are also Duchess and Harvest apple trees, cherries and plums.

Mrs. McLaughlin does all her own baking in the big kitchen at the northwest corner of the home. Baking and canning will be more fun this year, for the kitchen is to be completely remodeled and decorated with big built-in cupboards and work tables around the walls. Electricity will also be installed, and Mrs. Mac expects the volts magic to lend a helping hand.

Begonias, selianus, ferns and foliage plants make almost every downstairs window a flower garden in the winter, for the Six Macs love flowers. Many more posies push their way through the black soil at the outdoor garden in the summer; glads, zinnias, marigolds, and some other annuals are favorites with "the missus."

Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, April of 2014



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