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History of Franklin and Cerro Gordo Counties, Iowa
Union Publ. Co. Springfield IL. 1883.

"E" Biographies:  Eager-Estabrook

Compiled & Contributed by Susan Steveson

L. S. Eager

[Page 962] L. S. Eager became a resident of Mason City in 1876. He was a citizen of Falls township for many years, and has seen the development of Cerro Gordo county from its earliest settlement. He was born in Windham Co., Vt., Oct. 31, 1827. He is a son of Nathan and Theda (Sherwin) Eager, natives of Vermont. Their family included seven children, six of whom lived to mature years. Mr. Eager grew to manhood in the Green Mountain State and obtained a fair education. In the fall of 1852 he came west and entered a business house at Buffalo Grove, Ogle Co., Ill. In the winter of 1854 he went to Cedar Rapids in the interests of his employers, and during the following summer traveled through Cerro Gordo county. The promise of the country allured him, and in 1866 he established a dry goods store at Shell Rock Falls. He was married in 1860 to Lydia Wiltfong, and the family household includes three children - Jessie, Nahum H., and Arthur. Mrs. Eager is a member of the Methodist Church.

Rush Eddy

[Page 1003] Rush Eddy, engineer, was born in Covington, Ky., Nov. 22, 1855. His parents, Augustus and Julia Eddy, were married in Medina Co., Ohio, in 1851, and about 1853 went to Kentucky. They came to Iowa in 1861 and settled in Howard county, removing to Winneshiek county in 1805. The father died there in 1810. Mr. Eddy became an attache of the railroad at the age of fifteen, when he peddled spikes on the construction corps, and his next post was as first newsboy on the Calmar division. At sixteen he obtained a place as wiper and began firing at seventeen. He got his engine in 1877 and is now running first-class between Mason City and McGregor. His engine was ditched near Clear Lake with himself at the bottom, where he was held fifty minutes, receiving injuries from which he will never recover. Mr. Eddy was married in June, 1876, to Alice McKay. They have two children - Charles Rush and Blanche Pearl.

Fred Ehlers

[Page 827] Fred Ehlers, miller, settled in Plymouth and established himself in his present business in 1874. He is associated with his brother. They built their mill and continue sole proprietors. Mr. Ehlers was born in Milwaukee Co., Wis., April 28, 1843, and passed his younger days on his father's farm, attending the common schools. When seventeen he entered a flouring mill at Maysville, Jackson county, to learn the trade, where he remained one and a half years, going thence to Hamilton. He worked there two years and went to Trueville. His next move was to Milwaukee, to attend Bryant and Stratton's Commercial College. On leaving school he went to Chicago and found employment as clerk in a wholesale flour store and afterward in a wholesale grocery. After spending a year in Chicago, he went to Grafton, Wis., and was occupied there in a mill one and a half years, going then to Benton Co., Iowa, where he bought a flour mill of Jacob Sams, at Shellsburg, which he operated until coming to Plymouth. Mr. Ehlers was married in 1867 to Miss M. K. Knapp, of New York. Harry, Freddie, Minnie, George, Daisy and Arthur are the names of their children.

James Elder

[Page 988] James Elder settled in Mason City in the fall of 1869. He founded his business in 1874, and has since prosecuted it with vigor. Mr. Elder was born in Clearfield Co., Penn., near the Susquehannah river, Jan. 14, 1844. John T. and Caroline T. (Sabin) Elder, his parents, went to Indiana Co., Penn., when he was nine years old. He came to Hancock county in 1869, where he remained but a few months. In March, 1871, he married Jennie, daughter of W. C. Stanbery, a native of Mercer Co., Ohio. They have three childrenó Blanche, Bonnie and Howard S. Mr. and Mrs. Elder are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

J. T. Elder

[Page 981] J. T. Elder, owner of Randall's Mill in 1883, has been a resident of Cerro Gordo county since 1869, when he engaged in farming, which pursuit he followed seven years. In 1876 he bought the Mason City Mills, which he still operates. Mr. Elder was born in Center Co., Penn., Feb. 25, 1820. His parents went to Clearfield county, and he was married in 1842 to Caroline Sabin. She became the mother of nine children, six of whom are now living óJames, Emily, Jane, Niles C, George W., and John R. Mr. Elder removed to Indiana Co , Penn., where his wife died in 1862. He afterwards married Susannah Christman. In 1859 he removed to Hancock Co., Iowa, where their stay was brief. Mr. Elder is a practical millwright and carpenter. He began life a poor man, and by hard work and good management he has accumulated a competency. Mr. and Mrs. Elder are members of the Methodist Church.

Alfred D. Eldridge

[Page 782] Alfred D. Eldridge came to Clear Lake in 1869. He was born in St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., in 1843. His parents settled in Winneshiek Co, Iowa, in 1875, and subsequently removed to Grundy county, and finally returned to St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Mr. Eldridge is also engaged in the drug business, and has been connected with that business since 1875. His store is the oldest drug store in the town, having been established by Johnson & Sweeney, in 1868. The business has changed hands several times since it was established. Mrs. Eldridge was a daughter of E. C. Johnson, one of the early settlers of Clear Lake.

T. G. Emsley

[Page 720] T. G. Emsley has been a resident of Cerro Gordo county since 1858. His father, W. W. Emsley, was a native of Yorkshire, England, and died in 1849. His mother, Beatrice H. (Donaldson) Emsley, was born in Vermont and was of Scotch descent. T. G. Emsley was born in Carroll Co., Ohio, Dec. 23, 1843. He enlisted in company I, 2d Iowa Calvary, in 1864, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. He returned to Mason City, and, in 1865, was elected treasurer of Cerro Gordo county and re-elected in 1867. In 1873 he established the banking house with which he is now connected. Mr. Emsley was married in 1865 to Mary Church, daughter of Rev. Jesse Church, of Crawford Co., Penn. Mr. and Mrs. Emsley have two daughtersóMabel and Lillie.

Rev. William L. Estabrook

[Page 975] Rev. William L. Estabrook, pastor of the Episcopal Church of Mason City, was born in New Brunswick, Jan. 24, 1827. His parents were William L. Estabrook, a native of New Brunswick, and J. B. (Newcomb) Estabrook, of English descent. The son received his preparatory education in St. John Academy, and when about sixteen years of age, he commenced reading medicine with Dr Fitch, a graduate of Edinburg. In 1847 he graduated at Philadelphia College. He then practiced medicine at St. Johns for one year. In 1848 he went to Bangor, Maine, where he was married to Frances C. Hall, daughter of Capt. William Hall, of Maine. In 1849 he went to California, around Cape Horn, as surgeon and part owner of the vessel. In 1852 he returned from California and located at Loch Haven, Penn., and engaged in the practice of medicine. In 1855 he removed to Albany, Ill., and in 1857 to Clinton Co., Iowa. In 1861 he was received as deacon in the Episcopal Church, by Bishop Lee. In 1861 he was commissioned chaplain of the 15th Iowa regiment, and also acted as surgeon. In 1863 he was appointed, by Gen. Grant, as chaplain of all the regiments at Memphis, Tenn., and was afterwards appointed chaplain at Keokuk. In 1864 he was commissioned surgeon of the 45th regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, with the rank of major, serving until the close of the war. He was ordained a priest in 1847 by Bishop Lee, of Davenport, Iowa, and has officiated most of the time in Iowa and Illinois. In 1882 he came to Mason City, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Estabrook are the parents of one childóJessie R , wife of Warren Barnhart, of the firm of Barnhart Brothers & Sponseller. Rev. Estabrook has for a long time been a member of the Masonic order, and also of the I. O. O. F.



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