1847 Iowa State Census INDEX for Wapello County, Iowa

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Census Year:       1847
Microfilm Number:  HQ # V221-1
State:             Iowa
County:            Wapello

(Compiled by Ethel Lang Mc.Glothlen)

(Ed. Note:  The figure after the name indicates the page in the original on which the entry is found.
A complete copy of Mrs. Mc Glothen's index with the number of males and females per household may be
examined in the Genealogy Library of the Iowa State Department of History and Archives.

Abernatha, William-8
Achors, Olly-5
Acon, James-33
Acton, John W.-33
Adams, James F.-23
Adcock, Irvin-12
Akins, Robert-18
Aldridge, John-22
Alexander, John-20
Amos, James-18
Anderson, Cornelius-10
Anderson, James H.-20
Anderson, John-20
Anderson, Peter-25
Andover, Thomas-21
Armstrong, David-29
Armstrong, Levi-8
Arrington, Clisbey-14
Arthion, Henry-29
Ash, Eli-19
Avery, Nicholas-15
Babington, Mary-3
Baits, Samuel-15
Baker, Agnes-32
Baker, Asbury-19
Baker, J. G.-30
Baker, James-2
Baker, John-30
Baker, Moses-17
Baker, William L.-26
Baldwin, John T.-34
Barker, James-27
Barnum, Abram-2
Batin, Abraham H.-6
Baughman, Samuel-6
Baum, J. H.-13
Bawldwin, John-27
Baye, William-16
Beach, John-11
Bedell, John-16
Beeddell, James-8
Bell, George-11
Bell, Nathaniel-29
Bellknap, Eliza-16
Bellknap, Gamalien-23
Bellknap, James-23
Bennett, Calef-27
Bennett, Jeremiah-16
Bennett, Jeremiah-16
Bennett, William-16
Bensberg, Gerard-17
Berry, R. G.-8
Bertholf, James T.-31
Betterton, William-15
Bishop, Charles M-25
Bivens, John C.-27
Black, William-26
Blake, Charles F.-5
Blake, Theopilus-23
Blaliss, William-30
Blanchard, M. T.-9
Bloodpath, John-8
Bocker, Bird-16
Bolinger, S. P.-3
Bones, Henry-24
Bones, Joseph-24
Bonson, John-12
Borman, George-16
Bough, Louder-33
Bowen, Casey-25
Bowen, Elizabeth-25
Bowers, Susan-21
Bowman, A.-3
Boyd, Carry-30
Boys, Allen-12
Boys, John-12
Boyse, Rebeccka-8
Boyse, Stephen-2
Braddy, John-27
Braddy, William-27
Bradley, Thomas W.-11
Bradshaw, Elias-1
Brandenburgh, J. W.-2
Brimm, William-9
Brock, James-24
Broherd, James-16
Brookk, Vineyard C.-24
Brooks, Absalem,-24
Brooksbear, Jess-33
Brown, Alexander-8
Brown, David-28
Brown, Hugh-30
Brown, J. C.-13
Brown, J. C.-13
Brown, Martin-18
Brown, Ronaldo-34
Brown, Thomas-24
Brumsey, Thomas-1
Bryson, Mathew-13
Buliton, Josiah-21
Bull, Abraham-10
Burbridge, James-10
Burchet, Theodric-29
Burge, John M.-11
Burge, John-11
Burget, Jacob-18
Bush, Richard-26
Bush, Samuel-4
Busic, Henry-26
Butcher, Richard-26
Butin, Abraham-4
Butt, Henry W.-24
Byerly, Solomon-13
Byrum, William-17
Caldwell, David-8
Caldwell, David-8
Caldwell, J. E.-18
Caldwell, J. W.-18
Caldwell, James-10
Caldwell, Parris-29
Campbell, David-26
Campbell, John C.-11
Campbell, Milton-20
Campbell, Rachael-17
Canady, B. F.-10
Carlow, M. H.-7
Carman, Edward-1
Carpenter, J. W.-16
Carpenter, Lewis-34
Carson, William-15
Carter, Henry-19
Carter, J. M.-21
Carter, John D.-16
Carter, Thomas-19
Carter, W. C.-34
Carter, William-15
Cartwright, Silas D.-22
Carvel, Samuel-20
Carvin(?), Calvin-13
Carwile, W. S.-24
Cauvery, andrew-2
Cavanaugh, John-17
Cearl, James-16
Ceewood, Allen-33
Ceisbeer, Solomon-28
Cervel, Phillip-16
Chadd, Jacob-29
Cheedle, Jacob-29
Chenoweth, Luke-16
Chilberg, John-23
Church, William J.-31
Clark, Abija F.-8
Clark, Daniel-22
Clark, George-33
Clark, John-1
Clark, Samuel-5
Clark, Thomas-26
Clark, Willis-13
Clefford, S. N.-11
Clement, Walter-18
Clobber, Lewis-19
Clodfelter, Dqavid-18
Cock, Robert-17
Cockerman, Joseph-30
Cockran, Artemas-7
Coe, Alven-14
Coffin, M. W.-3
Coffin, Thomas-3
Cogswell, W. B.-3
Cole, William-27
Coleman, Charles-7
Coleman, James T.-9
Commons, John-23
Comstock, A. B.-29
Conaway, John M.-22
Conduit, David-14
Conger, Enoch-33
Conger, John-10
Conger, Tacy-33
Conley, Hugh-1
Cooly, Aaron W.-20
Cooly, Edward-20
Coons, David-21
Cooper, Leonard-7
Cooper, Lewis-7
Cooper, Thomas-15
Cottrell, James-5
Couger, David-31
Couger, Gustavis-31
Couger, Jonathan D.-31
Craddick, J. M.-11
Crandle, Harris-21
Crawford, Alexander-25
Crawford, Joseph-23
Creamer, S. K.-11
Creemer, David-33
Creemer, Dinah-33
Creese, James-18
Creese, John H.-9
Creeso, Phillip-9
Cross, Edward-30
Cross, W. H.-18
Crow, M.-11
Crown, William-1
Cubberly, Pphelix-25
Cummings, John-24
Cummins, Andrew-21
Cummitt, Huston-19
Cuppy, Adam-21
Cuppy, Samuel-21
Dailey, Esau-6
Dailey, Jacob-6
Daniels, David-31
Danier, Michael-17
Dansioc, Joseph-22
Darnelle, Amos-12
Darnelle, Thomas-12
Dashiel., George W.-18
Daugherty, Nathaniel-4
Davis, Benjamine-8
Davis, Emanual-21
Davis, George H.-6
Davis, Hiram-3
Davis, James-13
Davis, James-14
Davis, Job-5
Davis, John-2
Davis, Jonathan-22
Davis, L. M.-11
Davis, Malen-5
Davis, Thornton-18
Davis, William-15
Davis. L. D.-5
Decker, C. G.-9
Deford, Thomas-8
Demaris, Enoch-23
Demic, Jefferson-15
Demoss, Peter-6
Dendrix, H. H.-6
Dening, Lewia-17
Dening, Lewis-17
Depue, Susannah-1
Derby, C. W.-23
Derksan, Katherine-17
Dickey, John-19
Dickins, Martin-14
Dill, David-17
Dimmitt, William-19
Dixon, Joseph-2
Dofflemyre, Noah-17
Doggett, James-24
Doggett, Leonard-24
Doggett, Leonard-24
Doggett, Silas-24
Doty, John-19
Doughty, Skiman-31
Draper, John-24
Drummond, David-6
Dudley, Charles-13
Duffec, James-17
Dunan, Zachariah-10
Dunlap, James-22
Dunlap, James-22
Dunlay, William-18
Eagleston, Joseph-27
Eakins, Arthur-5
Earl, Daniel-8
Earl, Nehemiah-19
Eastman, Joel-16
Edgar, David-27
Eggleston, Milo-27
Ellis, William-3
Elsworth, David-10
Emerick, David-27
Emsson, John-2
England, H. S.-5
Erwin, Jemima-31
Estep, James-14
Evans, J. C.-29
Evens, Joseph-27
Evens, Richard-30
Everist, Henry-11
Evins, William H.-20
Exley, Thomas-18
Fairchild, Seth-20
Faqua(?), John-7
Farland, Joseph-2
Farliss, O. D.-4
Farnsworth, Aaron-13
Farnsworth, D. S.-13
Farnsworth, William-21
Farris, Dudley-10
Fassett, Elizabeth-10
Faucett, William-1
Fiddler, John-22
Fisher, Frederick-6
Fisher, Isaac-30
Fisher, James R.-6
Fisher, John S.-14
Fisher, Jourdan A.-16
Fisher, Martin-10
Fisher, Richard-30
Fitzpatrick, Thomas-11
Fitzsimmons, Joseph-27
Flint, Joseph H.-15
Flower, Isaac-33
Flower, Morgan-33
Ford, Edmond-8
Ford, John-25
Ford, Levi-8
Ford, Merritt-25
Forest, William-6
Forester, Alexander-28
Forester, Lewis-17
Foster, Thomas-32
Fowler, Isaac-25
Frederick, Hiram-12
French, Daniel-31
French, Samuel-14
Fudge, Jacob-28
Funk, Henry-27
Funk, Joseph-27
Galord, D. F.-32
Gardner, Joseph-17
Gardner, Thomas-4
Gargan, Jacob-8
Garinger, Martin-5
Garlenhouse, David-23
Garlenhouse, John-23
Garlenhouse, Syrus-23
Garnett, Isham-27
Garrett, Lewis-27
Garrison, Harman-10
Garrison, Silas-10
Gateney, J. J.-18
Gates, H. H.-3
Gates, N. H.-19
Gee, Moses-26
Gentry, O.-28
Gentry, Peter-26
George, Andrew-15
George, Solomon-15
George, Stephen-15
Gepheart, N. L.-30
Gilliland, Jackson-4
Gilliland, John-4
Gilliland, Samuel T.-4
Gilliland, Samuel-6
Gillis, Samuel H.-7
Gittner, William-7
Given, John H.-19
Given, T. G.-8
Glass, David-12
Gleason, C.-8
Gleeson, John H.-11
Glenn, James S.-10
Godfrey, George-16
Goodwin, Samuel-17
Goss, ? J.-30
Graves, D.-13
Graves, H. T.-2
Graves, W. H.-11
Gray, Mary-18
Gray, Samuel-21
Green, Thomas S.-20
Gribble, John-10
Griffeth, Thomas-29
Griffin, Franklin-28
Grigsby, Demps-32
Grobes, J.-5
Groom, John L.-28
Grout, S. G.-26
Gruver (?), Abagail-15
Hackley, Francis S.-16
Hackney, Joseph S.-32
Hackney, Sarah-33
Hackworth, George D.-22
Hagly, Isaac-22
Hale, Greenville-12
Hale, James R.-25
Hale, Moses-7
Hale, Polly-30
Hale, Vinton-25
Hales, William-22
Hall, David-3
Hall, John-32
Hall, John-33
Hall, William-6
Hammitt, Benjamin-12
Hammitt, George-22
Hammon, W. H.-30
Harbor, Thomas R.-23
Hardesty, Thomas-27
Harding, Abija-29
Harding, Samuel P.-31
Harding, Saul-31
Harding, William H.-31
Harkins, John-4
Harl, Noah-7
Harman, George-7
Harner, J. A.-14
Harper, R. R.-30
Harris, Joseph-29
Harris, Willia,-16
Harrison, R. H.-4
Harrison, William-3
Harrow, Charles F.-26
Harrow, Francis M.-29
Hartman, James A.-33
Hartman, Levi-1
Harvey, Nancy-29
Harvy, Nicholas-26
Hawk, Jacob-18
Hayne, Joseph-3
Hearn, Perry-15
Heckart, Joseph-12
Hedrick, Harry-7
Hedrick, J. W.-7
Hedrick, William R.-7
Hendershott, H. B.-2
Heran, Nehemiah-15
Herron, William-18
Hichcock, George-18
Higby, Tyler-9
Higdon, Gabriel-12
Higdon, Thomas-5
Higgins, William-22
Hight, Lucinda-11
Hill Newton-2
Hill, James-10
Hill, John-30
Hill, Joseph-20
Hodgkin, Francis-25
Hoffstatter, James-7
Hoffstatter, John-7
Holcomb, Mary-25
Holcomb, Mary-34
Holcomb, Zephaniah-24
Hollingsworth, James-12
Holloway, Samuel-20
Holmes, H. M.-28
Holmes, J. D.-12
Holmes, T. J.-12
Holmes, William-1
Hook, Samuel-20
Hoover, Henry B.-11
Hoover, Mahlon-19
Horn, S. A.-18
Houck, Jacob-8
Houk, William-29
Howard, Reason-29
Howard, Samuel-26
Hubbard, Asa-10
Huffman, Henry-20
Huggin, George-26
Hull, Joseph-9
Humphreys, John-29
Hunt, Daniel-16
Hunt, Noah-21
Huntsman, John-13
Huntsman, Peter-13
Ilif, Joseph-25
Ingram, Able-30
Ivers, Robert H.-21
Jackson, J. T.-19
Jackson, R. A.-8
Jackson, Richard-12
Jeffries, Benjamin-25
Jeffries, Paul C.-22
Jelly, Elenor-9
Jemison, S. T & J.H.-34
Johnson, Elhanen W.-16
Johnson, Herington-34
Johnson, John-17
Johnson, John-17
Johnson, Nancy-15
Johnson, Perly-13
Johnson, Stephen-27
Johnson, Thomas-4
Jones, Alphred-22
Jones, David-26
Jones, J. B.-33
Jones, Nathaniel D.-33
Jones, Polly-24
Jones, Thomas C.-16
Jones, Thomas-8
Jones, William-21
Jones, William-26
Jourdan, Jefferson-22
Karr, Andrew-20
Kelly, D. F.-5
Kelsey, E. B.-10
Kenady, David-32
Kenady, James-1
Kendrick, Benjamin-4
Kendrick, William-21
Kenedy, David-34
Kenedy, James Y.-1
Kenedy, Wilson-18
Kenny, R. G.-2
Kern, Solomon W.-1
Kimberlin, John-14
Kimson, John-32
King, Enos-1
Kinney, Aaron-28
Kinney, Lewis-28
Kirkpatrick, H.-27
Kirkpatrick, John-27
Kitterman, Elias-9
Kitterman, Joseph-16
Kitterman, Peter-7
Kittle, Jacob-12
Knapp, Flewllin-31
Knigh, George-8
Knight, Curtis-5
Knight, David-12
Knight, H. R.-8
Knight, J. M.-20
Knight, John-7
Knight, William-12
Knight, Zachariah-19
Knowls, Henry-25
Koontz, Henry-25
Koontz, John-8
Koontz, Martin –19
Koontz, Martin-19
Koontz, Riley-19
Lackey, William-25
Laforce, D. G.-10
Lain, Mary-24
Laning, Jeremiah-33
Large, Thomas-5
Larwood, J. W-11
Larwood, Thomas-33
Laughery, John R.-29
Lawhead, Allen-8
Lawrence, H. A.-2
Leach, George-34
Leaming, Judah-28
Lee, Filander-9
Lee, Peter-27
Lee, Philaster-9
Leighton, Joseph-3
Leighton, Tobias-14
Leonard, Defore-13
Leonard, George-25
Lesprance, Alexes-15
Letner, Severe-17
Lewis, Alvin-16
Lewis, H. H.-22
Lewis, J. m.-22
Lewis, J. W.-3
Lewis, Martin-11
Lewis, Nilloby-15
Lewis, Sarah-3
Lewis, Washington-15
Lindimback, G.-29
Linsey, Finley-13
Litzey, H. B.-29
Lochard, William-25
Lockwood, Charles H.-19
Logan, A. C.-29
Logan, William-29
Long, Richard-18
Long, Robert-18
Lotspeich, C. M.-20
Lowe, James M.-10
Lowe, W. E.-10
Loy, Stephen-29
Luallen, Anderson-19
Luallen, Elias-10
Luallen, Pleasant-19
Lucas, Jackson-20
Lucus, Francis-30
Lyon, A. M.-5
Lyon, Elija-28
Lyon, R. D.-16
Mace, Abraham-20
Mackrel, E. H.-13
Magee, Samuel-11
Magee, William-11
Mail, Mathias-15
Majors, Andrew-31
Male, John M.-11
Manger, Barnett-22
Manger, Charles-22
March, Able-1
Marlow, Elija-31
Martin, Elias-1
Martin, Hilton-8
Martin, James-30
Martin, Samuel T.-20
Martin, William M.-30
Martindale, William C.-22
Mason, G. W.-13
Masterson, Harvy-21
Mathews, William-21
May, George W.-34
May, James W.-7
McAdams, Peter-34
McCall, William-6
McCall, Zachariah-1
McCee, Samuel-12
McClary, William-7
McCleary, Moses-16
McClintic, Nathan-19
McCloskay, Benjamie-9
McCormac, Alexander-23
McCormick, Joseph D.-31
McCoy, Elizabeth-15
McCrady, William-4
McDivet, Charles-10
McDowel, Alin-6
McDowel, James-6
McDowel, John  H.-6
McDowel, John -6
McDowel, Joshua-32
McEhany, Edward-18
McFarlin, James-3
McGahan, William-26
McGee, Hary-28
McGinnis, Johnson-23
McGinnis, William-23
McGlothlen, Charles-28
McGlothlen, Thomas D.-28
McGuire, John-31
McIntire, Alanson-33
McIntire, Joseph-5
McIntire, William C-21
McKinney, Edward G.-26
McKown, S. W.-3
McMahill, Madison-23
McMananea, W. T.-18
McMellin, James-13
McNair, Abram-28
McNott, Nathaniel-15
MdDonald, A.-5
Mendenhall, -----28
Merrell, Levi-12
Michael, David H.-12
Michael, George-15
Michael, Rebecca Ann-4
Michaels, Henry-15
Mick, Peter-16
Milderson, Miles-26
Miller, Calib-16
Miller, Jacob-25
Miller, John-11
Miller, John-24
Miller, John-28
Miller, Martin-11
Mitten, Jesse-6
Moffet, Orlando-31
Montross, James T.-25
Moon, Nancy-6
Moony, Samuel-22
Moore, John-8
More, C. C.-24
More, Enos-10
More, J. B.-10
More, Jehu-6
More, Nathan-6
Morgan, Benjamin-15
Morris, Samuel-21
Morrison, J. A.-9
Mortimore, Plemworth-20
Mudge, Albert-5
Mulky, G. Z.-9
Murry, John-7
Murry, William-7
Myres, Abram-1
Myres, Daniel-14
Myres, David-4
Myres, George F.-4
Myres, Jacob-1
Myres, Job. S.-24
Myres, John-3
Myres, Lewis-25
Myres, Ruben-32
Myron, Gideon-32
Napier, Patrick-17
Nation, Leban, Jr.-33
Nation, Leban-33
Nation, William-33
Neal, Nancy-31
Neely, James-3
Neil, Robert-19
Nevill, George-31
Newell, Benjamin Thomas-26
Newell, William-2
Newell, William-26
Newman, David-22
Nicholas, D. C.-24
Nickell, James-31
Nickell, Mary-31
Nicklin, John H.-32
Norris, s. S.-3
Nosier, S. J.-25
Nosler, Christain-30
Nosler, James-18
Nottage, Henry-23
Nowport, John-27
Nye, J. A.-18
Nye, William A.-4
O’Conor, Britton-25
O’Conor, Jonathan-24
Ogg, Sethe-21
Oliver, Lutheren-31
Ollis, Daniel-33
Olney, Hamilton-4
Olney, Oman-17
Olney, Washington-17
Olvison, Polly-9
Osborn, Josiah-22
Overman, Abner-26
Overman, John-25
Pardoe, John-14
Parker, William J.-11
Parks, John E.-7
Parks, Robert-32
Parks, Samuel S.-8
Parks, Thomas-29
Parrot, George-28
Payne, William B.-14
Peck, J. M.-30
Pedigo, Edward-6
Penalton, T. H.-27
Perkins, Christopher-22
Perkins, Robert-17
Phillips, Samuel-8
Pickrel, John 7
Pickrel, Richard-8
Pickrel, Richard-8
Ping, James-32
Ping, Thomas-32
Plant, G. W.-13
Pollack, L. L.-3
Polly, Bryant-24
Pool, William T.-25
Poston, Alexander-28
Powel, H.H.-22
Powel, William-6
Preston, Vickers-28
Prichett, Bird-26
Priest, John-10
Puckett, William-20
Pumroy, John-3
Radford, John-32
Railsback, Edward-22
Ralston, James-24
Rambo, Joel-21
Ramsey, James C.-11
Ramsey, William-13
Raynold, George-9
Raynolds, Clidenah-29
Rean, Henry-14
Redman, J. M.-1
Reed, Benjamin-12
Reed, Luther-18
Reeves, Levi-34
Reno, John T.-6
Reveal, William-29
Reynolds, Silas-23
Rhodes, Jemima-25
Rhodes, Thomas J.-21
Richey, Thomas-12
Rickard, Adam-7
Riggs, Edmond-22
Risley, Eli-14
Risley, Hamilton-14
Risley, Harris-14
Robbins, Moses-21
Roberts, James-31
Roberts, Nason-30
Roberts, Oscar-17
Roberts, Stephen-18
Robertson, John L.-32
Robertson, John-21
Robertson, Samuel-1
Robeson, Abram-32
Rodenbaugh, A. J.-34
Rogers, R. G.-5
Roscar, Augustus-29
Ross, Isaac-30
Ross, John W. –14
Ross, Joseph-30
Ross, Mary-28
Ross, William R.-17
Ross, William-18
Ross, William-20
Rounsaville, Nathan-31
Rouse, David-1
Royse, Hiram-13
Royston, Barney-20
Ruckman, William-8
Rupe, Enoch-26
Rupe, John M.-26
Rupe, John-26
Rupe, Lewis-26
Rush, Elain-21
Rush, John-21
Russel, Archibald-7
Russel, George E.-28
Sale, James L.-17
Sanders, Daniel-12
Sanders, Richard-13
Sands, Nathaniel-14
Saucer, Robert-13
Savery, G. M.-32
Savery, J. T.-9
Savery, S. E.-32
Saylor, Conrad-4
Saylor, Godfrey-21
Schooler, Harison-18
Scott, Jediah-16
Scott, Jess-14
Scribner, Nicholas H.-26
Seaman, J. L.-21
Sears, David-9
Sebring, Joseph-23
Secord, P. S.-29
Sedore, Buckout-21
Sedore, Jacob-22
Seever, Henry-17
Seever, Peter-17
Sellers, James-30
Severns, Silas-16
Sexton, Free-18
Shafer, Josiah-2
Shannon, William H.-29
Sharps, Daniel-7
Sharps, L. M.-7
Shaul, Ammon-22
Shaver, Elias-27
Shaw, Henry-2
Shaw, Perry-10
Shelton, Wiley-24
Shepard, Daniel-11
Shepherd, Paul-11
Sherrill, Hugh-20
Shipley, William-24
Shoemaker, John-33
Simmons, A. H.-5
Simmons, Peter-24
Sims, Emanuel-21
Sinnamon, Thomas-2
Sinnard, Abraham-27
Sipes, Levi-32
Sipes, William-9
Slaughterback, John Jr.-9
Slaughterback, John Sr.-9
Slaughterback, Michael-15
Sly Thomas-30
Sly, John-28
Smart, Andrew-12
Smart, Greenbery-24
Smith, Aaron-29
Smith, Aaron-32
Smith, Alexander B.-31
Smith, Calaway H.-16
Smith, Charles-1
Smith, D. P.-3
Smith, Gilbert-6
Smith, H. M.-23
Smith, Harison-31
Smith, Henry M.-12
Smith, Henry-2
Smith, Hugh-19
Smith, Jocob B.-6
Smith, John H.-23
Smith, John-15
Smith, John-9
Smith, Mason-3
Smith, Richard-2
Smith, Sardius-17
Smith, Seaman-23
Smith, Solomon-25
Snipes, Elan-1
Snodgrass, John-26
Snodgrass, William-5
Snow, Martin-13
Souders, James-2
Spalding, B. A.-2
Spelman, T. H.-4
Sperry, William-1
Sprague, F. N.-20
Sprague, Jacob B.-16
Sproul, Thomas-10
Sprugen, John M.-27
Spurlock, A. J.-16
Spurlock, Cyrus-28
Spurlock, John-27
Spurlock, Wesley-27
Stansbury, Zachariah-33
Stapleton, Travis-32
Stark, Nancy-12
Starkey, Caleb-26
Starnes, James-34
Stephens, James-13
Stephens, W. J.-18
Stotts, John-31
Stout, Jacob-1
Stout, John-29
Strange, William-4
Street, William B.-5
Strickland, William-32
Stuart, A. H.-8
Stump, Francis-20
Stump, Lewis-4
Sullivan, James-10
Summers, Samuel-2
Sunderland, Benjamin-21
Sutherland, John-3
Tadlock, Franklin E.-11
Taylor, Benjamin R.-9
Taylor, James-25
Taylor, Johnathan M.-28
Taylor, Pleasant-17
Temple, Lewis F.-1
Testermain, Jesse-22
Thompson, Benjamin-20
Thompson, Edmond-10
Thompson, Jacob-20
Thompson, James-12
Thompson, S. R.-5
Thompson, Silas-10
Thompson, William--20
Thomson, John-20
Tilcher, Moses-1
Tinsley, Thomas-21
Todd, Samuel-28
Tolbert, Melville H.-11
Tolman, James-5
Towel, Thomas-34
Townsend, Charles-24
Trotter, Sarah-6
Trowel, Daniel-12
Troxel, Alexander D.-14
Troxel, Daniel-14
Troxel, Frederic S.-14
Troxel, Henry-14
Troxel, Mathias-14
Troxel, Strawder-14
Trueman, Edward-14
Trussel, Andrew-23
Tullis, John-34
Tullis, Michael-26
Tureman, Leonard-5
Turman, Leonard-21
Tuttle, Abram-26
Tuttle, Daniel--14
Tuttle, Nathan-10
Tuttle, William-14
Umphrey, George-17
Umphrey, John-14
Vance, John E.-18
Vance, William-18
Vanhout, Cornelius-17
Vannoy, David-29
Vannoy, George-3
Vanwinkle A.-20
Vanwinkle, James-20
Veach, Ebenezer T.-7
Verwayen, Christian-17
Wagoner, Jacob-32
Wagoner, James-32
Walker, Blackstalk-23
Walker, Margaret-22
Walker, Peter-3
Walker, William-22
Walker, William-23
Wallis, Charles-30
Wallis, Jesse-5
Walls, Nathaniel-6
Waln, William-13
Warden, C.-2
Ware, William-5
Wareham, Gibes-17
Wariner, R. C.-3
Warner, Silvester-29
Warner, William-17
Warren, Silas-4
Warren, William-4
Watkins, David-8
Watkins, J. W.-11
Watson, Benjamin-25
Way, Enoch-23
Weaver, Solomon-31
Webb, John H.-14
Webb, Samuel-4
Weever, Solomon-12
Weider, Harison-19
Weir, James-13
Welch, Michael-26
Welcharw, James-22
Wellman, Madison-24
Wellman, McG-24
Wellman, Michaewl-24
Wells, T. H.-2
West, William-25
Whetsel, John-3
Whipple, A. D.-12
Whitcomb, David-30
Whitcomb, Farnum-34
Whitcomb. G. B.-4
White, Bela-2
White, Martin-19
White, Page-24
White, Peter-7
Whitmore, Benjamin-10
Whitmore, Levi-9
Wicker, Judah-4
Wilcock, Tho. J.-13
Wilcockson, David-9
Williams, Clark-6
Williams, Henry-31
Williams, James G.-20
Williams, W. H.-14
Williams, Washington-6
Willson, Thomas-28
Wilson, George-11
Winder, Thomas-9
Winsel, W. A.-27
Wolcott, William
Wood, Carson-25
Wood, James A.-24
Wood, James-7
Wood, John-23
Wood, Joseph-24
Wood, Peter S.-22
Woodel, James-7
Woodruff, James-23
Woodward, Warren-9
Woody, Frances-2
Woody, J. R.-30
Workman, Harison-26
Wright, James-27
Wright, Joseph-5
Wright, Maylon-31
Wright, Newton-32
Wright, Robert-32
Wright, Thomas-10
Wright, Thomas-9
Wright, Thompson-1
Wyckoff, Nicholas-15
Young, Benjamine-10
Young, James-9
Young, Jonathan-1
Young, Jonathan-9
Young, Rachael-9
Young, William-22
Young, William-9
Younkin, John-33
Younkin, Moses-33
Yount, Andrew-27
Zollanbarger, David-19