CENSUS:  1856 State Census; Index for Butler County, Iowa
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Michael F. Roszelle  

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Index of the 1856 census of Butler County, Iowa
Based on the 1856 census transcribed by Rebecca Seehusen

Indexs compiled 25 March, 2001 by Michael F. Roszelle 

LAST         FIRST            TOWNSHIP   FILE NAME
------------ ---------------- ---------  ------------
Ackerman     Hiram            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ackerman     Laura            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ahrams       Jacob            West Point but56wes.txt
Ahrams       Jacob            West Point but56wes.txt
Ahrams       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Ahrams       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Ahrams       Zada             West Point but56wes.txt
Allen        Darius           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        George           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        Lewis            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        Marion           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        Merrill          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        Sylvester        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Allen        Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Allen        Geo R.           Butler     but56but.txt
Allen        Nancy            Butler     but56but.txt
Ames         Jos T.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ames         Jos. T.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ames         Laura            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ames         Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Angell       Chas. H.         Butler     but56but.txt
Angell       Delia            Butler     but56but.txt
Angell       Eleanor          Butler     but56but.txt
Angell       John             Butler     but56but.txt
Angell       Leander          Butler     but56but.txt
Angell       Martha           Butler     but56but.txt
Armstrong    Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Armstrong    Geo              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Armstrong    John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Armstrong    Nancy            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Armstrong    Anna             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Armstrong    J. A.            Butler     but56but.txt
Armstrong    Martha A.        Butler     but56but.txt
Armstrong    R. C.            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Armstrong    Samuel           Butler     but56but.txt
Armstrong    Sarah A.         Butler     but56but.txt
Atchinson    Geo              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Atchinson    Henry            Butler     but56but.txt
Ayres        Jonathan D       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Ayres        Mariah           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Ayres        Phineas          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Ayres        Sarah A          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Babcock      Ann              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Babcock      Annetta          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Babcock      Jos              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Babcock      Lois             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Babcock      Ruth             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Babcock      Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        A. Jane          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Alex             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Allen F.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Amsey            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Henry            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baker        Mary H.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ball         Benjamin         West Point but56wes.txt
Ball         Daniel           West Point but56wes.txt
Ball         Drucila          West Point but56wes.txt
Ball         Filora           West Point but56wes.txt
Ball         Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Ball         Nathaniel        West Point but56wes.txt
Ballew       Bertha           Butler     but56but.txt
Ballew       Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Ballew       Ellen            Butler     but56but.txt
Ballew       Richmond A.      Butler     but56but.txt
Bannon       Chas A           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baughman     Elizabeth J.     Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baughman     John T.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baughman     Martha           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baughman     Mary J.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baughman     Seth H.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Baylor       James            West Point but56wes.txt
Baylor       Jane             West Point but56wes.txt
Baylor       Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
Bebee        Silas            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Beebe        Eli H.           Butler     but56but.txt
Beebe        Levi             Butler     but56but.txt
Beebe        Olive            Butler     but56but.txt
Beebee       Eli              Butler     but56but.txt
Beebee       Sefrona          Butler     but56but.txt
Beetle       Alle A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Andrew           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Catherine        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       David            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Ellen            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       John H.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Mary J.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Beetle       Susanna          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bement       Alfred           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bement       McCarty          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bement       Nelson           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bement       Olive            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bement       Susan E.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bess         Jesse            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Billhimer    Barbara          Butler     but56but.txt
Billhimer    Christopher      Butler     but56but.txt
Billhimer    Henry            Butler     but56but.txt
Blair        Jos              Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        James            Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        James            Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        Jasper           Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        Mary E.          Butler     but56but.txt
Blake        Peter H.         Butler     but56but.txt
Blakely      David            Butler     but56but.txt
Blakely      Julia A.         Butler     but56but.txt
Bond_(Dond?) Nelson           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Bonwell      Cas N.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      James            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Margaret         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Robt A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Susanna          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Wm E.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Bonwell      Amanda           Butler     but56but.txt
Bonwell      Chas E.          Butler     but56but.txt
Bonwell      Harley D.        Butler     but56but.txt
Bonwell      S.               Butler     but56but.txt
Bonwell      Wm H.            Butler     but56but.txt
Boorom       John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Boorom       John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Boorom       Smith            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Boylon       Asa              West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Asa              West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Catherine        West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Daniel           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Eliza            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       George           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Hanah            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Hannah           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Isaac            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       James            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Jonas            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Malinda          West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Margaret         West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Nancy            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Nelson           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Nelson           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Sarah            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Sarah            West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Boylon       Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
Brown        Rebecca          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Brown        Samuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Brown        Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Brown        Alfred           Butler     but56but.txt
Brown        Catherine        Butler     but56but.txt
Brown        Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Brown        H. R.            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Brown        Hamilton         Butler     but56but.txt
Brown        John R.          Butler     but56but.txt
Brown        Mary H.          Butler     but56but.txt
Brutofs(?)   E. C.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Burley       C H.             Butler     but56but.txt
Burley       H J              Butler     but56but.txt
Burley       J W              Butler     but56but.txt
Burley       Mrs. C. E.       Butler     but56but.txt
Burress      Ellen H.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burress      Hannah           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burress      Jno W.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burress      Levi             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burress      Nancy J.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burress      Robert M.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       C.N.             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Clement          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Geo H.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       H. F. L.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Martha A.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Rachal           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Sarah P.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       William E.       Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Burton       Jas M.           Butler     but56but.txt
Burton       John M.          Butler     but56but.txt
Burton       Mary Jane        Butler     but56but.txt
Burton       Nancy Ann        Butler     but56but.txt
Burton       Sarah E.         Butler     but56but.txt
Butler       James            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Butler       Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Butler       Mrs.             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Butler       R. W.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Butler       Rean             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Butler       Willis           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Caldwell     Emily            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Caldwell     James M          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Caldwell     Lilley M         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Caldwell     Sarah            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Call         Peter John       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Camron       Alexander C      West Point but56wes.txt
Camron       Nancy            West Point but56wes.txt
Camron       William          West Point but56wes.txt
Carter       Elonzo           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       Jas A.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       Jasmima          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       Js.              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       Lemuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       Maria J.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Carter       William          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Case         A J              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Case         Julia A          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Case         Morris           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Case         O.F.             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Case         Prentice         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Casper       Margaret         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Chambers     Daniel H         Butler     but56but.txt
Chambers     J?               Butler     but56but.txt
Chambers     J?               Butler     but56but.txt
Chambers     Miss             Butler     but56but.txt
Chambers     Mrs.             Butler     but56but.txt
Champlain    Almira           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Champlain    William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Champlain    William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Churchill    Carlte           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Churchill    P. M.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cinnamon     Barnabas         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Eliza J          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Ellen J          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Leonard F        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Nancy E.R.       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Rebecca          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Richard Dolney   Monroe     but56mon.txt
Cinnamon     Solomon          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clark        A. G.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Catharine        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Lydia            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Malinda          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Saml P.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Sarah S. J.      Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Susan P.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Thos.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Thos.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        Thos. A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clark        William Gilbert  Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Clayton      Daniel W.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      George W.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Henry C.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Nancy M.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Rachael E.       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Ruth E.          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Sarah A.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Walter           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clayton      Winfield S.      Monroe     but56mon.txt
Clock        Elvin C          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Clock        Lucy             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Clock        Lucy C           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Clock        Nathan           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Colborn      B F              West Point but56wes.txt
Colborn      Delia            West Point but56wes.txt
Colborn      George           West Point but56wes.txt
Colton       A. D.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       Charles M.       Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       Frances A.       Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       Gaylord M        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       Isaac S          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       Theodore L       Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       W. L.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Colton       William K        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con-------a  Polly            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con------a   Ada J.           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con------a   Julia L.         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con------a   O----n J.        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con-----a    Alonzo           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Con-----a    Orlin            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Constantine  John             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Joseph           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Mary             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Constantine  Mary             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Mary             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Michael          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Michael          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Patrick          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Constantine  Peter            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Cook         Albert           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cook         Augustus A       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cook         Hadson D         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cook         John C           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cook         Seretta          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Copland      George           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Copland      Mrs. S           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Copland      Thos             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Copland      Willis D         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cornell      Amy              West Point but56wes.txt
Cornell      Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Cornell      James            West Point but56wes.txt
Cornwell     Ashbel           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cornwell     Loren            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Couch        Aaron            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Addele           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Albert           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Edmond_(?)       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Hannah           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Ira L            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Irene            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Luther           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Manderville      Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Minerva          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Orin D.          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Rose             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Sarah M.         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Couch        Wilson           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Cramer       Ada              Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Adam             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       George           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Margaret         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Mary             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Peter            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Samuel           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Cramer       Thomas           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Crowell      Jas W.           Butler     but56but.txt
Crowell      Lucretia C.      Butler     but56but.txt
Crowell      Robert T.        Butler     but56but.txt
Crowell      William          Butler     but56but.txt
Curtiss      Melinda          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Curtiss      Wells            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Daniels      Charlotte        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Daniels      G. W.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Daniels      Marinda          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Daniels      Melvina          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Davis        James H.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Davis        M. J.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Davis        Nancy J.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Dawson       Benjamin         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Geo W.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Henry C          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Jane             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Martin           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Nancy            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       Sarah            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dawson       William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dearmond     Cinderella       West Point but56wes.txt
Dearmond     Esther           West Point but56wes.txt
Dearmond     Samuel           West Point but56wes.txt
Dearmond     William          West Point but56wes.txt
Delker       Bridie           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delker       Catharine        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delker       Johna            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delker       Lydia            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delker       Mary Ann         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delker       Susanna          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Delrimpel    A. J.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Delrimpel    Margaret         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Demos        James            West Point but56wes.txt
Demos        Jane             West Point but56wes.txt
Demos        Jonas            West Point but56wes.txt
Demos        Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Denson       Mary E           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Denson       Preston E.       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Denson       Rebecca A        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Denson       Samantha J       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dimick       C H              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dimick       Harmon           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dimick       Rachal           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dollison     Geo. W.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Doolittle    Adaline          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Doolittle    Alice            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Doolittle    Edwin            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Dow          Isabella         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Dow          Margaret         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Dow          Robert           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Dryer        Clarissa         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Electa           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Gor              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Jno M.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Laura            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Martha           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        Sally            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Dryer        William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Durand       Ancil            West Point but56wes.txt
Durand       George           West Point but56wes.txt
Durand       Hiram R          West Point but56wes.txt
Durand       Sarah            West Point but56wes.txt
Early        Caern_(?)        West Point but56wes.txt
Early        Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Early        Henry A.         West Point but56wes.txt
Early        John             West Point but56wes.txt
Early        Susan            West Point but56wes.txt
Early        Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Ebersold     David            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     Emily            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     Kate             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     Laura            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     Lily             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ebersold     P.J.             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Eddy         Abel             Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Adalucia         Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Chas             Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Cheney           Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Chester          Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Eustacia         Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Harriet          Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         John             Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Lucien           Butler     but56but.txt
Eddy         Lydia            Butler     but56but.txt
Edson        Barry            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Edwards      Mary E.          Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Alfred M.        Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Alice M.         Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Annetta          Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Barbereta        Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Catherine        Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Clay             Butler     but56but.txt
Elam         Unice            Butler     but56but.txt
Ellis        Ann B.           Butler     but56but.txt
Ellis        Jeremiah         Butler     but56but.txt
Ellis        Louisa A.        Butler     but56but.txt
Embody       Anna             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Embody       Joseph           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Embody       Michael          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Embody       Obadiah          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Endsley      Andrew E.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Elizabeth L.     Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Jane             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Phebe L.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Rachal           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Ruben            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Samuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Endsley      Sarah E.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Fague        Angeline         Butler     but56but.txt
Fague        Daniel           Butler     but56but.txt
Fague        Dilileh          Butler     but56but.txt
Fague        Mary J           Butler     but56but.txt
Fague        Wm E             Butler     but56but.txt
Farlow       Abagail G.       Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Absolem          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Alfred           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Almaretta        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Dianna           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       George           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Laura            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Leander          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Sarah A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Tillman Howard   Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       Uriah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Farlow       William          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ferris       Albert           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       Delia            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       Ellen            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       George           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       Mary             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       Roseltha         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ferris       Theodore         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Fletcher     J. R.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Flinn        Edward           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flinn        Mary             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flinn        Mary             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flinn        P. Ann           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flinn        Pat              Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flinn        Patrick          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Flood        William          Butler     but56but.txt
Frow         Ada J            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Frow         Antenetta        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Frow         Frederick        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Frow         Sarah            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Garrison     John A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Gee          Jonathan         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Gee          Margaret         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Getchel      William          Butler     but56but.txt
Gilbert      Jonathan         Butler     but56but.txt
Gillard      Emily            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Gillard      Guletty M        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Gillard      Margret          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Gillard      Samuel           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Gillcrease   Ias. W.          Butler     but56but.txt
Gizer        Henry            Butler     but56but.txt
Glover       S. W.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Gough        Caroline P.      Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Gough        Susan            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Gough        Wm               Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Gough        Wm C.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Gra------    William          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Greaves      E.D.             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Greaves      T. H.            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Greaves      Thos W.          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Gross        Jas M            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Gross        Thos T           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hackett      Thos             Butler     but56but.txt
Hagen        Lycurgus P       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Hale         Margaret F.      Butler     but56but.txt
Hale         Mary J.          Butler     but56but.txt
Hale         Nancy            Butler     but56but.txt
Hale         Sarah E.         Butler     but56but.txt
Hale         Thos J           Butler     but56but.txt
Harlan       Catharine        West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Clarinda         West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       George           West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       James            West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       John J           West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Malissa          West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Matilda          West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Nathan           West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Susan            West Point but56wes.txt
Harlan       Susanah_(?)      West Point but56wes.txt
Hass         Calvin           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Jacob            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Jane             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Laura            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Milton           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Nancy            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hass         Rerly            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hawker       Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
Hays         Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hays         Rachal           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hays         Wm               Shell Rock but56she.txt
Heartgrave   Charles          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Clarissa         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Delila           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   H_(?)            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   I. B.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   I. N.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   M. R.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Marion           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Nicholas         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Noah             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   Phebe            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heartgrave   S. M.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heath        Fanny            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Heath        Jesse            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Heery        Arthur           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Heery        Catharine        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Heery        John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Heery        Peter            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Henderson    Isaac            Butler     but56but.txt
Henderson    James J          Butler     but56but.txt
Henderson    Sarah M          Butler     but56but.txt
Herley       Ben F.           Butler     but56but.txt
Hery         John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hery         Theo             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hesse        Andrew           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hesse        Catherine        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hesse        Lewis A.         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Heston       Ellen            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Heston       James            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Heston       Susan            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hewitt       Catherine        West Point but56wes.txt
Hewitt       Jane             West Point but56wes.txt
Hewitt       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Hewitt       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Hewitt       Sophia           West Point but56wes.txt
Hewitt       Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Hicks        Barbara          Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Geo H.           Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Ida              Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        John             Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Joseph V.        Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Kate             Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Hicks        Mrs. Gertrude    Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Amanda           Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Asberry          Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Freeborn M.      Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Henry            Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Matilda          Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Sarah R.         Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       Susanna          Butler     but56but.txt
Hilton       William B.       Butler     but56but.txt
Hites        Christian        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        Daniel           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        Elijah           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        Elizabeth        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        F. M.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        George           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        John C.          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        Joseph           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        Levi             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hites        May A.           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hix          Martha           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hix          R. H. C.         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hoadley      Eliza A.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Hoadley      Sidney C.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Hodgson      Asa              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      Caroline         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      James            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      Melinda          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      Samuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hodgson      Sarah J.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hoisington   Ephraim          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hoisington   John             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hoisington   L. A.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Holdman      Isiah            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Hollenbeck   Alice            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Angeline         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Elsey            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Lorinjo B.       Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Lucinda          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Michael          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Ramango          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Rogehie          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hollenbeck   Willard          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Honie_(?)    Walter H         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Horr         Recellus R       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Houch        Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Houch        Thos             Butler     but56but.txt
Houch        William          Butler     but56but.txt
Houghton     John C.          Butler     but56but.txt
Houghton     John E.          Butler     but56but.txt
Houghton     Julia            Butler     but56but.txt
Houghton     Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Houston      Elizabeth Jn.    Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Houston      Jas M.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Houston      Margaret         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Houston      Margaret Ann     Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Howard       Anthony          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       David A          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       James N          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Martha L         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Rachael A.       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Robert           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Sabrina          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Sarah            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Sarah A.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Susan J.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Howard       Wm A             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Hughs        Isaac            West Point but56wes.txt
Hull         Catherine        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hull         Hiram            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Hunt         H. D.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunt         Nancy            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunt         Sarah A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunt         Thos             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunt         Thos             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunter       Chas B.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Hunter       Caroline         Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hunter       James            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Hunter       William          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Iash         Catherine S.     West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Geo              West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Henrietta        West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Hortense         West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         John             West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Margaret         West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Oliver S.        West Point but56wes.txt
Iash         Oran S.          West Point but56wes.txt
Ingraham_?   N.D.             Butler     but56but.txt
Inman        Alpheus          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Inman        Anna             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Inman        Benjamin         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Inman        Edward           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Inman        Freelove         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Inman        Roxcy            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Innman       Caroline         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Cassino          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Catherine        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Innman       Chester          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Franklin         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Geo              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Harriet          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       John S           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Innman       Lydia            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Innman       Willard          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Isabel       Emma A           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Isabel       Gary F           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Isabel       Martha J         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Isabel       Phebe            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Isabel       William          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Jackson      Cynthia A.       West Point but56wes.txt
Jackson      Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      IsabelIa         West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      John             West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      Leander          West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      Ross             West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      Samuel           West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      Sarah            West Point but56wes.txt
Jamison      Wm R             West Point but56wes.txt
Jaquith      Nancy            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Johnson      Charles          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Jonson       Anna             West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Anna             West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Christina        West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Josephine        West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Lewis            West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Paul             West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Peter            West Point but56wes.txt
Jonson       Sever            West Point but56wes.txt
Keller       Catharine        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Keller       Richard          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Kemerer      Caroline         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Kemerer      Edward           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Kemerer      Jacob L          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Kemerer      William          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Kikoff       Westly B.        Butler     but56but.txt
Kilson       Albert           West Point but56wes.txt
Kilson       Anna             West Point but56wes.txt
Kilson       Caroline         West Point but56wes.txt
Kilson       Lewis            West Point but56wes.txt
Kilson       Martha           West Point but56wes.txt
Kilson       Stephan          West Point but56wes.txt
Kimmel       George W.        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Jane             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       John             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Maria            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Mary Jane        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Samuel           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Susann           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmel       Zachias F.       Ripley     but56rip.txt
Kimmins      John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Kimmins      Synthia          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Kinsley      Danl             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Kinsley      John A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Kinsley      Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Klinetob     Belinda          Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     Geo P.           Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     John             Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     Lydia            Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     Mary J           Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     Rachal           Butler     but56but.txt
Klinetob     William          Butler     but56but.txt
Knight       Charles          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Knight       H G              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Knight       Lois E           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Knight       Melinda          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Lenhart      Almeda           Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Henry            Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      John             Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Margaret         Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Nancy            Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Samuel           Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Sarah J.         Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Susanna          Butler     but56but.txt
Lenhart      Wellington       Butler     but56but.txt
Leverich     Frances D        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverich     James A.         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverich     Lewis            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverich     Loretta          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverich     R.B.             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverich     Sarah            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Leverick     July Ann         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Levrich      Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Levrich      John             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Levrich      Lucy A           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Linn         Harriett         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Linn         Milicent A       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Linn         Nathan           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Linn         Rachael E        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Linn         Sophia           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Linn         Wm Pernett       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Lister       Anderson H       Butler     but56but.txt
Lister       Anna             Butler     but56but.txt
Lister       Francis L        Butler     but56but.txt
Lister       Geo W.           Butler     but56but.txt
Lister       Hannah A.        Butler     but56but.txt
Lister       Samuel           Butler     but56but.txt
Loomis       Burton           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Loomis       George           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Loomis       John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Loomis       Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Lowe         Amelia           Butler     but56but.txt
Lowe         Asa              Butler     but56but.txt
Lowe         Emma             Butler     but56but.txt
Lowe         Wallace          Butler     but56but.txt
Luck         Greenleaf        West Point but56wes.txt
Luck         Susan            West Point but56wes.txt
Lyle         Cornelia         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Lyle         Elwood           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Lyle         Herman G.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Lyle         Olive A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Mann         Lucinda          Butler     but56but.txt
Mann         Lucinda          Butler     but56but.txt
Mann         Unice            Butler     but56but.txt
Mann         Warren P         Butler     but56but.txt
Mann         Washington       Butler     but56but.txt
Marquart     Milton           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       David            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Hannah           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Hannah           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Henry            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Henry            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Lewis C.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Mary A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Martin       Thos             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Mason        A. L.            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Amelia           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Amelia           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        D. B.            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Daniel           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Daniel           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Ella             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        George           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Harriet          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Harriet          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Ira S.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        James            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Julia            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Martha           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Mary             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Mary A.          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Milton M.        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        Samantha         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mason        W                Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        William          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Mason        Wm M             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mather       Caroline H.      Butler     but56but.txt
Mather       Chas.T.          Butler     but56but.txt
Mather       Dan              Butler     but56but.txt
Mather       Milo             Butler     but56but.txt
Mather       Roxanna          Butler     but56but.txt
Mather       Stephen          Butler     but56but.txt
McBarnard    Patde            Butler     but56but.txt
McBarnard    William          Butler     but56but.txt
McBarnhard   John Frances     Butler     but56but.txt
McBarnhard   Lyia             Butler     but56but.txt
McBarnhard   Mary Jane        Butler     but56but.txt
McClellan    Eliza            Butler     but56but.txt
McClellan    Geo              Butler     but56but.txt
McClfresh    John P.          Butler     but56but.txt
McConnell    George W         Ripley     but56rip.txt
McCray       Fanny L.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
McKiney      James M.         West Point but56wes.txt
McKinley     Elizabeth R.     Monroe     but56mon.txt
McKinney     Abraham          West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Anna             West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     C A              West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Christina        West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Ephraim          West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     James            West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     James            West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Lovier           West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Mary E.          West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Mary Jane        West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Susan            West Point but56wes.txt
McKinney     Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
McKinnon     David            Butler     but56but.txt
McKinnon     Franklin         Butler     but56but.txt
McKinnon     Nancy            Butler     but56but.txt
McLyle       Joseph           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
McMahon      Hannah           Monroe     but56mon.txt
McMahon      John             Monroe     but56mon.txt
McMahon      Mary             Monroe     but56mon.txt
McMahon      Peter            Monroe     but56mon.txt
McMahon      Thomas           Monroe     but56mon.txt
McMarrow     Patrick          Butler     but56but.txt
McNamara     Thos C           Butler     but56but.txt
Melvin       Joseph           West Point but56wes.txt
Mercer       Jane             Butler     but56but.txt
Mercer       John W           Butler     but56but.txt
Mercer       Levi             Butler     but56but.txt
Mercer       Willimetta Z     Butler     but56but.txt
Merril       Jo               West Point but56wes.txt
Messer       Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Messer       Isaac            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Michler      Angeline         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Michler      Jonas            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Michler      Sarah            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Miller       Catherine        West Point but56wes.txt
Miller       James            West Point but56wes.txt
Miller       John             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Miller       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Miller       Milo             West Point but56wes.txt
Miller       Phillip          West Point but56wes.txt
Miller       Walter           West Point but56wes.txt
Mills        Sidney           Butler     but56but.txt
Mitchen      Daniel           West Point but56wes.txt
Mix          Chas E           Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Edgar H          Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Edward H.        Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Isabella C.      Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Leonard C.       Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Rosa A.          Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Thos M.          Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Virginia R       Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Walter P.        Butler     but56but.txt
Mix          Wm N             Butler     but56but.txt
Moffitt      C. W.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Moffitt      Frank            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Moffitt      Frederick        Ripley     but56rip.txt
Moffitt      Martha           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Moffitt      S. J.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Moffitt      William C.       Ripley     but56rip.txt
Monroe       Caroline         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Monroe       Caroline         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Monroe       Charlotte        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Monroe       George           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Monroe       George W.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Moore        Eliza Ann        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Moore        James            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Moore        Sarah J.         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Mootes       David            West Point but56wes.txt
Mootes       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Mootes       Martha           West Point but56wes.txt
Mootes       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Mootes       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Mootes       Samuel           West Point but56wes.txt
More         G C              Shell Rock but56she.txt
More         Lorinda          Shell Rock but56she.txt
More         W H              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Morris       A H              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Morris       Frederick        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Morris       Sarah            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Morton       Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Morton       Ina W.           Butler     but56but.txt
Morton       Kate             Butler     but56but.txt
Morton       Margaret Mary    Butler     but56but.txt
Murphey      Emeline          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Murphey      Henry            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Murphey      Jane             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Murphey      Jas              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Murphey      John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Name         No               West Point but56wes.txt
Nash         Alfred           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Cyrus            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         David            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Hugh             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Isabells         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         James            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Mary A           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Thomas           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nash         Thomas A         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Nelson       Amanda           Butler     but56but.txt
Nelson       O.T.             Butler     but56but.txt
Nepp         Lydia            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Nepp         Susanna          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Neuhard      John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Newhard      John A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Nice         **ipna           West Point but56wes.txt
Nice         Ararilla         West Point but56wes.txt
Nice         Martha J         West Point but56wes.txt
Nice         Nathaniel        West Point but56wes.txt
Nice         Thelma           West Point but56wes.txt
Nicholes     Melvina A.       Butler     but56but.txt
Nichols      Edythe           West Point but56wes.txt
Nichols      Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Nichols      John G           West Point but56wes.txt
Nichols      Lucinda          West Point but56wes.txt
Nine         Emma J.          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Nine         Keannah          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Nine         Samuel           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Byron            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       E L              Butler     but56but.txt
Norton       Edwin            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Edwin A.         Butler     but56but.txt
Norton       Francis          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Laura            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Leroy            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Lydia            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Lyman            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Norton       Mary J.          Butler     but56but.txt
Norton       Sabrina          Butler     but56but.txt
Norton       Seldon           Butler     but56but.txt
Norton       William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Nygena_(?)   Thomas           West Point but56wes.txt
Olmstead     Henry W.         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olmstead     Louisa B         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olmstead     Rob L.           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olmstead     William M        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olsen        Caroline         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olsen        Esther           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olsen        Hortense         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olsen        L.S.             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Olsen        Ludlo            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Palmer       Dwight           Butler     but56but.txt
Palmer       Ella             Butler     but56but.txt
Palmer       Flora            Butler     but56but.txt
Palmer       Francis          Butler     but56but.txt
Palmer       John             Butler     but56but.txt
Palmer       William          Butler     but56but.txt
Park         Eliza            West Point but56wes.txt
Park         Isaac            West Point but56wes.txt
Park         James            West Point but56wes.txt
Park         James G          West Point but56wes.txt
Park         John             West Point but56wes.txt
Park         Margaret         West Point but56wes.txt
Park         Martha           West Point but56wes.txt
Park         Mary M           West Point but56wes.txt
Park         Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Lois             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Parker       Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Parker       Arilda           Butler     but56but.txt
Parker       Asakel           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Daniel           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Elias            West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Geo W.           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       George           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Green            West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Ira              West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Ira              West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       James            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Parker       Jane L.          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Parker       Lewis            West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Martha           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Parker       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       P. P.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Parker       Pauley           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Rachel           West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       Rylda            West Point but56wes.txt
Parker       S.W.             Ripley     but56rip.txt
Parriott     Abigail          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Anthony J        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Jasper           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Louisa           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Lucinda          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Marion           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Newton           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Richard          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Roby             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Roby R           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     Wesley           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parriott     William          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Parsons      Austin           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Perrin       Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Perrin       Elizabeth Hanna  Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Perrin       Jeremiah         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Perrin       Mary A.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Peterson     Daniel           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Henry W          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     John W.          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Joseph H         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Mary             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Nathan           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Selestia A       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Peterson     Silas            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Pittenberger Phebe            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Poisall      Rachal L.        Butler     but56but.txt
Poisall      William          Butler     but56but.txt
Porch        John E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Prat         Hannah           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Prie         Wm. H.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringel      George           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringle      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringle      Emma             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringle      James            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringle      Robert           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Pringle      Wm               Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Quinn        Hervey           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        John C           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Maria            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Nancy J          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Rachael          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Rebecca          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Sarah Jane       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Thomas N         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Quinn        Wm J             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Rawson       Kate W.          Butler     but56but.txt
Rawson       Sarah E.         Butler     but56but.txt
Rawson       Thos. T.         Butler     but56but.txt
Ray          Andrew M.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ray          Emma J           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ray          Jno H.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ray          John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ray          Sarah G.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ressler      Albertine        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Ressler      Amos             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Ressler      Atline           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Rice         Lewis            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rice         Miriam           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rice         Walter           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rice         Walter A.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rice         Arma             West Point but56wes.txt
Rice         Asa              Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Clara            West Point but56wes.txt
Rice         Elizabeth        Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Elly A.          Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Geo              West Point but56wes.txt
Rice         Hannah M.        Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         James B.         Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Julia A.         Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Nancy J.         Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Narias           Butler     but56but.txt
Rice         Orson            West Point but56wes.txt
Rice         Orson            West Point but56wes.txt
Rice         William W.       Butler     but56but.txt
Riddle       William          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Riden        Beaula           Butler     but56but.txt
Riden        Harvey           Butler     but56but.txt
Riden        Sarah            Butler     but56but.txt
Riden        William A.       Butler     but56but.txt
Rnefhals     Frederick R.     West Point but56wes.txt
Rnefhals     Henry            West Point but56wes.txt
Roberts      Benjamin         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Rossleer     Nelson           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rothrock     Isaac            Butler     but56but.txt
Rothrock     Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Royce        Albert O         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Amos O           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Elmira A         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Ezra & Emery     Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Ira O            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Mary Ann         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Mary M           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Olive            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Royce        Wilson E         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Ruff         Edward           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Rush         Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Rush         Lland            West Point but56wes.txt
Russell      F. M.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Santee       Josep            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Sapp         John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Sapp         Terr             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Sapp         William          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Sarber       Adam             West Point but56wes.txt
Sarber       Clinton          West Point but56wes.txt
Sarber       John             West Point but56wes.txt
Sarber       Mercyann         West Point but56wes.txt
Sarber       Rebecca C.       West Point but56wes.txt
Sarber       William          West Point but56wes.txt
Shadbolt     Ida Maria        Butler     but56but.txt
Shadbolt     Jerome           Butler     but56but.txt
Shadbolt     Jerome B.        Butler     but56but.txt
Shadbolt     Louisa           Butler     but56but.txt
Shadbolt     _____            Butler     but56but.txt
Shaffer      Benjamin         Butler     but56but.txt
Shaffer      Jacob            Butler     but56but.txt
Shaffer      John             Butler     but56but.txt
Shaffer      Sarah            Butler     but56but.txt
Shelhummers  Samuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Shippy       Jno T.           Butler     but56but.txt
Shippy       Marquette        Butler     but56but.txt
Shippy       Matilda Jane     Butler     but56but.txt
Shippy       Nathan           Butler     but56but.txt
Shippy       Sarah            Butler     but56but.txt
Shippy       Thomas M.        Butler     but56but.txt
Shirk        David            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Shirk        Jacob            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Smith        Azial            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        Dexter           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        Ester J          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        George H.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Smith        Issac A          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        James            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        John A           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Smith        Justice          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        Lewis            West Point but56wes.txt
Smith        Mary A           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Smith        Melinda A        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Smith        Rolla            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Snoted       Geo              Butler     but56but.txt
Soliss       John             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Spangler     Elizabeth        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Spangler     Melinda S        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Spangler     William          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Spawr        Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        Jos G.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        Mary E           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        Peter            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        Peter M.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Spawr        Rebecca          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Speedy       Manfred          Butler     but56but.txt
Stafford     Chas             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Stafford     Wm. H.           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Standard     Asa              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Standard     Carbon           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Standard     Synthia          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Charles          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Chas             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Geo E            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      James            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Jno W.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Joel A           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Margaret         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Mary A           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Steward      Wm H             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Stewart      B B              Shell Rock but56she.txt
Stewart      Emeline          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Stewart      William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Stocdale     William          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Stone        Henry            Monroe     but56mon.txt
Stone        Magdalene        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Stone        Robert B.        Monroe     but56mon.txt
Stormans     Amy              West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Asa              West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Christin         West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Delila           West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Emily            West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Emmanuel         West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     George           West Point but56wes.txt
Stormans     Ira              West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Amanza           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Strong       Austin           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Strong       Emily            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Strong       O. A.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Strong       Ezra             West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Frances          West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Nelson           West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       Seth             West Point but56wes.txt
Strong       SiIas            West Point but56wes.txt
Suttle       Go H.            Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       Horace H.        Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       Jas E.           Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       John             Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       Lucretia A.      Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       Mary Ann         Butler     but56but.txt
Suttle       Soponia B.       Butler     but56but.txt
Sweitzer     Charles          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Taylor       Ellen J.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       Hester Ann       Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       James R.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       M.A.             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       Nancy            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       S.H.             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       Theng A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       Wm R.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Taylor       Amos             Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Ann E.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Taylor       C. Henry P.      Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       James D.         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Taylor       Jeremiah C.      Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       M. D. L.         Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Malinda          Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Marion           Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Oliver           Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Phebe            Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Regina           Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Sarah            Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Wm C.            Butler     but56but.txt
Taylor       Zachary          Butler     but56but.txt
Tennant      Hester           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Tennant      John E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Tennant      Milford H.       Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Terry        Frederick        Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Amanda A.        Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Chas             Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Hannah           Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Hiram            Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Hough A.         Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Hugh             Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Liverton         Butler     but56but.txt
Thomas       Rachal           Butler     but56but.txt
Thurmball    Christiana       Butler     but56but.txt
Thurmbull    Edward C. H.     Butler     but56but.txt
Thurmbull    Matthew M. L.    Butler     but56but.txt
Thurmbull    Matthew M. L.    Butler     but56but.txt
Trobasco     Frances          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Trobasco     Joseph           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Trobasco     Mary M           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Ulrey        George           Ripley     but56rip.txt
VanDorn      Aaron            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      Abington D.      Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      Cornelius W.     Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      Elizabeth        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      John H.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
VanDorn      Peter A.         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Vincent      John M.          Butler     but56but.txt
Vincent      Mary M.          Butler     but56but.txt
Vincent      Sally            Butler     but56but.txt
Vossler      John             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wapple       Jacob            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wapple       Mary E.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Warner       Daniel D.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Warner       Robt G.          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Washburn     Greenleaf        Butler     but56but.txt
Washburn     Jane             Butler     but56but.txt
Watkins      M. J.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Weaver       A. H.            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Welch        Ashley E         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Abraham V        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Caroline         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Joseph           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Labora           Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Lafayette        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Lydia            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Richard C        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheeler      Solomon          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Wheler       George W         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Caroline         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Catherine        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Charles          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Frances          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Henry            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Jonathan         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Linly            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Lucy Ann         Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Margery          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Mary Jane        Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whimple      Susan            Beaver     but56bea.txt
White        Daniel           Shell Rock but56she.txt
White        Sarah            Shell Rock but56she.txt
White        Silas            Shell Rock but56she.txt
Whiteman     Peter            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Whitled      Elizabeth        Shell Rock but56she.txt
Whitled      Geo W.           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Whitled      Lewis C.         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Whitled      Noah             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Whitled      Oliver           Shell Rock but56she.txt
Wickham      Abisha           West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Benjamin         West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Dina             West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Elizabeth        West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Ervin            West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Lester           West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Margaret         West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Sarah            West Point but56wes.txt
Wickham      Wm               West Point but56wes.txt
Wightman     (Baby)           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wightman     Adelia           Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wightman     Albert M         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wightman     Harriett A       Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wightman     Montford S.      Monroe     but56mon.txt
Williams     Abagail          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Amos             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Clerinda         Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     George           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Henry            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Jns              Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Leah             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Mary             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Nancy            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Rachal           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Rebecca          Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Thos             Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Wm A.            Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Williams     Catharine C.     Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     Edwin            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Williams     Eliza            Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     Frances          Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     Henry H          Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     James            Beaver     but56bea.txt
Williams     Jane             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Williams     Mary             Beaver     but56bea.txt
Williams     Mary             Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     Orrilla          Beaver     but56bea.txt
Williams     Perry            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Williams     Richard          Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     Sophie A.(?)     Butler     but56but.txt
Williams     William          Butler     but56but.txt
Wilson       Dr. J. R.        Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wineship     Ezra             Shell Rock but56she.txt
Wineship     Lydia J. C.      Shell Rock but56she.txt
Woods        Andrew           West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        George           West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        Henrietta        West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        James            West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        Martha           West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        Mary             West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        Melisa           West Point but56wes.txt
Woods        Mercy            West Point but56wes.txt
Wortham      Jeremiah         Butler     but56but.txt
Worthington  Almina           Ripley     but56rip.txt
Worthington  C. H.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Worthington  L. A.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Worthington  S. A.            Ripley     but56rip.txt
Worthington  William          Ripley     but56rip.txt
Wright       Franklin         Shell Rock but56she.txt
Wright       Henry M          Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wright       Maria E.         Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wright       Mary             Monroe     but56mon.txt
Wright       William          Shell Rock but56she.txt
Wygle        Catharine J.     Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wygle        Corban           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wygle        Franklin P.      Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wygle        Lemuel           Des Moines but56dsm.txt
Wygle        Phebe            Des Moines but56dsm.txt