1895 State Census of Iowa:
                        Information Provided on the 1895 Census Form

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[1895 Iowa State Census Form Header]

   Census of_______________________          _______________________Township.   [stamped]
                                                                                [page # ]
 Schedule 1.                    Statistics of Population, January 1, 1895.

[Column Data. Lines are numbered 1 - 31]

  1.     Dwellings numbered in order of visitation
  2.     Families numbered in order of visitation
  3.     Name of each person (Given name and surname)
  4-6.   Age
  7-10.  White or Colored, Male or Female
  11-12. Married, Single, Widowed, Divorced (M, S, W, D)
  13.    Place of birth (County in Iowa, State or Country)
  14-15. Parentage. Father and Mother natural or foreign born (N or F)
  16.    Profession, occupation, or employment
  17.    Religious Belief
  18.    Subject to military duty (X)
  19.    Entitled to vote at general elections (X)
  20.    Can read but not write, over 10 years old (X)
  21.    Cannot read or write, over 10 years old (X)
  22.    Children over 6 and under 17 years old, not attending any school in 1894.(X)
  23.    Foreigners not naturalized (X)
  24.    Births in 1894
  25.    Deaths in 1894
  26.    Deaf and dumb not in State School for Deaf (X)
  27.    Blind not in State College for Blind (X)
  28.    Insane not in State Hospital for Insane (X)
  29-32. Soldiers, Sailors and Mariners in War of the Rebellion
         (Company Regiment, State, Arm of Service and Rank)
  33-34. Soldiers in Mexican War (Regiment, State)