Cedar County, Iowa

By Virginia Doudney Chastain, submitted March 23, 2011

I think of this GGrandmother as my “brick wall” ancestor because for years, I could find no trace of her.
It was as though she disappeared into thin air. Eventually, however, research has netted data to allow a reasonable bio.

Hannah Bishop was born in Alabama 11 May 1848. While there is no history of how she came to Cedar County, her obit stated that her father and brother were killed in the War Between the States and that her mother had died when Hannah was 14 years old. Perhaps the orphaned Hannah went to Iowa to be with relatives.

On 23 January 1869, Hannah Bishop and John B. Doudney became man and wife. In early 1870, they were blessed by twins who were, oddly not born on the same day. William was born about three weeks before his sister, Louisa. Neither lived beyone two months. They are buried in the Moneka Cemetery in Bennet, IA.

The third child, my grandfather, Joseph Ellsworth Doudney, born 26 February 1871 in Tipton, IA. Sadly, he was raised at least in part by a foster family, the Jacob Escher’s in Red Oak Township. On the 1880 census, Joseph was 9 years old.

Following the birth of Joseph was another set of twins: two little girls, Jennie and Sadie born in Wilton, IA on 12 October 1872. Jennie died at the age of two and is buried beside her siblings, William and Louisa in the Moneka Cemetery. Sadie lived to adulthood.

Hannah apparently took Sadie and moved to nearby Linn Co., where she and her daughter were enumerated on the 1880 census with Thomas M. Marlow, a native of England, and his 6-year old son, Preston. Hannah and Thomas married on 15 April 1884.

The 1885 census of Sanborn Co., SD revealed that Hannah and Thomas had an unnamed 10-month old who was eventually named Ida. No further mention of Preston. By 1905 Hannah was a widow. Thomas, who had become a U.S. citizen on 22 Nov 1883, died sometime between the 1900 census of Forest City Twp. Potter Co., SD.

Hannah married again on 30 November 1913 in Twin Falls, ID to Shadrack Benjamin Evans who was a well-known citizen of Old Evarts, SD where the couple lived.

She died just short of 82 years of age, on Wednesday, 24 February 1932 in the Selby Hospital in Mobridge, SD due to complications of old age. She was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery at Mobridge in Walworth County, DS.

Strangely, Hannah’s obit in the March 3rd edition of the Mobridge Weekly Tribune listed her as “Mrs. Hannah Marlow Evans, wife of S. B. Evans.” No mention of the first marriage. In fact, it stated that she had married Thomas Marlow at the age of 18 and that her survivors included a son, “Joseph Marlow of Nebraska.” This son was my grandfather, Joseph Ellsworth Doudney who apparently knew little of his mother. And sadly, she never knew of his four children, and the many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Just as strangely, when Mr. Evans died five years later, neither of his marriages were listed in the 18 January 1840 Mobridge Tribune.

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