Cedar County, Iowa

Source: Unknown.

      A quarter of a century in Colorado would alone entitle C.V. Stryker to recognition in these columns, to say nothing of the trials and hardships withstood in the meantime. Summerset County, New Jersey, is the birthplace of our subject. He was born May 21, 1838. When two years of age his parents moved to Hamilton country, eight miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, where they resided about seven years, and then removed to Dearborn County, Indiana. After six years another removal was made, this time to Cedar County, Iowa, where more than twenty years were spent.
      Mr. Stryker moved from there to Green County, Iowa, where he resided three years, and then went to Osage County, Kansas. The latter move was necessitated on account of his health, he having been afflicted with asthma. He was married to Miss Ursula Sophia Smith on February 18, 1861, Mrs. Stryker being a native of Montgomery County, New York. She was born August 20, 1832. While in Osage County Mr. Stryker decided to come to Colorado in the hope of finding relief from his trouble, so he left his family, who returned to Iowa, and made his first trip to this state in 1875, paying $52 car fare from Omaha to Cheyenne, and $10 from Cheyenne to Denver. A few months here convinced him that Colorado was all right, so he returned to persuade his wife to come. Two more trips were made up to 1878, when Mrs. Stryker decided to come west also, the trip being made with a mule team, reaching Highland Lake on the 28th of May..
      Mr. Stryker found relief from asthmatic troubles and his immense physique enabled him to surmount all difficulties and do the work of almost two ordinary men. Politically, he is an active republican; fraternally, a Master Mason.

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