Cedar County, Iowa
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West Branch Times, West Branch, Iowa, Thursday, May 10, 1894
Transcribed by Sharon Elijah, June 14, 2018


     The most terrible hail storm that ever visited this part of the country since it has been settled, prevailed here last Saturday evening. It commenced at five o’clock and for a quarter of an hour solid balls of ice from the size of hazel nuts to oranges fell thick and fast, dropping almost perpendicular from the clouds; there was not the damage done that would have been had a hard wind accompanied it. Many windows were broken by the hail stones bouncing from the ground and striking the glass. They came down with force enough to break right through the wood awnings and cut limbs as large as a man’s finger from the trees. R. P. Knight’s photographic skylight was completely riddled, the family all being away and the house locked, the gallery with all its apparatus and furniture had to take the storm, his damage is considerable. The hail falling on the roof of the parsonage south of the Friends’ church on Downey street, it glanced off and poured a volley into the side of the church shattering every window in that side of the building. The windows are new and of heavy ground glass. Both of the large plate glass front windows in C. Hathaway’s store was broken, and the largest plate glass window in Benj. Ellyson’s residence. In fact but very few houses in town escaped loss. C. J. Maris was struck on the head which cut a deep wound, Frank Michener was knocked down, and J. Y. Hoover nearly stunned and several others were struck. The damage in town is estimated at $500. J. C. Crew, east of town, lost a $30 plate glass. A west window in Crook’s Hotel was smashed in. Several lights were broken in the School building. The chimney was blown off the Branson drug store and the roof injured. All tin roofs suffered damage more or less. From reports the storm was more severe in Iowa City, also Tipton. In Iowa City the damage was first estimated at $200,000 but the actual loss probably fell considerable below those figures. Hail stones covered the ground over two inches deep, fruit trees were stripped of leaves and blossoms. Business houses suffered most, large glass fronts were shattered and the goods flooded. Scores of teams broke loose and general smash up of vehicles ensued, but no person could dare venture out. The storm did not appear to be more than three or four miles in width, its course was east and north east.

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